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When Douglas College went into orbit – almost OUR PAST



reasons. We have in hand a piece of memorabilia from Ideafest ‘86. It is a triplefold, high gloss handout with six full pages of information, illustrations and photos promoting the proposed experience. It was to be a “two-month voyage as a multicultural earth station orbiting into our future in space” and a map highlighted it at one end of the SkyTrain line with Expo ‘86 at the other. A photo of the college concourse, matched with a drawing of the concept, depicts lights, structures, screens and all kinds of things now commonly linked to the familiar visual

environments of Star Trek –The Next Generation and Star Wars. The brochure shows that shuttle craft would meet the SkyTrain line to take passengers to the Space Station where they would enter a visual “fantastic orbiting sensorium” augmented with a sound system “unlike anything that has ever been heard on earth.” These “astronaut tourists” would meet robots and “interactive holograms.” There was to be 3-D film footage from space never before seen by the public and on and on over four levels of displays. There were so many exciting things planned for

Ideafest ‘86. Truly a unique piece of Douglas College history that almost was.

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ext year will be the 25th anniversary of Expo ’86, so watch for Historical Society presentations on that fair in 2011. But there was a proposed New Westminster event at Douglas College to link with Expo ‘86, and with the college having its 40th birthday this year, we thought we’d add a curious and little-known bit to the

school’s history. A couple of years prior to 1986, Douglas College announced that it had signed a contract for a project to coincide with Expo that would see the college’s concourse totally reconfigured into a giant space station. The name for the entire project, to be open in July and August, noon to midnight each day, was Ideafest ‘86 – A Festival of Ideas for the Future to be held at “New West Space Station.” Now before you wonder why you haven’t seen much about this in all the accounts of Expo ‘86, it is only fair to say that it did not happen for a variety of


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New West Record - October 9, 2010  

New West Record - October 9, 2010 printed edition

New West Record - October 9, 2010  

New West Record - October 9, 2010 printed edition