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Art Workshop 2004 Well that is different....yeah very different. St Cuthbert’s graciously opened their art room doors again. The teachers Heather, Carol and Dianne for the fifth year inspired some very creative art works that will make the CanTeen Christmas Card selection very difficult. 18 CanTeeners attended this years Art Workshop this is the highest attendance ever in the history of CanTeen. Those that came to Art workshop were; Mira Stanton and Amy Stewart from Wellington, Greg Coxon, Rebecca Watts and Gena Dyer from Auckland, Jemma Wells from Te Puke, Aeronwy Cording, Kiri Stanton, Brooke Hopkins, Alysha Ryan from Christchurch and Julia Allen from Peel Forrest. Kirsten Bell comes from Otatara Invercargill, Bridget Conaboy, Isino Muasika and Sarah Williams, from Dunedin Cameron Stevens from

12-13 St Bedes Fundraising 14-15 Remembrances/ New Member 16 New Members

Invercargill, Fern and Kathleen Tumohe from Balclutha. Thanks for all the hard work you all put in. We had some excellent volunteers help out over the 3 days, Liz Lindsay(medical), Rachel Armstrong and Karen Ryan(medical). Eva, Murray and Katherine also helped over the weekend and by all reports loved meeting everyone and watching the masterpieces grow. Our National Programmes couldn’t run with out volunteers, we appreciate you giving up your weekend to help us. Everyone worked very hard over the weekend and got straight into it. The standard of the artwork was absolutely brilliant and a new benchmark has been set. Some of the highlights would be meeting Jason from the Pxt kiwi fruit advert, a trip up the Skytower in the evening to see the lights of Auckland and just meeting new people. So stay tuned to see the cards in print. I am sure they will be in high demand.

LEFT HAND-SIDE: Top: Dinner at La Porchetta’s Middle: Group photo at the Skytower to see the lights of Auckland Bottom: Thanking Art Teachers FRONT PAGE: Top left: Aeronwy pictured here contemplating the youth of today, the world, Christmas holidays and planning a masterpiece. Middle: Cameron. “What” this is the way we eat our steak down south!!!! Bottom left: Brooke pleased with the way her masterpiece is coming together. • • • •

The national magazine is published quarterly Contributions are welcomed and can be made through your CanTeen Coordinator The deadline for contributions in the next magazines is 1st August 2004 Editor: Leanne Ryburn (09) 303 4444 email:

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Dear CanTeeners,

Many of you will have just enjoyed a break from school or uni, and all those working will be very jealous I’m sure. I’d like to welcome Dr Penny Mitchell to the board; Penny is a GP in Dunedin and fills our Prudence Walker Otago/Southland Volunteer National President position on the board, we look forward to meeting her at our May meeting. Karen and I had the pleasure of joining our Aussie cousins at CanTeen (AU) Leadership weekend in Sydney. We learnt heaps and heaps and got to make contact with the Aussie leaders we knew, as well as meet some new ones. We came back pumped with all this new info and knowledge and applied some of it in our planning of our own President’s weekend. President’s weekend was held in Wellington and we learnt new things, made new contacts and had fun (and Pizza of course!). We attended the candle lit ceremony at Relay for Life, lit a candle for all CanTeeners, and did a few laps of the course. We were really impressed with the input of everyone who attended the weekend, we have some very capable leaders out in our branches. The Board team building weekend we had planned has been postponed for the moment, but we still hope to hold one. We are in the process of interviewing Angela Humphrey’s (National Programmes Manager) replacement, Angela is leaving us for her journey overseas and we’ll sure miss her input in CanTeen. As you can see from my new email address, we are getting a new, more reliable system for board members to communicate with each other and receive the documents they need to, this will help us heaps and I hope it will make communication with branches easier too! On a non-CanTeen, but cancer related topic, I attended a reunion for Wellington Central Camp Quality recently, along with some other CanTeeners who were there both as Campers and Companions. I’d really encourage any of you (18 or over) who have ever thought about being a Companion to do it, it’s not a huge time commitment and it’s heaps of fun and a great way to ‘give back’ to the ‘cancer community’. Feel free to email me on my new address, or get my other details from your local office if you want your name passed on or want to know more. That’s all from me now. Support, Develop and Empower! Prudence Walker National President

Photo courtesy of Norrie Montgomery/NEW IDEA

National Presidents Report

National Managers Report The National Office and Auckland Branch moved to Grafton Rd in May The move went really well. Our volunteer Kaye Collingwood and the team at New Zealand Van Lines were just fantastic, nothing was too big, too heavy or too much trouble. NZ Vanlines donated their services to CanTeen. Thank you!

John Robinson National Manager

Infinity solutions Andrew Wood moved the computer system and everything was up and running by the end of the day. Our location is 111 Grafton Rd which is across the road from Starship, Auckland Hospital and Ronald McDonald House We will create a members area with computers and internet so that members can “drop in.” The office has been well used already with a board meeting and an Auckland Branch committee meeting where members gave their thumbs up sign of approval. John Robinson National Manager

National Office Contact Details Ground Floor 111 Grafton Road Grafton Auckland Ph 09) 303 4444 Fax 09) 303 4433 National Manager John Robinson 09) 308 5902 021 454 021 Income Development Manager Leanne Ryburn( 09) 308 5903 027 281 7159 National Administration Manager Eva Williams (09) 308 5904 National Programs Manager Elspeth Lamb (09)308 5905 National Office Assistant Debbie Beale (09) 308 5901 3



and John Haynes conducted a survival game that real U.S. marines have to do (CanTeen one day U.S. marines the next). Some real creative ideas (snow caves ‘that was me, it was a great idea, shame no one else thought so!’) came out of this. On the last night of camp we played ‘Rock-On’ and saw a very disturbing performance from a mysterious volunteer. In this game nominated people were asked to name songs from various categories, and the buzzers were party horns!!! That did not work, a man can only blow so hard. It was lots of fun and everyone had a great time. On the last day we had the support, develop and empower award. This was given to Matt Truman (congratulations Matt!!) Many thanks go out to the staff and volunteers that helped make such a fantastic camp possible. By Aeronwy Cording (Editing By Matt Truman)

N.S.I. Summer Camp At the start of the glorious 2004 year Nelson and 60 South Island CanTeen members again bowled in up to Bridge Valley Ranch in sunny Wakefield (it’s always sunny in the one and only Top of the South). After getting acquainted with our surroundings we met in the lounge to get sorted into our groups and make up our team names (go the ‘Zippy

Zebras’) This long weekend saw us: learning Maori and playing stick games from the very knowledgeable, (gorgeous and talented) Mr Matt Truman. As well as going horseback riding, swimming, rock climbing, taking part in archery, rifle range and go- karting (I made Aeronwy squeal like a stuck pig! Can you see her white knuckles? I don’t know what the problem was, just cause I can’t see very well!!) as well as other activities. Roberta

with the ‘Wanganui Extreme Jet Boat Tours’. The boats were whizzy and we had heaps of fun getting wet (not that we had a choice). After a while the jet tour guides took us up a little bushwalk to an old shed, where we stopped to have a drink and biscuit, then we went back, said goodbye and went back to Castlecliff. Sunday was the day to go horseriding and go-karting so we spilt into two groups and swapped after a while before leaving to go back to Wellington at 1.30pm. Overall I think it was fun, and a good weekend away from home Alexander O’Connor

Summer camp Friday 12th to Sunday 14th march 2004

We arrived at Castlecliff Holiday Park at about 6.15, found out where everything was and unpacked. The next day in the morning we went swimming in the local Wanganui Aquatic Centre. It was heaps of fun and they even opened up the hydro slide especially for us CanTeeners. After lunch we went jet boating

Presidents Weekend On a sunny Friday afternoon in March, twelve Presidents and Vice Presidents from around the country met at Capital House in Wellington. The purpose of the weekend was to get to know other people taking on the same roles and learn some skills to equip us in our roles. Some of the things we covered were The CanTeen Vibe, goal setting, leadership, giving and receiving feedback, meetings, and conflict resolution. It all sounds rather boring but we learn’t heaps and had lots of fun as well!! We went out for dinner on Saturday night and then went to have a look at Relay for Life. At Relay for Life they hold a rememberance service and we took part in lighting candles in rememberance of all CanTeeners. Rachel entertained us by dancing with lots of random people!! Tehe. Prudence and I facilitated the weekend and I would like to thank CanTeen for such a fantastic opportunity. Karen Miller Vice President of CanTeen 5


Whats Happening!!! AUCKLAND

JOINING WAIKATO AT PARADICE Hey guys, how’s it going? I hope this finds you all well. Wow this year is going so quickly. Before we know it, it’ll be Christmas again. Well things have been going great the calendar is getting booked as the year goes on. One of our first events was our new members evening which turned out to be a fantastic evening. Our meeting place was at Burger King, where we met new members to CanTeen, introduced them to the group. We all got to know each other over dinner. We then took off to Ten Pin bowling where there was fun had by all. Great friends were made that evening with lots of smiles and laughter. Ice skating was also a big event too. We met up with the Waikato Branch at Paradice Ice Skating Arena in Auckland. There were a lot of tumbles but by the end of it most of us got the hang of it and were speeding round the ring. It was heaps of fun, there were also a few ice fights going on but they were fun. It was fantastic to be with the Waikato Branch again, it was great to catch up with mates and to meet new friends. Even though some of us got wet bottoms we finished off the day with a big feed at Wendy’s. Our National and Auckland office moved to a much nicer and roomier office during the 1st week of May. Trivial Pursuit Day we had organised was postponed to String a later date which was a bit upsetting but we’re hoping


Ice Skating It was Sunday the 18th April , the sun was shining, the bus was ready and where were the Ferry Parkers???. Well we eventually headed off into the sunset (ok just Auckland) to show Auckland CanTeeners our fine skills in ice skating. We arrived in Auckland, walked in only to find that maybe we didn’t bring enough clothes and that ice skating isn’t as easy as it looks. There were I must say a few of us who made it look so easy but as for me the wall was an easy option at the beginning but after a while we all were skating like pro’s and having loads of fun. After 2 hours of skating we all headed over to Wendys where we couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into anything that tasted good. We were starving! We then bid our farewells to the Auckland CanTeeners and our bus rode into the sunset back to Hamilton. We would like to say a big thank-you to Paradice at Botany Downs for the wonderful deal they gave us and for opening an hour earlier as well. Susan Haworth

to have it soon. This weekend we’ve got the 4 wheel drive club who will be taking us all out on adventurous and muddy rides which is gonna be wicked. That about sums it up so far, like I say we haven’t been that busy but we’re lookin’ quite busy in the next few months which will be great. Hope you all are taking it easy and looking after yourselves. Good luck to those of you who have upcoming exams. Luv always. Gena


of Beads

First of all a big hello to all the CanTeeners out there. I hope you are all managing to behave yourselves! We have been just a tad busy in Taranaki. Our co-ordinator Vanessa Ross has left us to explore the world. Vanessa did a wonderful job and all of us are very lucky to have been able to get to know her and share many amazing experiences with her. We have recently had interviews and were fortunate enough to find ourselves a new coordinator. Her name is Dianne Barley and our CanTeeners are looking forward to meeting and welcoming her to the wonderful world of CanTeen. A few of our CanTeeners, Amber, Melissa, Pen-e, Jessie and I attended CanTeen Central Divisions summer camp in Wanganui in March and had an absolute blast. We all enjoyed meeting and catching up with the Wellingtonians and experiencing many wonderful activities with them ( we finally got there after getting lost on more than one occasion). Jessie and I had a run in with the booze bus and some how managed to pass with flying colours, but after 4 times the officers soon realised that we had already been through before. We have recently been to “String of Beads” where everyone had a great night. We all came away with beautiful looking jewellery and I was very impressed with everyone’s designs and creations. Next we took on the challenge of Go-Karting. Knowing that some of our CanTeeners do not actually have a licence or any driving experience I was a little wary. But most were actually very good drivers and we managed to get away with only two head injury’s, one whip lash and a broken leg (thanks Amber we can always count on you to make our events just that little bit more exciting). Hope all is going well, and if any of you CanTeeners are ever down this way, don’t be a stranger. Take care and remember to keep on having fun. Rachel Fendall - Taranaki



Otago Sail on the Spirit of New Zealand 18th February 2004 On a very unusual wet, windy and cloudy Dunedin day, 16 CanTeeners awoke early to meet at the Otago Harbour for a morning sailing on the Spirit of New Zealand. It all started with a safety talk and an extremely strange Captain warning us that we might run into trouble. He assured us that we were safe and had the right equipment. As he said all this he held a gun into the air and sure enough 5 minutes into our sailing we were approached by a Viking Ship with a breathing dragon at the stern of the boat, (that’s the front of the boat for those of you who did not know).

Nonetheless with a few water bombs thrown overboard we defeated our first victims and headed to the open sea. We all had to find muscle strength and join in and help to pull the mast up. Then we sat back while catching our breath and watched the most incredible scenery. When the rain started to pour more heavily (again most unusual for this part of the country) we thought it was time to check out the wonderful ship below. Hammocks as bunks, three tiered high, tiny showers and one small room at the back of the boat for socialising which was like a lecture theatre. The crew were fantastic, they answered all our questions and we even got to look at the T.V. screen (not a normal one)


Rainbow Rage On Saturday the 20th of March, three Nelson CanTeeners (Ashleigh Hughes, Sefton King, and Daniel Barry) and our coordinator, John Haynes, drove up to St Arnaud to the Rainbow Rage.

that allowed us to see our exact geographical location and where we were travelling to. Once we got out through the heads the swell started and the boat rocked sideways much to Angela Ireland’s dismay and Tim’s queasy stomach! Angela, Leslie and I were delighted to be given the chance to climb in excess of 30 metres to the top of the mast. We consider ourselves quite fortunate as we were the only people invited to of this and we did it well! It was a fantastic day, thanks to everyone involved in the organising and a big thanks to the Spirit of New Zealand for the great opportunity. Philippa Ransom Otago President

be sold. We had a steady trickle of people coming over to us to buy bandannas or pick up bandannas that they had pre-ordered when they entered the race. In all, we sold around 130 bandannas. At about 8:30, competitors started lining up, ready for the race start. With over 1000 riders, the road was backed up for over 200 metres, packed with bikes and nervous riders. As the 9 o’clock start drew near we walked down the road, ready to watch the riders go past. At 9, the hooter went, signaling the start of the race. We couldn’t believe how many riders there were. I’d never watched the start before as I’ve been in the race in previous years, but from a spectators point of view it was amazing! Watching all these keen bikers go past made me feel a bit lazy and I suddenly wished that I had entered the race again this year. After the last riders had gone past, we headed back to the car to pack up. We then had something to eat and headed back to Nelson, feeling very sleepy. ...Maybe I’ll do the race next year... Daniel Barry CanTeen Nelson

WELLINGTON The Rainbow Rage is a mountain bike race that goes from St Arnaud through the hills to Hanmer. The entire course is on a gravel road that runs for 106km. Racers take between 3 and 9 hours to complete the race and a good soak in the hot pools is enjoyed by all afterwards. We weren’t there to race: we were there to sell bandannas and watch the start. We left Nelson just after 5 am and we were all half asleep for most of the trip. We arrived at the start of the race at about 6:30, just as the sky was lightening. We got out of the car and were instantly hit by a wave of cold air- it was freezing! As people began arriving, we set up our shelter, put up the CanTeen banner and set out 200 bandannas on a table, ready to

Chocolate Making On the 19th of March Wellington CanTeeners got together and started to make chocolates. First of all we used special chocolate to melt white, milk and dark chocolate. We then had a range of different moulds to pour into and try out and there were Easter eggs we could make because Easter was coming up soon. Last of all we put them in the freezer to set and this only took about 5 minutes. Then it was ready so we decorated them, having the choice to either put them into coloured tin foil or putting them straight into bags finishing it with a ribbon on top. By Amy Stewart Canteen Wellington 7

Foreign Correspondent


Time Zone Play Offs Hello everyone, from the deep sunny south. I am happy to report that Otago/Southland has been moving forwards in huge leaps and bounds in the last few months with great support from members, fantastic facilitation from Angela and lots of fun events. Every Tuesday members come into the office where we all just chill out, chat, play games and then have turn about cooking tea, which is an experience within itself, some of you may think we are a tad daring! We also have a couple of other permanent fixtures, the last Monday of each month sees members burning off their energy against each other at Time Zone and then the last Thursday is sees us us sitting back relaxing and drinking coffee at Starbucks! Southland is moving forward strongly they have started up their own committee and meet every Monday at Starbucks, have a monthly activity and have a very active membership. The committee from both areas joined together very recently for our committee training day, it was a great day to look at where our strengths and weaknesses are and what we all believed we should do to strengthen our own personal roles. Angela our

(mealie meal) and they eat heaps of it - I don’t know how it fits in their stomachs! They will eat a good 2 cupfuls and I’m struggling with 1/2 a cup! This is eaten with a thick soup with tomatoes and onions, and usually cabbage and chicken pieces on the side (including the feet of the chicken) utensils are not required! Its quite fun eating without a knife and fork - also less dishes! I only eat this on camps, retreats, parish events...otherwise I’m generally eating food I’m used to & putting on weight from the Sisters and Fathers cooks cooking! I have been given the venda name “Mukovhe” which means ‘to share’. Most of the names in venda have a meaning so if you can find out what the english of someone’s name is (& then actually REMEMBER how to say their name) it is sometimes very helpful in understanding what people are saying. I have been trying to learn venda & have the greetings sussed but the rest is a slow process and I need to hear things about 20 times before I remember them & then to learn to put them in the correct sentence structure....eek! Also since I arrived we have had a Youth Retreat, Young Adults retreat, and a camp called Love Matters for the Young Adults. The Love Matters Camp was for five days with activities, discussion around the gift of sex, our bodies, and AIDS, encouraging them to make the decision to abstain until marriage and then to remain faithful in their marriage. When I arrived I was


Ndi masiari vhatu Good afternoon everyone! I arrived and was met at the Airport by Colleen and Sister Greta (who also lives here in Nzhelele) we spent a few days in Pretoria and then caught the bus to Louis Trichardt, a night there and then a one hour drive to Nzhelele. The bus trip was a nice way to see some of the landscape - just like in the Lion King was my first impression! The speed limit is 120 on the roads but most people drive a lot faster - slightly scary when you have been used to doing 100kmph! It was a tar sealed road all the way until we arrived at the turn off for Nzhelele then it turned into a cross between a tanker track and creek bed! My house consists of three round rooms with short corridors joining them - two bedrooms and the lounge/dining room. Our lounge has a thatched roof - though the other rooms have corrugated iron. It’s rained a LOT in the first 3-4 weeks I was here, think we had about 5 fine days -this is unusual but it means everything is really green, there are plenty of flowers, everything is growing & it looks beautiful! I am loving the fruit here. I have tried eating mopane worms (nice and crunchy), delele (slimy green vegetable), and something that may be a pomegranite in English (maybe??). Generally the main food here is Vhuswa 8

co-ordinator facilitated the day and had made welcoming packs for us which contained chocolate and tissues, a very Angela thing to do! It was held at Judith Cullen’s house the perfect location with a very relaxed atmosphere. Judith is a top NZ culinary food expert who put on morning tea and lunch for us, absolutely delicious food, that I know everybody loved especially those wee chocolate thingy’s, so a huge thanks has to go to Judith for the food, her house, and putting up with an invasion of CanTeeners. Coming up in the south we are going to be getting wet and muddy with rides on Argos down the peninsula. So let’s hope that it rains the night before so we can really get into it, sorry Angela. Also in the pipe line we have a fundraising venture at the movies and we are planning our Winter Camp in Queenstown. We received a generous cheque recently from the Melbourne Cup that Angela made a trip to Queenstown to collect. Our membership has increased immensely and it’s great to see that our ‘active’ membership has increased just as much. Hope this finds everyone well and everyone’s year has gone forward in leaps and bounds just like Otago/Southland. Till next time, P.J. Otago President told the stats for HIV/AIDS were 1 in 4 - at the camp I got the up-to-date information....3 in 5. The biggest sticking point here is no-one wants to get tested, so people have HIV and unknowingly infect others before they develop AIDS. The sisters run a care centre for Children with HIV/AIDS and last week admitted a woman and her three small sons....she contracted HIV before they were born and has now passed in onto her children. Whole families are getting wiped out. On the camp many of the young adults chose to live a chaste life - if you could please pray for them and strength in their decisions that would be wonderful. The thing that scares me the most is that if the stats are correct more than 1/2 of the people I meet here in 10 years will no longer be alive... BUT... on a higher note...I’m loving the singing, harmonies, the drums, and the passion of the people - this morning I was invited to a 21st birthday party for a girl I didn’t know -but she was a friend of Kathu’s and Kathu was involved in the traditional dancing so we went along to watch for a few hours. If I understood Kathu correctly only girls have 21st parties (sorry guys) and they only happen if you are a virgin - parents and daughter go to visit the doctor to check the day before the party. I’ll have to confirm that one with my venda teacher to try to understand that a bit more! Love and God bless Sandie Ex Waikato Co- ordinator

NZ Idols When NZ Idol first started screening on the Television I asked for some tickets so we could send some CanTeeners along to the Final. South Pacific Studios came up with 4 tickets to the live final show on Monday the 10th of April. So I scoured the country for a few members that had experienced a rough ride with their health over the past year. They were the vivacious Alysha Ryan from Christchurch, evanescent Trudi Johnston from Rangiora, and the delectable Mereana Tumohe from Balclutha and the sparkling Angela Leslie from Napier. These four young ladies flew to Auckland and stayed with the compliments of the Hilton Hotel for two nights. The New Zealand Women’s Weekly had agreed to do a feature on these CanTeen members and to tell of their personal experiences with cancer. On the Monday Revlon and the stylist from the Women’s Weekly did a complete make over on the girls. After an elaborate photo shoot around the pool at the Hilton and in the Hotel the girls were then whisked off in the pimpiest looking limousine. In peak hour traffic to the studios many looks were received as to who these beautiful women were. Even though we didn’t have VIP passes we got through the security gates because of arriving in such style, ( ha ha ha ). So we played along and queued with all the VIP’s. Just in case you didn’t see the show, we were on camera 13 times. I am sure it was because Trudi was wearing a CanTeen pink Bandanna, and she looked so gorgeous. The girls got to meet judge Frankie Stevens and Trudi planted a big kiss on his cheek!!!!! Go Trudi. The girls were presented with NZ Idol T-Shirts signed by the final 10. It was so well worth it to see their faces and the excitement from being there. All of them came screaming out of the studio.I am sure they will agree with me it was an occasion to remember. Our own CanTeen Stars. The girls taught me a new way of greeting people differently. How U Doin! Leanne Ryburn Income Development Manager 9


CanTeen Calcutta 3rd May On Monday the 3rd of May the Chiefs put themselves up for auction to raise money for CanTeen Waikato/BOP/East Cape division. The auction was called The Chiefs CanTeen Calcutta. This meant that each player was auctioned off to local businesses. The business who bought the player who scored the first try during the 8th game against the Brumbies won 40% of the total pool. CanTeen Waikato/BOP/East Cape got the other 60%! We had a fantastic night! We arrived looking very sharp in our black CanTeen T-Shirts and mingled with the players and the local businesses before the auction. There were a few nerves, would anyone bid? Would it be a successful fundraiser? But our fears were quickly forgotten when the first player went for $3,000!! And it continued from there, with Byron Kellehers’ bid reaching an astounding $10,000. The total pool was $56,000! The night was livened up by the unique auctioneer and the attendance of TV 3’s Nathan Rarere and Oscar Kightley. Nathan and Oscar managed to have a great time despite being outbid again and again! In the end they managed to score a Chiefs tie- a bargain at $500!!!!! You may have seen him wearing it on Sportzah! As you may remember the Chiefs didn’t score a try at the May 8th match, this meant that all the businesses were put in a hat and a draw was made. This was won by Gallaghers Group who had bought three players on the night. Gallaghers Group very kindly donated over $14,000 back to CanTeen! Thanks so much for your generosity. The Chiefs raised $52,500 for CanTeen. We would like to thank the Chiefs for taking part in The Chiefs CanTeen Calcutta, (especially Dave Duley for the idea and Pat Mellsop for all his hard work) and the local business community for attending and making the night the success that it was! Thanks from Waikato Canteeners 10

Good Grief Greetings fellow CanTeeners! Allow me to tell you about my weekend in Christchurch, a weekend of fun, new experiences, discovery of self and to share a common thread - being affected by cancer in one way or another. Let me introduce myself my name is Jennie, I’m 15 and my little sister, Sally was diagnosed with Acute Lymthoblastic Leukaemia in October 2003. Anyway I was given the opportunity to go on a Good Grief Camp in Lyttleton in April. I was greeted at the airport by Penny the Wellington Co-ordinator, along with other CanTeeners all wearing bandannas. We were whisked away to our weekend abode to boldly go where others fear to tread, to a weekend of good fun, good friends, and coming to terms with our lives and how to deal with the ups and downs of growing up. We were driven through the city to our destination, when we got there we unloaded our stuff and found our rooms. Dinner was called and we gathered and got aquainted with a few others as we waited for the late arrivals to arrive at the camp. We then met David Garb, our facilitator for the weekend and got on with our evening program, which was basically introducing ourselves to the rest of the group and getting to know them a little better. We soon settled in for our first night. Saturday morning we rose and went and ate breakfast then got on with our daily activities which were based on trust and getting to know the others of the group then

we learnt how to deal with our problems and talked how it was like in the situation of being a patient or sibling of cancer or loosing some one to it. These activities were intense but very interesting and well worth it. In the afternoon we got a chance to explore the camp and do some of the outdoor activities that it had to offer there was the mono-rail, swimming, the flying fox, or just quiet time to get to know everyone a little better; that was neat. After tea we went up to the lounge and we played all sorts of games. We got into groups and did a game, skit or presentation, the games were a lot of fun there was the chocolate game which was a huge favourite! A few of us went out and sat on the in ground trampolines which was neat. Sunday our last day at camp we rose’n’shone and got all our gear packed. We went up to the conference lounge to finish off our Good Grief program, this was an awesome end to the weekend. We soon left our weekend retreat in 2 mini vans and headed for the airport. As we checked in and said our goodbyes with promises that we wouldn’t forget each other and that we would write. We all then caught our planes home. “Good Grief ” is an awesome opportunity for all you guys who want to find the better you. It’s an amazing experience and I recommend it. Thank you to David Garb, Angela, Penny, Lee the hosts and all the CanTeeners for a tremendous weekend. All the very best. Jennie K

National Programme Update Month of June Pams Promotion 12-13 June 2004 Good Grief, Christchurch 9-11 July 2004 Teenlink, Wellington 11-12 Sept 2004 Good Grief, N.I. 16-21 Jan 2005 National Camp, Nelson Regional Camps 2004 1-3 July Central, Relaxation Weekend 1-3 July Waikato, Relaxation Weekend 27-29 Aug South Island, Winter Camp 3-5 Sept Central, Winter Camp 17-19 Sept Oct Northland/Auckland/Waikato, Winter Camp

Kirsten Bell from Invercargill pictured with 3 team players from the Crusaders. Campbell Johnston, Richie McCaw and Chris King.

CanTeen welcomes you to participate in the above events. Please contact your area Co-ordinator for further information. See Page 15 for Contact details. 11


St Bedes raises, christchurch, raises $60,555 for CanTeen 120 Students from the college participated in “Project CanTeen” by running from six points around the South Island, From Karamea, Nelson, Haast, Cromwell, Motueka and Lawrence. The teams assembled at these points and ran back to Christchurch running an average of 120 kilometers per day averaging 500 km per route. While this went on the students ( all encouraged to participate) at St Bede’s ran activities to promote this cause including a 24 hour run at St Bede’s College Oval on Sunday April 4 and Monday April 5 to coincide with the arrival of the six teams returning to Christchurch. “Project CanTeen” ran from March 31st through April 5th, 2004. Project CanTeen was setup by Tony Guilliland, Assistant Principal of St Bedes, Chaplain Mark Walls and their Rector Justin Boyle . Thank you for the hours and hours of work in preparation and then during the run in transporting the boys and keeping them motivated. Thanks also to Sue Bagshaw who assisted with the sponsorship of the event. For more details you can check out their webpage Read on to hear the stories of those who were involved with “Project Canteen”.


St Bedes CanTeen Run Stories from some of those involved:

TONY Guilliland Assistant Principal- St Bedes Tony has been actively involved in the run through out its planning and drove through all the routes prior to the run, with Father Mark Walls (who originally developed the concept of the CanTeen run 2 years earlier, after successfully overcoming a personal battle with cancer). When Tony visited the small community of Mayfield ( 2 hours drive from Christchurch). He spoke of the boys experiences describing how every day the boys were so dedicated and courageous to accept the challenge of running a half marathon each day for 5 days. He spoke of the boys wanting to give up, of being in pain and constantly having to push and drive themselves to achieve their goal. While describing this to the gathering, Tony met Clare, a newly diagnosed cancer patient who reminded Tony that this battle is what she and other patients and their families faced every single day in their journey with cancer- sometimes with no real end in sight. You would of have to have been living under a rock not to know the week was all about CanTeen! Riley was the ‘at home coordinator’ and it was his role to keep all the 600 boys remaining at school actively focussed on CanTeen to ensure the project was a whole school event. While the teams of boys were off running, the school hosted “Bedes Idol”, a car bashing stunt, ever popular sausage sizzles, touch tournaments and bands playing at school during lunchtimes. A specially designed web page was created and kept updated with the news and photos of all the boys running around the South Island. There were Bandanna sales all week long. The highlight of the week for those boys back at school was the 24 hour relay around the school grounds starting late on Sunday and finishing just before the teams of runners arrived back at the school. Riley said ‘You would have to have been living under a rock not to








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Haast Timaru



Dunedin Lawrence

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know the week was all about CanTeen! There was such a tremendous team spirit back at school and nothing could match the look on the boy’s faces as they returned running up the school drive. They certainly had achieved celebrity status after 5 days of running!’ Riley Mongan Aged 17 75 km in a wheelchair tends to give you sore hands! Curtis was one of the incredible boys who formed part of the 24 hour relay back at school. “I took part in the run from 11 pm to 6am. It was a freezing night and by the end of it, I was freezing and had very sore, cold hands. I got into it because it looked like fun. And despite everything, it was all worth it.” So why did Curtis have sore hands? Because “Running: 75 km in a wheel chair tends to have that effect! Awesome effort Curtis- you are an inspiration! Curtis Smith Aged 13 It takes real guts to get up in front of your whole school and tell them some pretty personal stuff It takes real guts to get up in front of your whole school of 750 boys and all your teachers and tell them some pretty personal stuff about your life that none of them knew before. Chris lost his sister to cancer and was later diagnosed with cancer himself a few years later. He was a speaker at the St Bedes School Assembly prior to the run and then took part in the relay at the school. Chris says it has been a privilege to be part of this outstanding effort from this school. “For many boys, it meant supporting a cause they didn’t know much about. Now there is so much awareness about CanTeen through out the school community. The final event with the boys arriving home was amazing, I was so proud that my school supported CanTeen in this incredible way.” Chris Morel aged 14 Christchurch CanTeen member The hardest point was running 5 km straight up hill Kieran’s brother, Gareth, also a pupil at St Bedes College, was diagnosed with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukaemia) 6 months ago. Kieran knew the CanTeen run was coming up and put his name forward to be considered for a place in the teams. He was now a frequent runner before the CanTeen run and so spent many hours training to prepare for his team’s route from Lawrence in Central Otago, back to Christchurch. “It was tough, really tough and the hardest point was running 5 km straight up hill. I felt like giving up but the team spirit and encouragement from the other boys and staff kept me going. I learned that if I put my mind to something, I could actually do it!” “Id always known a bit about CanTeen but when Gareth was diagnosed, it made it all so much more important to me. It was just great to get text messages from Gareth along the way, it was part of what kept me going.” Kieran Eastwick Aged 16 I have been so proud and amazed at what everyone has done for CanTeen “I heard about the CanTeen run coming up; I was looking forward to it and hoping to take part. Then to find out that I had cancer certainly wasn’t part of the plan and I never thought I would find myself benefiting from the proceeds of the run. I have been so proud and amazed at what everyone has done for CanTeen and for me. It has been a great support to me and has given the school such an understanding of what I have been going through. Having my brother Kieran in the run has been awesome. He trained very hard and did so well, especially seeing he’s not normally a keen runner!” Gareth Eastwick Aged 14 New Canteen Christchurch member just finished treatment. 13


Remembrances Annella Marie McNicholl 3.2.1987 - 10.4.2004 From the time you were conceived my friend, until the time of death, the angels they are with you, with each and every breath (Leigh Engel) Annella was known to just the few CanTeeners who made visits to her in Christchurch Hospital. Her illness prevented participation in CanTeen events. The celebration of her life took place in the Rugby Club Rooms at Picton on the 15th April. It was obvious, by the many hundreds who packed the hall, that Annella had touched the lives of the Picton Community. Family, friends, school mates, business and professional sector, her whanau, they were all present. There was laughter and tears as memories were recalled or pictures transposed onto the large screen showing a fun loving, sensitive, caring, adventurous teen in her prime. Annella seemed to have more ‘defacto’ Mums, aunts, grandparents and children than most, such was her wide circle of friends and family. A balloon release marked the end of the service. Our thoughts go out to Ann, Stuart,Scott and family Nelson CanTeen

Day with the Dolphins written by Ray Dugarte One day in November, I got a newsletter in the mail telling me that there was a mysterious get away on the 6th of December 2003 and that we had to bring a $2 present to share around when we got to our destination. The letter also told us that we had to meet in town and spot a white van and CanTeeners, so once everybody came, we broke up into groups to head off to our secret destination. While the 26 of us were in the vans and cars travelling to the destination, everyone was wondering were we were going. Ten minutes passed and there we were in Lyttelton Harbour all puzzled and when everybody was there, we were told that we were going to go on a boat cruise around the Harbour to see if we could spot any


Don’t think of him as gone away His journey’s just begun Life holds so many facets This earth is only one Just think of him as resting From the sorrows and the tears In a place of warmth and comfort Where there are no days or years Think how he must be wishing That we could know, today How nothing but our sadness Can really pass away And think of him as living In the hearts of those he touched For nothing loved is ever lost And he loved so much! Ray was an inspiration to us all; we will never forget his cheery smile & his wonderful sense of humour. Ray is sadly missed by NSI CanTeen.

dolphins! When we were close to shore the cruise was really nice because we were sitting around the bow of the boat and it was really calm. But as we headed further out of the harbour, there was a huge swell which made the ride more like a roller coaster and you really had to hold on tight! A few CanTeeners lost their lunch overboard...lucky seagulls! The captain was puzzled as to why we weren’t seeing any dolphins and then the answer was there; there was a pod of Orca off the coast and the dolphins had gone to safer places. It was amazing to see the Orcas as it is a rare thing around Canterbury. We were also buzzing when we saw some dolphins closer inside the Harbour. It was then off to Sumner Beach for fish and chips, a crazy present swapping game and then some games including a 5 legged race around the playground, with our feet tied together with Bandannas! Of course, there were a few spectacular crashes! It was a great day and the mystery was well worth waiting for. by Ray Dugarte

NEW MEMBER Scott spent just over a year (almost straight) admitted to hospital. Even at 5 years old, Scott and I were inseparable; we still are to some extent. Scott and I made a very good friend while we were up at the hospital all that time. Believe it or not, 12 years later we are all still friends. Though Scott is now over his cancer, our friend sadly is not, he still has a brain tumour. 7 years of remission, Scott gets asked to go to Camp Quality. After they discovered that Scott has a twin they invited me to come along too. Scott and I got reunited with that same boy from the hospital. So with the week long camp and all the other activities during the year; we had a lot more contact with each other. 3 Camps, 3 reunions, 3 years later, Scott and I finished with Camp Quality due to lack of space for us. About 4 years later, after going through the death of two of my friends from Camp Quality, the boy from the hospital told me about CanTeen so I wrote to Pip Johnston (the co-ordinator at the time) asking if Scott and I could join. Pip then rang me and told me that Scott and I were more than welcome to join CanTeen. At our first ever General Meeting I discovered that sitting there, in the student lounge of the Christchurch Public Hospital was a good friend of mine. I had lost contact with her over the past 3 or 4 years. So that meant I had 2 friends and my loyal twin bro sitting along beside me in this nerve racking meeting. Now, it’s been just over a year since I joined CanTeen and I’m loving it completely. I have been involved in various fundraisers, from our huge garage sale for our summer camp in Nelson, to selling Christmas trees. I have also been to 2 camps, one at Hamner Springs and one in Nelson. I think joining CanTeen has been the best thing I could ever have done. It has helped me so much with the grief of the past and I’m sure it will continue to help me in the future. I would just like to thank everyone who has made CanTeen what it is now. It is really something to be proud of!!

Keryn Densem Northern South Island. Hi - My name is Keryn. I am a sister of a past cancer patient. Well.... actually a twin!! My twin brother Scott got diagnosed with Leukaemia when we were about 4 and a half. This meant that I spent most of my first year of primary school at the hospital with Scott.

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CanTeen Beanies $10.00 Superbly modelled here by Angela. Your ultimate in winter accessories. Polar Fleece One size fits most Available now. Contact National Office 09 303 4444

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Pulling Together

Buy Pams Bread and Milk We are now into our 2nd year of the sponsorship partnership with Foodstuffs under the Pam’s brand. In June there is a month long advertising campaign in the media and through out New World, Pak’N Save, Write Price and 4 Square stores. Every purchase of Pam’s milk and Pam’s bread, five cents per litre and ten cents per loaf will go to CanTeen. This is expected to raise more than $250,000 for CanTeen.

CanTeen Northern South Island New Members Name: Julia Allen Age: 21 Eye colour: Blue Three words to describe yourself: creative, vegetarian and gardener Coke or Pepsi? Neither McDonalds or KFC? Neither Innie or outie? Innie Fav Movie? The Prince’s Bride If you were a super hero who would you be? Artines Can You roll your tongue? Yes Name: Douglas Bremner Age: 13 Eye colour: Blue Three words to describe yourself: cool, smiley and friendly Coke or Pepsi? Coke McDonalds or KFC? McDonalds Innie or outie? Innie Fav Movie? Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back If you were a super hero who would you be? Spiderman Can You roll your tongue? Yes Name: Sam McConnell Age: 14 Eye colour: Blue Three words to describe yourself: short, blonde and sporty Coke or Pepsi? Coke McDonalds or KFC? McDonalds Innie or outie? Innie Fav Movie? Ocean’s Eleven If you were a super hero who would

you be? Spiderman Can You roll your tongue? Yes Name: Tim Olorenshaw Age: 13 Eye colour: Greeny - Blue Three words to describe yourself: sporty, fun and short Coke or Pepsi? Coke McDonalds or KFC? McDonalds Innie or outie? Innie Fav Movie? 2 Fast 2 Furious If you were a super hero who would you be? Incredible sporty, fun and short guy! Can You roll your tongue? Yes Name: Gareth Eastwick Age: 14 Eye colour: Blue Three words to describe yourself: shy, extreme and daring Coke or Pepsi? Coke McDonalds or KFC? McDonalds Innie or outie? Innie Fav Movie? Braveheart If you were a super hero who would you be? Superman Can You roll your tongue? Yes Name: Letitia Kelly Age: 15 Eye colour: Hazel Three words to describe yourself: friendly, artistic, cat-lover Coke or Pepsi? Coke McDonalds or KFC? McDonalds

Innie or outie? Innie Fav Movie? All of the Lord of the Rings movies If you were a super hero who would you be? Catwoman Can You roll your tongue? No Name: Vicki Coulter (filled out by her Mum) Age: 14 Eye colour: Blue Three words to describe yourself: Determined, beautiful, sense of humour Coke or Pepsi? Coke McDonalds or KFC? McDonalds Innie or outie? Innie Fav Movie? Lord of the Rings If you were a super hero who would you be? Superwoman Can You roll your tongue? No Name: Josh Ryan Age: 13 Eye colour: Greeny-blue Three words to describe yourself: tall, cool and friendly Coke or Pepsi? Coke McDonalds or KFC? KFC Innie or outie? Innie Fav Movie? 2 Fat 2 Furious If you were a super hero who would you be? Superman Can You roll your tongue? No

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Art Workshop Chiefs Rugby Team raises $52,500 St Bedes run raises $60,555 NZ Idols Principal Sponsor of CanTeen