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ust as the Canterbury Earthquakes fractured the city and shattered lives, they violently interrupted people’s conception of the steady passing of time, creating a before-and-after mentality. For Susan Lysaght, as she looks back and considers the impact of the earthquakes and the process of repairing her beloved home, it is difficult to recall exact dates and timeframes. As many Cantabrians can probably relate, it feels surreal. Susan Lysaght’s Fendalton home was one of the few structures in the immediate neighbourhood that did not need to be demolished and rebuilt. Holding onto the family home and safeguarding the memories inscribed throughout was a blessing. However, with the Oamaru stone blocks cracked and crumbling, and the drainage and sewage system severely damaged beneath the home, an extensive repair job was on the cards. The job called for solid planning, meticulous attention to the finer details and impeccable execution, and, ultimately, a deep appreciation of Susan’s vision for her home. Taking on this unique job was the team at Premium Homes. And they did so in such a way that ‘never felt like they were taking over’, says Susan: ‘I always felt respected and involved.’

As Operations Manager Paul Hardy reflects: ‘our clients are always our number one priority, and it is imperative that they know this and are involved throughout’. Built in 2004, the architecturally-designed two-storey house is divided into two distinct halves – each comprising living spaces and private quarters – which are connected by a glass linkway on the ground floor and an air-bridge upstairs. The five-bedroom house is unique and, as Susan notes, ‘still current’. Whilst the repair job was an opportunity to ‘freshen things up’, the project was about restoring the original features that make the home special. On the one hand, this was an extensive repair job. 'The house was re-levelled and stripped back to its bones, leaving only the foundation, frames, windows and roof’, explains Paul. In addition to being entirely re-clad, the house needed new linings and new tiling, new patios, driveway and drainage/sewage system. ‘We had a team of six carpenters on site and, with the subcontractors, there were up to 18 people onsite at any one time.’ Comprehensive in scope, the repair work was also a delicate undertaking – because, like all projects, it was about ‘getting it exactly right for the client’. Known for his fastidious attention

ABOVE Oamaru stone contrasts with the dark timber cladding on the exterior, and the home’s clean lines and angles are carried through to the inviting garden. J U LY/A U G U S T 2 0 16


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Abode Issue 24 July/August 2016  

Abode Issue 24 July/August 2016