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504 Lesson Plan Form

Scholar: ______Jerry Spencer__________________________ Subject: __Retail Sales & Marketing Lesson Topic: Ice Breaker___________________________ Student Performance Objective: By the end of this lesson students will be able to: • Complete an online survey • Correctly identify the importance of profitability and the characteristics of free market capitalism vs. socialism and communism • Identify and express their reasons for taking the course • Quantify overall responses to the survey and graphically represent the tally

Anticipatory Set or Mental Readiness: Describe the introduction to the lesson you will use to get the students involved in the lesson: Instructor will begin by asking: “How many have ever taken an online survey?” Introduce the survey by stating “This is a fun survey introducing you to Retail Sales and Marketing. There is no pass or fail as the questions are intended to give you some basic information about what we learn and your expectations about taking the course”.

Instructional Components: Include type of lesson and major concepts to be covered After each component identify the specific learning style the component is designed to accommodate • WR5 Classroom Management and Student Success through Situational Leadership will allow me to observe and place individual students into each developmental unit described in the book. • WR6 Facilitating Effective Workgroups : After observation and interaction I will assign students to one of four groups for the purpose of assembling, cataloging, analyzing, graphing and reporting survey results. Lesson flow: • Assign each student to a desktop in the computer lab • Direct them to our class website: • Click on SURVEYS: Complete “Pre Course Survey I” and “Pre Course Survey II” • Show tallies on overhead • Hand out vocabulary and teach differences between capitalism, socialism and communism. Also define profit. • Direct students to Create-a-graph website, work through graphing sequence for first set of numbers then allow students to choose one other set of numbers to graph themselves.

Check for Understanding and/or Guided Practice and Independent Practice: Students are to work together with other group members in graphing a set of numbers and be prepared to present their findings to the class. Instructor will interact with each group in order to guide and facilitate the process. Students will write a brief description identifying profit, capitalism, socialism and communism.

Closure: "Are there any questions?" is NOT an adequate closure As you all can see, I teach the superiority of free market capitalism to deliver more goods and services to more people and at a lower price than both socialism and communism. You now know why profitability is vital to both businesses and the consumer and we all know more about the reasons we are in this class and what we expect to learn while in the class.

Materials Needed: Video, worksheets, overhead, computer, quiz, etc. Desktop with internet access, pencil or pen, at least one sheet of paper, overhead

Method of Evaluation: How will students be evaluated and what methods will be used to measure competency?

Instructor will observe at every level of interaction the degree to which individual students display intellectual curiosity, their w engage other students in the process and students’ ability to access and manipulate data. All students will be required to recog the correct description of each of the following with 100% accuracy: profit, capitalism, socialism and communism.

504 Lesson Plan For2  
504 Lesson Plan For2  

504 Lesson Plan Form ethod of Evaluation: How will students be evaluated and what methods will be used to measure competency? aterials Neede...