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Reminiscences, prose, poetry and images, on page 13 of Calé Alencar. And of course, can not miss the Fulô Lazio. Fernando Neri and his hasty chronicle suburban. Fortress is a Brazilian city, capital of Ceara state. It belongs to the meso and the Fortaleza Metropolitan microregion of Fortaleza. The city has developed on the banks of the creek Pajeú northeast of the country, 2285 km from Brasilia. Its toponymy is an allusion to Schoonenborch Fort, built by the Dutch during his second stay in place between 1649 and 1654. The city’s motto (present in his coat) is the Latin word “Fortitudine” which in Portuguese means “strength, valor, courage.” It is located along the Atlantic coast, with 34 km of beaches, at an average altitude of 21 meters, and is the center of a city of 313.8 km ² and 2,447,409 inhabitants, the capital’s most densely populated country, with 8001 inhabitants / km ². It is the most populous city in Ceará, Brazil’s fifth and 91 th most populous in the world. The Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza has 3,655,259 inhabitants, being the sixth most populous in Brazil and second in the Northeast. In a recent study by the IBGE, Fortaleza appears as the third largest metropolis in urban population in Brazil. Fortaleza, and the 15th largest municipal GDP of the nation and second in the Northeast, with 28.3 billion reais, is an important industrial and

Culture Points this month is the point of the House of Comedy Cearense. Let us know a little of the book “Fragments, “ the musician, writer and teacher Carlinhos Perdigão. Henry Beltran returns in this issue and presents us with a beautiful poem, which leads us to ponder as well. We still have subversive filmmaker: Robério Araújo. And Audifax Rios, who remembers our Sea Dragon, after all our history is important. Still on our cultural identity, Pricila Elida outlines the Maracatu and its elements. Happy reading!

commercial center of Brazil, the seventh largest purchasing power in the country. In tourism, the city reached the mark of most popular destination in Brazil in 2004, with attractions such as micareta Streng in late July and the largest water park in Brazil, Beach Park. In 2010 was the capital of the Northeast most requested by domestic travelers, according to a study of Deals. Nationwide, the capital of Ceará occupied the fourth place, behind Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Brasilia. It is the headquarters of the Bank of the Northeast, the Northeast Railway Company and DNOCS. In 1996 the city joined the Common Market of Cities. Its airport is the Pinto Martins International Airport. BR-116, the largest in the country, starting in Fortaleza. Called Blonde bride of the Sun, the verses of the poet Paul Ney, the city is the birthplace of writers José de Alencar and Rachel de Queiroz, the humorist Tom Cavalcante and former President Castello Branco. The Centro Dragão do Mar Art and Culture (CDMAC) is currently the main cultural area of ??Fortaleza, with museums, theaters, cinemas, libraries and planetarium. It is the capital of Brazil closest to Europe, with the 5,608 km from Lisbon, Portugal. It is also one of 12 venues of the FIFA World Cup 2014.


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EDITORI FORTALEZA as it was born...

The waters of March have passed and here we are again with the third edition of 2011. How time flies! Brought to you, dear reader, a chronicle in which Nilze Costa e Silva talks about our beloved Metal Bridge or Bridge of the Englishmen, as you want. Let us know the history of cat Taffarel one day took the rest of Parahyba Kid. This tells us who is our spirited Augusto Moita.




HEALTHY FRIENDSHIP, BLACK BENCH - Sponsorship of Joseph came to the

green wild seas by encouraging the poet Paula Nei and was warmly received by members of the Liberation Society “and” Club of the Freedmen. “Covered in roses was kissed by a slave, and earned the nickname Black Marshal. In response to Ceará named the “Land of Light. “ Here she met Chico’s Matilde who asked, “So mate, even if the port is blocked?”. Answer: “No force in this world that do reopen. “ Sponsorship was the son of a greengrocer black with the vicar of the parish of Fields, Father John Carlos Monteiro. Graduated in Pharmacy was one of the great journalists who fought for the cause of abolishing slavery in Brazil. Paula Nei was a journalist who did not complete medical school. Almost everything he wrote was lost in the anonymity of the reports. He died almost destitute. Immortalized with the poem “Fortress “. THOMAS, ELVIRA, AND OTHER ABOLITIONISTS CARLOTA - Dona Joaquina

Frances, wife of Chico da Matilde, director of the Company Cearense Liberator, participated actively in the women’s wing next to Mary Thomas, Elvira Pine, NC Charlotte (wife of John Lamb), Jacinta Augusta , Liduina (wife of Pedro Borges), Eugenia Correia Amaral, Virginia Salgado and Stephanie Mello. Maria Tomasia Sobralense was the daughter of Joseph and Sherry Linhares Ana Figueira de Mello. It became known as “The Liberator” or “The Abolitionist. “ Elvira was born in Pine Maranguape, a schoolteacher, was just 22 when he joined the Society. Charlotte Lamb was the daughter of Jose Lorenzo de Castro and got rid of all the jewels of the campaign in favor of freedom of the slaves. All this was told by Ceara Edmar Morel in his book “Whirlwind of Freedom, “ whose first edition was called “Sea Dragon, the abolition of the fisherman. “ FEARLESS CABOCLO NORTH - John Lamb was Santana’s Acaraú Ceará (1842/

1931). Abolitionist and Republican, was a senator, a friend of Floriano Peixoto, who called him “my caboclinho the north. “ One Sunday (January 31, 1881), at a meeting of the Society Cearense Liberator, has prepared a dark room in the center put a table covered with a black cloth. Suddenly, a dagger vest bag, spikes it on the table and yells, “I demand of each of us an oath on this knife, to kill or die, if necessary, for the good of the abolition of slavery ... Who can not you dare leave while you can. “After a moment crestfallen, reflective, looks up and realizes that eleven of the liberators were gone. Then the brave abolitionist dictated what would be the synthesis of the status of the Society: “One for all and all for one. The Company will free the slaves by all means at its disposal. “ ALL RACE - The first meetings of the “Perseverance and Hereafter” held at the

residence of Joseph Amaral, in Formosa Street, dubbed “Black Cave” or “Castle of the Black Stone. “ Part of, besides the host, John Lamb, Frederick Bennett, Antonio Menezes, Miguel A. S. Portugal, Justin Francis Xavier Jatahy Silva, Eugenio Costa and Caetano Marçal. The Company retained the newspaper Liberation Cearense “The Liberator”which had as editors Menezes and José Teles Morocco. Collaborated Frederick Bennett, Justiniano de Serpa, Martin Rodriguez, Afonso Afonso, Abel Garcia and John Lopez. John founded the newspaper Brigido Unit, said an advocate of freedom of the slaves and fought the Liberation Society. Clerks founded the Abolitionist Caixeiral Club, Junior forward Antonio Papi, Olimpio Barreto, Francisco Carneiro Monteiro and Theofilo Francisco. Included in the Military Club Abolitionist Pedro Augusto Borges, Manoel Bezerra de Albuquerque, Father John Leite de Oliveira, Alfredo Weyne and Henry Theberge. Liberating The Student was commanded by Manoel de Oliveira Paiva, Galdino Castro e Silva, José A. G. Angelim, Solon Pinheiro, José da Cunha Fontenele Francisco and Francisco Ramos. 05

| Point to Point

The Point of Comedy


By: Joanice Sampaio

One of the most active theater groups and traditional of Ceará, Ceará Comedy, also broadens its range of cultural activities with the Culture Point House of Comedy Cearense.

The theater group Cearense Comedy was created in 1957 by initiative of artists Haroldo Serra, Glico Sales, Palm Guimaraes and other amateur actors. Since then, he continues working and dignified way of representing the culture of the state of Ceara. The group has performed more than 80 mounts, and was awarded participated in events throughout Brazil and abroad.

to participate in the best age drama classes and computer,” he adds. Student in Theater for a year and a half the computer science student Ronaldo Lopes said she’d always wanted to do theater and dance. “The point has taught me a lot. The discipline makes me engage with the culture, have good social life. It is a great pleasure, here it is (sic).

With the group, came to the House of Comedy Cearense, a space that offers free courses and workshops for children, youth and adults. It has a library, video library, dance hall and music room, computer, film club, theater and garden room that holds part of the collection of costume designer Flavio Phebo Ceará. Two employees are responsible for maintenance.

Ronaldo has been presented in two parts assembled by point - the Opera and The Trickster Capeta Caruaru and prepare to live a number of soldiers in The Passion of the Christ. “This is very gratifying to me. It opens the doors. If you can dedicate even grow professionally, “he adds.

The first, which would only be a space to allocate material, costumes and rehearsal space, also gave way to teach theater and teaching experience in the actor and playwright Harold Serra, Serra Hiroldo of his son and his wife, and actress, Hiramisa Serra. The House of Comedy, as well as many call it, is a cultural resources maintained by the Sierra family in partnership with the Centro Cultural Banco do Nordeste, they offer a free introductory course theatrical. Located in the neighborhood Rodolfo Teófilo, in 2008 the House of Comedy Cearense won the title Point of Culture of the Federal Government and received five computers, camcorder, camera, data-show, microsystem and a home theater. In September 2009, began the activities of the Culture, offering courses in dance, choir, drama, hip-hop, computers, art circus. The photography and audiovisual courses due to the unavailability of instructors were suspended. Currently offer course in ballroom dancing. According to the director of the House, the actress Serra Hiramisa Ceará, the activities are open to a diverse audience. “There are persons 06

A good example is the boy Lucas Cavalcante, 11 years. Participant’s Point of Culture since the beginning of activities, Lucas was nominated by Sierra Hiroldo to participate in the trial that a boy would choose to live comedian Renato Aragão Ceará child in special Didi 50, the Globo network, aired in December 2010. And is not that Lucas gave life to the then little sad sack! Ex-student of audiovisual and resident Rodolfo Teófilo, Nito Bates said: “Point of Culture is an opportunity for those who can not afford to pay for a course in the area. “ Want to live where it was discovered the art of filmmaking and currently participates in shows mounted by Point and as enlightening as an actor in plays staged by Comedy Cearense.

> SERVICE: HOUSE OF COMEDY CEARENSE Street: Major Pedro Sampaio, No. 1190 Neighborhood: Rodolfo Teófilo / Fortaleza - Ceará - Brazil


/ / DAY OF MARACATU MARACATU is a cultural expression originating in the coronations of Kings of Congo from Africa organized by the Brotherhood of Our Lady of the Rosary of Black Men in Portugal, after a first contact with the image of St. Dominic Church in Lisbon in mid-fifteenth century. According to historians, “as soon as the king came with his court, went to Mass, which was sung, with peals of bells and firecrackers ... finished the Mass, the procession went to the real city outside the palace until, in passing the rest of the day eating, drinking, dancing, partying in the few hours of freedom every year granted him the landlords.” Brought to Brazil with the consent of the Church and of their masters, came to our city Fortaleza around the twentieth century by Raymond Mouth Open, founder of Maracatu Az Gold and greatest singer of loa which is no news.

KING AND QUEEN - MARACATU VOICES OF AFRICA THE PARADE represents a cut of Maracatu. Leading the procession is the flagship announcing her presence. Among the participating characters are the king, the queen - who is the principal and a reference to N’Bandi Rainha Ginga, Angola’s sovereign - the prince, princess, comes following the bridesmaids, footmen, maids and others. A reference to black CALUNGA is a religious myth, also called the doll. It is carried by the black going to the front of the black cord. Doll is also a past generation and future seed. At other times came to be used in the standard mast. THE FACE PAINT is the tradition of Ceará. The origin of Pernambuco Maracatus did not paint because they were black.

THE INDIANS represent the indigenous people of Brazil, features wear clothes with their headdresses and a penalty flag.

THE DAY OF MARACATU has to be celebrated on March 25, the date of release of the captives in the town of Redemption.

BANNER - A piece made of satin or velvet, lace or fringe is at the bottom and brings painted or embroidered in the center. Brand Step and announces the presence of Maracatu. LANTERNS, LAMPS, representing the light and fire in the cortege route. Led by guides to illuminate the path.

SOURCE: Shut Alencar: Origin and Evolution of Maracatu Ceara, 2008 | MARACATUS: Voices of Africa and Solar

Fotoclube Foto&Companhia: Fco. Elian Duarte | Josy Fernandes Cecília Montenegro | Élida Pricila Brasil


THE NIGHT IS YOUNG a hasty chronic (sub) urban! By: Fernando Neri | Composer

Let’s stop doing that lemon lemonade! We are just steps from the unpredictable-able. The explicit insistence of grace and cunning violence seems not to reveal the real-ness that the news-spectacleLariza river police every day. They are so alike in all corners of the world and invariably the best minds seem to be against the content of their heads-ditório unthinking that we ultimately fail to see the dangerous side of pleasure without appointment, without len ??satin-thing, without Preliminary subtle intellectual and preambles. We engage in this kind of fascination with the marginal side that opens to all experiences and gets carried away and takes us by storm in the desires. The speed with which we feast gives us a false superiority that engenders emotion without reason that the license is certainly not the best advice in these moments when the instincts flaunt their needs. And there we go by attics of the night to prepare our bed to the sound of cheesy forrós and electronics, to engage in conversations about unrelated women soccer fags sapatões shots stabs family feuds fights neighbors ... the staff of a police program type Route 22, one nine zero heavy toll among the reflections of light and shade screen where the dancers show that the song that people like “is very well endowed with anything musical attributes.


The cigarette smoke environment that gives the atmosphere of dry ice from the periphery and the tables crowded lead us to a mug of the fifth category. Enter the bathroom is an experience of resurrection based on ammonia concentration is high. Mijos The yellow of the bathroom refers to the yellow cups with American brewers on the tables-ja-white plastic, measures entrusted: comes out on top and low due to the diuresis catalyzed by ethanol increasingly weighing on the head! And when everything looks like it will end right there, the early hour and pocket almost asking truce, behold, the ailing libido decides to give the air of grace and drag to any place where anything is possible. Somewhat more wobbly, escoramo us in each other and we hugged gaze at the stars that pass fast by road we have to go through. And then he later under an almost cloudless sky and a grass bed on the banks of the urban stream, emptied the weight of our desires is almost overflowing. It is as if the world did not exist around us and indecent assault were the fucking wing, the son of a bitch! Everything is so fast and intense and well tanned and end! Take that! Okay? Cool! Thanks! Bye! The worlds separate. A night of adventure. Or happiness. Or misadventure. Only then will know!

Fernando Neri is a poet and composer born in Fortaleza. Poems published in anthologies and texts and newspapers from Fortaleza. Music recorded on disks and CDs as interpreters Pingo Fortaleza, Calé Alencar, Joao Claudio Moreno and Marcus Caffé. Currently the group includes literary and musical poems violated. Fernando Neri /

Things you Tale... - But can not the cat will die and blah blah blah ...

By: Augusto Moita | Composer

Noting that the hangover “Para” was adamant about the urgency to rescue, D. Beth leaves to try the process of conviction and begins to use the dreaded method of nuisance, unfailing in her husband completely intoxicated by alcohol. - He will die. The blame will be yours. You will lead the rest of my life back this murder. Its inhumane. Terminator. This crime is worse than squander the public patrimony. And so on. The hero rises from the bed, no longer endure the endless torture, thinking of how to resolve that delicate issue. At that time, dear readers, our mavioso singer, now transformed into a cat rescuer poisoned, undergoing a situation economically a little uncomfortable (but nothing so serious that a good two weeks of hospitalization in the vault of the central bank would not resolve) and I knew that the contract would require some financial cost. How do if he had in his pocket a total lack of cash? - Okay, I will. But you can help me to pay.


Took the car and went looking for a veterinary clinic that meets 24 hours. However, the Praia do Futuro go there and just have the sea here, only suburbs. And you know, everything is noble noble quarter, up prices.

The tireless cultural activist Parahyba, which currently conducts a magnificent social work with disadvantaged youth, was, in days of yore in his youth one of the largest beauty-mad that Fortress of Our Lady of the Assumption ever owned. And one of the hallmarks of being stoned was the total lack of responsibility with whatever it was. Confundíamos once irresponsibility with freedom.

One thinks. Very beautiful, well decorated, a neon blinking emergency rooms day and night. Granfino thing. Rings the doorbell, wait a while and meets a beautiful young woman. She asks for a moment and turn all attired in veterinary medicine. Our savior is unfortunate cold just thinking about how much it would cost all that promptness of care.

Morava our winning music festival in the bucolic neighborhood of the lighthouse, which today, biased, is called Serviluz. He was adorable as neighbors, as well as cabaret Bia, the most unforgettable Bohemian Claudio Pereira, Pereirão. Also, wall and half, it skirted the northeastern culture researcher Jose Romulo.

The doctor takes Taffarel gently with gloved hands as well and comfortably immobilized in a stretcher suitable for convalescing cats. With the stethoscope around her neck, a symbol of the newly trained physicians, is proud to hear the patient.

Unfortunately it was not only good neighbors and nocturnal visitors to the area that exists there that the neighborhood was visited. Due to the proximity to the pier, there was an unbearable plague of rats, which led our poet, following the advice of a friend with a passion for pussies, to adopt a kitten playful and very smart. As the little boy used to play grabbing paper balls in the air - and being the World Cup season, and the Brazil goalkeeper Taffarel call themselves - was found fit to give you the name of the archer above. Taffarel has grown to be relatively got the job done, was elevated to a position of prominence within the home. This fact led our disgraced son of the hinterlands of Inhamuns feel often relegated to the background by his heroic consort. Felt between jealous and envious, that his boss was more concerned with the health of that sleeper than his. Early one morning, he was unconscious due to a Homeric drunk rum and guitar, his devoted Beth revived by telling you scared Taffarel was dying. - It’s time to die? This guy serves not to die. I give him a milk and dawn when we take to the vet.

It was revolting to see that guy saved from begging and be adopted as a child now a staunch ally of the person you would suck the last meager exchanged. And that look of disdain for their owners and for collusion with the doctor? - What food does he eat? - How so? Responds by asking the neophyte nutritionist. - Yes, it is a. .., and went on to quote the doctor a lot of diets that ended with the naming gold, plus, light, fish, imported only expensive thing. - No, doctor, even normal food he eats. - But at least you boil the meat before you give him? Parahyba seeing what was turning into a situation that would leave you in trouble and, in an attempt to show that costly doctor that he was not part of the nobility of the neighborhood, was emphatic: - Doctor, I’ll be frank with you. This cat went home to hunt down the rats. Now, if I catch mice one by one, cook and give him, he loses his job. So you better stay the way it is. 09

MOVIES WITH IDEOLOGY The political cinema Costa-Gravas With the proximity of another holiday, many isolate themselves in beach homes, ranch, mountain, and this is a special time to reflect and return to the past very close and pearl diving into a controversial and important film maker. Prepare popcorn and soak in the universe and real hard to master. The French nationalized Kostantinos Greek filmmaker Costa-Gavras made masterpieces, which today are a little neglected by the public. But even in a year without elections, it’s always good to see classics such as Z, State of Siege and Missing. Clearly movies left. These three portray a time not so far away, where dictatorships prevailed without mercy, especially in Latin America. Let us start with Z, based on the novel by Nikos Kazantzakis, the same author of Zorba the Greek, Italian and played by Yves Montand, but many people find to be French - after all, he became a symbol of francophone still small after moving to France. ZGavras portrays the cruel Greek dictatorship in the 1960s (when reading today about the Hellenistic beautiful country, one is hard to believe that the Greeks have gone through a dictatorship) and the struggle for a liberal group to find out who killed a Mr (Montand) opposition. Already Disappeared, is closer to the Brazilians. 1982, shows a father, Jack Lemmon, trying to find her son, arrested days after Pinochet’s coup, which overthrew the socialist government of Salvador Allende in Chile. Not even the U.S. citizenship of “disappeared”, John Shea, saves him from death in the National Stadium of Santiago, on the edge of the Andes. And worse, the discovery that the U.S. government - read CIA - supported the coup. If you watch Zuzu Angel, you will see many similarities in both films. With masterful performances from Sissy Spacek and Jack Lemmon, Missing is another film depicting the military years in this beautiful South American country (about the Pinochet dictatorship still recommend, and Rain Over Santiago Machuca). Finally, I stopped to talk about the siege. Little known today, the film shows the worst moments of the dictatorship in Uruguay, as violent as ours, and organized by the U.S. in the 1970s. Speak of the guerrilla Tupamaros and as military crackdown. Very similar to what happened in Brazil. Bay: Robério Araújo | Film-Maker


BOMJA FESTIVAL ROCKS! 16 bands, different cities, the same passion! Programming at the Cultural Center Bom Jardim partnership with the seal of this institution PANELA DISCOS!

RELEASES PANELA DISCOS! The punk band is the SAME OLD SHIT band of the montc of April Seal PANELA DISCOS!

The SAME OLD SHIT cearense a band of punk rock bubblegum born in February 2010 from a conversation between friends about the nostalgia of the times we play Rock n ‘Roll was really just having fun. Without any pretension increased, the band was starting a very intense process of composition, which had already experienced musicians from the rock scene of Fortaleza, and when least expected were already rehearsing their copyright music that portray all that spirit of teenage rebellion so common during the 60 and 70 years. Songs that talk about being yourself, do what you like about that special girl or just about rock and roll, entertainment and cold beer. It was in this spirit that the band recorded their first EP titled “Bad Intentions”, which depicts this whole bubblegum songs like “Saturday Night”, “A Jeans Ripped and an All Star, “ “Lisa” and bad intentions! ! Now the band released two singles, recorded at Studio Pan Records, they are: “Memento alcohol “and “Joey. “ Check out the new work guys, as well as exclusive interview and four songs recorded live to our PODCAST PAN WASHERS on our site: DIRECT CONTACT WITH THE BAND:


The project BOMJA ROCKS, partnership of producer and record label with the PAN WASHERS Bom Jardim Cultural Center was born from the need of the growing number of music lovers independent within the Greater Good Garden. Demand to have a program geared exclusively to rock music and its variations. The partnership is the fruit of the union’s largest music label Ceará, whose ownership is in wide production of shows and bands, the latter coming in their entirety in the outskirts of Fortaleza (as well as neighboring counties) and the credibility of the already acclaimed CCBJ Within his musical project SOUNDS AND TONES.

Day 02 16h: ZENOIS - 17h: AGONY - 18h: ESTADO ANESTESIA - 19h: ANONIMATO (PB) -

Day 16 16h- ATIKA - 17h: BABY LIZZ - 18h: INSIDE (PI) - 19h: EUTANÁZIA (TAUÁ) -

Day 09 16h: SO SO - 17h: OS MALDITOS ROCK BAND - 18h: SÍNTESE - 19h: INFLAME -








By: Nilze Costa e Silva - Writer.

Metal Bridge I assure you, the beloved city, the Metal Bridge is not going anywhere. It does not cross rivers, not turn anything to anything. Or turn. It is a path that stretches into the middle of the sea and allowed to stay until the going down of the sun. The Metal Bridge is an unfinished poem, full of vices and easy rhymes of language, indecipherable in-between. One day they thought she would fall and repaired its tentacles, it all beautified with earrings and ornaments, feathers and sequins. Who invented that crazy bridge! They gave him glare for the tourist to see what I could not see. Killed on the bridge that sweet voluptuousness of the evenings, the sweet sensations of looks, caresses almost invisible. I cling to the simple picture of the old bridge because, like her, I refuse to die completely and will never give up the temptation to resist collapse. The bridge is my link with the past. She tells me that the sun still sets and old sea continues to lick the voracious passion with eternal stringers. There was once a source there, underground, surreptitious. It was a hidden source and the only bright spot of the sea. But that was a long time, I have not even had me by people. Port of Fortaleza who was born on December 18, 1902 to serve as a bridge landing. Later became the English Bridge, its construction started in 1920, the Government of President Pessoa. Its structure was 12


designed by company engineers Nastor Griffts English, who had business interests in Ceará, whence came its name from the English Bridge. It was there that pick up passengers and cargo. With the construction of Port Mucuripe, the bridge has been disabled. The collector Nirez Ceara, in his book “Fortress of Yesterday and Today” says that its entire structure is metallic, hence the name by which it became known today. It is not true that the Metal Bridge was abandoned even before the reform. The Fortaleza, desamedrontados by nature, never ceased to return there for a chat and a post-sunset different every day. They brought their guitars, girlfriends, suspicious cases, their spoken and sung poetry. Everyone knew this indisputable fact: the rusted girders, but of course they would not fall. Only those who would not believe a silly dream that. Imagine how the tentacles of the Metal Bridge would not resist rolling of the sea? And all those people, mixing Fortaleza and tourists were going to collapse along with the bridge? Only those who do not know the people here would think such a thing. Not for nothing did the great poet and singer Ceara, Ednardo, poet: One by one, things go missing / one by one, if desmilinguindo / Just me and the Old Bridge stubbornly resisting.


By: Calé Alencar - Singer and Composer



The Indian boy lollipop salesman was not there to ask “hey give me a nickel plate.” All I knew was selling lollipop and I bought three for a real, and I was like to come over. More so when I heed the place where I found the boy and his board of lollipops and he has to sweat on the sign in the middle of the hot sun. Once in the neighborhood of my dear friend white owl Anthony Joseph, I mean, this time wandering the streets of the Garden of Olives, corner better known in India by jaunty name of Oliva’s Garden, from there the conductor does not come out or the stick Juvenal and is there that inspiration comes to him play piano and enchants and enthralls Egberto Gismonti and the beings of good heart of the earth. ”Mom Dad I cry I cry give me a penny to buy me a lollipop. Lollipop wrapped in paper and stuck on a stick. “ The voice of Luiz Gonzaga coming in the paths of memory bringing back memories of paths, the wooden benches in the train towards the Fortress and the direction of Juazeiro do Norte, the land of Padim Ciço by my grandmother who wore a black dress every single day 20 .

The boy was not there to ask “hey give me a real plate, a trocadim. Planted there that boy who wanted me remembering Francisco José Luiz Gonzaga and Alencar up and down the top of Araripe to live lives of Ceara in Juazeiro and when he reached Dona Munda was the dearest market do so much to eat and distribute a plate of food to the hungry. The violin of the Blind Oliveira played a lot thank for food and coffee, water and bread offered by Raimunda Benevides de Alencar, Queen of Gameleira dearest and always kissed by the wind Cantarino. The lollipop boy was not there to ask “hey give me a plate to help interar lunch.”


The crazy train that left Pernambuco is making Vuco-Vuco until Ceará. Alencar was so with my band, the calendar marking the 1940’s. Children in the middle of the night and at night the eyes of Oz out by the flames. A fire to scare the jaguar and the boys amazed, astonished men, women amazed; belongings in the backs of donkeys and they made arranchados gypsies in the woods and the fire to scare off an ounce. (BANNED CAR STEREO...AVOID BOREDOM) 13






Released in February this year, in the auditorium of the Cultural Center of the Sea Art and Culture, the publication brings together thirty unpublished poems, with topics involving social issues and love, a mixture between the “poetic I”of the author and the world experienced. There are also two literary essays - a relational perspective on dealing between the book and the movie Vidas Secas, respectively Graciliano Ramos and Nelson Pereira dos Santos, and another on the novel The Posthumous Memoirs of Brás Cubas, Machado de Assis. Among other texts, there is also a popular science article that discusses issues related to reading - the subject of continuing interest of the author. The whole book is permeated by images that refer to music, with illustrations by the artist Renata Netherlands. The foreword is written by the poet from Pernambuco, Ceara, Carlos Dantas.

According to Perdigao, Fragments has a historical character, as it combines texts produced for more than 30 years and is being published at a time of personal and professional maturation, resulting from his diverse experiences in different fields of culture in Ceará.

RELEASES Day 13.4, at 12h, CCBNB in Poemario Musical show, which brings together the poems in the book that became lyrics. 22/04, 19h, at Cultura. All events are free.



What is expected of a musician? A show that a bid disk or DVD. Here, the musician, teacher and writer Carlinhos Perdigão recorded his literary work that also permeates his music, the book Fragments.

CARLINHOS PERDIGÃO musician, composer and writer


Revista Canto da Iracema - Edição abril 2011 (inglês)  
Revista Canto da Iracema - Edição abril 2011 (inglês)