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Quality means focusing on patients Buller Health Staff Nurse Stephen Head, right, checks the oxygen saturation levels of patient Kevin Case of Hector.

What is quality? How does a quality experience impact every day on our patients? How do we record and demonstrate that we provide quality healthcare? How do we gauge where we need to do better? These are questions every DHB staff member asks themselves on a regular basis. And we need to make sure we’re sharing the answers. The annual Quality Accounts is one mechanism to provide a snapshot in time of our performance in terms of the quality of the healthcare we provide, how we progress with continuous quality improvement, and how we monitor quality and safety. It’s a document that shows how we have worked to achieve Ministry of Health Targets

- meeting most of the Government expectations and making significant progress in the targets we did not achieve. And it’s a way to tell the stories of how we’ve been ensuring quality is at the forefront of all our work as we aim to make the West Coast Health System a leader in rural healthcare. This year, we have looked at how our strategic priorities and quality initiatives are aligned to the Health Quality and Safety Commission’s quality objectives, and how well

we have done in meeting these objectives. Specifically, these are: • Improved quality, safety and experience of care • Improved health and equity for all populations • Best value from public health system resources. And locally we have added • To provide learning and development opportunities for current and future staff. Within these pages our people talk about how we are working towards these objectives. Collectively, our intention is to deliver our vision of a truly integrated health system that keeps

people well in their own homes by providing the right care, in the right place, at the right time, by the right person. We only achieve this by taking a ‘whole of system’ approach where everyone in the health system works together. All those who work in the West Coast health system play an important role in ensuring we deliver safe, high quality health services. Every Coaster can have an expectation that we will be continually striving towards this goal. And they have their own part to play by taking responsibility for their own health, making good choices about lifestyle and diet, and using the excellent health services

available to them. Please feel free to take this copy of our Quality Accounts and share it around. We are proud of what we’re achieving, and we promise that we will continue on our path to provide quality healthcare experiences. We welcome your feedback on this document and our health system. Please contact us on: David Meates Chief Executive, West Coast District Health Board Stella Ward Chair, West Coast Clinical Board

Focus on Patients  

West Coast DHB Quality Accounts 2015

Focus on Patients  

West Coast DHB Quality Accounts 2015