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By Kirstie Sutherland

ecky Shuck is no stranger to the plasticfree movement. A PR executive from Walsall, last year she decided to make a difference and set up her own cosmetics company, Stript Cosmetics. The world of cosmetics is laden with far more plastic than we may initially think. That’s where the idea for Stript initially came from. Becky’s company prides itself on creating and selling beauty products that are not only plastic-free, but also biodegradable and cruelty-free, all at an affordable price. However, this wasn’t a sudden realisation Becky has been ethically and environmentally conscious from an early age. “Growing up, my family was quite big on charity work and environmental work, so it was kind of always in me I guess. And the older you get, the more you notice things and the impact they’re making,” she says, explaining the reason behind setting up her own company.

From lush beginnings


Having previously worked for years as a supervisor at LUSH Cosmetics, selling ‘naked’ products (sold without packaging) and working on campaigns to make the world a better place, the specific impact of plastic waste had been on Becky’s mind for a very long time. “Working and being around like-