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T.N.S. CORE # 4 SEVENTH GRADE 2011-2012

PAGE . 2ADDITIVE INVERSE PROPERTY Page 5.distubutive property Page 8. Commutative property of addition PAGE 11. ASSOCIATIVE OF MULTIPLACTION

Page 3. Multiplicative property of zero Page 6. additive identity property Page 9. Commutative property of multiplication

Page 4.Multiplicative identity property

Page 7. Distributive property PAGE 10. ASSOCIATIVE PROPERTY OF ADDITION

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Wrong example D+n=0 -3 + -7 =0

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Right example

-65+ 65=0

-t + t =0

The property of zero states that the produce of any real number is zero

Multiplicative property of zero

Any real number multiply by zero is always zero

(0 = 0


Right way to do it

Wrong way to do it

200(0)= 0 200 (1)= 0 B (z)= 0 B(0)= 0 Page 3

Multiplicative Identity property

Any number times one is that number

90x1= 90

x1= Right way

90 x 1 =90 Page 4

n x1=1

Multiplicative Identity property states that the product of any real number and one is equal to the given real number

Wrong way

90 x 1 = 1 t x1=1

ď Š Distributive property ď Š You destitute the number in of the parentheses to the number out side of the parentheses

ď ˝

8(3+8) 8(3)



N(k+u) N(k)+N (u)

(8+6) (3)+ Page 5

the distributive property state that the product of a number and the sum ( or difference ) of two other numbers equal the sum of the product of the number and the other number


Additive identity property

The additive identity property states that the sum of any real number and zero is equal to the given number


Right way

7+0=7 K+0=k

wrong way

7+0=0 n+2=2 page 6

The multiplicative inverse states the product number and its multiplicative inverse always equal;


When you multiply by one and get the number you multiply with

Commutative property of addition

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