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Canterbury Episcopal Chapel and Student Center at The University of Alabama --- 812 Fifth Avenue, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 (205)345-9590 All Photos by Kelley Hudlow

Remember: the first Sunday’s undesignated offerings go to Marc’s discretionary fund. From Kelley Hudlow: Thanks be to God! This is the only fitting way that I know of to begin this note. Thanks be to God that our Canterbury Chapel brothers and sisters are all accounted for. Thanks be to God for the generosity of our parish and other parishes that helped us to restock our Food Pantry to overflowing. Thanks be to God for the hard work provided, those that worked to distributed food, to help each other, and to reach out to those in need. The morning of Thursday, April 28th, began the long process of rebuilding Tuscaloosa and the surrounding communities. The Rev. Bill King has been designated by the Diocese as our contact person, and will help facilitate Tuscaloosa receiving resources from the Diocese and the broader Church. Work has begun in each of the three Episcopal Churches in Tuscaloosa to respond to the disaster, and work is also beginning for the three churches to unify to assist in the recovery. This will be a long process and all of the gifts and talents of Canterbury will be needed as we rebuild. And I have no doubt that Canterbury will continue to respond and to reach out as the hands and feet if Christ in our community. As information develops concerning volunteer opportunities, donation needs, and other items, I will do my best to get this information out as soon as possible. Thanks be to God! Kelley Hudlow, NEWS from the EPISCOPAL CHURCH WOMEN -- The Wine, Women, and Song fundraiser scheduled for May 13 has been postponed until later in the year. Due to the recent tornado’s destruction throughout our community we feel the time and energies of our group can be used in more significant directions. Please watch your email or check with the church office for ways you can be involved in Tuscaloosa’s recovery.

ECW continued: During the next few months each of the four committees (Social, Hospitality, Fundraising, and Outreach) will meet and discuss goals for the rest of 2011. In July, the ECW Steering Committee (officers and a representative from the four committees) will gather to map out plans for the fall. KIRKIN’ O’ THE TARTANS - MAY 15! This is a Canterbury Tradition: the blessing of the Tartans, that you don’t want to miss.


May 8 Crucifer: Martin Cooper Torch 1: Margaret Cooper Torch 2: Emma Evans May 15 Crucifer: Perrin Lowrey Torch 1: Wes Lowrey Torch 2: Mary Lowrey May 22 Crucifer: Mary Catherine Vail Torch 1: Parker Evans Torch 2: Colin Hammond May 29 Crucifer: Wes Lowrey Torch 1: Perrin Lowrey Torch 2: Mary Lowrey

Dear Canterbury, I got to drive down 15th street yesterday, for the first time since the tornado came through. I was in the car with Isaac and Eve, going to Kobe off of McFarland to meet Jennifer for dinner. All of us had been at Canterbury for the 5:13 p.m. minute of silence and bell ringing that marked the time of that thing’s arrival in our town. Our silence out in front of Canterbury had grown deep during that minute. Christians were there, and Jewish friends were there, and Islamic friends were there; and we all held the silence together under Canterbury’s bell tower. It was brief but strong, like the tornado was. But this was a gathering, and so had the surprising, and surpassing, power of community— the antithesis of scattering. All those buildings and homes and trees and power-lines and all were just heaped in jumbled piles all along the length of 15th, as it is now along so many streets in Tuscaloosa. That had a silence to it, too. Despite the police cars and the army of volunteers and the National Guard and the people picking their way down the sidewalks, the greatest impression was one of forced-silence. Trees were snapped off halfway up their trunks like mis-struck matchsticks. All the happy chatter those homes and business had contained for years, blown out. All the harsh words, too, gone. Everything was gone, a word we hear more and more these days as people describe places they’ve seen. Gone. The world is full of things going away, or things already gone. It always has been this way, but knowing this does nothing to ease the pain of its reality. Everything is always disappearing. We turn, hopefully, to the future then, but it remains entirely unformed. We can see nothing there that’s clear. Turn this way or that, then, what we see is vague. Already (already!) the memory of things-as-

they-were along 15th and along McFarland and along everywhere begins to lose clarity, and we can only vaguely imagine what might rise from that rubble. Many of the people who were there will not be seen again, not in this life at all. And death, of course, is near to us, too. We live a short while in a quick world. This can draw us to God. God resides in the past, and reaches to us from it. God reigns in the future, and from it reaches to us. God exists in the present: the Lord suffers with us now, rejoices with us now, calls us now to do the work of love. The past is unrecoverable, but its God is not. The future is beyond reach, but its God is our God of the present day. This is what we mean when we say God as omnipresent, and part of what it means to say that God is omnipotent. Another part of omnipotent is the all-powerful love, the love that chooses us today, that chose us yesterday, and that will choose us tomorrow. No tornado can destroy this love. It is intact, maybe stronger, after the tornado unwinds itself and disappears. All we need do is seek it, ask for it. Then trust it when it comes. This is still Easter. The Lord is risen, and no matter how many times stones are piled on top of the grave: he rises, and we rise, too, because he grabs us by the forearm and rescues us from the rubble. The final word on us, on everything, is resurrection. Energized by this holy hope, we remove bricks, offer water, deliver food, listen to each other, speak for Christ. Thank you for all you do, Canterbury. God give you rest in these weary days, and strength to love a hurting city. Christ’s resurrection peace, Marc

SERVING IN MAY May 15 VPOD: Diana Liverman Flower Guild: Roberta Ford Coffee Hour: Virgene Ficken 8AM Altar Guild: Jill Ross Lectors: Charles Adams & Carroll Bement Chalice: Tim Hammond 10:30 AM Altar Guild: Becky Shirley Lectors: Kim Campbell & Tammy Dodson Ushers: Susan Windham & Margaret Cooper Chalice: Ben Porter & Camilla Huxford May 22 VPOD: Mary Lowrey Flower Guild: Ben Porter Coffee Hour: Laurie Fowler & Gus Davis 8AM Altar Guild: Jan Pruitt Lectors: Jill & Dan Ross Chalice: Henry Betak

10:30 AM Altar Guild: Joyce Ochoa Lectors: Tyler Richards & Graham Mullen Ushers: Rufus & Lois Lewis Chalice: Susan Windham & Lee McKnight May 29 VPOD: Rachel Dobson Flower Guild: Myra Joyner Coffee Hour: Roberta Ford & Camilla Huxford 8AM Altar Guild: David & Carole Carroll Lectors: Henry Betak & Cindy Roff Chalice: Dan Ross 10:30 AM Altar Guild: Ben Porter Lectors: Laurie Fowler & Gus Davis Ushers: Linda Chambers & Jane Joslin Chalice: Tom Canterbury & Marcella Rhodes

CANTERBURY CALENDAR: MAY SUN., MAY 1 Second Sunday of Easter Bishop Parsley, 6:00 p.m. service MON., MAY 2 St Mark, Evangelist (transferred) TUES., MAY 3 Lin Olin’s birthday St Philip and St James, Apostles (transferred) WED., MAY 4 Brooklyn Marable II’s, Jesse Norris’ and Jill Ross’ birthday 6:30 a.m. Brotherhood of St. Andrew??? 5-7 p.m. Gallery Reception for ???? Monnica, Mother of Augustine, 387 THURS., MAY 5 First Farmer’s Market on Canterbury Lawn! 3:00-6:00 p.m. FRI., MAY 6 Selina Drewry’s and Frances Wright’s birthday SAT., MAY 7 Aymara Albury’s, Charlotte Denton’s, Jack Mittenthal’s, and Sally Reeves’ birthday SUN., MAY 8 Third Sunday of Easter MON., MAY 9 Charlsie Pannell’s birthday Gregory of Nazianzus, Bishop of Constantinople, 389 TUES., MAY 10

Kirsten Hicks’ and Juliet Pruitt’s birthday WED., MAY 11 Mary Jane Tarver’sbirthday FRI., MAY 13 Steven Katsinas’ and Rebecca Wright’s birthday SAT., MAY 14 Rachel Dobson’s and Anne Witt’s birthday SUN., MAY 15 Fourth Sunday of Easter Kathryn Harris Scarritt’s and Christy Baynes’ birthday MON., MAY 16 Elizabeth Kent’s and Ashley Scruggs Olin’s birthday TUES. MAY 17 Celesta Riner’s birthday WED., MAY 18 Julie Gresham’s and Mary Catherine Vail’s birthday THURS., MAY 19 Michael Mendle’s and Marne Harris Scarritt’s birthday Dunstan, Archbishop, 988 FRI., MAY 20 Caroline Vail’s birthday Alcuin, Deacon and Abbot of Tours, 804 SAT., MAY 21 Anne-Laura Cook’s birthday SUN., MAY 22 Fifth Sunday of Easter Thomas R. Joyner’s birthday TUES., MAY 24 Kristin Frangoulis’ and Anne Tucker Hudson’s birthday | Jackson Kemper, First Missionary Bishop in the U.S., 1870 WED., MAY 25 Charles E. Adams’ birthday Bede the Venerable, Priest, and Monk of Jarrow, 735 THURS., MAY 26 Stacy Stephens’ birthday Augustine, First Archbishop of Canterbury, 605 FRI., MAY 27 Laurie Mundy-Perrigin’s birthday SAT., MAY 28 Amanda Garner’s birthday SUN., MAY 29 Sixth Sunday of Easter Jan Pruitt’s birthday MON., MAY 30 Sarah (Annie) Leonard’s and Will Marable II’s and Juliet Pruitt’s and Mary Ruth Pruitt’s birthday TUES., MAY 31 Sara Widgeon’s and Eric Young’s birthday Visitation of the Blessed Virgin -------

Our Service Schedule Sunday Services: Holy Eucharist 8:00 a.m. 10:30 a.m. 6:00 p.m. with supper; Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Monday Evening Prayer 7:00 p.m. Tuesday Holy Eucharist 12:30 p.m.; Evening Prayer 7:00 p.m. Wednesday Holy Eucharist 10:00 p.m. Thursday Holy Eucharist and Healing Service 6:00 p.m. Friday Evening Prayer 7:00 p.m.

A Litany of Supplication in Time of Trouble Gracious God, arise, help us; And deliver us for your Name’s sake. We have heard with our ears and our ancestors declared unto us the noble works of lovingkindness and healing that you have done in their days, and in the old time before them. Gracious God, arise, help us; And deliver us for your Name’s sake. With breaking hearts and deep sadness at the tragedy of the tornadoes in our state, (and especially in this community of _______________,) we pray for all who have died and all injured, for those who have lost their homes, and for those who are alone and afraid. Gracious God, arise, help us; And deliver us for your Name’s sake. Guide and strengthen all who are providing food and water, shelter and care for those in need; grant your wisdom to those coordinating relief efforts and generosity to those who offer gifts and funds for support and assistance. Gracious God, arise, help us; And deliver us for your Name’s sake. Embrace all those who have lost loved ones, friends, and neighbors with your comfort and compassion; bind us all in deeper community and as we join hands to support one another and rebuild our life together. Gracious God, arise, help us; And deliver us for your Name’s sake. Renew our trust in your presence in the midst of loss, and in your power of hope and healing in our midst. Grant that no storms and clouds of this world may ever hide from us the light of your love, which is eternal and heals our hearts, world without end. Gracious God, arise, help us; And deliver us for your Name’s sake. Let us pray: Loving Father of all, we humbly pray you to look graciously upon our hurts and heartaches, and especially upon those in the greatest need in this time of trouble. Grant that we may put our whole trust and confidence in your mercy; bind us together in mutual love and service, and make us instruments of your healing and peace; through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen. Episcopal Diocese of Alabama The Rt. Rev. Henry N. Parsley, Jr. April 29, 2011

OTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS HOMEGROWN ALABAMA FARMERS MARKET TO ACCEPT EBT! Andrea Mabry, HA Advisor, writes, “The market kicks off the 2011 season on May 5 with a Cinco de Mayo celebration and will continue each Thursday through Oct. 27 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Canterbury Episcopal Chapel lawn on Hackberry Lane between Bryant Drive and University Boulevard. An on-site machine will be available to transfer EBT-SNAP funds into tokens with the Homegrown Alabama label. Tokens can be used to purchase fruits, vegetables, breads, cereals, meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, maple and honey products, and seeds and plants that produce foods. Tokens cannot be refunded but can be used at any Homegrown Alabama farmers market throughout the 2011 season or any season thereafter. ------------------------------------------------------------


Canterbury Chapel, the Episcopal Church and Student Center at The University of Alabama, shows God’s love through Christ by being a Sanctuary and an accepting community for worship, spiritual growth, and compassionate service.

DIRECTORY Clergy The Reverend Marc Burnette, Chaplain and Rector 6130 Greystone Court, Tuscaloosa, 35406, 205-752-6160 STAFF Tyler W. Robertson, Director of Music and Organist Genevieve Turkett, Parish Administrator Ham Bagby, Sexton Student Forum - NEW OFFICERS! Graham Mullen, President Allison Franklin, Director of Outreach Seton Parsons, Director of Publicity Kennon Yelverton, Director of Fellowship CONTACT the CHURCH: 205-345-9590 The Canterbury Tales is published once a month. The deadline for announcements, articles, photos, stories, ideas, etc., is usually about the 15th of the month. Please email Rachel [ or a note or at The Mailboxes of Canterbury ]with any of those, questions, requests, and more: THANK YOU to ALL the contributors of articles, information, and photographs! The more we get from YOU, the better this rag looks, so send your stuff! RD

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May newsletter for Canterbury Episcopal Chapel & Student Center for the University of Alabama

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