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December 2012 Volume35 Issue 4

Executive Committee Co-Presidents Melissa Barton Lisa Ziz Co-Vice Presidents Melissa Arnold Jasmine Fry Treasurer Rikki Stride Secretary Kjirsten Davies Newsletter Editor StephanieTastad

President’s Letter Happy December! This is such a magical time of year with many different family traditions and celebrations to enjoy. We greatly enjoyed Family Science Night and the incredible hands-on learning. Students of all ages enjoyed experiments and learning about the vast range of possible careers in science. Thank you to Lori Hays for putting it all together! Our art docents have been busy in the classrooms this fall, introducing children to different artists, artistic techniques and providing art projects for our students to enjoy. We are lucky to have a wonderful group of volunteers who bring art into the classrooms! Looking towards January, our next General PTA meeting will be on Tuesday, January 15th from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in the library. Our speaker will be Dr. Nancy Torgerson from Alderwood Vision Therapy. She will be talking about the connection between vision and learning. We will also be conducting PTA business, including forming the awards and nominating committees. We hope everyone enjoys the winter break. Happy Holidays! Lisa Ziz & Melissa Barton Co-PTA Presidents

Upcoming Events 12/19-1/2 Winter Break 1/8 Reflections Open House 1/15 PTA General Meeting 1/24 Focus Day {pg 3}


2/1 BINGO!

You are invited

To come and view the wonderful talent of the students of the Northshore School District!

Join us at the Reflections open house and ceremony Eastside Foursquare Church 14520 100th Ave NE Bothell, WA January 4th, 6:30 - 8:30 pm The event is open to everyone.



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Kaleidoscopes If you are looking for a cool science experiment or a gift to make a friend over the break, kaleidoscopes can be a perfect solution! Kaleidoscopes are tubes with either a mirror or shiny surface inside it that reflects light coming from the end of the tube. When light hits the objects in the end of the tube, it causes the light to bounce back, much like a ball bouncing off a wall. As you turn the Kaleidoscope, the objects move, thus changing pattern of the reflected light that you see.

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What an Amazing Science Night!

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The PTA held the 7th Family Science night for Canyon Creek students and families complete with scientists showing families what their jobs are like used for your Web site. So, with several hands-on experiments including testing building architecture when you’re finished writing with structural engineers, listening to a dog’s heart with a veterinarian, learning how to be a pharmacist and nurse, teachers inspiring young minds with puzzling science questions, computer scientists exploring the inside of a computer, biologists exploring marine life, and aerospace engineers teaching us about rocketry and airplanes. A BIG “THANK YOU” to all the volunteers for the help promoting, setting-up, running the stations, and cleaning up!! A special thank you goes out to all the scientists who gave their time and talents to this event! your newsletter can also be

Outstanding science volunteers recognized (apologies if we missed anyone): Jenn DuPre and Chewy, Alicia Hong, Devin and Shea Johnson, Mary and Miranda Myers, Sam Guevara, Cassy Chatterson, Melissa Kline, Peter Peterson, Amber and Aria Manning, Lea Ann Kaplan, Sebastian Ziz, Ryan Cole, Faye Heng, Dianne, Alex, Olivia, and Adam Kinney, Colette, Annie, Tori, and Julie Puoci, Kym and Walker Hardan, Cindy and Sophie Brown, Joanne Burkett, Jodi Tveit, Lori and Ryne Hays, Helen Ziemkowski, Kathleen Dunn, Waneta Larios, Laurel Lakounaji, Madison Strickland, and Mrs. Dunn’s 1st/2nd grade class (for making the wonderful signs around school). Lori Hays Science Liaison

To make your own kaleidoscope, follow the instructions on this website:

http://kids.nationalgeogr funscience/be-dazzled/

Canyon Creek Students and Parents came out to discover more about Science at Family Science Night and learned that there is more to a career than meets the eye.

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employees look forward Issue is the implementation of Walk-a-Thon popsicles and class The number oneorWA State will PTA Priority to its arrival. $ 47.19 partythat ensures legislation every child in Washington has the education they y=863&utm_campaign=p $ 75.00 Staff deserve, andGrants that each district is funded adequately to do the job. Obviously, artner&utm_medium=link this requires change and it’s difficult for the state to ignore masses of people demanding in person. &utm_content=individual TotalitExpenses $ 443.97 Last Year, Focus Day brought about 1000 members onto the steps of the +store+link&utm_term=B Capital Building. This year, we should be doubling that! The energy, the acktoSchool excitement and the rallying is amazing!


More details on this very important opportunity will be available after the break, but in the meantime I hope you will save the date on your calendarJanuary 24th, 2013!! Amber Manning, Legislative Chair

PTA Money Matter Congratulations Canyon Creek for 100% Teacher Membership! Thank you to all the teachers who have joined and to the families who participated in the teacher sponsorship this year.


Learn about why our PTA's Membership campaign is so important




Upcoming Staff Appreciation


Annual Family Bingo Night It’s that time of the year to be thinking…

B-I-N-G-O! Canyon Creek PTA invites you and your family to our Annual Family Bingo Night on Friday, February 1st 2013 At Bothell High School in the Cafeteria

BOXED LUNCHES in February~ Our goal is to provide a boxed lunch for every staff member. We will be sending out more information and sign-ups soon! Do you want to be included on the email? Send us your information

Our theme is Sports Fan’s Friday in honor of Super Bowl Sunday! Doors open at 6:30pm and we will play Bingo from 7:00-9:00pm. This event is one of our most popular so mark it on your calendar! Back by popular demand will be the food drive benefiting Northshore families via Hopelink and a raffle table with some nice items to win! Plan to come early, eat, socialize and possibly walk away with one of the amazing theme baskets donated by the classrooms at Canyon Creek. More information will come home with your child on the individual class theme baskets soon, so check your child’s take home folder. If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering for this FUN event please email Sheri Bianchi at

Lego Club News

We are going to need a lot of parent volunteers for this one! Thanks! Shannon & Liz

Registration is now open for Lego Club!

Just in time for Focus Day! Advocacy

Three different classes are being offered: ■Jr. Builders (grades 1-2) on Wednesdays ■Jr. Engineers (grades 3-4) on Mondays ■Mindstorm Robotics (grades5-6) on Fridays Please go to for more information and to register. Space is limited. Register TODAY!

Learn about our legislative priorities and other supported issues, participate in discussion groups, and find out more ways to get involved. s_day/index.html

Akiko Hall, MD, MPH Did you know that injuries are the leading cause of death for school-aged children? Every year, thousands of kids in the United States die or are seriously injured by car or bicycle accidents, drowning or guns. The good news is that there is plenty you can do to help prevent injuries and protect your child.


Safety and Your School-Aged Child

Seatbelts and Booster Seats

Motor vehicle accidents are by far the leading cause of death for school-aged children in this country. Many of these deaths could be prevented by the use of proper safety restraints. Every person in a car should be properly restrained with a seatbelt, booster seat, or car seat. No exceptions! As a parent, it is important that you model this behavior Dr. Akiko for Hallyour is a child by always wearing your own seat belt and shoulder belt. pediatrician at PacMed’s Proper restraints can reduce the risk of death and serious injury by 60 to 70 percent. Canyon Park clinic. She received her medical degree Here are some guidelines: from the University of California in San Francisco • Kids 4 years old and under 40 lbs should be in a car seat, rear-facing until age and did under her training at Seattle 2. Children’s Hospital.

• Kids 4 to 8 years old, 40 to 80 lbs, and less than 4’′9”″ tall should be in a booster

For more information or to seat. make Dr. and snug across the hips. • Thean lapappointment belt shouldwith fit low Hall, please visit • The shoulder belt should always be worn together with the lap belt, crossing the or call chest, shoulder, and collar bone to prevent abdominal and spinal injuries. 425.412.7200.

• Children younger than 13 years old should not sit in the front seat. (For more information, visit

PacMed at Canyon Park offers: Pedestrian Skills Training

kids and under 10 years old, car versus pedestrian accidents are a common cause of •For Primary specialty care death and serious injury. physicians for you and yourMost accidents occur during the day, in the afterschool hours. family •Nearly Saturday clinic hours one-third of accidents occur in marked crosswalks. To help protect children: ••Same-day Don’t let appointments kids play in driveways, alleyways or near streets. ••Most major insurance plans Teach younger children to stop at the curb and wait for an adult before crossing the accepted street. • Child friendly waiting rooms Older kids can be taught to cautiously cross quiet streets on their own. ••Free parking Don’tappointments let kids younger than 10 years old cross busy intersections alone. ••Online Continued pg. 7

Pacific Medical Center Canyon Park 1909 214th St. SE, Ste 300 Bothell, WA 98021 425.412.7200




Upcoming Events & Northshore News News from Northshore School District Informational Presentations at Upcoming PTA Meetings on Proposed Plan for New High School and Grade Reconfiguration Northshore School District Superintendent Larry Francois is scheduled to present at school PTA meetings through March on the school board's plan for a new north end high school that would allow the district to address the north/central enrollment growth and provide more cohesive educational opportunities for Northshore students district wide through grade reconfiguration. It is a perfect opportunity to talk with the superintendent, ask questions and learn more about how these changes could positively impact your child's education. Construction of a new high school and grade reconfiguration are contingent upon passage of a February 2014 bond measure. The opening of a new high school and implementation of grade reconfiguration and associated boundary adjustments would not happen until Fall 2017. Please be looking for school specific presentation dates in your school and/or PTA newsletter. Additional information about the proposed plan is available online at or by calling the Communications Department, 425.408.7671.

Essay Contest Washington State PTA invites all children to enter an ESSAY CONTEST! Men make a difference in the lives of the children they care about, and children are more successful in and out of school when they have the guidance of an involved male role model — a father, grandfather, uncle, brother, step-father, teacher mentor, neighbor, pastor/priest, coach, or friend. Washington State PTA advocates for all children and all families, and as part of that advocacy we are promoting a statewide essay contest that explores this vital relationship - from our children’s perspective. ALL ESSAYS MUST BE POSTMARKED BY MARCH 1st. Click the link for official rules and entry forms.

►Practice good communication & listening skills and your children will be less likely to give in to peer-pressure and engage in at risk behaviors.

Listen without judgment.

Be interested in what they have to say.

Respect your child’s opinions. The Child Advocate, December 2012




Bicycle injuries result in approximately 200 deaths each year in children and account for 300,000 emergency room visits nationwide. The majority of deaths and severe injuries are caused by head trauma. Bicycle helmets are an effective way to prevent continued such trauma, as they can reduce the risk of head and brain injury by 85 to 90 percent. To keep children safe: • Everyone—including you—should wear a helmet whenever riding a bicycle. • Ensure a snug fit by using the helmet’s pads and adjustable straps. Make sure the helmet doesn’t move around on the head or slide over the eyes. • The helmet should be worn squarely on top of the head, covering the forehead. Keep an eye out for kids’ health fairs, or contact your local hospital to see if they Looking for the know of venues that offer free or low-cost bicycle helmets.

Safety and Your School-Aged Child,

Water Safety perfect gift for Drowning is the second most common cause of trauma death in children in the your child’s teacher? United States. Three children die every day from drowning. For younger children, bathtubs and swimming pools are the most common places where drowning occurs; The Canyon Creek for older children, the danger tends to be natural bodies of water where they are Staff took surveys swimming or playing. Here are some guidelines to prevent drowning: that will make • If you have a backyard pool, fence it off completely to keep unsupervised kids away. choosing that gift a snap! • Never leave young children alone around bathtubs, pools, or natural bodies of

water. • All The surveys are inkids should use a life jacket when on a boat, fishing, or playing in a river or stream. a binder at the • Teach children to swim when they are old enough, usually around age 5. front desk.• Never let children swim without an adult watching, even if the child knows how to Take a look! swim.

Gun Safety More than 40 percent of US homes with children have guns. A recent survey at a We’re on the Web! family practice clinic in Seattle found that one in seven families had guns at home. See us at: Having a gun in the house increases the risk of homicide by 3 times, and the risk of /orgs/orgs.php? suicide by 5 times. Although many gun owners buy guns for self-defense, a gun in sectiondetailid=2236&sc_id=1 the home is over 40 times more likely to kill someone known to the family than 161980500

someone in self-defense. The best way to keep your child safe is:

• Keep all guns out of the home. We’re on Facebook! • If there are guns in the home, make sure they are always kept locked and unloaded, Like us at: with ammunition nyoncreekpta

locked separately and keys hidden away. • Find out if there are guns in the homes where your child plays. • Talk to your child about the danger of guns and tell them to stay away from them.

Want to add something to the Howler? Have comments, questions, events, etc. to share with Canyon Creek PTA? Contact Stephanie Tastad – Newsletter Editor m Catch up on the Northshore School District at: Follow Washington State PTA at:

For more information about ways to keep your child safe, talk to your pediatrician, or visit:

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