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Doctors told him he could never eat dairy products again...they were wrong! As a young boy, Andrew Ritter couldn’t digest even a teaspoon of milk without terrible pain, and doctors gave him no hope of a normal life. Working for years with researchers and doctors, he developed a breakthrough program that painlessly allowed him to consume dairy products again. Thanks to his life’s dedication to the often debilitating condition of Lactose Intolerance there is finally a “clinically proven” solution for millions of people who are unable to eat the foods they love because it hurts so much.


hose 70 million people who have avoided milk, cheese, ice cream, pizza and other dairy products for years can now celebrate. A new over-the-counter solution has recently been developed that reconditions the digestive system so that dairy can be eaten anytime, without embarrassing symptoms. Tired of avoiding the dairy foods you love because they hurt your stomach so badly? Lactagen® is a one time, 38-day program that includes a water-soluble powder, which is a proprietary blend of natural minerals and sugars that is taken with meals. Lactagen® helps the body recondition itself to digest dairy products without the painful and embarrassing symptoms of gas, bloating, diarrhea and cramps. By completing Lactagen’s easyto-follow program, a lactose intolerant sufferer can consume dairy without fear of these embarrassing symptoms.

intolerance sufferers. Lactagen®, on the other hand, is a one-time program that retrains your body to digest dairy. After the 38-day program is completed, fear of embarrasing symptoms of lactose intolerance will be a thing of the past. You will have the freedom to have dairy once again without fear of getting sick.

Why Does Lactose Intolerance Occur? In a normal digestive system, the sugar in dairy, called lactose, is broken down in the small intestine. The broken down lactose then goes to the large intestine where micro-flora (good bacteria) digest the broken down lactose

How Lactagen™ Works Stomach

Sm. Intestine Lg. Intestine

1ST Lactagen® goes to work to soothe the irritation and inflammation in the intestines. 2ND Lactagen® gradually reconditions the body by specifically training the micro-flora to better handle breaking down the undigested lactose (dairy).

Other Expensive “Pill Popping” Solutions Just Don’t Work

3RD The Lactagen® Program re-introduces dairy into the diet comfortably & painlessly so that the microflora has the ability to consistently break down the dairy products on its own, naturally and painlessly.

Other lactose intolerant treatments only temporarily ease the pain and discomfort associated with the condition, and must be taken each time one consumes dairy. These products neither address the root of the problem or offer a long-term solution for lactose

and turn it into nutrition and fuel for the body. However, when you’re lactose intolerant, your body can’t break down the lactose. When the unprocessed lactose reaches the large intestine, it creates irritation, inflamtion, gas, diarrhea and cramps.

Leading Doctors and Researchers are Convinced The results from a recent clinical trial confirmed that Lactagen acts to promote the growth of micro flora, which metabolizes the lactose so that it can be easily absorbed into the digestive system. Further follow-up showed that Lactagen™ not only alleviates symptoms, but allows consistent adaptation and digestion of dairy long after completing the Lactagen™ program. Lactagen simply allows dairy to be incorporated back into the diet. —Chris Landon M.D., Ventura, CA I have been lactose intolerant for more than 15 years. In the past, taking my lactose intolerance pill prior to eating usually prompted an extensive discussion that was a source of personal embarrassment to me. Thanks to Lactagen™, I can now take dairy head on. I offer my deepest esteem and gratitude for the research, perseverance and formulation of such a needful product. —Joyce H. Poag, M.D., Suwanee, GA I have suffered from very severe lactose intolerance for nearly six years. The scientific premise behind Lactagen™ made sense to me, so I ordered it and went through the 38-day program. I was extremely nervous the first morning I had to drink a glass of milk. I was just waiting for the pain to come, but, to my pleasant surprise, it never came. A week later I tried ice cream again...and again...and again! —David M. Misita, M.D., Stamford, CT

Andrew Ritter’s breakthrough research has allowed thousands of people to eat the foods they love again...and those same skeptical doctors now recommend his Lactagen Program!

Clinically Proven Results... 38 Days to Freedom! It took over 10 years and thousands of hours of painstaking research and development, trial and error, and hundreds of tests to develop the Lactagen® Program. It was tried first with individuals and then with groups, all under medical supervision, before it was ever offered to the public. Since then, thousands have successfully completed the Lactagen® Program without any side effects.

Enjoy Dairy Again...Finally An Answer! Mr. Ritter’s breakthrough solution to lactose intolerance has already helped thousands of people. It is now available to the general public through a risk free consultation with our trained associates. When you call at no obligation you will receive a “free” booklet and a personal consultation. There is no need to suffer the pain and discomfort of gas, diarreh and cramps when you want to enjoy a slice of pizza and a scoop of ice cream. Like thousands of others call our consultants to see if you can benefit from the breakthrough Lactagen® Program.

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