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Canterbury Tales Canterbury Episcopal Chapel and Student Center at The University of Alabama 812 Fifth Avenue, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 (205)345-9590

The Advent of a New Year

Parishioners brave the elements to attend Canterbury Chapel during the Great Snow of March 2009, in a photo by George Frangoulis. This image is now immortalized on notecards on sale now.

Resumption of Art Exhibitions at Canterbury Signals Hope By Kristin Frangoulis

With the end of fall and football comes a new excitement -- the reopening of The Gallery at Canterbury. With the walls freshly painted, a new potpourri of art will illuminate our eyes and souls. A wonderful mix of artists, media and styles are scheduled for the upcoming 2010-2011 season. Our opening celebration will feature artist Sue Blackshear. Her show entitled “Old and New, Oil and Other Media,” is a retrospective collection of a variety of media, primarily oiland water-based paintings. Sue was last year’s first prize winner of the 25th Annual West Alabama Juried Exhibition. She lives and paints in the Alabama countryside, and teaches at Shelton State Community College. Please come and share in her celebration on Wednesday, December 1, from 5:00-7:00 p.m. Come celebrate the art and artists with us!


Snow Fell On Alabama You can purchase a piece of Alabama history: notecards featuring this photograph taken by George Frangoulis on the day in March 2009 that snow fell on Tuscaloosa and Canterbury Chapel. The Brotherhood of Saint Andrew is selling blank greeting cards with envelopes with this image. Printing was donated by Drake Printers and proceeds from sales of the cards will be donated to charities for Christmas. George writes, “I was lucky to have snapped it just as two people were walking up to the door. It was Sunday... just before the 10:30 service. When we came out at 11:45 or so, the sun was brightly shining, most of the snow had melted, and the temp was in the 60s: ‘shirt sleeve’ weather.” Don’t wait to buy your cards. They’re going quickly! Catch George in the Student Center during coffee hour following the Sunday 10:30 a.m. services, or call him at 205-534-9904.

Graham’s Cracker Q: Why was Santa’s little helper depressed? A: Because he had low elf-esteem.

Volunteer for Christmas Eve! We have two Christmas Eve services, at 6:00 and 11:00 p.m., on the 24th. We need volunteers to sign up on the table outside the chapel to serve at those services. Thank you all for all that you do here at Canterbury!--Genevieve, 345-9590.

Remember: the first Sunday’s undesignated offerings go to Marc’s discretionary fund.

Dear Canterbury,

OUR MISSION Canterbury Chapel, the Episcopal Church and Student Center at The University of Alabama, shows God’s love through Christ by being a Sanctuary and an accepting community for worship, spiritual growth, and compassionate service.

DIRECTORY Clergy The Reverend Marc Burnette Chaplain and Rector 6130 Greystone Court, Tuscaloosa, 35406 205-752-6160 STAFF Tyler W. Robertson, Director of Music and Organist Genevieve Turkett, Parish Administrator Ham Bagby, Sexton

Shhh. Slow down, it’s Advent.

“Shhh. Slow down, it’s Advent.” This is a sign I encountered a few years back. It was homemade, hung around the church, and seemed to create the quiet it called for. Advent is a season of quiet slowing down. Christians prepare for the coming of the Christ child, largely by way of an active waiting. We keep a sort of vigil, a watch, waiting expectantly for the arrival, for the birth. The Lord is coming.

And when he arrives, what arrives with him is here to stay. The weak, helpless, vulnerable Christ child hallows weakness, helplessness, and vulnerability. When God embraces these, they take on a new power. They, paradoxically, become what power looks like, at least in God’s Kingdom, that best place of reality and truth and unconditional love which, one day, will spread across the whole of the earth. This 180 degree shift in our expectations takes time to get used to—it helps to spend some time getting ready for it. This is what Advent is for. The smallest amount of time dedicated to prayerful, active waiting upon Christ’s arrival yields tremendous fruit. The Lord is coming, but we might miss the joyful impact of his arrival if we never practice looking beyond ourselves for the love of another. Just as the Lord promises, “Ask, and it shall be given to you; knock, and the door shall be opened to you; seek, and you shall find” -- so he promises that if we wait and watch, we shall see and know. The active love of God seeks us out this Advent, as always. When it finds us, we’ll take our place with the others in the manger, and kneel in relief and joy. Then Christmas will have arrived! Prayers for a deep and blessed Advent, Yours because of Jesus,

Marc +

Student Forum John Elder, President Lindsay Turner, Director of Outreach Tyler Richards, Director of Publicity Holly Pucket, Director of Fellowship CONTACT the CHURCH 205-345-9590 CANTERBURY TALES NEWSLETTER Rachel Dobson or at The Mailboxes of Canterbury


December Canterbury Calendar SUN., DEC. 19 Shannon Whitley-Weston’s birthday GET READY TO DECORATE THE CHURCH! Fourth Sunday of Advent No Sunday night Eucharist

THURS., DEC. 2 6:00 p.m. Holy Eucharist and Healing Service FRI., DEC. 3 Albert Evans’ birthday SAT., DEC. 4 Sofia Castro-Nail’s and Cameron Smith’s birthday John of Damascus, Priest, ca. 760 SUN., DEC. 5 First Sunday Potluck Lunch - bring a dish and join us after the 10:30 service YES 6:00 pm Holy Eucharist Second Sunday of Advent MON., DEC. 6 Aubry Reeves’ birthday Finals By The Fire Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, ca.342

TUES., DEC. 21 Michael Horshok’s birthday No Tuesday noon Eucharist or Evening Prayer St Thomas, Apostle WED., DEC. 22 Carole Carroll’s birthday No lunch today THURS., DEC. 23 Alexandria Carabella Hooper’s birthday 6:00 p.m. Holy Eucharist and Healing Service FRI., DEC. 24 Christmas Eve - Holy Eucharist at 6:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.

TUES., DEC. 7 No Tuesday noon Eucharist or Evening Prayer Finals By The Fire

SAT., DEC. 25 Anastasia Elizabeth Frangoulis’s birthday Christmas Day

WED., DEC. 8 Free Lunch at 12:15 noonish Finals By The Fire

SUN., DEC. 26 First Sunday after Christmas No Sunday night Eucharist

THURS., DEC. 9 6:00 p.m. Holy Eucharist and Healing Service Finals By The Fire

TUES., DEC. 28 Becky Shirley’s birthday No Tuesday noon Eucharist or Evening Prayer St John, Apostle and Evangelist (transferred)

FRI., DEC. 10 Katlin Horton’s birthday Finals By The Fire WINE & CHEESE at Gribbin House

WED., DEC. 29 Frances Bell’s and Nicholas Sella, Jr.’s birthday Free Lunch today? Call the office to check. Holy Innocents (transferred)

SUN., DEC. 12 Jon Chalmers’ birthday Third Sunday of Advent No Sunday night Eucharist

THURS., DEC. 30 Matthew T Franklin’s and Gena Keith’s birthday 6 p.m. Holy Eucharist and Healing Service

TUES., DEC. 14 William (Bill) Davis’ and Michael Hammond’s and Grace Carter Patterson’s and Emily Richeson’s and James Weston’s birthday No Tuesday noon Eucharist or Evening Prayer

FRI., DEC. 31 New Year’s Eve In medieval manuscripts, initial capitals, saints’ days, holy days, and liturgical instructions were marked with red ink, called rubric, to designate their special significance. The Liturgical Calendar here: < html> marks martyred saints’ days in red.

WED., DEC. 15 Virginia Campbell’s and Mary Lowrey’s birthday No Lunch today -3-

Special Pull-Out Section ~ Special Pull-Out Section ~ Special Pull-Out Section

THURS., DEC. 16 Laura Tucker Hudson’s birthday 6:00 p.m. Holy Eucharist and Healing Service

WED., DEC. 1 Morgan Hart’s birthday Gallery opening - 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. - Sue Blackshear

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VESTRY Class of 2010 Linda Chambers Tim Hammond, Jr. Warden Millie Hudson Diana Liverman Class of 2011 Kelley Hudlow Jane Joslin Mark Leggett, Sr. Warden Camille Samples Class of 2012 Drew Brislin Heather Kopelson Mary Lowrey Ben Porter Drew Brislin, Treasurer Emily Hubert-Wallander, Clerk John Elder, Student Forum President Graham Mullen, Church Mouse

December 5

December 12

VPOD: Heather Kopelson Flower Guild: Lois Lewis Flowers given to the glory of God Coffee Hour: FIRST SUNDAY POTLUCK!

VPOD: Mark Leggett Flower Guild: Steffen Guenzel Flowers given to the glory of God and in memory of Susie Mosely Burnum by Paula Sue Hayes Coffee Hour: Ralph and Diana Liverman

8:00 AM Altar Guild: Camilla Huxford Lectors: Henry Betak and Tim Hammond Chalice: Cindy Roff 10:30 AM Altar Guild: Mona Horshok Lectors: Elizabeth Kent and Ben Porter Ushers: Serena Blount and Wyn Fortenberry Chalice: Tammy Dodson and Marcella Rhodes P.O.P.: Roberta Ford Crucifer: Parker Evans Acolytes: Martin Cooper and Margaret Cooper

Serving in December December 19 VPOD: Tim Hammond Flower Guild: Greg Howard Flowers given to the glory of God Coffee Hour: Margaret Cooper 8:00 AM Altar Guild: Laurie Fowler Lectors: Jill and Dan Ross Chalice: Henry Betak

10:30 AM Altar Guild: Ben Porter Lectors: Rufus Lewis and Lois Lewis Ushers: Susan Windham & Margaret Cooper Chalice: Millie and Jerry Hudson P.O.P: Lois Lewis Crucifer: Perrin Lowrey Acolytes: Wes Lowrey and Mary Lowrey -4-

8:00 AM Altar Guild: Lee McKnight Lectors: Drew Brislin and Allison Taylor Chalice: Camilla Huxford 10:30 AM Altar Guild: Joyce Ochoa Lectors: Peggy and Tom Canterbury Ushers: Linda Chambers and Jane Joslin Chalice: Laurie Fowler and Susan Windham P.O.P: Marcella Rhodes Crucifer: Mary Catherine Vail Acolytes: Brooklyn Marable and Tre Marable

December 24 6:00 PM Crucifer: Martin Cooper Acolytes: Colin Hammond and Margaret Cooper 11:00 PM Crucifer: Kelley Hudlow

December 26 VPOD: Kelley Hudlow Flower Guild: All Flower Guild MembersFlowers given to the glory of God Coffee Hour: Peggy and Tom Canterbury 8:00 AM Altar Guild: Jill Ross Lectors: Charles Adams and Cindy Roff Chalice: Kelley Hudlow 10:30 AM Altar Guild: Tammy Dodson Lectors: James Hooper and Ruth Ellen Behm Ushers: George and Kristin Frangoulis Chalice: Camilla Huxford and Roberta Ford Crucifer - Kelley Hudlow Acolytes:

Canterbury Community Dear Fellow Canterburians! December is a busy month around Canterbury so be sure to mark your calendars with the many events planned for the month! Two that I would like

Can we talk?

to highlight are the traditional “Wine and Cheese Party” thrown by the residents of Canterbury on Friday night, December 3rd in Gribbin House. During the week before Christmas, the flower guild will decorate the doors of the church as well as the interior. Please come and participate in this yearly tradition. Contact Greg Howard

for the specific date and time. Finally, I would like to thank Margaret and Martin Cooper for hosting the “Meals on Wheels” party honoring Aubry and Sally Reeves, and Roland and Virgene Ficken. A wonderful time was had by all! On behalf of the vestry I would like to wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season!

A sneak preview

Your Senior Warden, Mark

2011 - Meals on Wheels Schedule 01/23/11 - Sea of Episcopal Pumpkins Student Team 02/27/11 - Cooper Team 03/27/11 - Simply Out Serving Team 04/24/11 - Brotherhood of St. Andrew Team 05/22/11 - Sea of Episcopal Pumpkins Student Team 06/26/11 - Cooper Team 07/24/11 - Simply Out Serving Team 08/28/11 - Brotherhood of St. Andrew Team 09/25/11 - Sea of Episcopal Pumpkins Student Team 10/23/11 - Cooper Team 11/27/11 - Simply Out Serving Team 12/25/11 - Brotherhood of St. Andrew Team

See you on the serving line!

The Gallery’s New Season December Sue Blackshear: Old and New, Oil and Other Media January Rachel Dobson: Prints and Paintings February Anne Herbert: Experimental Landscapes March Jim Morris: Photographs April Kerry Kennedy: Clay May Phyllis Brown: Abstract Paintings June Charlotte Horton: Photographs July (in negotiations) August GenevieveTurkett: Graphic Design, Paintings

Many thanks to Genevieve Turkett for the photos of the Arts ‘N’ Autism show, and to all the artists who created the wonderful works.


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For more information including our calendar, student events, and our schedule, visit: Fellow Canterburians, Thursday November 11 Canterbury helped put on the first-ever “God and Grits” Interfaith Supper and Discussion. This was an idea born of the Student Forum’s desire to see renewed interfaith dialogue on campus, and if this event is any indicator, the campus is ready. We had to add extra chairs for dinner, and when the time for the event was up, small groups of people who had been strangers before the meeting continued their conversations in the hallway. Representatives from almost every religious tradition in Tuscaloosa were present, and all who had something to say were heard. I want to thank all of you who were there, and all of you who make Canterbury the kind of place where a few students with a dream can make this happen. If you missed it, don’t worry, we envision this as the first in a series, to be held at least once per semester. We want to spread the word that people of every belief tradition talking together in a civil, constructive way is something that benefits us all. The Student Forum has several events in the works for the spring, so keep an eye out for information. In Christ, John Elder, Student Forum President

December Canterbury Tales  

December Newsletter for Catnerbury Episcopal Newsletter & Student Center for the University of Alabama

December Canterbury Tales  

December Newsletter for Catnerbury Episcopal Newsletter & Student Center for the University of Alabama