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Coyote Howler September 2010 Volume 33 Issue 1 Canyon Creek Elementary PTA Newsletter

PTA Unit 6.10.7

Canyon Creek Elementary PTA 21400 35th AVE SE, Bothell WA 98021 Phone 425-408-5700 Principal: Pete Misner Executive Committee: Co-Presidents: Melissa Barton Lisa Ziz Co-Vice Presidents: Melissa Arnold Jasmine Fry Treasurer: Rikki Stride Secretary: Kjirsten Davies Newsletter Editor: StephanieTastad

Upcoming Events

10/31 Halloween

11/6 Picture Retakes

11/9-12 No School

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11/15-21 Early Dismissal No Half Day Kindergarten 11/26 Reflections Due 11/22-23 Thanksgiving break

October 2012

Volume 35 Issue 2

The air is crisp and autumn is upon us. As we all settle into the routine of the school year, Canyon Creek is full of students eager to learn and explore. Our classrooms are places where students can safely try new things and be creative in their self-expression and discovery. How lucky we are to be part of such a fantastic school! We had a very high turnout of parents and community members at our October PTA meeting and as a result our community was able to come together and voice both questions and concerns about the population growth we are experiencing in the north end of the district. A huge “thank you” goes out to our Superintendent, Larry Francois, who gave an informative and detailed presentation about the district’s options for the future. For those who were not able to attend the meeting, information can be found at We also thank our Principal, Pete Misner, who was on hand to field school specific questions. We greatly appreciate our School Board President, Julia Lacey, and School Board Member Dawn McCravey who attended the meeting as well. If you have comments you would like the school board to hear, you can email them at We could not have ordered better walkathon weather if we had tried! The sun was shining in the sky and smiles were on our student’s faces as they walked around the field in their brightly colored shirts. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year. We hope to raise $25,000.00 to support Canyon Creek. It is a huge undertaking to organize an event and we would like to recognize our amazing Walkathon Chairs, Mary White and Julie Kerr. They put an immense amount of time into organizing the event and their expertise and dedication showed with how smoothly all four heats ran. Thank you also to each and every parent who volunteered on the course, tallying results and handing out popsicles. We couldn’t do it without you! Our PTA Board has come up with the following mission statement for this school year: “The Canyon Creek PTA will strive to support programs that serve every student, facilitate a sense of community through open communication, and celebrate the diversity of our school.”

2 PRESIDENT’S LETTER CONT. With this in mind, we are beginning to revive some student enrichment opportunities. Some of our 1st and 2nd graders have been participating in an after school Jr. Builders class with Lego Club. Learning about history and employing the principles of math and science alongside problem solving and critical thinking, Lego Club has been a huge success. Some of our 4th and 5th graders will be participating in an after school Boeing Science program where Boeing volunteers teach hands-on and activity based learning designed to excite kids about science and math. It is thanks to the dedication and organization of Jeanmarie Gilroy (Lego Club) and Lori Hays (Science Program) that these programs are happening! Sadly, every child could not be included in this first go round, due to space, but we will be offering more opportunities. Please feel free to contact us with any ideas, questions, etc. We would love to hear from you! Your PTA Co-Presidents, Melissa Barton and Lisa Ziz and

Calling all scientists! Are you an engineer, biologist, nurse, IT professional, science professor, veterinarian, researcher, or other science professional? Do you know someone who is? The PTA science committee is looking for people with a science background to help plan hands-on experiments for Family Science Night. (Family Science Night is a fun evening of science exploration for Canyon Creek students and their families.) The theme of the next family science night is “Careers in Science”. If you know a scientist who would be willing to share their exciting careers at this engaging event, contact Lori Hays at

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3 Reflections Art Competition The Reflections Program is a National PTA and WSPTA cultural arts competition. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for students to use their creative talents by expressing themselves through their own original works. The Reflections Program is a National PTA and Washington State PTA cultural arts competition. The purpose of this program is to provide an opportunity for students to use their creative talents by expressing themselves through their own original works. Each year, Reflections challenges students to create art that supports a specific theme. Themes are selected from thousands of ideas submitted by students to National PTA's Reflections Theme Search. 2012-13 Reflections theme is: "The magic of a moment....".

The School Board has unanimously approved the Enrollment Demographics Task Force's preferred recommendation to build a high school in the north end of the district to accommodate current and expected enrollment growth and reconfigure grade levels to K-5, 6-8, 9-12 model, contingent on a successful 2014 bond measure. Additional information is available online at

Young artists get involved in Reflections through their local PTA or PTSA. A student may submit an entry in any of six arts areas. Only original works of art are accepted. The six art areas are: Literature, Music Composition, Photography, Visual Arts, Film/Video and Choreography/Dance

Canyon Creek Reflections Program will run from Nov. 5Nov. 26th. To learn more about the program, see guidelines for each of the art areas, and print entry forms, please visit the Washington State PTA website: .html Additional entry forms can be found in the main office. Please turn in all completed art entries into the main office by 3pm, November 26th. Contact Beena at or

HAVE YOU ORDERED YOUR SPIRIT WEAR YET? 2&utm_sourceCanyonCreek&category=863&utm_campaign=partne r&utm_medium=link&utm_content=individual+store+link&utm_t erm=BacktoSchool

A Canyon Creek Coyote sweatshirt or t-shirt is a great gift!


Canyon Creek Elementary PTA Fall Fundraiser 4rd Annual Walk-A-Thon Post Event Results! Thank you to all the staff, parents, family members and students who helped to make the Walk-A-Thon an INCREDIBLE success. Read on for the results! Fun Facts:  Number of students who walked: 758 (630 for 2011)  Miles walked: 1614  Total laps completed: 6439  Class who walked the most laps 294 (73.5 miles) and will be treated to an ice cream party: Mrs. Peterson’s 6th grade class.  Class who raised the most money and will be treated to pizza and ice cream, plus a gift certificate for the teacher: Mrs. Pope’s 2nd grade class. And how did we do? While we have calculated all winners we are still reconciling expenses. Watch for the total net revenue raised to be posted on the reader board and around the school. We can say that we are well on our way to our $25,000 goal! All proceeds will go towards our many PTA programs and events. These programs/events include: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Gift to School Fund Art Docent & Science Programs Staff Appreciation Events Student Directory Classroom Grants & Scholarships Watch Dog Program Author Visits Assemblies Field Trips Funding of the PTA Operating Budget Science Night Science Extravaganza

Congratulations to our top three prize winners! 1st Place – Davin Hubinette will receive a check for $200.00 2nd Place – Ryan Applebee will receive a check for $100.00


3rd Place – Libby Peoples will receive a check for $75.00 Congratulations to all other prize winners! The student in grade K-3 who walked the most laps was Quintin Stanley in Mrs. Miles’ class and he will be treated to lunch with Mr. Misner. The student(s) in grade 4-6 who walked the most laps were Tristan Ingram-Lock in Mrs. Cox’s class and Elizabeth Slywka in Mrs. Peterson’s class and they will have the privilege of being principal for part of a day. $25.00 Gift Card Winners Collin Pengelly, Coren Bickel, Annalin Schell, Matthew Burkett, Taylor Monson, Kordell Johnson, Carter Kline Jamba Juice Card Winners Katie Walker, Connor Rosenberry, Brandon Stride, Lauren Stride, Luke Graig, Jack Wright, Nolan Renfrow , Brandon Truong, Arianna Surani, Ava Whitman Tumbler Winners Langston Green, Mose Choi, Anna Decker, Jake Daniel, Alexandra Kerr, Sophia Kerr, Rileigh Timmerman, Zachary Timmerman, Ethan Boyd, Koleman Johnson, Ella Boyd, Adam Burkett, Joseph Newton, Delila Shami, Hayley Hong, Chloe Hong, Skylar Sawyer, Avery Field, Ethan Field, Lavin Nokes, Keelan Sawyer, Skylar Nokes, Olivia Kinney, Davin Hofstead, Brooke Sells, Nora Hofstead, Grady Johns, Amelie Fry, Lindsey Hoerlein, Leo Zhang, Evan West, Ryder Yarbrough, Leela Rajagopalan, Alyona Babanov, Ava Berg, Carson McClure, Matthew Elwell, Hayden Cook, Alexei Babanov, Zach Brown, Sophie Brown, Liam Castillo, Abigail Schell, Katelin Banes, Annika Beck, Alisa Kim, Mikayla Myers, Ethan Nikel, Tristyn Nortness, Joe Zhang, Eddie Castillo, Joshua Groby, Justin Curci, Lily Brown, Tyler Elwell, Gwyneth Sanger, Lavani Sharma, Grace Wang, Connor Yarbrough, Jackson Hilgers, Kumba Jagne, Nathan West, Ben MacBean, Jude Brant, Boon Davis, Hudson Davis, Ava Fredrickson, Aubrey Fredrickson, Melanie Cook, Aleksandra Swiatek, Desmond Lock, Julia Swiatek, Omesh Sahoo, Addie Hardan, Sophia Leo, Saresa Naekel, Logan Zaback, Walker Hardan, Brooke Chapman, Ethan Chapman

We would like to extend a special thanks to the following people: Melissa Barton for being our wonderful staff liaison and advisor for the event. Stephanie Tastad for designing our shirts! The students, staff and volunteers love the design and were excited to wear them for the event! Julie Boyd for organizing all the volunteers to distribute popsicles to our students! It was a really nice treat for our students after their walk! Mark Mayberry for being our event day staff liaison. He did everything from taking photos to using his booming voice to keep the kids moving smoothly through the event. Thank you for being the voice that could be heard! Mr. Gray: For making the sounds system so easy to run and helping to provide the terrific music.


Mr. Misner for supporting us all along the way and donating his time to our kids who walked the most laps (K-3 lunch with Mr. Misner and 4-6 principal for ½ day). T-shirt Advertisers YMCA of Snohomish County Network Home Loans Hi-Q Cleaners Tastad Construction Bell Anderson Insurance Agency Palisade Investments Fey & Grey Orthodontics Pacific Medical Center

Alderwood Vision Therapy Evergreen Karate ChorePay Gaddis Events Uncle Peteza’s Pizzeria TLC Vision All State Insurance Washington School of Dance

Corporate Matching Sponsors (Thank you to all the parents who made these matches possible!) Microsoft Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Boeing SAP Google Russell Investments Verizon Wireless Coinstar Amgen Bothell Fred Meyer for donating a $100.00 gift card which went towards event expenses. Finally, we would like to give a great big round of applause to the family, staff and student volunteers for helping us ensure the event ran smoothly and safely. From sizing and sorting tshirts, set up and tear down, escorting kids at the event, distributing popsicles, counting pledges and helping ensure each child got through the final tally line, the volunteers did it all! Thank you and look for us next year! If you are interested in assisting us with any part of the Walk-A-Thon process, we have many volunteer opportunities. Contact Mary White at for details.

Mary White, Julie Kerr, Melanie Monson and Stephanie Tastad Fundraising Committee Major Campaigns


It’s almost Election Time… Are You Ready to Vote?? It was surprising to read in the papers after the primary election this August that only 18% of Snohomish County voters participated in that election. I am encouraging all of our PTA Members over the next month, until Election Day, to make sure you talk to neighbors, friends and family who live in this county about the importance of getting your vote in and counted. This is your opportunity to participate in the democratic process we hold so valuable in this country. This election is particularly important to those of us living in the Canyon Creek community - District “1”, because we have a senate position open and two candidates running. I hope you will take the time to go out to each candidate’s website and read about their platform so you can make an informed decision in November. The two candidates are Rosemary McAuliffe, the incumbent, and Dawn McCravey, current Northshore School District Board Member. You can read more about these two candidates at:

There is also an initiative on the ballot this year regarding the adoption of charter schools in the State of Washington. This is initiative 1240 and you should be prepared to make an informed decision. You can read more about the charter school initiative and the PTA’s opinion about them at the state PTA and then go to the Advocacy Section. As for the election results for our State’s PTA Issues Survey that will serve as the focus for PTA Legislative Advocacy this year during the Legislative Session in Olympia, it is no surprise the call to Fund Education First is the clear leader. The survey is intended for outreach and feedback. It is not a scientific poll or a voting mechanism, but it does give insight into how PTA members feel about various ideas to support children and mainly it helps members connect and learn about issues that affect children's well-being and education. I hope all our Canyon Creek members took a few minutes to vote on the proposals that resonate most with you. Here are the TOP TRENDING ISSUES As of a week prior to the close of the survey: (You can read all the proposals at the WSPTA Legislative Assembly Blog- ) Fund Education First • •

75 percent: Yes, a Top 5 priority 70 percent “strongly agree” with the proposal; 20 percent “agree”

Access to Highly Qualified Teachers • •

69 percent: Yes, a Top 5 priority 64 percent “strongly agree” with the proposal; 28 percent “agree”

Screening and Support for Struggling Readers • •

67 percent: Yes, a Top 5 priority 63 percent “strongly agree” with the proposal; 30 percent “agree”

8 Complete Solution for K-12 Funding • •

65 percent: Yes, a Top 5 priority 60 percent “strongly agree” with the proposal; 26 percent “agree”

Closing the Opportunity Gaps • •

63 percent: Yes, a Top 5 priority 51 percent “strongly agree” with the proposal; 36 percent “agree”

The Survey closed on October 3rd so results will likely vary as more members weighed in; the final results will be available by mid October. The results from the Canyon Creek Membership will be provided to me and I will vote accordingly at the Legislative Assembly on October 19th. Then state PTA leaders will take the issues members voted as high priority to our leadership in Olympia and advocate on behalf of all our children during the 2013 Legislative Session. I hope you took the time to give your feedback to the State PTA and please make it a priority in the next month to do your homework and VOTE in the upcoming November State Election. Thank You! Amber Manning Legislative Chair

Science Experiment of the Month With Halloween coming up, there’s lots of candy and treats! But did you know there’s science involved in making some of those treats? Marshmallows are actually candy and have been around since the mid1800s. Marshmallows are a combination of sugary syrup and air held together with gelatin. (Gelatin is also used to make Jell-O.) When gelatin is dissolved in hot water, the bonds in the gelatin break and it dissolves. When the gelatin cools, the bonds reform creating a new material called a colloid. Colloids are matter that is somewhat like a solid and a liquid. To make your own marshmallows- (and you can eat them too): ow_science/?coliid=797


Watch D.O.G.S Dads Of Great Students Who are the D.O.G.S?

- Dads - Grandpa - Step-dads - Or other father figures

Keep an eye out for the next Watch D.O.G.S. Training!

 At this training you’ll learn what it takes to be a Watch DOG!!!**  You’ll get a glimpse of a daily schedule and learn how to be the most effective volunteer in a variety of settings.  You’ll have the opportunity to sign up for volunteer days, so bring your calendar. If you’re already a WD, visit our calendar for dates: and send Mackenzie an email.  You will also fill out a background check form (good for 2 years), which is required in order to be a volunteer, so bring your ID.  Please contact Mackenzie Quartly with questions. **For those ‘Old Dogs’ you do not need to come to the training again but you need to make sure you background check is up to date.


PTA MEMBERSHIP IS OUR VOICE AND VOTE. It is not about volunteering or attending meetings. PTA is the oldest child advocacy organization in existence that gives all parents a voice in their children’s education. PTA continues to be relevant as it advocates for ALL children and provides opportunities to make a difference in the life of kids. Remember, becoming a PTA member at Canyon Creek gives our school important voting strength at the WA State PTA level (the more members, the stronger our vote). A NY ONE CA N BE A PT A M EM BER OF C A NY ON C R EEK and it is not just limited to parents of students or folks planning on volunteering with PTA events. Membership is the heart of PTA and we all make a difference, so consider becoming a member today.

**ALL MEMBERS WHO JOIN THE PTA WILL ALSO RECEIVE A CANYON CREEK STUDENT DIRECTORY FOR FREE!** To join, simply fill out the form below and return with payment to your child’s teacher or to the school office staff. Please make checks payable to Canyon Creek PTA. Thanks for your support! Questions? Colette Puoci, Membership Chair, at 425-686-8103 or

__________________________________________________________________________________________ Membership Type (circle one):

Individual ($)13.00

Family (two adults) ($)21.00

Name(s): _____________________________________________________________________ Phone:



(used for PTA meeting & event news) Address: ________________________________________________________________________ City: ____________________ Zip: Youngest Child’s Name: _________________ ___________________His/Her Teacher:_______________________________ (Your PTA Membership Card will be distributed to your youngest child’s teacher.) I would like to volunteer this year. Contact me. I'm not able to volunteer this year but am happy to support PTA with my membership. (We look forward to seeing you at the many PTA sponsored events throughout the year.) SPONSORSHIP REQUESTS/ DONATIONS Sponsorship requested (completely confidential) 100% assistance or partial assistance $______(fill in amount) I would like to donate to the scholarship fund $_________(fill in the amount) I would like to sponsor a teacher or staff's membership $_________(fill in the amount) Canyon Creek Elementary is non-profit and all donations are tax deductible.


The strength of the Canyon Creek PTA lies in its membership—the parents, teachers, school administrators, business leaders, and community members who devote themselves to making a positive difference in the lives of children. Members are the lifeblood of PTA and provide the passion, leadership, and hard work needed to fulfill PTA’s Mission. YOUR PTA MEMBERSHIP helps provide funds for both inside and outside the classroom, is a sign of support for our students and our staff, and is our legislative voice! WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD to the Walk-A-Thon, Popcorn Fridays, Skating Parties, Family Science Nights, BINGO, Art Docents, Art Gala, and so much more!


Our Walk-A-Thon


By the very proficient writers of Mrs. Larios’ second grade Music?! Loud music on the field?! Everyone is dressed in rainbow colors! We even got cool lime-green Walk-a-Thon shirts. It looked like a parade of ants carrying off a fruit salad. Quickly, we joined the colorful wave circling the field. We were walking, talking, singing and dancing to the music. Eventually we caught up and even passed our friends and parents. With each lap, one fourth of a mile, we earned one rubber band. After 45 minutes some of us had ten rubber bands!! That’s ten laps around the field, or two and a half miles! Wow! Finally, we were directed to the refreshing treat of a rainbow of POPCICLES! Ahh, icey coolness sliding down our dry, dusty throats! To wrap up this spectacular day, volunteers wrote the number of our total laps on the backs of our colorful shirts. Not only did we help our school, Canyon Creek, by earning pledges, we were allowed to have our dessert BEFORE lunch and we got to keep our lime-green Walk-a-Thon shirts too!! Thanks PTA!!

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The winners of the Box Tops contest sponsored by the Canyon Creek PTA are:

Mrs. Nakatsu’s class with 650 box tops Mr. Booth’s class with 625 box tops and Mrs. Andrick’s class with 585 box tops Congratulations! They were rewarded with ice cream delivered to their class The contest brought in 7550 box tops which equals $750 for our school!! Keep collecting and save your Box Tops for our next contest in February. Also, ask your parents to register at for extra Box Tops earnings. A few handy tips to remember when submitting box tops: Please label box tops with your Teachers name Please look at the expiration date on the box tops. Please do not submit expired box tops

Please send any comments, or future article ideas and local event listings to be included in the Howler to Stephanie Tastad at


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