2019-20 Canuck Place Annual Report

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2019-20 Annual Report

At Canuck Place we can’t add days to the life of a child, but we can add life to their days.


A Million Moments Made Possible By You Children and hospice are two words that shouldn’t exist together. But they do. And for 25 years Canuck Place has been providing exceptional complex medical care, while helping children and families embrace living fully with the time they have left together. A full life has a million moments and at Canuck Place, we believe that the shortest lives should be the fullest of them all. As unique as every family situation is, what connects them and connects all of us, is the desire to know that our life has meaning, and that we’ve lived to the fullest capacity with the people we love. The children and families at Canuck Place deserve choices and joyful, playful, peaceful and mindful moments. These moments matter and are cherished memories that live on. What is a moment? There are so many beautiful possibilities. It’s a child’s laughter, the light in their eyes, a warm hug, a tiny hand waving; it’s learning, playing, growing, accomplishing, and finding comfort. At Canuck Place, we celebrate the significance of e tiniest moments for children with the bravest hearts. The year 2020 has been challenging for so many of us. The isolation and worries about the spread of COVID-19 have been stressful, particularly for children and families at Canuck Place. Children on our program present with over 190 ee conditions and diseases and the progress and complexity of their diagnoses does not stop in a pandemic. Children with life-threatening illnesses


es need care now more than ever.

01 / 02

An incredible community of care - thank you! We are so fortunate to have a community of incredibly generous and compassionate people like you, who make a significant difference in the lives of children with life-threatening illnesses and the families who love them. This year, we celebrate an exceptional group within our community; donors, volunteers, staff, and partners who have given their e icate time, talent, an gifts to Canuck Place children and families for 25 years.

CAMARA VAN BREEMEN, Nurse Practitioner For 25 years, Camara van Breemen’s superpower has been making Canuck Place children and families feel heard, safe, and comforted.

Camara van Breemen with Canuck Place founder, Brenda Eng

“It still surprises me, when I walk up the path to the hospice in the morning or leave at night, that I get to work in this incredible organization. It’s a very special place and just entering the space is still magical for me.”

25 yea except ca

DOREEN LANDRY, Registered Nurse Doreen has been caring for Canuck Place children and families since the doors opened. For 25 years, she has walked alongside families as they navigate one of the most difficult experiences any parent can imagine. “I see my role to be one of journeying with families, using my skill set in a way that makes their load feel lighter and easier to bear. Perhaps most importantly, I want to ensure families don’t feel alone in their most difficult moments.” Doreen Landry with a Canuck Place child


CANUCKS FOR KIDS FUND For over 25 years, our committed friends at the Vancouver Canucks and Canucks for Kids Fund (CFKF) have provided vital funds and shared their incredible name “Canuck”. Annually, over 4% of CPCH funding is granted by the CFKF. In addition to the incredible magical moments made possible for children and families by Vancouver Canucks staff, ownership, players, and alumni, we are inspired by their heart, commitment, and generosity. Daniel and Henrik Sedin with Canuck Place siblings

CITY OF VANCOUVER Twenty-five years ago, the City of Vancouver joined the growing vision to build North America’s first free-standing children’s hospice. They committed to leasing Glen Brae manor to Canuck Place for $1 per year, for 50 years.

ars of tional are REMARKABLE COMMITMENT ar

ungerfor ma e her first gift to anuc lace in , an has generousl continue each ear since We are humbled by a large number of supporters who, li e ar , have shown their long-standing commitment with onations spanning more than 20 consecutive years

03 / 04



First Annual Canuck Foundation Cares for Kids (now Canucks for Kids Fund) Telethon benefits Canuck Place. Trevor Linden and Stan Smyl are key player supporters

Oncology Nurse Brenda Eng, builds a plan to make pediatric palliative care possible in BC and rallies the community support of Marketing Executive, George Jarvis, Vancouver Canucks owner, Arthur Griffiths, and Vancouver Sun editorin-chief Ian Haysom


City of Vancouver leases Glen Brae, donated by Elisabeth Wloskinski, for $ per year to HUGS. Canuck Foundatio and Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund, a significant supporters of Canuck Plac



Lois Youngson starts volunteer program for HUGS (Canuck Place's original name)


In partnership with families, Canuck Place creates the Family Advisory Council to ensure patient and family voices continue to be embedded in the organization. The FAC advises the management team and board on the programs, policies, and activities of the organization


Canuck Place hosts its first fundraising gala The Gift of Time

Canuck Place hosts BC's first provincial pediatric palliative care conference

221 children and families on program

PADS therapy dog Poppy, begins working at Canuck Place

Construction begins at Dave Lede House in Abbotsford, Canuck Place’s second provincial pediatric palliative care hospice CANUCK PLACE CHILDREN’S HOSPICE / ANNUAL REPORT 2019-20



Dave Lede House opens. Outpatient programming is offered, including recreation therapy, counselling, and bereavement groups


children and families on program

, $1 on are ce

November 30th, 1995 Brenda Eng’s vision comes to life and the first Canuck Place child, Rachel, walks through the doors at Glen Brae and the first family journey begins. Some of the original clinical team members include Camara van Breemen, Doreen Landry, Susan Poitras, Janie Burns, and Betty Davies




child and family on program

HUGS raises over $4 million, including a gift from Mary Topolewski for $1M to transform Glen Brae into a modern health care facility. Much of the renovation is gifted through the Construction Labour Relations Association and the B.C./Yukon Territory Building and Construction Trades Council



children and families on program


Growing pains in the new organization arise. Issues are resolved and long-term strategy and policies are implemented to build sustainability

Dr. Hal Siden joins as the Medical Director at Canuck Place

169 children and

families on program

Canuck Place hosts its first Fraser Valley gala fundraiser - The Gift of Love


Dave Lede House begins 24/7 inpatient care, making 13 patient beds and 8 family suites available for BC & Yukon


children and families on program

2018 2020


Nancy Chan Enhanced Community Care program is formalized. Complex care at home is provided and expands throughout the province 05 / 06

message from THE board chair and ceo

This year, with our donors, we celebrate 25 years of exceptional care for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. Canuck Place nurses, physicians, counsellors, teachers, recreation and music therapists deliver pediatric palliative care to our patients who are the most medically complex children in the province. Last year alone, over 818 children with life-threatening illnesses and families, received inpatient and outpatient care in the hospice, in-home, in-hospital, and in their home communities through Canuck Place programs and services. In 2019-20, Canuck Place had a 21% increase in patient bed occupancy and a 25% increase in new children and family referrals to the provincial program. Thank you for investing in critical medical care for these vulnerable children. Pediatric palliative care is different than adult palliative care. On average, a child is in Canuck Place care for seven years, and their family re in on the bereavement program for three years. That is an incredibly difficult and lengthy road for a family to journey – but you make it easier. As our families share their voices and navigate unimaginable uncertainty going forward through the global pandemic, we are grateful to have donors by our side, as Canuck Place need support now more than ever. We are grateful for the million moments made possible by your gifts for children with the bravest hearts.


Margaret McNeil Chief Executive Officer

Together, we give one more moment Our patients are the most medically complex and ill children in the province families h e e i ent n et the re the nee .

r ener

it ensure






Since 2015, the number of children and families in Canuck Place care has increased by 35%

A 21% increase over last year





OVERNIGHT STAYS IN FAMILY SUITES A 9% increase over last year

A 9% increase over last year

Canuck Place grandmother Joan, with baby Roz

07 / 08

Message from our Clinical Program Leaders

At Canuck Place, our goal is to optimize living for infants, children, and youth aged 0-19 and their families. As pediatric palliative clinicians, we know a full life includes making the most of the time that is left. Canuck Place donors are incredible partners in delivering world-leading pediatric palliative care (PPC) and research. Together we empower children and families to make important choices: a choice for care focused on symptoms and quality of life, a choice for the place for end-of-life, and a choice for emotional and bereavement support For the last 25 years, Canuck Place has strategically expanded the clinical program to meet the growing needs of children with life-threatening illnesses in BC and Yukon. Since 2015, we have seen a 35% increase n children and families on program. The complexity of care continues to grow – with over 190 different diseases and conditions. With our donors, we are committed children and families receiv n care right when they need it, no matter where they reside in the province. COVID-19 has been difficult for so many, especially our children and families, and your continued partnership to deliver Canuck Place care is vital. Thank you for walking this journey with children and families,

Dr. Hal Siden, MD, MHSc, FRCPC Medical Director, Canuck Place Children’s Hospice, Investigator, BC Children’s Hospital Clinical Professor, Division of General Pediatrics, Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia CANUCK PLACE CHILDREN’S HOSPICE / ANNUAL REPORT 2019-20

Kristina Boyer, RN, MScA Director, Cl n cal P a , Canuck Place Children’s Hospice

With you, we support living the end of life, as fully as the beginning MEDICAL RESPITE CARE


a l ca e e s need a break from d n 24hour care. Canuck Place medical respite care provides rest and renewal for the whole family with a sa e ca n environment from two provincial locations in Vancouver and Abbotsford.

Complex diseases require dynamic, expert clinical care to manage ever-changing symptoms. Children deserve to be free from pain and discomfort, and pain and symptom management is integral to the specialized care Canuck Place provides.

Canuck Place children receive the complex medical attention they need from nurses and physicians on the clinical floor with their families close by in comfortable family suites. Counselling, updated care plans, education, art, music and recreation therapy is also provided with each stay.

Pain and symptom management is offered to Canuck Place children in-hospice and also in-home by the Canuck Place clinical team whenever possible. This highly complex care focuses on the needs of the child and is critical in improving their quality of life.



Canuck Place is here with compassion when a child requires end-of-life care with a loving environment in-hospice or within the comforts of e home when possible. This experience is supported with the utmost sensitivity including clinical, emotional, as well as spiritual care and guidance. Canuck Place families have the full support of the Canuck Place clinical team during this heart-wrenching experience. This care is complemented with access to Canuck Place counselling before and after a child has passed as their journey continues.

Grief begins at diagnosis which is why grief, loss, and bereavement counselling are offered to Canuck Place families the moment they join the program. Canuck Place counsellors support families as they navigate through their grief by addressing the emotional, spiritual, and psychosocial needs of parents, siblings, and grandparents. This specialized care is delivered as individual and group counselling sessions, as well as art, play, music, and recreation therapy before and for years after a child has passed.

09 / 10

The shortest lives should be the fullest of them all JONGENBURGER FAMILY


Marlo and Ryan Jongenburger’s daughter Ella, was diagnosed with o o Trisomy 18, when Marlo was in her first trimester. From perinatal care planning, to in-home medical support, and end-of-life bereavement counselling, Canuck Place was there to care for the Jongenburgers every step of their journey. “There are no words that will ever be enough to express how vital Canuck Place support is. Through our grief they stood alongside us and counselled us into the life of a bereaved parent.” - Marlo Jongenburger



Every light brings joy, no matter how long it shines DOYLE FAMILY Rosalind Doyle lived for 29 days. Roz spent almost her entire life at Canuck Place with her parents Audrey and Mike, and her two brothers Seth and Chase. Caring for the whole family in the comfort of a hospice is truly what makes Canuck Place unique. “Canuck Place support and care gave us the ability to enjoy every moment we had with Roz. Nurses, doctors, and the clinical team gave Roz the opportunity to experience so much more than we could have done on our own. No matter how much or how little time you have with someone, it means everything.”


- Audrey Doyle



The Doyles with baby Roz

11 / 12

Report from Audit & Finance Committee It is my pleasure to present the 2019-20 report from the Audit & Finance Committee for Canuck Place Children’s Hospice. This fiscal reports very strong financial results. This is due to the very generous support of our donors throughout British Columbia. With your support, we were able to increase fundraising 26% over the prior year and surpassing our goals for this year. We are extremely grateful to our donors for providing this much needed funding. This support, along with the annual funding received from the Province of British Columbia through Provincial Health Services Authority, allows us to continue providing our existing programs and expand our services for children and families. This year saw significant achievements. Dave Lede House opened 24/7 as of April 1, 2019. This increased the bed count by 50% and staffing by approximately 30%. It was the first full year of the Nancy Chan Enhanced Community Care program w ic su o ts families at home. With careful oversight, expenses came in under budget for the year. The year ended with the global pandemic and significant uncertainty. COVID-19 has changed the way we work with a large portion of our staff now working remotely and providing some services virtually. We did see a decline in revenue in the final month of the year, but we are eligible for the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy program, which has helped fill the revenue gap to support the operations. Looking ahead, we cannot predict with certainty how the pandemic will continue to affect us. However, CPCH Senior Leadership and the Board of Directors remain committed to fiscal responsibility, including optimizing the operating model for CPCH, updating strategic priorities, and pursuing additional fundraising opportunities. The net assets of CPCH at the end of the year, allow us to continue to provide excellent care and services to the growing number of children and families across BC an u on who need them. We are committed to continue working with the Province of BC, our donors, and welcoming new partners to build a sustainable future for Canuck Place. Mike Cinnamond Treasurer and Audit Committee Chair CPCH Board of Directors CANUCK PLACE CHILDREN’S HOSPICE / ANNUAL REPORT 2019-20

financials - Canuck place children’s hospice society STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION ASSETS Current assets Long-term investments Capital assets Total Assets LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS Current liabilities Deferred capital contributions Net assets Total Liabilities & Net Assets

31 MARCH 2020 $ 9,330,567 1,664,000 13,377,561

31 MARCH 2019 $ 6,909,862 1,728,007 14,016,353


$ 22,654,222

$ 2,407,953 10,182,450 11,781,725

$ 1,479,888 10,724,571 10,449,763

$ 24,372,128

$ 22,654,222

$ 8,840,613 6,996,126 182,625 290,000 328,273 563,654

$ 6,822,252 6,972,068 250,000 235,149 606,847

$ 17,201,291

$ 14,886,316



10,728,593 1,649,650 2,005,117 783,503 702,467

9,009,327 1,562,529 1,853,309 655,970 799,419

$ 15,869,330

$ 13,880,554

$ 1,331,961

$ 1,005,762

STATEMENT OF OPERATIONS REVENUE Donations & fundraising Province of BC Government of Canada - Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy Canuck Place Children’s Hospice Foundation Interest & other Amortization of deferred capital contributions Total Revenue EXPENSES Staffing costs Clinical Program Development, Communications & Marketing Central services Amortization Total Expenses Excess of revenue over expenses

The complete Canuck Place Children’s Hospice Society financial statements audited by KPMG LLP Chartered Professional Accountants, and from which this summary is extracted, are available upon request and on www.canuckplace.org. As a registered Canadian charity, Canuck Place is required to file an annual registered charity information return with the CRA, a portion of which is available to the public.

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financials - canuck place children’s hospice foundation Canuck Place Children’s Hospice Foundation was established to receive bequests property to hold and safeguard in support of the activities of Canuck Place Children’s Hospice. The Foundation makes financial contributions to Canuck Place for direct program or emerging matters and supports the financial stability of Canuck Place. This year saw a significant decline in bequests after an unusually high prior year. In addition, the Foundation increased its annual distribution to CPCH to provide support through the final phase of expansion. Market price changes at the end of the year due to COVID-19 have resulted in an unrealized investment loss due to the market value change in our investment portfolio, which is the cause of the increase in expenses this year. The portfolio has since regained its value. The net assets of the Foundation continue to provide support to CPCH annually. STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION

31 MARCH 2020

31 MARCH 2019

$ 1,605,030 9,166,450

$ 1,246,383 9,404,619

$ 10,771,480

$ 10,651,002

$ 416,066 10,355,414

$ 141,485 10,509,517

$ 10,771,480

$ 10,651,002

31 MARCH 2020

31 MARCH 2019

$ 206,672 393,905 377,840

$ 222,796 1,398,856 403,690

$ 978,417 842,524 290,000

$ 2,025,342 265,841 250,000

Total Expenses

$ 1,132,524

$ 515,841

Excess (Deficiency) of Revenue over Expenses

$ (154,107)

$ 1,509,501

ASSETS Current assets Investments Total Assets LIABILITIES + NET ASSETS Current liabilities Net assets Total Liabilities + Net Assets STATEMENT OF OPERATIONS REVENUE Donations Bequests Interest & other Total Revenue Expenses Contributions to Canuck Place Children’s Hospice Society

The Foundation’s financial statements are unaudited and not consolidated with CPCH CANUCK PLACE CHILDREN’S HOSPICE / ANNUAL REPORT 2019-20


Use of funds for patient care 3% 3%





Clinical Care, Nursing & Physicians

Facilities & Garden

Food Services & Housekeeping


Recreation Therapy

Volunteer Services

Clinical Care, Nursing & Physicians

Food Services & Housekeeping

• • • •

Clinical care nursing Physicians Medical respite care Pain & symptom management • Medicine, medical supplies, pediatric medical equipment • Enhanced community care • 24-hour BC-wide patient care hotline

• Provide nutritional and dietary meals for the children and families • Ensure the hygenic needs of the children and families are met • Provide additional comfort and support to family members throughout their stay


Facilities & Garden

• Grief, loss, and bereavement • Spiritual care • Social work • School program • Music & play therapy

• Provide a home-like, comfortable atmosphere • Fully wheelchair accessible • Maintenance of gardens

Recreation Therapy

Volunteer Services

• Full-time recreation therapy • Exciting, age-appropriate excursions for children the program • Equipped vehicles to transport children in wheelchairs • Excellent on-site play and recreational facilities • Snoezelen room multi-sensory room

Training, management and support of the following volunteer roles: • Bereavement volunteer • Family/Peer volunteer • Garden volunteer • Housekeeping volunteer • Kitchen volunteer • Maintenance volunteer • Reception volunteer • Special event volunteer • Volunteer driver

15 / 16

source of funding THE PROVINCE OF BC The Province of British Columbia, through the Ministry of Health, supports direct patient care at Canuck Place. The Province of BC initiated committed funding in the 2018-19 fiscal year. Canuck Place will continue to raise a 60% of the annual operating funding required to provide care. This important partnership is key to the delivery of patient care.

4% 2% 1%




Province of BC and PHSA

Canucks for Kids Fund (CFKF)

Interest & Other

Government of Canada






Our friends and supporters at the Canucks for Kids Fund (CFKF) have invested vital funds in Canuck Place for over 25 years. Approximately 4% of Canuck Place’s annual operating budget is supported by the CFKF. In addition to these annual grants, CFKF provides hope and inspiration through player and mascot Fin visits to the children in care, tickets to events at Rogers Arena for families, Canucks Sports & Entertainment employee volunteers, Canucks players, Alumni and management. Canuck Place is grateful for this partnership spanning 25 years.

Vancouver Canucks Brock Boeser skating with a Canuck Place family

17 / 18

Family Journey at Canuck Place THE JOURNEY BEGINS: DIAGNOSIS





Miranda + Tiffany (1)


Gavin (5)

Langley family, the Garrisons: Tiffany diagnosed with life-threatening illness

In-hospital, and outpatient family consult by CPCH clinical team

BC’s pediatric palliative care provider to over 818 children and families. Two hospice locations: Vancouver and Abbotsford




24-hour province-wide clinical help line

CPCH Nurse home visit

Miranda & Daniel are primary caregivers at home




Tiffany (7)










Tiffany (4)

Gavin (8)

Family Needs Assessment & Community Support Plan

Recreation therapy, counselling,education and specialized medical care for Tiffany

Opportunities for family adventures








Tiffany (5)

Gavin (10) plays with CPCH family volunteers

Play therapy, music therapy, counselling

Canuck Place clinicians care for over 190 diseases and conditions





Gavin (12) One-on-One Counselling, Bereavement Groups for Parents, Siblings and Camps

One-on-one counselling, bereavement groups for parents, siblings and camps

Compassionate community; always a part of the Canuck Place family 19 / 20

Canuck Place Signature Events; GIFT OF TIME GALA



The 15th annual Gift of Time Gala presented by Nicola Wealth welcomed over 750 guests at Vancouver’s Parq Hotel on September 21, 2019. The event raised a record-breaking $1.53 million to support Canuck Place. Global BC’s Chris Gailus hosted a spectacular evening that featured an exceptional meal, musical entertainment featuring the Abbotsford Youth Orchestra, as well as a stunning performance by 14-year-old singer-songwriter Victoria Anthony. Gala Co-Chairs, Karley Rice, Lee Rennison and Pippa Morgan led a creative and passionate volunteer gala committee who were pivotal to the success of the event, and helped create a bold, sophisticated experience punctuated with vibrant imagery and dramatic accents throughout. Canuck Place father, Emmanuel Domingo, whose 20-year-old son, Kristian received expert clinical care at Canuck Place, shared a powerful speech to a captivated audience who gave a standing ovation. “Canuck Place gave us the gift of time… time to allow us to be a family,” said Emmanuel.

Presenting Sponsor Nicola Wealth’s Chairman & CEO John Nicola and wife, Claire Nicola

Canuck Place parents and featured speakers at the Gift of Time gala, Teresa and Emmanuel Domingo

The 2019 Gift of Time ballroom was designed to be elegant and intimate

2019 Gift of Time Co-Chairs: Pippa Morgan, Lee Rennison, and Karley Rice


GIFT OF LOVE GALA Over 500 guests gathered at Abbotsford Centre on February 29, 2020 to support Canuck Place at the 6th Annual Gift of Love gala presented by MNP. Led by Gala Committee Co-Chairs Aprille Ferrario, Marcie Cyr and Suzanne Adams and with the support of a talented and dedicated volunteer committee, the event raised a record $593,000 to support children and families across BC and Yukon. Hosted by the founder of the Every Conversation Counts platform, Riaz Meghji, guests, sponsors, volunteers, board members and staff came together in a sold-out room to enjoy an inspirational program that featured a 3-course meal, musical entertainment by the Abbotsford Youth Orchestra and remarkable singer-songwriter, Bukola Balogun, and a thrilling Live Auction. Canuck Place mother, Marlo Jongenburger, delivered an emotional speech about her daughter, Ella, who passed away on the Canuck Place program in 2017 at just 14 months old. “We are heartbroken, yet we love,” says Marlo. “We are sad, yet we are happy. This is the life of a Canuck Place parent. This is a life we never want others to understand. However, for those families that need the support, Canuck Place is a light in the midst of a black hole.”

The Abbotsford Centre was completely transformed for the 2020 Gift of Love gala

Canuck Place grandmother Victoria, dad Ryan, and mom Marlo Jongenburger with Canuck Place Counsellor, Deborah Davison

Gift of Love Co-Chairs: Marcie Cyr, Aprille Ferrario, and Suzanne Adams with Canuck Place CEO Margaret McNeil (centre-right)

Debbie Bass, Audit Partner & Assurance Leader, MNP LLP and her husband Lee Bass, Regional Managing Partner, MNP LLP, Presenting Sponsor of Gift of Love

21 / 22

Thank you for your support FROM ORGANIZATIONS $1,000,000+ Province of BC Summer Split Foundation, Vancouver Foundation

$500,000 – $999,999 Can c s o

i s

n **

$100,000 - $499,999 BC Ba e e i o n ation** The Blackham Family* BlueArck Private Equity Chan Family Foundation* Country 107.1 & Star 98.3* Dave Lede Family Charitable Foundation FirstService Residential and Friends Holiday Campaign iA Financial* Nicola Family Foundation Quantum Properties Inc.* The Trottier Family Foundation* fo i s**

$50,000 - $99,999 The Children’s Oral Care Centre - Dr. Phoebe Tsang* Colin B. Glassco Charitable Foundation for Children* Lafarge Canada Inc. Lloyd and Elsie Campbell Foundation Fund Nicola Wealth Nicola Wealth Gives Back Fund, held at Nicola Wealth Private Giving Foundation Open Bible Chapel Foundation The River Foundation Violet Pavlakis Society Vitalus Nutrition Inc.*

$25,000 - $49,999 Andrew Mahon Foundation*

BFL Canada Insurance Services Inc. Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions (Brookfield GIS) CIBC National Campaign Coromandel Envision Financial The Fairmont Chateau Whistler First Light Foundation Giancarlo and Odette Tognetti Legacy Trust Foundation Graestone Ready Mix Inc. The Grayross Foundation, held at Vancouver Foundation HomeLife Benchmark Realty (Cloverdale) Ledcor Group & Employees Lions Clubs of District 19-H* Macdonald Realty (1974) Ltd. MNP LLP Moller Family Foundation Pan Pacific Whistler Primex Investments Ltd. Prospera Credit Union Ritchie Foundation Sandra Ball and Mike Ball, in memory of Kris Ball The Sutherland Foundation TELUS** Vancouver Canucks Alumni Foundation The Victor and Anna Kern Foundation Voth Bros Developments Ltd.

$10,000 - $24,999 593123 Alberta Ltd. Adera Foundation Society Allen & Birnie Legacy Fund APEGBC - Invitational Golf Tournament Aprille and Randy Ferrario Family Foundation Aquilla Foundation BMO Capital Markets BMW Langley - OpenRoad Autogroup


British Columbia Shopping Centre Association Canadian Western Bank Cante Coffee Co ** Case Family Trust II Celtic Cross Charitable Foundation Citifund Campbell Capital Coast Capital Savings Columbia Kitchen Cabinets Ltd. Dr. Shannon Humphrey Inc. Dragon Fire Charitable Foundation Edith Lando Charitable Foundation First West Foundation Envision Financial Community Endowment Forecight Cyber Intelligence Inc. Foreman Family Foundation Genworth Canada GK Bella Harbour Air Limited Hellbent Games Intact Insurance Jamie Booth Golf Classic Jerry Ehmann Memorial Fund Key Club of Vancouver Westside Kin’s Farm Market Kootenay Holdings Ltd. Kristian Domingo Foundation The Ledcor Group of Companies Liu Kuo-Chun Educational Foundation MGKD Medical Mr. and Mrs. P.A. Woodward’s Foundation Nighthawk Fund PayPal Giving Fund Canada Pedersen’s Rentals Inc. PFG Glass Industries Ltd. Plenary Group (Canada) Ltd. Porsche Centre Langley OpenRoad Auto Group * DENOTES A MULTI-YEAR GIFT

RBC The R K Grant Family Foundation Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association of British Columbia ReMax Sabre Realty Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers Saint Mary’s Health Foundation Salvation Productions Inc. In Memory of Sarah Allegra Nybakken Scamp Transport Scotiabank SilverBirch Hotels & Resorts SoleSavy Inc. Starding Point Holdings Ltd. Stong’s Market Takaya Developments (AQ/TWN) Ltd. Teck Resources Limited The Tenaquip Foundation The Fourth Box Charitable Foundation Trans-Continental Textile Recycling Ltd. Twins Cancer Fundraising Inc. V.B. Symonds Inc. William & Florence Lede Family Foundation Windsor Plywood Foundation, held at Vancouver Foundation Anonymous (1)

$5,000 - $9,999 Abbotsford Hearing Clinic Abbotsford International Airshow Society Ace Architectural Millwork AMB Holdings Ltd. Andrew Peller Ltd. Artex Barn Solutions Avison Young B2Gold Corp. Bank of America Merrill Lynch BMS Plumbing & Mechanical Borden Ladner Gervais LLP **DENOTES A 20+ YEAR DONOR

Canada Running Series Canadian Materials Handling & Distribution Society Canstar Restorations Centaur Products Inc. Clair Rockel Personal Real Estate Corporation Clio Legal Software CN Rail Colliers International Coquitlam College Inc. Design Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd. The Djavad Mowafaghian Foundation DLC Investments (2007) Ltd. Dollinger Innovations Domus Projects Ltd. Dr. Ann Worth Charitable Foundation Dr. Steve D. Levasseur Inc. Essity Professional Hygiene North America LLC EYCO Buildling Group Ltd. Fire-Pro Protection Ltd. FirstService Residential Ltd. First Canadian Management Corp. The Flagel-Duzita Legacy Endowment Fund Frank J. Flaman Foundation The Garden Club of Vancouver Glenform Building Limited Gore Mutual Insurance Co p r r Co p Green Grass Productions Inc. The Hamber Foundation Haywood Securities Inc. The Historic Dewdney Pub Hotel BLU Humboldt Memorial Street Hockey Tournament Hylcan Foundation Iranian-Canadian Benevolent Foundation Karley Rice Personal Real Estate Corp

Mark Myles, Sheila Ross, Margaret McNeil and Jane McLennan at the Gift of Time gala in 2019.

Jane McLennan and Sheila Ross: Outstanding Philanthropists Sisters Jane McLennan and Sheila Ross have built a lifetime of outstanding philanthropy that will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy across the charitable landscape of British Columbia. Each approach their giving differently, but ultimately they share the same goal: to help those in need. Raised in a family of thirteen children, Jane and Sheila have an unwavering respect for family values. Their connection to us began with their friend Emily Griffiths, whose family members were some of our founders. Together, they have contributed more than $1.3M to Canuck Place through financial contributions, in-kind gifts, and legacy pledges. Jane and Sheila have directed their giving to various initiatives including clinical operations, capital purchases, and areas of most need. Their continued learning and investment in care at Canuck Place speaks volumes about their commitment to philanthropy and their trust in organizational strategy, vision and growth. Whether touring Canuck Place facilities in Vancouver or Abbotsford, or attending meetings with staff, Jane and Sheila often invite friends to join them, further promoting the cause and encouraging additional support. Over the years, the sisters have have attended many events including Magic in the Garden, Lighting of the House, and the Gift of Time gala where they enjoy connecting with like-minded community leaders. 23 / 24

$5,000 - $9,999 cont’d Kiewit Ledcor TMEP Partnership Killarney Community Centre Society Lahoo Lions Club Latham’s Lawson Lundell LLP Leavitt Machinery Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel Ltd. Little Tree Agency Inc. The Lloyd Carr-Harris Foundation London Drugs Ltd. M & P Mercury Sales Ltd. McAdams Foundation Mertin Hyundai Modern Niagara Vancouver National Air Technologies Nordstrom Canada Retail Inc. Onni Property Management Services Ltd. Otter Farm & Home Co-Op Park Georgia Insurance Agencies Ltd. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP o incia Em o ees Comm nit Se ices n ** Realtech Capital Group Inc. Redpath Relocations Remembering Otto and Marie Pick Charitable Foundation Robert & Christina Bontkes Foundation Rotary Club of Aldergrove Sandstorm Gold Ltd. Slater Vecchio LLP Sniperz Paintball Sovereign Order of St John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller Stadus Enterprises Ltd. Summit Sheet Metal Ltd. Sun Glow Food Service Ltd. SweetLegs Clothing Inc. TB Vets Charitable Foundation TD Bank Group

W.K. Rutledge Alter Ego Trust Waste Management Association of BC** Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Youth and Philanthropy Initiative Canada

$1,000 - $4,999 0776403 BC Ltd 1947796 Ontario Inc. Lumenix 505401 B.C. Ltd DBA Champion Window Cleaning 602309 BC Ltd. 720Instruments Ltd. Abacus Executive Consulting Abbotsford Firefighters Charitable Society Abbotsford Lions Club ABC Main Auto Centre Ltd Access Law Group Accurate Glass Ltd. Action Glass AIG Insurance Company of Canada Air-Vac Services Canada Ltd. Al Roadburg Foundation Aldergrove Credit Union All Elements Building Services Allied Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. Allmar Inc. Allstar Holdings Inc. Applebarn Pumpkin Farm Apply Digital Ardent Mills Army, Navy & Air Force Veterans of Canada - Unit #100 Arrow Transportation Systems Inc. Ashcroft & District Lions Club Badesha & Associates Notaries Bakemark Canada Baker Newby Lawyers Balance in Motion Barclay Restorations (Surrey Office)


BC Chevelle and GM Club BC Ranch Cutting Horse Association Bemco Pacific Services Inc. Berry Industries Golf Tournament Best Western Plus Regency Inn & Conference Centre Big K Brand Clothing Ltd. Big Pete’s Collectibles Black Tie Property Services Blackwood Building Centre Ltd. Blueshore Financial Boilermakers Lodge 359 Bright Orange Music Studio Brighter Mechanical Ltd. British Columbia Wall & Ceiling Association Bryant and Lasko Real Estate Business In Vancouver Busybee Gardening and Landscaping C.K. Choi Foundation Caliber Concrete Ltd. Canada Sunshine Foundation Casa Di Coltellaro Development Inc. The Cedarbrook Society - The Darling Home for Kids Centra Cares Foundation Cerelia Champion Window and Pressure Cleaning Champlain Heights Annex Chilliwack Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch Chubb Insurance Company of Canada CIBC Children’s Foundation City Elevator Ltd. City Fire Prevention Services Ltd. CLS Catering Services Ltd. CN Employees’ and Pensioners’ Community Fund Coastal Swap Meet Society Conam Charitable Foundation Crofton House School Crowe MacKay LLP

D. R. Baxter Legal Services Law Corp. Davis Trading and Supply Ltd. Dayhu Investments Ltd. Dedicated Dental Care Direct Food Plus Group Dong Russell & Company Inc. Donia Farms Ltd. Double Deck’d Poultry Ltd. Doug and Karla Juniper Fund Dr. Andrew Campbell Dr. Christine N. Kim. Inc Dr. Dennis Lee Inc. Dr. George M. Weir Elementary School Dr. Heather Finlayson Inc. Dr. Jeffrey Steven Silver Medical Cooperation Dr. Kapil M. Bhagirath; Medical Services Corporation Dr. Kevin Ong Inc. Dr. Peter Louie Inc. Dr. Robert Gizicki Inc. Dr. Sally A. Donaldson Optometry Corp. Dr. Shahzad S. Karim Dr. Stephen A. Kline Inc. Dr. Susan Sadeghi Tehrani Inc. Ecotex Healthcare Linen Service Inc. Edith Cavell Elementary School Elafon Mechanical Ltd. Elsie Roy Elementary Enterprise Paper Co. Ltd. Essence of Dance School Ethical Flooring Evergreen Agencies Ltd. The F.A. Bartlett Tree Expert Company Canada Ltd. Fairbairn Foundation The Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel Farmboy Fine Arts Farris LLP Fehr Strata Repairs Ltd. First West Credit Union Flash Fund Foundation Burgoo Bistros Fort Langley Lions Club *DENOTES A MULTI-YEAR GIFT

Francl Architecture Inc. Fraternal Order of Eagles Cranbrook Aerie #3032 Frontier Power Products Ltd. Fudan University EMBA Alumni Canada Association Fusion Glassworks Inc. G10 Foundation Georgia Main Food Group Gerhard Bartel Foundation Gina Lin Personal Real Estate Glass World Golden Leaf Health Inc. Goldman Investments Ltd. Goosen Construction Inc. Grant Thornton LLP Gresli Holdings Grizzly Supplies (2012) Ltd. Harbour West Consulting Harris Rebar Hastings Entertainment Inc. Holland America Lines Home Ingredients Rentals The Houssian Foundation Hudson Pacific IDC Worldsource Insurance Network Ideal Door Ltd. Interpodia Technology Corp. Island City Baking Co. Islandlink Bus Services Ltd. Jagger Investment Corp Jag’s Furniture & Mattress Jamie A. Bleay Law Corporation JBS Equipment Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House Jones Food Store Equipment Ltd. JV Driver K&H Dispatch Co. Ltd. K. Sandhu Holdings Ltd. Ken and Eva Hansom Fund Klassen Technologies Knight Piesold Ltd. KNV Chartered Accountants LLP KPMG Enterprise LLP **DENOTES A 20+ YEAR DONOR

Langley Lions Club Leon Judah Blackmore Foundation Lepp Farm Market Lesperance Mendes Lawyers Liberty Mutual Canada Liuyishou Hotpot Restaurant Loewen Welding Ltd. Lohn Foundation Lolo Pediatric Dentistry Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies Inc. Lord Kitchener Elementary School LS Travel Major Tom Agency Inc. Maple Ridge Skating Club Marriott International Inc. Matthew McNair Senior Secondary School McIndless Family Foundation via Aqueduct Foundation MD Cosmetic & Laser Clinic Ltd. Meadowlands Horticultural Inc. Michelle Porter Personal Real Estate Corp. Microsoft Canada Inc. Modern Alumni & Vinyl Products Ltd. Modern Niagara Alberta Modern Niagara Ottawa Modern Niagara Toronto Mortgage Brokers Association of BC Mountain Fire Protection Ltd. Mountain Green Homes Ltd. Napa Auto Parts NewLeaf Total Wellness Centre Nicholson Mechanical Ltd. NIKLS “ONE CALL” Property Services Normac Appraisals Ltd. Novartis Canada Olive Fertility Centre Inc. Once Upon a Child Abbotsford Orbis Investments (Canada) Limited Osisko Gold Royalties

LEDCOR - 25 years of giving LEDCOR along with its senior leadership and employees, is passionate about giving back. Embedded within their culture is a desire to support those in need and engage with the local community. For 25 years, their generosity has included donations and sponsorships through the corporation, its subsidiaries and charitable foundation. David Lede (Chairman & CEO) and Ron Stevenson (President) alongside his wife Sharon are also integral partners in our work. Through gifts to capital campaigns and Canuck Place galas, these individuals exemplify a spirit of philanthropy, while leading a socially responsible organization. We are incredibly grateful for the instrumental contributions Ledcor and its leadership invested to facilitate the opening of our second location in Abbotsford, David Lede House.

Pace Processing Pacific Clean Cut Landscapes Ltd. Pacific Heights Services Inc. Para Space Landscaping Inc. Pita Bread Factory Ltd. Piteau Associates Engineering Ltd.

Platinum Pro Claim Restoration Playtime Peardonville Ventures Ltd. PNG Enterprise Foundation Point Roberts Volunteer Firefighters Charitable Society Polycrete Restorations Ltd. Power-West Industries Ltd. 25 / 26

$1,000 - $4,999 cont’d Prostar Painting & Restoration Ltd. Pryke Lambert Leathley Russell Puratos Canada PwC Canada Quasar Financial Planning Group Queen of All Saints Elementary School The Quesnel Foundation Raimac Industries Ltd. Rainbow Renovations Ravens Brewing Company Ray’s No rills Reliance Glass Remdal Painting & Restoration Inc. Rice Harbut Elliott LLP Richmond Lions Club Rick H. Jagpal Inc. Rocky Mountain Holidays Ltd. Rogers Communications Canada Inc. Rogers Foods Ltd. Rolfe, Benson LLP Roofix Services Inc. Rose Meadows Holdings Rotary Club of AbbotsfordSumas Royal Canadian Legion TVS Branch #44 Sagittarius Archers Sahara Sisters Group Sandel Foods Inc. Sandy Hill Elementary School Sanghera Physiotherapist Corp. Save On Foods Saxbee Insurance Scotia Wealth Management Scott Brammer Photography Secondary Pulp and Paper Inc. Sedgwick Canada Inc. Sevenoaks Shopping Centre Sharp’s Egg Sales Inc. Shaw Communications Inc. Shoppers Drug Mart Silex Restorations Ltd.

Silver Lining Landscaping Ltd. Sofina Foods Inc. Source Office Furniture South Surrey Youth Effective Speaking Club Spratt Emanuel Engineering Ltd. St. Patrick’s Senior School Stantec Surrey Firefighters Charitable Society Tech-Web Graphics Ltd. Peter Glowacki Fund - The Winnipeg Foundation Thomas and Lori Burley Family Fund through the Victoria Foundation Tomsett Elementary School Township of Langley Professional Firefighter’s Local 4550 Trinity-Grace United Church Trotter & Morton Facility Services Inc. Tsawwassen Boundary Bay Lions Club TTT Studios Tucker’s Restaurant Ltd. Umi Sushi Express The Patricia Totton Fund University of the Fraser Valley Vancouver Security Management Ltd. Vancouver Talmud Torah School Vanderlande Industries Canada Inc. Vanderpol’s Eggs Ltd. Velofix Holdings Ltd. Vernon Edith Finley Charitable Foundation ViRTUS Visions West Holdings Ltd. Waste Control Services Inc. Waste Management WealthSense Financial Group Inc. The Westin Bayshore Weston Bakeries Ltd.


Westside Tom Gradecak Realty Weyerhaeuser Wolfe Auto Group The Woods Foundation WoodWorks The Hardwood Floor Company Ltd. WorkSafeBC Helping Hands Yale Secondary School Anonymous (3)

IN-KIND & SERVICES $100,000 - $499,999 Global BC* Rogers Sports & Media

$25,000-$49,999 Canucks For Kids Fund Canucks Sports & Entertainment

$10,000 - $24,999 Abbotsford News BC Chicken Marketing Board California Closets Cavalier Jewellers Ltd. Holland America Lines Maharani Jewels Ross Penhall Inc. The Vancouver Sun

$10,000 - $24,999 Abbotsford International Airshow Society Burdeny Studio Inc. Glacier Media Group The Globe and Mail Lanka Jewels Monte Clark Gallery Pro Organics Rocky Mountaineer Sevenoaks Shopping Centre Sony Canada Still Creek Press TopTable Group Waste Management WestJet

$1,000 - $4,999 2M2 Kids

Abbotsford Centre Air Canada Foundation Altus Mountain Guides Anick Violette Bacci Design Limited Bailey Nelson Optometrist Bearfoot Bistro Big Star Lights Canada Bioethique Spa Bocci Bond Reproductions Inc. Breville Canada Bud’s Tool Supply Ltd. Caffe Umbria Coffee Roaster Copeman Healthcare Dr. Shannon Humphrey Inc. Dubois Chemicals Canada Inc. Dyson Ltd. Encore Electric Ltd. Fairmont Hotel Vancouver First Class Waste Services Inc. The Georgia Straight Gibbons Whistler Goop The Grounds Guys Landscape Management Imagine That Events Immortal Ink Society Indochino Jag’s Furniture & Mattress Kristie Robin Photography La Stella Winery The Lazy Gourmet LIJA Little House Tutoring and Learning Centre London Drugs Ltd. Market Meats Miss604 Moose International Inc. NewLeaf Total Wellness Centre Nourished Photos By Kathryn Inc. Prada Preventum Health Management Purdys Chocolates Ltd. Pyrrha Design Inc. Raincoast Books *DENOTES A MULTI-YEAR GIFT

RE/MAX Select Properties Renshaw Travel and Cruise Ronald Allan Clothiers Something Fishy Aquariums Springtide Tours STOOPS Design Stor-More Closet & Blinds Ltd. The Gumboot Kids Glo and ail Tidy Trailers Township of Langley Fire Department Trillium Landscaping Inc. TurF Twins Cancer Fundraising Inc. Vancouver Giants Vintage Hospitality Wesbild Holdings Ltd. White Rock Optometry Clinic Wild Birds Unlimited YYoga GENEROUS CORPORATE DONORS:

971 GIFTS FROM INDIVIDUALS $100,000 - $499,999 Paul and Jean Gotro* John and Claire Nicola

$25,000 - $49,999 Leone Carey Carlile Alter Ego Trust Jim and Laurie Case David and Deborah Cottrell Mike and Shanni Eckford Eugene and Marolyn Jow** John and Dana Montalbano Ken Ecker and Pippa Morgan John and Susan Rose Peeyush and Poonam Varshney

$10,000 - $24,999 Howard and Gail Addison Mike and BG Burdick


All the wonderful staff at Nicola Wealth

Nicola Wealth - A generous and long-time supporter of Canuck Place Nicola Wealth values the role companies play in making the world a better place and as a result, they have been an outstanding philanthropic leader, supporting Canuck Place since 2006. Nicola Wealth has been a major supporter of multiple Canuck Place initiatives a o s d ir invest n on signature events including Gift of Time Gala for the past three years sponsorship of our family-fun Adventure Race and a in campaigns that garner increased funds for the critical care of BC’s sickest children. This investment strategy has meant that, in addition to the funds Nicola Wealth has directly provided, they have created the space and the opportunity for others to give as well, making an even bigger impact on the causes they value. Nicola Wealth has generously supported Canuck Place through our Light a ife holiday matching campaign, employee giving, and sponsoring Canuck Place sibling Emily Epp to swim the English Channel. It is this level of generosity – always thinking of how they can do more – that makes them such an incredible partner. We are so grateful to be a chosen community partner of Nicola Wealth! 27 / 28

$10,000 - $24,999 cont’d Mardie Campbell Bonnie and Malcolm Christie Charitable Gift Fund Mike Cinnamond and Jan Watson Robert and Diane Conconi Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Couling Gabriel and Andrea Davis John and Lotte Davis Stefan and Alison Dunatov Randy and Aprille Ferrario Heather Finlayson and William Henderson Todd and Paris-Ann Ingledew Shafiq and Shaida Jiwani Andrew and Lynn Kemper Basilia and Josh Kesselman Allan Kiss John and Amanda Kump Paul and Dr. Marilio Loewen Jim and Mollie Longo Douglas Loughran Paul Mertin Drew and Eli Nanos Darren Postma Jeff and Barb Regier Lucas Siemens Rich & Linda Kathleen Simons Fund, held at Nicola Wealth Private Giving Foundation Alan and Margaret Souther Suzanne and Malcolm Steenburgh Michael Svagdis Margaret Tough

$5,000 - $9,999 Hafiz Ali Michelle and Michael Armstrong Dan Aubrey Zack Bhatia James and Shelby Blair Joshua and Andrea Blair Ken Bolton and Nancy Nixon Mike Brankston and Jill Donaldson Deb and Don Breen

Stuart and Wendy Campbell Kai Chen John and Irene DeLucchi Scott Dunlop Jay, Kim, Keira and Kai Evans Randy and Aprille Ferrario Linda Finkelstein Veronica Franco Bruce and Sandra Gibson Faye Gougeon Robert and Lucy Greer E. E. Hilton Dr. Stephen and Sarah Ho Nigel and Carolyn Kirkwood Wes and Brenda Koop Myrna Kozier in memory of Dr. Edward L. Kozier Hong Yan Li Barry Lorenzetti Yan Ma and Jian Xiong Stephen and Doris Mallett Fund, held at Nicola Wealth Private Giving Foundation Neville and Nousheen McClure Roger Morgan Mark and Shanee Myles Vladimir and Nina Nesic Dennis and Leanne Ohman Andrew and Lori Rennison Roger Richer and Norine Den Otter Vincent Scali Rick and Karen Thiessen Christopher and Marisa Thomas Gavin Toy and Shelley Williams Tamara Van den Brink Marcel De Groot and January Vandale Bill and Helinda Vanderkooi Michelle Wallach Nolan Watson Dr. Eric Webber and Dr. Farah Valimohamed David and Paula Wesik Chris Wieser James and Hazel Woodward Serena Xy Anonymous (3)


$1,000 - $4,999 Ahmed Abdalla Dr. Zuheir Abrahams and Dr. Silvia Chang Irene E. Albinet Lorne Albrecht Dr. Haneef and Yasmin Alibhai Kris Alexander Dr. Shazhan Amed and Salim Popatia Neil and Colleen Andersen Bessie Andrikopoulos Peter Andrikopoulos Dr. K Warren and Susan Anquist Carol and Wayne Anthony Pierre Archambault Chris Archbold James and Marie-Claude Arnott Kimberly Arnott David and Heather Ashley Dianne Assaly Paul and Gurdeesh Aulakh Cavin and Donna Bachert Graeme and Dr. Laura Baker Joanne Bamford Bobo Bao and Guan Wang Victor and Linda Barber Stephen Baron Lee and Debbie Bass Kirk Beardsley Anne Beattie Branko Bejo Stephen and Sharon Bekar Grant Bell Dan and Sue Bennett Jake and Marian Bergen Deborah Berger Hillary Bergshoeff Jessica Biesenthal Carolynn Blair Brian and Rose Blamey Ian and Lauren Bond Tim and Petra Bontkes Rob and Lisa Boone Suzanne Boyd Shane and Stephanie Bozzer Curtis and Lorna Braber Matthew Bradshaw

Ingrid Braeuninger Karen and Jon Brandt Henry and Velma Braun Jonathan Braunstein Chad Brealey Anthony Brigham Iain and Marni Brinton Michael Brittain and Shana Alexander Barbara Broadbent Ellen M. Brown George Brown Mark Brown Mike Bruno James and Ivy Buckley Steven and Teresa Budd Cameron and Sophie Burke Alex Burnell Penny Bush Debbie Butt and Patrick Brady Merv and Lisa Byers Maribeth Callahan Cleve Carleton Stuart and Christie Case Marcus and Lori Chalk Paul and Ellen Challinor Anita Chan Teresa Chan Lekie Chand Debra Chang Icy Chang Jeff and Bettina Charpentier Zhixiang Chen Napoleon Cheng Rob and Kerri Chetner Derrick and Carolyn Cheyne Carol Chia Yvonne Chien David Chisholm Michael and Sarah Chiu Lorna Clamp Peter and Elaine Clayden Richard and Vona Clayton John and Madelein Clerides Ray Clow Darcy Coard Ken and Conny Coers James and Beth Cole Glenn and Julie Collins *DENOTES A MULTI-YEAR GIFT

David and Cindy Combs Troy and Jennifer Cooper Gary and Marilyn Corbett Brian Corcoran Frances Corney Murphy Costello Kenneth Cowie Kathie Cross Lorraine Cunningham Mark and Michelle Cunningham Steve Cunningham Piers and Fei Cunnington Nicholas Curto Christopher and Tracy Dabbs Niki Dal Bello Dr. Amin and Reena Damji Dr. James and Gail Dantow Chantal and Keith Darvell Jill Davidson Lynne Davis Laurel Dawson Marcel De Groot and January Vandale Artex Barn Solutions Tom Decoteau and Jennifer Jamieson Greg and Aubrey Delima Markus Delves Sandy Deman Drew Demerse Ru Ping Deng Dr. Jadvinder and Narbi Dhesi Bruno Di Spirito April and Brad Dickie Matthew and Caroline Dickson Marna Disbrow Eleanor Domingo Emmanuel and Teresa Domingo Wayne and Sam Drier Nelson and Gilda Drozdowich Kelvin Dueck John Duffy Geoff and Sara Duyker James and Farrah Easton J Thomas and Laura Eaton Helen Edwards Craig and Cindy Elliott **DENOTES A 20+ YEAR DONOR

Robert and Marianne Eng Brad Esplin Dr. Pierre and Dianne Faber Robert and Kazue Fairweather James and Lori Falconer Kelly Faraday James Farr Angela Fehr James and Katherine Fenton Arnie and Susan Fine Gordon and Sarah Finlayson James Finley Jan Fisher Bryan Fitzpatrick Michele and Michael Florian John and Erin Folka Isabelle Forget Ken Friesen Ken and Cynthia Friesen David Fugman and Danya Fox John and Priscilla Fuller Dave Gardiner Joanne Gauthier Lauren and Jamie Gehlen Paul Gibbons Bob and Kelly Gibney Ross Gibson George and Monica Giesbrecht David Giles Baljit Gill Robert Gill Satvir and Amaninder Gill Rachel and Tim Goddard Ingrid Goodier Sherelle Goodwin Jeanne Gordon Michael Grant Martha and David Greig Nairn and Bonnie Grundy Dr. Jessica Halparin and David Zigelman Dennis Hampton Irma Hamre Poul and Judith Hansen Peter Harmer Dave and Erika Harriman Shawna and Tedd Harrison Peter and Jessica Hart Ellen and Robert Hayes

Telus Days of Giving at Glen Brae

Telus - 25 years of support for Canuck Place children TELUS gives where they live and that has never been so evident as it is with Canuck Place. TELUS has been a tremendous community partner of Canuck Place since the very beginning, supporting for the past 25 consecutive years. TELUS support has flowed through the corporation, TELUS Foundation, TELUS Community Ambassadors and the TELUS Community Board. Not only have they given financially through capital contributions to both hospices (including the TELUS School Room at Dave Lede House) but also through gala sponsorships as the presenting sponsor, employee giving, cause marketing and matching campaigns. Additionally, TELUS has also been involved through their TELUS Day of Giving, volunteering hours of service over the years at both locations with hundreds of employees contributing in our gardens and around our grounds. We are abundantly grateful for this long standing relationship and proud to acknowledge TELUS as an outstanding corporate partner! 29 / 30

$1,000 - $4,999 cont’d Gurdev Hayre Elspeth Helmcken Ib and Sharyl Henshall Richard Hermann Michael and Kate Hill Jim and Mary Hinds Hideharu Hirose Tao Ho Bob Hole Kevin Holloway Randy and Cathy Holowaychuk Daisy and Brett Hotson Daniel Hou Xiao Xuan Hou Cliff and Lisa Houweling Beau Howes and Genieve Burley-Howes Tom and Claire Huang Sayeeda and Robin Hudani Mary Hungerford** Dr. Peter and Suzy Hupfau Neville and Nousheen McClure Brenden and Alice Hursh Eric Ingle Jun Ishii Kenneth Issel Patti Jackson Scott Jacob David and Tristan Jagger Paul G. Janke Karim Jiwani Andrew and Crystal Johns Ryan Jones Paul Joseph Maria Jotie Patrick and Rupinder Kanda Shafiq and Azmina Karmali Colin and Teresa Karpowich Karim and Rehana Kassam Ahmed Kayssi Margot Keate West Nicole Kelly Teresa Kelly Peter Kempf Birgit and Alf Kiilerich Jean and Dave Killick Dr. Andrew and Jenn Kirker Dave Klakowich

Don Knudsen Robert Kochendorfer Michael and Larissa Konrad Fred and Judy Krahn Reg Krake John Kuch Tammy and Terry Kwok Cornelia and Andre Lacusta Andrew and Karshina Lai Dr. Salim and Robyn Lalani Tony Lam Stanley Lang Max and Linda Latchford Dr. Jonathan Laudadio and Dr. Jody Clark Colin and Shalina Lawrence Dr. Darren and Emily Lazare Ruth and Clifford Leach Mike Leadbeater and Candace Acorn Dr. Dennis Lee and Dr. Cristina Bigg Sheryl Lee Wilson Lee Peter and Teresa Leggat Douglas LePard Michelle Leung Daniel and Jennifer Lewin Dionne Lim Jeffrey Lim Kathleen Lloyd Alice Lo Remco Loevendie Jim Loewen Chris Long Tim Louey Samantha Louie Manyee Lui Wayne Lutz Kaiti and Aaron Luyt Stephanie Ly Adam Ma Dr. Amy Mabie Barry and Anne MacDonald Iain and Michelle MacDonald Marie MacDonald Haley and Pete MacDougall Kathy MacDougall Lyle and Lisa MacDougall


Otter Co-op cheque presentation

Fuel up and feel good with Otter Co-op One day a year, Otter Co-op hosts Fuel Good Day, where they donate 10¢ per litre to select charities. Over the past two years their Fuel Good Day event has raised over $15,000 for Canuck Place care. Otter Co-op has also supported Canuck Place at the Gift of Love gala, the Fairytale & Adventure Breakfast and the Chicken Golf Tournament. “Otter Co-op is grateful to partner with Canuck Place Children’s Hospice. Community is one of the core values for our organization and our team, and we are proud to support care for children and families at Canuck Place. We look forward to growing together in the Fraser Valley, and for many years of support to come.” - Sean Weatherly, Marketing Specialist Peterina MacKay ** Robert and Nancy MacKay Russell MacKay Erin MacWilliam Dr. Jas and Baksho Madahar Michael and Melina Maierle Dr. G.B. J. Mancini Fayaz and Salima Manji

Regina Marklund Dave Marshall Shirley Marshall Fraidie Martz Terry Mason Ian Matheson Anne Mathisen Theresa McCarthy *DENOTES A MULTI-YEAR GIFT

Robert McCarvill Leslie McConnell David McDonald Caleb McEwen Mike and Lesa McGettigan Robert and Brenda McGill Gráinne McGroarty Diana McKay Neal and Amanda McLennan Margaret McNeil Roderick McOwan Travis McPherson Alex Meier and Michelle Meier Max Meyer Trent and Allison Mick Martin Miles and Barbara Miles-Luthy Gary and Barbara Miller Lori Miller Matthew and Stephanie Miller Tanice Miller Kevin Mills Golnaz and Andrew Mindell Robert Mireau Bjorn and Rochelle Moller Scott Morehouse Corey Moreino-Belina Dan Morris Ryan Mowat John and Marianne Mulder Alan Murphy David and Cherry Murphy Jeff and Anjali Murray Leonard and Anne Murray Robin and Wanda Murray Gary Nakhuda and Michelle Gontier Ron Nalewajek Russell and Maureen Nash Mike Naughton Jennifer Neal Stephanie Nelson Christine Newsome Nigel Newsome C M Ng Leon Ng Raymond Ng Samson Ng Doug and Laura Nicholson **DENOTES A 20+ YEAR DONOR

Ryan and Freda Nielsen Aman Nijjar Roy Norman Kevin Obermeyer Hilary and Arthur Oswald The O’Toole Family Ashley Pakula James and Carrie Paleologos Kush Panatch Brett, Anna and Ivy Parker Dr. Edward and Anne Parkinson Baljit and Mady Parmar Sally Parrott Colleen Patrick Ryan Patryluk and Riki Lawson Jon Brett Patterson Peter and Marion Pearce Brian and Brenda Peets Ross and Caron Penhall Murray Penner Vernon and Barbara Pepper Annabel Perry Samuel and Margaret Perry Doris and Chuck Poelman Steven and Chaelee Ponte Anar Popatia Michelle Porter Ronald Potter Dennis and Ellen Powell Wayne Powell Denise and Mark Praill Maurice and Lindsay Prokop David and Isobelle Purdy Pietro and Sabrina Qualizza Andrew and Amelia Que Sandra Quinn Pam Racanello Jean Rae Richard Raymond Kenton and Cheryl Regehr Amy Rempel Carrie Rhodes John and Karley Rice Douglas Richardson Joanne Richardson Kirsten Ridd Gordon Rider Lisa Ridgedale Roslyn Ritchie-Derrien

Open Bible Chapel Foundation supports the healing journey The Open Bible Chapel Foundation renewed their support for the Spiritual Care program at Canuck Place with a gift of $83,794. Spiritual Care is a holistic approach to healthcare which values and affirms spirituality and faith as part of a family’s journey through grief and loss. “We are pleased to honour our Foundation’s values and goals and ensure that spiritual care continues to have a central role at Canuck Place,” says Darren Millard, Open Bible Foundation Board member. Thank you for your continued support, Open Bible Chapel Foundation. Andrew Robertson Joan Robertson Barbara Roche Iris and Richard Rodrigues Bram and Alissa Rogachevsky Owen and Sarah Rowley Lynne Rusko Doug and Sharon Ruttan Salim Salimoff Daren and Elaine Sanders Kiran Sangha Dr. Nelson Savein Gord Schellenberg Herbert and Erna Schmidt Raymond Schmidt Elizabeth SchoutenSchurmann Geoff and Cindy Scott Henrik and Johanna Sedin Joelly Segal and Jory Simkin Mikel Segal Ella Seiffert Linda Seiffert Azadali and Yasmin Shamji

Douglas Shaw Olaf and Phyllis Shellard Richard and Tracey Short Donald and Jane Shumka Zareen and Raj Siddoo Juggy Sihota Ron and Jane Skolrood Susanne Small Babb Bob and Colleen Smart Edward and Mimi Smith Ian Smith Mark and Yvette Smith Mark Smith Richard Smith and Peggy Ng Paul Spitzer Harry Steele Tyler and Juliet Steele Erica Steinke Dr. Allan and Kristen Stockley Brandon Stone Elizabeth Straforelli Joyce Stuart Rachelle Sturrus Larry Sunderland 31 / 32

Matt and Martha Switzer David and Jennifer Tarnowski Carole Taylor Patricia Tewfik Thamara Thompson Len Thomson Christopher Tilbury Glen and Sandra Titerle in memory of George Tough and our grandson Andrew Homeniuk Peter and Lisa Tsiandoulas Anny and David Tso Janet Tumilty Brett Turner Georgia Twiss Debbie Twitchell Kevin and Marilyn Tyfting Elizabeth Van Gameren Ron Van Kampen Stanley and Patricia Van Keulen Wendy Vander Velde Mike and Tina Vanderpol Philip and Jennefer Vanderpol Mary Anne Verrault Niels Vestergaard Caitlin Veuger Alice and Sean Virani Sheldon and Michelle Visser Harry and Barbara Volp Don and Elma Voth Pam Walker Margaret Wall Gordon and Deanna Wallace Michael Walls Shengli Wang Violet Wang Irene and Mike Warner Ed and Sheri Warzel Emma Watkins Phyllis Watson Tim Watson Cynthia Watts Tom and Joanne Webster Dagan Weekes Joanna Welch Deryk Whitehead Jennifer and Chris Wick Leisha and Graeme Wiens

Laura Wik Cameron and Lola Wilson Tiffany Wilson Erin Wiskar Eric and Dana Wittenberg Valerie Woloshyn Clara Wong Damon Wong Jonathan Wong York and Vienia Wong Michael and Rachel Wood Richard and Beverly Wood David and Caitlin Woodward Anna Wright and Alistair Sale Anna Wright Ruth Wright Chizuko Yamanaka Eddie Yen Ai Kang Yi Pamela Yoon Kenneth Young Na Yu Jack and Donna Lee Zaleski Nick Zarafonitis Nan Zhang Shirley Zhou Anonymous (19) MAGNIFICENT MONTHLY DONORS:

3,895 IN-KIND & SERVICES $5,000 - $9,999 Raffi Kouyoumdjian

$1,000 - $4,999 Peter Bentley Stephen Bouwman and Tara MacLean-Bouwman Ronald Cliff Martin and Debra Davis Jennifer Heil Reynaldo and Melanie Hernandez Dr. Simon Jacobson Gail Johnson James and Becky Killam Eugene Kwan


The Gudewill Family

Gudewill Family, Communityminded Philanthropists Geoff and Felicia Gudewill have always believed in giving back. Our partnership began when the doors to Canuck Place opened; their daughter was one of the very first children registered on program. Jennifer lives with a degenerative nervous system disorder and requires the use of a ventilator and wheelchair. Now 29 years old, she lives a full life surrounded by loved ones, writing for her blog and creating art. The Gudewill family’s long standing support of Canuck Place includes individual and corporate gifts Having “graduated” from our program once Jennifer reached adulthood, to Geoff and Felicia as they navigate the adult care system for their daughter.


Simone Lovell Trevor and Kailee McBratney Victor Montagliani Ian Mottershead James and Milena Robertson Vincent Strgar Karen Thatcher Sade Thomasos Nicole Weerdenburg

LEGACY CIRCLE Honours donors committed to a future gift through their will, life insurance, or RRSP/RRIF. Rene Appelmans David Bendell Ronald and Penny Bush Candy Cheung Valerie Cooper Kenneth Cowie Muriel and Frank Daly Bequest Martin and Debra Davis Judith Davis** Ronald P. Dobson Sheila Dogue Bev and Roger Duke The Flagel-Duzita Legacy Endowment Fund, held at Vancouver Foundation Darlene Edvall Helen Edwards Robert Fairweather Inge Fein and Paul Luke in memory of Kirwynn Chloe Fein Luke Don Freayh Bruce Gifford Rob Gurr Janet Hayes Jim and Mary Hinds Edward Hulford Yola Hurwitz Eugene and Marolyn Jow Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Kozier James and Catherine Krock James Lanphier Angela Lee Philip William Lee S. Lou-Hing **DENOTES A 20+ YEAR DONOR

Kathy MacDougall R and M Eynhallow Foundation in memory of son Ronald Angus Porteous MacLeod Margaret McNeil Margaret Monck Elizabeth Morantz C M Ng Nicola Family Foundation Judy Nylander Olivia Panis in loving memory of baby Vincent Emmanuel Panis Myron Papiranski in memory of mother Emilia Hilda Pipke in memory of daughter Ingrid Pipke Victoria and Herbert Rieger Jim Robson Diana Danica Seeley James and Laura Severn in memory of niece Layla Luyt Joyce Stuart in memory of my great niece Sarah Whitney Cheyne Nancy Tardioli The Thames Family Fran Thibodeau John and Gilberte Thompson Colleen Trygg Avi and Julie Tutelman Lynn Vail** Nellie Van der Heyden Adrian Welsh Reginald Wonnenberg and Gail Brassington Deedee Woodward in memory of son Brayden Anonymous (108)

ESTATE Estate of Joan Cecilia Adams Estate of Kenneth Richard Adey Estate of Mary Alice Churchill Estate of Marie Aline Madeleine Cox Estate of Sarah Elias Estate of Bob & Gail Fitzgerald

Prospera Credit Union brings fun to Canuck Place kids Prospera Credit Union has been dedicated to providing exceptional experiences for Canuck Place children for the last five years. “The programs at Canuck Place bring joy, comfort, and stability into the lives of children and their families when they need it most,” said Gavin Toy, President and CEO of Prospera Credit Union. “Taking care of everyone in our community, particularly those who are young and vulnerable, is a responsibility we all share. The Recreation Therapy Program brings play back into the lives of children, and we’re humbled to play a role in helping them create lasting memories with their families.” Thank you for contributing to a full life for our families, Prospera Credit Union! Estate of Margaret Anne Johnstone Estate of John Robert Loveless Estate of Lillian & Reg McConnell Robert McGregor Murray Fund, held at Vancouver Foundation Estate of George Louis Meron Estate of Mary Elizabeth Miller Estate of Marjorie Jeanne Romaniuk Estate of Donald Leslie Stout Estate of Harold Stubbs Estate of Sophia Johanna Maria Anna Uytdehaag Estate of Denise Lynn Bevan Yaremkewich

COMMUNITY PARTNERS & EVENTS Abrial’s Birthday AC Canada Sunshine Foundation Alexis Wilson’s Birthday Allmar’s Fun Bowl Anika Kish’s Birthday Anna Goode’s Fundraiser Annual BC Bakery and Deli Foundation Golf Tournament Annual Jamie Booth Golf Classic Ava Dunning’s Birthday Ava Morabito’s Birthday Army, Navy & Air Force Veterans in Canada - Unit #26 B.C. Chevelle & GM Car Club Balance in Motion Charity Bootcamp 33 / 34

COMMUNITY PARTNERS & EVENTS cont’d Barnet Lions Club BC Hydro Power Pioneers Fraser Valley Branch BC Ranch Cutting Association Bridless Class Competition BCSCA Golf Tournament and Dinner Berry Industries Golf Tournament Bigg Rigg Memorial Big Pete’s Comic Book Day Blueridge Santa Mall Boilermakers Lodge 359 Golf Tournament Bright Orange Music Studio British Columbia Wall & Ceiling Association Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions (Brookfield GIS) Burgoo Bistros’ Brunch Promotion Business in Vancouver Golf Tournament Caitlen Veuger’s Fundraiser Caleb and Daniel’s Fundraiser Canadian Material Handling & Distribution Society Charity Classic Canucks Alumni Association Canadian Youth Education Society Public Speaking Contest Carisbrooke Elementary Centra Cares Foundation Champlain Heights Annex Charles Archambault Memorial Hockey Tournament Chilliwack Lions Club Chinese Alumni Lunar New Year Concert CLS Catering Solutions Coastal Swap Meet Compugen’s Amazing Race Cookie Club Coquitlam River Elementary School CRAFT & Parallel 49 Community Brew Country 107.1 & Star 98.3 Father / Daughter Ball

Dam FUNdraiser in Support of Canuck Place Children’s Hospice Deas Island Dance Centre Ltd. Delta Scottsdale Lions Club Deroche Elementary School Dr George M Weir Elementary School Easel Aid Ltd. Edith Cavell Elementary School Emma Mackie’s Birthday Errington Elementary School Essence of Dance Fundraiser Everyday Dentistry Study Club Facebook Birthday Fundraisers Fairmont Chateau Whistler Trees of Hope Fairmont Vancouver Airport’s Annual Princess Tea Fairytale and Adventure Breakfast FirstService esi e tia and rie s i ay Campaign Fort Langley Elementary Fraternal Order of the Eagles #2726 Gavin Jamal’s Birthday Genworth Golf Tournament Gerard Charlton’s Uberman Fundraiser Godson Elementary Harbour Air Share the Fare Hardy’s Wine Holiday Promotion Harmonies for Hope Concert by Key Club Westside Vancouver Hastings Cheque Cashing Corporation Historic Dewdney Pub Community Nights Homelife Benchmark Realty Charity Golf Classic Hotel BLU Love Campaign Interact Club – Vancouver Centennial group Isaac Smith’s Birthday Isla Ransom’s 9th Birthday Party Jacob’s Birthday Jessica’s son’s 6th Birthday Joe Fortes Father’s Day Brunch Joyce Investments Limited


a s a e hee ers Lions Club Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church Kitsalano Lemonade with Parker and Zozo Kupecz Kuang Chun Chen’s Birthday Kurt’s Birthday Brunch Fundraiser LaFarge Canada Inc. Lahoo Lions Club Richmond Leah Walton’s son’s 8th Birthday Lord Kitchener Elementary Louis Ntapas’ Bake Sale M & P Mercury Sea Ray Mackenzie’s 4th Birthday Mahri Goode’s Fundraiser Maple Ridge Skating Club Matias Fisher’s Birthday Morgan Elementary School Mount Cheam Lions Club Multiple District 19-H Lions - Shave the Mane Project Napa Auto Parts Golf Tournament Nathan’s 1st Birthday Niamh Cinnamond’s Birthday Nigel & Janice Beaney North Delta Lions Club North Shore Girls Soccer Club Parker and Alro Webbe’s Birthday Pat Quinn Tribute Series Wine Promotion Pitt Meadows Lions Club Point Roberts Volunteer Firefighters Charitable Society Golf Tournament Pyrrha Talisman Necklace Sale Queen of All Saints Queen’s Park Neighbourhood Giganitc Garage Sale by RE/MAX Advantage Realty Rachel Wei benefit concert Radius Logistics Rayna Dhaliwal’s Birthday RE/MAX Sabre Realty Golf Tournament Rebeka Doyle’s Birthday Richard McBride Elementary School Ron Dunkley Memorial Society Royal Canadian Legion Branch #83 Ladies Auxiliary Royal Canadian Legion Branch

Royal LePage Sterling Realty RT Agencies Inc. RVDABC Golf Tournament Sahara Sisters Gala Sagittarius Archers Shoot for the Kids Sagittarius Archers Turkey Shoot Sandy Hill Elementary Saxbee Insurance Agencies Summer BBQ Second Street Community School Selena Chand’s Birthday Seth Ricard’s 10th Birthday Seymour Village Golf Tournament Sniperz Paintball Aaron Wilgosh Memorial Big Game SoleSavy Shoe Auction Soriyah Sandhu’s Birthday Stong’s Market Round Up Campaign SweetLegs - Theo’s Legacy Print Taran Dhaliwal’s Birthday Taves Family Farm Adult Easter Egg Hut Tomsett Elementary School Tucker’s Restaurant Ltd. UBC Kappa Alpha Theta Vancity Dance Club Vancouver Talmud Torah Elementary Vedder Elementary School Wendy Fleet’s 65th Birthday William Cook Elementary School WMABC (Waste Management Association of BC) Yale Secondary School - Calculated Acts of Kindness Yazmin Karimjee YVR For Kids’ Annual Golf Tournament and Gala Violet Pavlakis Society Zofia Di Pietro’s Birthday




Board, Foundation, FAC members CANUCK PLACE HOSPICE SOCIETY BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mark Myles (Chair) Peter Glowacki (Vice Chair) Gavin Toy Anar Popatia (Vice Chair) Michael Cinnamond (Treasurer) Catherine Osler (Secretary) Ken Voth Dr. Steve Kline Gillian Treschow Fayaz Manji John DeLucchi Suzanne Steenburgh Markus Delves Teresa Budd Dr. Douglas Cochrane

CANUCK PLACE HOSPICE FOUNDATION Mark Myles (Chair) Gavin Toy Peter Glowacki Anar Popatia Mike Cinnamond Catherine Osler

FAMILY ADVISORY COUNCIL Angela Uncles Barbra Mohan Alysone Martel Micheala Evanow Meagan Colenutt Shawna-Marie Phillips Teresa Domingo Gillian Treschow Deedee Woodward Seeta Prasad

Kerena Letcher with her son, Heston

35 / 36

Volunteers - celebrating 25 years of volunteering 25 YEAR VOLUNTEERS Roy Hedberg – 266 h rs contributed – Computer Tech Volunteer* Cora Boecker – 165 h rs contributed – Family & Special Events Volunteer, Volunteer Leadership Team* Ruth Akune – 190 h rs contributed – Family Volunteer & Special Events Volunteer* Barry Rector – Family Volunteer & Special Events Volunteer* Merle Rector – – Family Volunteer & Special Events Volunteer* Barbara Sutherland – 444 h rs contributed – Reception Volunteer* *

This year volunteers gave their hearts and effort:

23,528 HOURS OF LOVE & SUPPORT PROVIDED by CPCH volunteers equal to hiring 12 full-time staff!

400 CPCH VOLUNTEERS with full hearts and helpful hands



CPCH VOLUNTEERS AT DAVE LEDE HOUSE logging more than 6,200 hours combined

VOLUNTEERS work every single week across both hospices

INCREDIBLE VOLUNTEERS forever in our hearts




Garden & Special Events

Special Events

Kitchen & Special Events


42 0 HOURS




“Canuck Place is a truly terrible place to need, but what an absolute gift it was to go there.” Katie Jameson with her children Kenzie, Woodsy, Wally, and Lochlan

- Katie Jameson 37 / 38

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