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Hanging Memory Keeper

Transform A Shadowbox Tray Into Beautiful & Functional Wall Art

tips & tricks

Turn a personal journal inside out with this vintage memory keeper, using 7Gypsies Photo Shadowbox Tray. Glue file folders over the tray spaces to create nooks and crannies to keep your thoughts, sketches, dreams and doodles safe. Strips of vintage fabric and file folders create additional spots for your treasures. As you gather memories of a good day, a first time, old friends, new loves... jot it down on a Gypsy Moments cards and tuck it away. This clever, hanging memory keeper will hold your cherished memories for years to come.


Use vintage fabric and a little padding to create a pin cushion perfect for holding photos,notes or ideas.



Drill two small holes in the side panel of the tray and insert 2 brass rings. Punch holes into the file folders and cards, and add to it as memories & moments happen.

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Sew together edges of the file folders to create pockets for holding various tags and cards.

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Our Vintage Crates


Vintage ATC Crates 3.5x2.5x2.75


Vintage Photo Crate 4.25x4.25x6.5

+ Your Stuff


3 Colors

Vintage Brown Black White


photos + postcards + maps + journals + souvenirs + sketches + invitations + announcements + recipes + notes + letters


+ Our Stuff


file folders + tags + ephemera + embellishments + papers + charms + cards + bottles + paints + frames + fabrics


= Cool Stuff


memories + travels + wedding + baby + birthday + vacations + school year + family reunion + recipes + holidays + journaling

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In The Moment Crate

Our Vintage Photo Crates are meant to be filled with so much more than a 4”x6” photo! Gypsy Moments offers 9 clever, themed cards designed to get you to pay attention to the little things that happen as you’re busy going about your day. Lush fabric designs, book covers and vintage papers cover each side of 4”x6” File Folders and ATC File Folders to add color, depth and interest to your projects. Fill your crate with these fun cards, your photos, postcards, file folders, note cards and more.

To secure the special contents, keep your file folders closed by clipping them with one of our metal rounds or hangers, sew the sides together with straight stitch or zigzag or glue the edges to create a pocket.

7gypsies Naked items come in all shapes and sizes, cut from vintage-color manila paper. They are the perfect accent and ready for your personal stamps, inks, photos, tickets or something special from the day.

Choose 6-8 file folders - all prints or mix in our naked folders and make them your own. Our printed folders are two sided, so pick the side you like the best. If you add the ATC file folders, stand them up unfolded, to add height to crate.

Gypsy Moments Cards are perfect for capturing a month, a week, a day, an hour or just a moment in time.



ife’s most precious moments are often inspired by a thought, a doodle or a moment in time. Capture these moments with your very own “Little Things” journal and create a perfect book to keep your secrets. tart with our ‘Drab’ 7Gypsies Book and beautifully vintage 4”x6” and ATC Gypsy Moments’ File Folders. Layer kraft bags, fabrics and papers to create pockets, perfect for holding “Gypsy Moments” cards, photos, notes... your little things. Add to it, fill it up then tie it together with a little black hemp, add some charms and embellishments.


a vintage journal to collect life’s inspiring moments

Tips & Tricks Twist and adhere a 12” x 2” strip of vintage fabric to create a fabric flower. Sew or stitch one edge of the ATC file folder to create a pocket for cards.

Make fabric pockets by gluing or stitching into place on pages. Go ahead, hide your cheat sheet in a small kraft bag that’s adhered to the back of the book. Use our naked scallop as tabs on your cards. Glue a 4” x 6” naked file folder in at the fold or stitch in place to create an additional page. Use an ATC file folder vertically to hold notes. Keep it in place with a strip of fabric. All 9 ‘Gypsy Moment’ Cards are two-sided and come in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to make various pocket sizes throughout your book.

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DIY MEMO BOARD collect & display

_ _ _ _

Organize your thoughts with this amazing DIY Memo Board in just a few simple steps Faux paint a 7Gypsies 12x12 Shadowbox with Avocado Tattered Angels High Impact Paint. Slip a piece of your favorite Gypsy paper, fabric or handmade paper in the back of the tray. Paper tape adds color & pattern. Attach our 7Gypsies Vintage Receipt Holder inside the shadow box (we used the chain to hang memo board). Clip in place ‘Gypsy Moments’ cards, photos, post cards, letters, birthday cards, little notes, little sketches, to-do lists, etc. This Memo Board is perfect in the kitchen, studio or home office - pretty, vintage and organized too!!!

Keep your memories safe by creating Mini Moment Books using the new Gypsy Moments 4”x6” and ATC File Folders. Some of them even have book ends designed right into the artwork, simply add an extra fold at the spine to make your file folders stand up like a book.

Mini Moment Books

Our new Gypsy Moments File Folders are all perfect for turning into mini books. Use several Gypsy Moments Index Cards folded in half, inside your favorite ATC folder, stitch and like magic, a mini book with major attitude. Or, insert completed cards into a folder, stitch pages along spine into one neat book - by month, theme... you decide.

Add the front of ‘sketches’ Vintage Folder to the spine of a Gypsy Moments book from the ‘book’ Folder to create this clever novel, perfect for holding your sketches and doodles.

Use a 7Gypsies Vintage Crate (or vintage tea box) as a bookcase to hold your books. Add a Crystal Knob on top with a Mini Round Hanger to hold a special note or photo.

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Scrapbook Layouts Scrapbook layouts with Gypsy Moments accents are a perfect way to beautifully capture big & small moments. All Gypsy Moments Cards and File Folders are printed on both sides so you’ll have lots of choices for textures, patterns and colors, to match your theme and decor.

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Gypsy Moments Lookbook  

Take a moment to get inspired by the beautiful projects from 7Gypsies newest collections, Gypsy Moments.

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