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Balaclava Protection

BALACLAVA PROTECTION National Safety Apparel offers a complete line of balaclavas for every application. Ready for immediate shipment, you can choose from a wide variety of materials, styles and custom features to fit the most discriminating wearer. All NSA products are proudly made in the USA.

Arc Rated Hoods

H61RK Carbon Kevlar ATPV of 27 cal/cm

H18CX Carbon X ATPV of 23 cal/cm

H11RY Indura Ultra Soft ATPV of 12 cal/cm

H61NK NOMEX ATPV of 10 cal/cm

Balaclava Protection

High-Heat Environment Hoods

H31PK 2 ply PBI /Rayon face with single layer bib

H31NK Double layer NOMEX face with single layer bib

*This combination offers increased breathability & range of vision versus traditional beekeeper hoods.

H31KK Double layer Kevlar face with single layer bib

H41NK Triple layer NOMEX face with eye holes

Arc Goggle & 27 cal Balaclava system: The Paulson arc goggle in combination with the H62RK has an ATPV of 27 cal/cm when tested in combination using the ASTM 2178 test method.

National Safety Apparel, Inc H62RK


Balaclava Protection

National Safety Apparel