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Algebraic Property Magazine Seventh grade 2011- 2012 R.B Core 1

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Additive Inverse Property

The sum of a number and its additive inverse always equals Zero!

If you add opposites you’ll always Subtraction get a Zero!

will not work. Hint the name!



The Additive Inverse Property states that the sum of any number and its Additive inverse always equal zero.


Mu ltip licativ e Pro p e rty o f Ze ro If you multiply any number by zero you will all ways get zero!


The Multiplicative Property of Zero states that the product of any real number and zero is zero

You will all ways get a 0 3

Multiplicative Identity Property Any number multiplied by 1 keeps its Identity!

x 1=

Your answer is all ways the same as the bigger number



Distributive Property The product of any number and the sum of the two other number equals a sum of that product and each numbers.




The distributive property states that the product of any number and the sum of two other numbers equals the sum of the product of the number and each other number





Additive Identity Property

You Add a number by 0 and all ways get the same as you started with!


= You can’t subtract!


Multiplicative Inverse Property The Multiplicative Inverse Property states that the product of a number and its multiplicative inverse ( or reciprocal) always equals 1 a b - X -=1 b a

You multiply by the reciprocal of the number.

5 X 1/5 = 1


=1 7

Commutative Property of PropertyAddition of Addition The Commutative

states that changing the order of the addends does not change the sum.

r+b=b+r Is you change the order of the numbers it( rnb ) + ( abc ) = ( abc ) ( rnb ) doesn’t change the answer to the problem!





Commutative Property of Multiplication The Commutative Property of Multiplication states that the changing the order of the fractions does not change the product.

You can’t Divide! That is you flip the numbers of multiplication around you get the same answer.



ab X cd = cd X ab 6+ 5 X 3 = 6+3X5



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