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It’s with my grandfather Angelo, back in 1950, that Cantine Paradiso’s history starts. He was a peasant like many others, who at that time were crowding the countryside in Puglia, waking up in the darkness of the early morning and working hard all day until sunset. He got married very young, had four children and with their help realized his dream, a cellar, which is so far the core of this company. Let’s immagine the poor rural Apulia after the Second World War and we’ll understand the sacrifices he and his family had to deal with, but decades after decades the cellar has grown, and thanks to the second generation then the third it has now become a reference point for the production of local wines. During these sixty years Paradisos have never repudiated their belonging to this unique land, nurturing the oenological culture of the territory and costantly improving the quality of their wines. The ongoing results obtained just confirm the right choises made by three generations of winegrowers firmly connected to both tradition and innovation. Angelo Paradiso and his Family

The fruit of the oldest pergola vineyards planted by my grandparents in 1960 in Cerignola.

The most distinctive Puglia’s speciality, grown-up in our land: Primitivo.

100% Uva di Troia 12 months in French wood barrels 14% vol.

100% Primitivo 12 months in French wood barrels 14.5% vol.


The freshness of Uva di Troia and the power of Primitivo in this perfectly balanced mix of Puglia.

Only when the vintage is excellent we produce this bright sparkling rosĂŠ, perfect for appetizers and fish dishes.

60% Uva di Troia, 40% Primitivo 12 months in French wood barrels 14.5% vol.

100% Uva di Troia 3 months in steel 12% vol.

03, 33, 73, 03: four birth years, four generations committed to the wine

Posta Piana

From the vineyards of Cerignola a wine worth the best Pugliese cuisine.

The red of our tradition, grown-up in dry and sunny Tavoliere delle Puglie plain.

100% Primitivo 6 months both in steel and oak 13.5% vol.

100% Uva di Troia 12 months both in steel and oak 13.5% vol.

Lu mieru, the black. Sun, sea and wind of Puglia in this bottle, ideal with matured cheese and baked meats. 100% Negroamaro 12 months both in steel and oak 13.5% vol.

From Salento an eminent dark, deep DOC wine perfect with meat sauces or roasted meats. 80% Negroamaro, 20% Malvasia nera 3 months both in steel and oak 13% vol.

Posta Piana red wines are ageing blends, aged partly in steel vats and partly in oak barriques

Posta Piana Podere Belmantello

A very appreciated, eclectic yet balanced still rosĂŠ, from our traditional vine variety.

A typical grapevine from the land of Daunia for this fresh and perfumed still white.

100% Uva di Troia 2 months in steel 12.5% vol.

100% Bombino Bianco 2 months in steel 12.5% vol.

100% mighty Primitivo. The particular production process keeps the grapes tipically intact.

Balance, persistence, vibrant colour and all the taste of our land in this elegant wine.

100% Primitivo 3 months in steel 14% vol.

100% Uva di Troia 3 months in steel 14% vol.

Podere Belmantello wines age only in steel and are obtained from accurately selected grapes

Podere BelmantelloPodere Belmantello

Pure Negroamaro from Cerignola in a rich yet palatable bottle for a sip of Puglia. 100% Negroamaro 3 months in steel 13.5% vol.

Intense bouquet, brilliant colour, freshness and the sound of the near Adriatic sea for a complete still white. 100% Bombino Bianco 2 months in steel 12.5% vol.

The fullness of fragrances of Fiano and the richness of tastes of Daunia in this armonic still white.

Sweet and incredibly flavoured jelly prepared with Uva di Troia wine, perfect with matured cheese.

100% Fiano 4 months in steel 12.5% vol.

Italia Puglia Cantine Paradiso The pleasure for everybody any time

via Manfredonia, 39 71042 Cerignola Fg Puglia, Italia tel. +39 0885.428720 fax +39 0885.428593

Cantine Paradiso brochure 2014  
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