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Pres Report CEO News

Hey everyone,

This week I had the great privilege to meet with one of CanTeen’s founding fathers. He was hugely impressive and I’d like to tell you about him.

So as we draw towards the end of our financial year I want to say thanks again, to all you members and staff who have worked incredibly hard to help bring in the funds and deliver great services across the country.

Michael Carr-Gregg (pictured right) is an Ozzie. He loves sport, is a proud dad and a leading psychologist and author. He is now 53 but in his late teens he got cancer and his life was turned upside down. Sound familiar?

While we did not have a National Camp this year, it has been great to see and hear about the awesome support members have been receiving, and the work being put in, such as the South Islands’ combined summer camp.

He was really unhappy about how his needs as a young, newly diagnosed patient were misunderstood and poorly met. So once he had gotten through his own cancer journey, he decided to do something about improving things for others. He was determined that no other young person should have to go through what he had experienced and never alone. He joined up with four other young cancer patients and together they created CanTeen Australia in 1985. His idea blossomed and was quickly recognised as a fantastic initiative. The Australian Jaycees even voted him Young Australian of the Year in 1987. In late 1987 he came to New Zealand and met with Paul Cressey, the then Chairman of Child Cancer Foundation ( CCF). Paul liked what Michael and friends had done in CanTeen Australia and quickly agreed to start a CanTeen NZ within CCF. And here we are today. Michael was delighted by how CanTeen NZ had evolved, that we now had 13 branches, serving 1500 members, supported by over 30 staff. He is quietly proud of what he achieved. He should be. On behalf of all of you and the generations of CanTeeners before you, I thanked him for being our visionary pioneer. Just look at what he started. Kia kaha

David P

It was amazing to see the support for our members and their families after the Christchurch EQ, and I know the members down there enjoyed getting away for their special ‘Quake Break’, a big thanks to the staff from National that organised that! We are looking at developing a member survey this year, that really enables us to see what we are doing well, and what we could improve on, so please keep your eyes and ears open for this. CanTeen has come a loooong way since its inception in the 80’s, but there is always stuff we can strive for! In the meantime, please feel free to contact your local MAC or Board members if you have anything to raise, or get in touch with me, 021 657 642 or

Cheers, Hamish

Through it All fundraising concert An inspirational and positive evening of coming together through music for CanTeen. Hosted in the heart of Manukau City at the TelstraClear Events Centre on 20th of July 2011. Through it All is a must attend event for fans of gospel music. See you there! Doors open 6pm. Concert from 7pm-10pm. Tickets $25 on sale soon!  For more information visit

Want to shop online and support CanTeen? is launching in early May and offers you opportunities to not only purchase fantastic new and preloved goods (just like Trade Me) but to also support your favourite charity! Every time you list or purchase something off we get a donation (if you’ve chosen CanTeen as your charity of choice). What a great excuse to go shopping!

New Staff Marie van Eyk Hey everyone, My name is Marie van Eyk and I feel very privileged to be working for CanTeen as the new Communications Executive in the Marketing team at National Office. I look forward to meeting and working alongside you and other members, volunteers, staff and supporters. I live in Auckland, but am Waikato born and raised. A couple of years ago I did my ‘Big OE’ and lived for awhile in Edinburgh and London, two amazing cities. I love to travel and one day look forward to seeing a bit more of the world. Before starting at CanTeen I worked as a Fundraiser for Mercy Hospice Auckland and in London I worked in the Volunteer Development Team for the NSPCC (a children’s charity). My personal goal this year is to run a half marathon, which will be tough as I’m not a natural runner, but I’m determined to do it. So, that’s a little bit about me. I can’t wait to get stuck in at CanTeen and look forward to learning about you. Talk soon


Jacqui Broughton Kia ora My name is Jacqui Broughton and I started at CanTeen in the role of Member Support Coordinator on the 7th March 2011. I moved to Wellington from Whanganui where I lived for 5 years and worked as a Social Worker with at risk youth and their whanau. I am the mother of two daughters Kama (13) and Rebecca (20). I love my new role at CanTeen and am frequently inspired by the young members and their tenacity, energy and refreshing outlook they have on life. I feel privileged to work alongside such inspiring role models and share in some of their journey as I continue to learn from them. Arohanui and peace


Mieke Schendelaar My name is Mieke, I am 25 years old and moved from The Netherlands to New Zealand last July. This was a big step to leave my job, friends and crazy life in Amsterdam to start all over again in Wellington. My new lifestyle started awesome with every weekend feeling like a holiday. But since starting at CanTeen I have found the perfect job that has completed my new life! I am happy that I can continue working with young people who are my passion. I get inspiration from working for and together with our members and their amazing energy, spirit and commitment to support their peers! Cheers,


Suzen Adams Hello, I am Suzen. I am the new Member Support Coordinator for Manawatu. I am an American from Kansas but have lived in New Zealand for 9 years. I lived in Johnsonville in Wellington for 7 years and in Levin for the last two. I am a Nurse by trade. I have worked in Mental Health for 14 years, Paediatrics, Emergency and Mother/Baby (I have seen well over 200 babies born, such a miracle). I have a 16 year old Son who is in his senior year in Levin. He is a body builder who is ranked 5th nationally for teens. He is my only child and my true gift. I love sports, well except netball (I just want to scream “Dribble the ball!”) however I have grown to really love rugby and the Sevens. However can’t give up my passion for grid iron and baseball! I have 4 dogs whom we love to spend lots of time with taking to the beach or rivers. Another of my passions is motorbike riding. I have two street bikes Suzuki Bandit 1200cc and Honda Shadow 1100cc. I also have one off road bike and one 4x4 quad!!

Sarah Pascoe Kia ora everyone. My name is Sarah Pascoe and I have just started at CanTeen as the Patient Support Coordinator for the Canterbury/West Coast Branch. My professional background has been as a Speech and Language Therapist where I have worked predominantly in Hospital settings, both in New Zealand and in the UK. Most recently I have been working for an International Aid and Development NGO based in Christchurch. I am originally a North Islander (and proud of it!), but Christchurch is becoming a second home again as I was also here for my University years…although I am not too impressed with its shaking behaviour of late!! I really enjoy the outdoors and have a particular love for being active outside, especially if it’s in the form of tramping or running. I also have a special interest in Te Reo Maori, and am going to be attempting a Diploma in Maori Language this year, so feel free to test me on it…or correct me!! I am very excited to be in this role with CanTeen and am really looking forward to working with you all. Hope we cross paths soon. Naku noa,


Nigel Waring Hello everyone, my name is Nigel Waring, I have stepped in as the new Planning and Logistics Manager at National Office. I have an extensive background in Engineering, Logistics and IT. I have spent the last six months working in the Outback of Australia and travelling Europe. Originally from Auckland, I have been living in Wellington (my second home) for the last 3 years. While not a rocket scientist, I do have an unusual interest in satellite technology and like to keep up with new advances in the technical and gaming world.

I am really looking forward to working with everyone. I already know I am going to enjoy coming to work every day!

In my spare time I play a myriad of sports, including Rugby Union, Squash and Indoor Netball, I love a challenge and look forward to working with you all and making a valuable contribution to CanTeen.





Auckand Summer Camp After some fun filled planning sessions in the Auckland CanTeen office, Summer Camp finally came the second weekend of February. Getting up there early to help set up the bunks and food with Nadine was great and needless to say we ate our fair share of Moro bars! The Northland crew were the first to arrive, after unloading their luggage they started planning a surprise for Auckland. When the big bus rolled up the members were armed with water bombs. The weekend played out a bit like that with water, fun and mess. We kayaked in the surf, attempted to make rafts, rock climbed, did some awesome African drumming, learnt some remarkable circus tricks and beat the staff in a food fight. I didn’t realise how hard it was to wash out egg, flour, corn and country ladle chunky soup mixture out of my hair… ouch!! But definitely worth it! The weekend was a BLAST!!!

Jess Mackie – Auckland Pres

Sensational Surinder CanTeen is supported by an army of fantastic individuals and none more so than the Pukekohe Bike Bash entrepreneur Surinder Edwards. Surinder’s tireless efforts in supporting young people living with cancer in the Franklin region are legendary. For the past seven years Surinder has overseen Bike Bash which attracts school students, businesses and the community at large come together at the Pukekohe Town Square for a twelve hour extravaganza of cycling, fun, music, humor and most of all incredible generosity. The 2010 bike bash raised tens of thousands of dollars for CanTeen. The army of supporters and volunteers Surinder activates are brilliant, giving their time and often funds supporting our members. Surinder has always been open to share her vast knowledge and expertise in running Bike Bash with anyone ensuring that CanTeen raises serious funds. It is people like Surinder who seriously make a difference to our CanTeen members and for this she is Sensational Surinder. CanTeen wishes to express its extreme gratitude and warmth to Surinder Edwards for her every present and ongoing love and support of young people living with cancer.

Brian - MSM

Lovely Leigh CanTeen Auckland would also like to express our immense gratitude to Leigh Marsden who runs an amazing annual Christmas lights display at her home in Farm Cove. Leigh puts up the HUGE display all by herself and keeps her home open late into the night for visitors to walk through the display. Visitors are able to make a donation to a local charity and this year Leigh chose CanTeen as her recipient charity raising over $7,000!!! Thank you Leigh for such an amazing effort.

Jump Start... a wicked whirlwind of a weekend!!! What an epic weekend!!! Starting from Friday with Kingsgate Parnell, pizza, throwing Jenny in the pool. Saturdays Kelly Tarlton’s, BK, Yum Cha, Michelle our perfect role model playing with the chicken feet and trying to bag a few, hanging in the sunny Domain, checking out the museum, news that the jump was cancelled, Sky City or Blues vs Hurricanes from a corporate box, news that the jump was back on and Sunday with a 6am wake up call for jump day! Describing Jump Start and a skydive is so hard to put into words, there’s so much to it and it all happens so quickly so I expected sensory overload! The going up in a Hercules, laughing, the wait, the run, the jump, the wicked free falling, the parachute float to the ground and landing with a smile. But there’s a little more to it than that... It’s actually surprising how safe and secure you can feel when you’re basically running off a ramp into the unknown...10,000 feet up in the air free falling towards the earth... strangely one of the most wicked, exciting, amazingly, awesome yet still secure feeling experiences ever!!! Like CanTeen I think it’s the security of knowing no matter how far or fast you fall, you know you are not alone through your journey... They’re the jumpmaster - falling with you sharing the same experience, the cameraman – in front of you but always smiling, the people on the ground - ready to catch you and they’re the plane loads of friends who jumped before you - who wait excitedly for you knowing what you have just experienced and best of all they’re that parachute that slows the world down so you can take in and appreciate the experience, the scenery, the feelings, the wicked rush, the people around you and the things that seem so far away. Like I said, strangely the most secure, exciting, amazing life changing experiences ever. To Staff and the Jump Start team thank you for making the weekend amazing. To Michelle who had to break hearts, send them away and keep a straight face when you put them back together again... We have the utmost respect for you and the things you do for us. XXX


land auckland/north

Northland Young Mums Group We had our first get- together in March which allowed us to catch up with our wonderful mums’ and babies. It was a great opportunity to relax and spend time together. Over the next few months we will be doing all sorts of different activities.

Summer Camp One of the best parts of Summer Camp is the positive outlook and excited anticipation you feel from everyone as they enter the van and take a seat. It is so nice to have something to look forward to, and know that along the way you are going to make new friends. Our van didn’t make it easy to stow the incredibly big bags everyone decided to bring, and I am still mystified as to how we managed to get them in and close the door.

We arrived at Camp and spent the next few days doing activities that consisted of team building games, raft building, and a swim at the Waiwera Hot Pools. In the evening we sang songs and shared stories, and during the day our young people sat with mouths wide open watching the high speed food fights. It was a great weekend and the memories will be treasured.

Master Chef If you have every considered entering Master Chef but never thought you would have the opportunity to experience it, well consider this. Three CanTeen teams of two competed for the Northland Master Chef Champion on March 26. Wow, talk about blown away! All meal choices where mouth watering. Each team had to create a meal and stick to a budget. They presented a line up of amazing food. Each course was presented to three judges and they where marked on presentation, creativity, budget and taste. Aleesha and Britney cooked an entrée, Gina & Tegan created a main and the overall winners, Katie and Millie, cooked an amazing dessert. It was a great night with each team catering for 24 guests.

Head Shave A Charity Head Shave, it’s head and shoulders above all other fundraisers! We would like say a huge thankyou to Taylor Alexander-Crawford for her amazing effort of raising $1500 for CanTeen Northland! One of Taylor’s teachers from Kamo High in Whangarei shaved her head. Taylor made a huge commitment and we appreciate all the hard work she put into raising this amount of money. It is young people like Taylor that help to make a difference.

Jump Start Congratulations to Chris Gill who attended Jump Start. Well done Chris, you make us proud. Chris said he loved it and thanks to everyone who made it happen. “On the day of jump start the sun was shinning and we all were looking forward to our jump. When you’re standing at the edge of the Hercules we were all amped and ready for our free fall. When you are free falling it is the most amazing thing you’ll ever do there are no words to explain how amazing the feeling is!!! Once the parachute has deployed you can see everything and you are buzzing from the free fall.” Chris Gill

ikato bop/east cape/wa


Pres Report

Poker Night

Hey team, Well we’re into the fourth month of the year already and things are in full swing. If you have not signed up for the under and over 18 activities yet, please do if you are available on those nights/days. We had heaps of fun and laughs at our last activities, so you won’t want to miss out. I hear summer camp was a blast, thanks to the sub-committee and Ankia for all the hard work that went into this. From surf boats to sand sculptures (and a tiny bit of pranking) it was sure to be awesome. I, for one, am looking forward to R and R, bring it on! The committee has had a bit of a swap around. A big thanks to Victoria Carrol for stepping up into the Treasurer role, unfortunately this means the committee had to say goodbye to Gregor. Thanks Gregor for all your hard work within CanTeen Waikato Branch, we hope to see you at activities soon. Bandanna Challenge planning (dare we speak of it already) is well under way! Making this year better than last starts with you guys, so if you’re up for the challenge of helping with the organising and then the implementation of BC 2011 please sign up! A big part of this appeal is awareness so if you’re interested in public speaking or getting a bit of training in public speaking there are plenty of opportunities over the next 8 months so dive on in. Looking forward to seeing you in the near future. Keep it Real,

Emma Ferry-parker

Christmas party Dec 2010 Well, for Waikato’s annual Christmas party being a decade since the millennium we thought we might mark the 10 year period in style. So we headed over to the one…. the only………RAINBOWS END!!! Pretty much the claim to fame of New Zealand entertainment, apart from of course the national rock skimming champs. So on a beautiful December Saturday we headed over next door to our neighbour, Auckland, for some serious adrenaline pumping activities. It was awesome seeing CanTeeners flung into the air around and down again - what a perfect place to celebrate Christmas. It was an awesome, fun-filled day and a little present to take home to remember the occasion. Thanks heaps to the organisers and staff and volunteers that looked after us and the people from ‘Rainbows End’ for all their support they gave us. Thanks to all who came and I hope to see the same, plus many more at our next Christmas Party.

Isaac Ferry-Parker

Waikato vs BOP Paintball On March 12, we met to face off in an epic under 18’s Paintball match. It was Hamilton vs Tauranga in two capture the flag games, both of which Tauranga won, even though they had less members and a friendly fire accident or two! It was then a free for all, when the last two people left with ammo (both Tauranga people again!) had to face off. We had loads of fun, and a lot of bruises were handed out!

Zane Farrow

For our first over 18 activity this year we had a poker night which, to say the least, was totally awesome! Emma and Aodhan were the pro’s – or so they claimed – and showed us how it’s done. There was so much laughter that night that it didn’t even matter that one round of poker took the entire time it took Ankia to get the pizza. It was a great night we all can’t wait ‘til the next activity!!

Talia Kelly

Canteen Summer Camp Waikato I was really excited when I jumped in the van on the way to my very first CanTeen Camp. I was a bit shy at first but as soon as I got to know everyone it was sweet as. Our weekend was packed full of fun activities…. roaming around sunny Raglan, activities on the beach, rides on the surf lifesaving IRBs, a boat cruise on the beautiful Raglan Harbour, doing massive bombs off the boat and having a water & flour fight with staff and volunteers (organised by Bex) – haha!! I have made heaps of friends who now all know me as Sione (my first ever nickname). Everyone who is part of Waikato CanTeen is awesome. My decision to join CanTeen was a great one. I have had an amazing opportunity to share many moments and fun experiences. Thanks heaps.

Kyle (Sione) Tuioti J

South Waikato 4x4 Trials The Day was a beautiful one, the sun was out, engines were roaring, mud was flying everywhere, people were all over the place and that could only mean one thing. To kick start our day of fun our PSC, two members and I would take a not so fun drive for about 40 minutes. After reaching our was on, 4x4 met muddy hills, tracks and pools of mud and this could only end interestingly. All kinds of challenges awaited quite a few 4x4 trucks which they called hazards at the South Waikato Trials. These trials were their chance to represent their region in the North Island champs and as you can imagine they were pretty impressive. We spent the day at the trails, watched some awesome 4x4ing, had lunch and had rides around the car park in some trucks shaking some buckets. All in all, it was, in my view, a very fun a successful day.

Aodhan Hamilton

ikato bop/east cape/wa



A big thanks goes out the ANZ Staff Foundation for covering the cost of our Significant Other Xmas Party.

Paintball Waikato Dex, Logan, Raiatea and Bex headed over the foggy Kaimais to take on the Wakatoos! And did we what – annihilated would be an understatement. I for one will never participate in such activity again for a week on, the bruises remain. Declan owned me in the ‘free for all’ I frightened off several 10 year olds wanting to play when they saw my tears.


Up and Coming Activities/Camps

Dianne and two colleagues from the Mount Maunganui Branch came to help and cook CanTeen a Christmas BBQ. This left the members, families and staff to play freely all day at the Waimarino. We had 65 people join in and for me it was great to meet parents, new members, siblings and partners for the first time and by the smiles on everyone’s faces we all had an awesome time. We all had the opportunity to do rock wall climbing, kayaking, peddleboating, swimming, diving, NZs only kayak slide, The Blob – a human catapault!, giant trampoline and much more. We were also entertained by secret santa and our local musicians – you rock! The photos speak for themselves.


Rest & Relaxation Weekend 8-10 April

Based in sunny Ohope, this will be a weekend of sand, shade, snorkelling, fishing and more. We will also be having our divisional rememberance.

Budget Setting

Staff will be starting the budget setting process so if you have any wishes for the next financial year – July onwards let the staff or your committee know.

REAL – National Workshop

Contact the staff or committee to find out more about this programme in Christchurch in May, August and November.

AGM – 14th August

If you would like to be a part of making decisions for your region – come and join our local committee, nomination forms will go out at the end of July.

Committee Training – 26 -28 August

Once on committee, you will be taken away for a weekend to get up to speed with CanTeen as a whole.

Movie night Friday 11th March 15 members gathered at the CanTeen office. We all had a jam on our new drum kit! It is super duper fun, even when you have no idea how to play! I bet the neighbours loved it. We had the Wii up and running for some, whilst the rest of us watched a movie. The boys were helping set up the projector and suddenly Miss BEX tripped over the cord connecting it to the wall, so the boys had to start the whole process again – Go Bex Hahahah. We watched ‘The Recruit’, which was a reasonably good movie, but rather predictable. While watching the movie we got to eat pizza, hot chips and drink fizzy-SCRUMPSCIOUS! All and all it was a very enjoyable night, even though our ears are still ringing - thanks everyone

Zoe Mayhew

GROOVE ON GRAFTON Wow what a time we had. The van full of members, guitars and supporters drove to Auckland to play as the opening act for the Groove on Grafton concert organized by the Auckland Branch. The coolest part happened when Danni and the CanTeeners rehearsed in a quiet room, Mike Chun (from Split Enz) appeared from around the corner and requested a personal audience. Blown away by what he had heard, when it came to performing live he jumped up onto the microphone and glorified the talent that came from the Bay. Borrowing Logan’s tambourine he sat down and played with the band. From this they scored another gig in March. The second coolest thing that happened, my sister so inspired by what she had just seen and heard donated her acoustic guitar and drum kit to the Bay of Plenty Music Group. So if you’re an aspiring musician, singer, song writer come join our music group and get some real opportunities to showcase your talents. Text Music to 021 900 662.


ikato bop/east cape/wa

BOP Summer camp After getting lost a few times, we finally arrived at the Raglan campground. We did our usual meet & greets and then had the best dinner of spaghetti bolognaise, garlic bread and salads. Afterwards we got into groups and did an amazing race which was super fun. We had to: Get 10cents from a random local, have a picture of our group forming a pyramid outside a restaurant, have a person on another’s shoulders by the water tower (on the other side of town), have the values and CanTeen logo written in sand, find out the Maori name for Raglan and what it means, cross the foot bridge one at a time and collect 45 bottle caps. It was an eventful activity and took quite a bit longer than expected. That night we hung out, singing along to the guitar, playing cricket etc. The next morning we went to the beach from 9.301.30. Whilst there we went surfing, swimming, did surf lifesaving drills and went in IRB’s. Hannah and I went in the IRB together, and the man that held the rope at the front of the boat, lost his footing and went overboard, so we had to save him-HOW IRONIC :) annnnnnd... guess what!? we are going to be on PIHA RESCUE next year. woohoo! We also had a sandcastle competition and had to make up a song about our sand castles. That afternoon we went on a cruise around the Raglan Harbour, it was a lovely two storey charter that we went on, was great. We did bombs off the boat, the water was so lovely! After getting back to camp some of us went down to the river and went kayaking and swimming, the others chilled out and made kites! We did a fashion show that night, the theme being ‘animals in swimsuits’. The next day we went caving!!! In the first 100m I nearly knocked myself out by on an obscene object that seemed to appear at the last second and I fell over. We all came out covered in clay, but some a lot more than others. I decided its not really my thing, but it was a good experience. Then guess what happened!??? everyone had left, we were out of rangeand our van keys happened to be in the caving guides’ truck. UH OH! so we waited for about half and hour to an hour, and thank goodness, they came back with our keys :) It was a very eventful and great weekend, thankyou guys :)

Zoe Mayhew

Laser Tag Saturday 12 march 2011 I never thought I’d get into laser tag but by the end of the morning I was hooked. Who wouldn’t love shooting at people like you’re part of the SAS or some CIA secret agent?! There was a small group of seven of us that turned up on a lovely sunny morning and we were joined by two young children’s birthday parties to make up the numbers for our “squadrons”. So with cap and laser sensor on and gun in hand I felt like a female version of Rambo as we ducked and dived to avoid being shot and at the same time annihilate the opposition (I’m not one to brag but I kinda kicked butt!). We played four different games in our two teams each with a different objective (to get as many kills as you can or get as few casualties as you can etc). By the end of the third game my team was down 2 to 1 with one draw. The instructor Richard said our team had one last chance to draw and Karl and I were chosen to compete in a one-on-one stand off. I was taking it easy on him because I felt bad, so he won but next time Karl won’t be so lucky! Haha Once we’d finished we all headed to Subway for a drink and snack which was a great way to end a fun filled morning (even if my thighs were REALLY sore the next day from crouching and hiding) I would definitely recommend laser tag to anyone who is yet to discover their inner Rambo!!

Haley Thomas

Lion Foundation Many thanks goes to the Lion Foundation who supported our branch with a wonderful grant to cover the costs of our Summer Camp 2011!

ikato bop/east cape/wa

East cape

XMAS PARTY 2010 East Cape CanTeeners and their families gathered at our office to enjoy our Christmas party in idealic sun. We all dug in the sand to find a number that corresponded with our mystery present then number by number we all unwrapped our amazing presents. We all sat together to enjoy homemade picnics followed by a failed attempt to break the piñata full of lollies. We ripped it open in the end. Our awesome day continued on the beach swimming and using the stand up paddle boards. Lots of fun on the stand up paddle boards, they are a must for the future! Some of us got tragically sunburnt and sadly we went back to the office to find our Wii stolen. Other than that it was another great Christmas in the East Cape family.


CanTeener’s sharing fun

Jump Start

Rest and Relaxation Weekend on the 8th 10th April saw 34 members, 6 volunteers, 4 staff from Waikato, Bay of Plenty and East Cape Branches gather for a weekend of fun. 1st class accommodation was kindly sponsored by Ohope Top 10 Holiday Park.

One lucky, very deserving Eastcape member had her chance to participate in a memorable moment…


Have you ever had the urge to fly like a bird…? Then Jump Start is right for you! If you are scared of heights…… Then Jump Start is still right for you! If you are given the chance to go on Jumpstart,

Other East Cape members definitely don’t miss out on any fun. Returning recently from our Divisional Summer Camp in Raglan! Only in CanTeen will we dare to dress as “SUPER HEROES” and dine out in Whakatane! Next mag … we will update all the fun…I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

I recommend that you jump at the opportunity. Jump Start is a once in a lifetime experience. Friends, a Hercules’s, parachutes and fun, what more could you ask? I would like to thank Michelle, Murray and the Whenupai Airforce and the skydivers for making these amazing experiences happen. Jumpstart has definitely been the best thing I have ever done.

Danielle Russell

East cape and Hakwes Bay Branches meet to play… On March12th, East Cape planned to meet up with Hawke’s Bay in Wairoa around 10.30 for an awesome day of waterskiing, wakeboarding and loads of fun, but due to the earthquake in Japan and the tsunami warning some members thought they could have a sleep in ;-) But alas we got on our way, eventually rolling up to the newly renovated Wairoa Ski Club in our kindly sponsored “Flash” cars. We had a lot of fun on the Waterski’s, wakeboards and the biscuit, and you can’t forget our amazing mud slides with East Cape members being the only one’s game

enough to get really dirty. All around it was a great day (hopefully in future no one else misses participating in all the action, like some …by falling off their bikes and having their arm in cast) :/ Thanks again to The Wairoa Waterski Club for use of all your facilities, gear, tuition and spending your Saturday ensuring we had a great day. Huge thanks also to our fab CanTeen volunteers.


EastCape acknowledge … Gisborne Noel Leeming and the generosity of an amazing anonymous local business man who after reading about out Wii and games being stolen from our office replaced these on Christmas Eve! This businessman has gone on to provide further support, sponsorship for subsidised travel to visit rural members and monthly activities. Successful grants – Many thanks to… The Lion Foundation - $7,500 assistance towards our office rent, power and phone costs. New Zealand Lotteries Grant Board - $10,000 towards our M.L.C’s salary, domestic travel and administration costs. Ohope Top 10 Holiday Park who have generously offered to sponsor accommodation for a divisional camp per year, how cool is that! To every individual, business and community group who support us with donations, kind gestures and good will. Your support does make a difference and never goes without notice. “Thank you” from all CanTeen Members, families, volunteers and staff.

Up for a Challenge in 2011? Then sign up your school, Uni or workplace for this year’s CanTeen Bandanna Challenge 23 Sept - 9 Oct 2011 Imagine a world without CanTeen, where there’s no peer support network or friends to turn to during difficult times. CanTeen receives no direct Government funding so we rely on our own fundraising efforts to help raise much needed funds to continue to support, develop and empower people like you. No money, no support – it’s as simple as that. So Bandanna Challenge plays a key part in raising funds and awareness of what we do. Your role in Bandanna Challenge We need your help to get CanTeen bandannas on the heads, arms and ankles of as many New Zealanders as possible. Your challenge is to sign up your school, University or workplace to sell bandannas. If selling bandannas isn’t an option many people organise their own fun Bandanna Challenge events including head shaves, mufti-days and bake-offs to raise money for young people living with cancer. Will you rise to the challenge? Register your school, Uni or workplace today for Bandanna Challenge 23 Sept - 9 Oct 2011. If you tell them what CanTeen does and the importance it plays in your life, how could they not support you and CanTeen! There are four ways to register: Email with your school/uni/workplace contact details Call 0800 CANTEN Fax 09 303 4433 Via our website - Once you’ve registered we’ll send through more details in June.

Thanks to Sony New Zealand Many of you will have turned up to your branch office over Christmas or in the New Year to discover Santa Claus (a.k.a Sony Electronics, Playstation, Music and Pictures) visited and left a significant amount of CD’s, DVD’s, PS3’s and electronics such as TV’s and digital cameras. The guys and gals at all four Sony companies hope that each and every member gets much enjoyment from these goodies. We all know that entertainment plays a huge part in young people’s lives, but especially so when you’re a young person living with cancer as it provides much needed distraction and enjoyment at difficult times. It’s a great way to get people together as well which CanTeen is all about. Sending everyone at Sony a huge shout out – THANKS!

2011 | 2012 Entertainment™ Books CanTeen is selling the new 2011 | 2012 Entertainment™ Books as a fundraiser whereby 20% of every sale goes to us! Areas covered by the Books include Auckland; Waikato / BOP; Wellington; Christchurch / Nelson / Marlborough, Regional Canterbury; Dunedin / Invercargill / Queenstown and some surrounding areas. The Entertainment™ Book contain 100s of amazing 25-50% off and 2-for-1 offers from popular restaurants, cafes, fast food outlets, cinemas, hotels, the arts and sporting events. You, your friends or family can purchase your new Entertainment™ Book through our online shop now.

Recycle your old mobile phones and raise funds for CanTeen Paid For Mobiles are a new and innovative company who are helping support CanTeen through the recycling of old mobile phones. Paid For Mobiles purchase your old mobile phone, refurbishing it back to its best possible state, and regenerating it back into use in places such as India, Africa, Pakistan and China. If your phone isn’t able to be refurbished they will recycle the parts ensuring we reduce our toxic landfill in Aotearoa. When Paid For Mobiles purchase your phone, you get the option to donate a portion of the proceeds to CanTeen. So hunt out your old mobile phones (working or not) and jump on the website www. as we help you get rid of your old mobile phone, protect the environment and support CanTeen at the same time.

mmes National Progra and Events

Quake Break

Intro Hi ALL, (The best way of saying Hello to Members, Staff, Volunteers, Supporters, Parents, Caregivers, and anyone else involved with CanTeen.) Over the past 3 months CanTeen has run a number of exciting national programmes. We’ve thrown members from out of a Hercules airplane, ran a Quake Break for our Christchurch members, held another REAL and participated in the Taranaki Bike Challenge! Check out the upcoming programmes to see what you can get involved in!!

Due to the earthquake in Christchurch the TEENLINK was cancelled and a special QUAKE BREAK Weekend was quickly put in place for the NSI Members at the beautiful Living Springs Recreational Complex based in Governor’s Bay, Christchurch. 19 NSI members, staffed by Koral, Jason, and Sarah, supported by Michelle and Murray and ably led by David Garb enjoyed a weekend of getting away from it all and a little bit of R & R. Enj!

See ya soon, Murray

Future National Programmes The following programmes have been arranged, we need Members to select which module they wish to attend, contact Murray at National Office or your own Divisional / Branch Staff member and ask for the registration forms. EMPOWERING SELF 24-26 JUNE (13-16 year olds) CHRISTCHURCH REAL (Rejuvenated, feel Empowered, gain Awareness, Let go) • 20-22 MAY @ CHRISTCHURCH (All BOOKED OUT…Sorry) • 5-7 AUGUST @ CHRISTCHURCH • 25-27 NOVEMBER @ CHRISTCHURCH TEENLINK 15-17 JULY @ CHRISTCHURCH EMPOWERING RELATIONSHIPS (17-24 years) @ CHRISTCHURCH LEADERS DEVELOPMENT 2-4 SEPTEMBER @ OTAKI (Wellington) PRESIDENTS / VICE PRESIDENTS WORKSHOP 4-6 NOVEMBER OTAKI (Wellington) More information about the programmes is available from your local branch, on the web at or you can contact National Programmes on 0800 CanTeen.

Taranaki Bike Challenge 2011 started off with the Taranaki Bike Challenge. Several National and Auckland Branch staff and members travelled down to New Plymouth to support Lauree and hergroup in the cycle around Mt Egmont. A great weekend in Taranaki, although I actually thought that we were in Wellington as the gusting wind blew our tents away!!!! We ended up sleeping in the New Plymouth Air Training Corps HQ for the Saturday nights accommodation. A big thanks to the event organisers and sponsors. We are very privileged to be the beneficiary of this wonderful event, which wouldn’t be possible without the input from

these awesome people. Thank you also to our Ambassador Paige Hareb who participated as part of Team CanTeen. It was great for the members to spend some time with Paige and help her with her ‘crosstraining’. Special thanks also to Hot Cycles in Auckland for their support. Roger and the team provided CanTeen with bikes to participate in the event with and has since been auctioning them off with the proceeds coming straight to CanTeen!! We’ve already raised over $1,500 and still have 4 more bikes that are being auctioned. Visit and search CanTeen to check them out.

Against the Odds Back in November 2010, 18 full size white fibreglass horses appeared in the backyards some well known kiwi personalities accompanied by a collection of Resene paints and a sign saying “Paint Me”. They then spent the summer months transforming the horses into exquisite works of art. Each artist also nominated a charity who would benefit from the sale of the finished works. Sara Tetro, founder of 62 Models Management and Judge on New Zealand’s Next Top Model chose CanTeen as her charity. ‘Against the Odd’s was the name given to Sara’s horse. His name represents the battle young New Zealanders aged 13-24 face when living with cancer and his colours represent their vitality and inspiration. Inspired by CanTeeners who get support from friends, family & CanTeen, Sara choose to collaborate with good friend and acclaimed artist Sara Hughes and her brother Joel Tetro owner of Sign of the Times, specialist in brand applications. Auctioned on Trademe the sale of the horse raised over $2,000!!! CanTeen Auckland’s fashion guru Saki even got to meet Sara. A huge thanks especially to Sara and everyone involved with Resene’s Fastest Horse Auction.

JUMP START 2011 The weekend of the 18-20th March was a big weekend for 25 CanTeeners. Members flew in from all parts of New Zealand and met up with five locals at the Kingsgate Hotel in Auckland’s Parnell. The programme was set. Friday night, Chill out with pizza and stick around the Kingsgate, swimming, chatting, TV. Saturday up at 0600, Breakfast at 0615, Depart for RNZAF Base Whenuapai ready for the BIG Tandem Jump. Saturday evening Sky City for some, and Rugby for the rest. Sunday, once again up early, breakfast, out to the Auckland Airport and homeward bound. Well it was not to be!! Late on Friday night we were told that due to the earthquake in Japan the Hercules Aircraft that we were going to use on Saturday for our jump was not available and that we would now be jumping on Sunday. So our plan changed, Saturday became a hurried visit to Kelly Tarlton’s. Whilst at Kelly Tarton’s our Programme Leader, Michelle received a message saying that the Jump was OFF!!! We carried on with lunch at either Burger King and/or Chinese Yum Cha in Queen Street and then went to the Domain for some touch rugby and some rest. Members at this time did not know that the Jump was off. Back at the Kingsgate Michelle called everyone together and sadly broke the news “NO JUMP’. All members, staff and volunteers were devastated!! Buit we carried on and went off to the Rugby and the remainder to Sky City. Whilst Michelle was at Sky City she got another call saying that the Air Force had made available a Hercules and that the Jump was now ON!!! We had to be at Whenuapai first thing Sunday morning. Michelle broke the news on our return to the Kingsgate that night. Everyone was on a high again. Accordingly, there was not very much sleep. The next morning we out to the Air Force Base and met up with all the tandem jumpers. The lucky 25 CanTeen jumpers all got into flying suits and head gear, strapped and hooked on to their Tandem Master and off to the C130 aircraft. Then….Take off!!! At 10,000 feet the back door opens. Nervous members strapped to Tandem Masters, shuffle to the edge and “Go”….they are on the way down. What a way to spend Sunday morning, jumping out of a plane wow! We then had to hurry and get to Auckland Airport to catch our flights back home. Thanks to all those that made this day a day to remember, Tim Fastnedge and his JUMP START team, the RNZAF personnel and CanTeen staff.


Taranaki We’ve had some great support lately.... Big props to Healthy Inspirations, the cycling community, Moturoa 4 Square, Taranaki Chamber of Commerce, M & O Pacific, Hot Cycles, the Salisbury family, Events Taranaki & Hartlands Insurance. Origin Energy continue to make our lives more amazing by providing the CanVan for us to get out in the community so much more. Thanks Origin ...... you’re like chocolate to us (vital to life) xo

Our Committee & New Office Neil Sandford, Olivia Sands, Olivia Benefield, Alistair Fisher, Kirsten Jones, Heather O’Neill, Matt Salisbury & Steve Strand are all rocking Taranaki which is brilliant. It’s so awesome to have such a great team working for all Naki members and representing hard out. These guys are living the Values and available to you when you need them to speak for you or represent your views in committee. If you’ve

got an idea for an activity or a fundraiser let them know too. New committee being formed in July so let us know if you’re keen to step up and get involved.

Summer Camp

We’re really excited about our new office in Stratford on Wednesdays. We’re still in New Plymouth but have branched out and we’re pumped about getting out and about in Stratford more seeing as a third of our members are there.

Mikayla: it was her first CanTeen camp, way better than school ones. The best things about camp were the kayaking and rock climbing.

Our Summer Camp in February was AWESOME!!!! This is what some of the members who went on summer camp said.....

Chevelle: It was the best camp! DJ: His favourite part of the camp was when they got stuck in Wanganui when the bus broke down. Kirsten: It was good meeting new people and catching up with others. Heather: Her favourite part of camp was the Celebrity Catwalk Alistair: Best – kayaking, worst – initiatives. Kara: She thought camp was fun, best – everything!!! Summer Camp was made possible for Taranaki by sponsorship from AWE. We love them big time xxoo

Relay For Life CanTeen Taranaki was lucky enough to get the continued support of Steve (Strand) and M & O Pacific so that we could participate in the Relay For Life in the Naki recently. We got our own shirts made up and had 30 people walking for us and flying our flag. Major props to all who walked and a particular big thanks to Steve, Sue, Matt, Heather, Kirsten, Jordan & her coastal crew! You guys rocked!



We’ve got Look Good Feel Better in Stratford; Go Karting & roller skating; Art workshop and Rest & Relaxation Camp coming up as well as Leaders Weekend in Wellington and our amazing national programs that are available at no charge to any of our members. Let us know if you’re keen to get involved.

We love our volunteers and know that most of what we do wouldn’t be what it is or the best that it is without the amazing help they provide. Major props to Louise, Steve, Sophie & Baz who are rocking Taranaki with us at the moment. We also love the support we get from our legends vollies who come on and help us when they can through fundraisers, work behind the scenes and annual events. Without your help guys ....well, Taranaki just wouldn’t be the same. Sincere love xxoo

Watch this space for information on National Camp, Bandanna Challenge 2011, exciting activities in Taranaki, The Womens Surfing Tour, Rugby World Cup fundraising and more .....


Summer Camp Celebrities

Manawatu Great Summer Camp! It was awesome catching up with everyone and making new friends! Great weather. Great food. Great company. Great camp. Great activities. Heaps of fun! Can’t wait for R and R.


Summer camp was awesome; it was great to meet up with people I hadn’t seen for months and meet fresh new faces. I really enjoyed the theme of Celebrities. It was interesting and rather funny to see all the volunteers and staff member dressing. (Ian as Marilyn Monroe kind of scarred me for life though). It was fun to watch the skits that followed the Manawatu activity. Especially the Lady Gaga group and the staff group. Wellington did an amazing job with remembrance. The lanterns and glow sticks looked amazing at night time.

Summer camp was a great camp! I enjoyed everything at Camp it was good to catch up with everyone I was really happy about the rock climbing and of course the food was awesome!!!

The weather was perfect the whole weekend which is typical of Taupo, so it just made the whole trip event better. Thanks for everyone who helped organise Summer Camp and made it a great weekend.

Adrian Bradley

Kathryn Harris

LEADERS WEEKEND Leaders weekend was great as always. It was interesting sharing ideas and thoughts with everyone about how we can become more awesome as a branch (if that’s possible!). On Friday night we had pizza and then went to Strawberry Fair for desserts. They were delicious!! But nobody could finish them! Then on Saturday we got down to business after breakfast. After a very productive meeting we parted ways to go back to our separate branches and put our ideas into action (^-^)


In the pipeline... Now that we have a staff member things are all go with planning for a very prosperous CanTeen Manawatu future. During the holidays and after school we are planning fun activities like baking and tie-dying, hospital visits and parties, game and movie evenings. We are going to try and jump on the world cup band wagon with selling bandannas and doing events around that time. Also we are planning a drive in movie fundraiser and if all goes to plan it should be epic! We want to do more skill based activities also, gaining vital knowledge from our local community like how to dance, cook, change a tyre, fish, make craft items and clothes made of bandannas, first aid, and much more exciting and valuable skills! We also have CanTeener Anna Hocquard, shaving her head for CanTeen this year!!! We are also putting more effort into our Wanganui CanTeen members and we are setting up monthly hang outs for them to feel more connected with CanTeen locally and CanTeen as a whole. We as a committee have realized how amazing our CanTeen values are, and so we are incorporating our values into our monthly activities to ensure our members get the most out of life and life with CanTeen, we have already started with ONE TEAM being our latest activity..! So everyone watch this space for a new and improved CanTeen Manawatu!!!!!

Thanks Sony Thank so much to CanTeen NZ and the generous people at Sony who donated the Stan Walker and Bon Jovi tickets!!!!! Both nights were an absolute blast we had sooooooo much fun and it was so heart warming to feel the love and generosity of CanTeen supporters, you guys rock! thanks!!!!!!!!!

Anna and Caitlin


hawkes Bay Central Summer Camp 2011 Feb 25 – 27 LTCC I seem to have a thing for writing camp articles, so here I go again. Let’s look at some of the similarities and differences between this camp and the ones I wrote about last year. • The bus had 10 on this trip that were on the last trip to the same place (R & R 2010) – Josh took his car. • We didn’t call Zander this time. • We were the last to arrive this time, not first – However, we were the first to get back home. • LTCC’s video rules haven’t changed • There are still many great performers amongst us – Lachie raised his glass (twice), Kea forget you, Shannon killed a man, put a gun against his head: My heart was totally eclipsed: Pip had us all going “Sharmone!”: Deane hatched on the red carpet: and Dom was just turning around. • Branch activities were great fun again – and this time no bagpipes. Air horns proved to be a suitable replacement haha! • Anita still loves kayaks! • We had no warm and fuzzies – and I don’t think they were missed. • DP is still at LTCC and he’s still awesome! • Kurt isn’t the one to blame these days – it’s all Kea’s fault now. Due to Anna H (Manawatu) and Anna B (Welly) both being absent from camp, Kea became our honorary “Anna” for the weekend. It seemed to catch on. It was a great weekend with many fun activities. Shannon had anxiety attacks when our new camera and one whacking stick got misplaced. Sorry! I have now received my sentence for this. Despite my crime, we did get some good footage and snaps of the weekend. At the special request of Dom, I have one last mention for this article. During camp, people get to know each other – some better than others. Many of us (outside our branch too) noticed that Daniel and Deane appeared to know each other a lot better on Sunday than what they did on Friday. They didn’t help their cause by sitting together on the bus home either! Maybe they’ll learn from this.

Paintball It shall first be known that I am not the worlds biggest fan of paintball, as it causes pain to ones self, which frankly I am not keen on, and will never be keen on. So the fact that I agreed to participate in a game of paintball with 10 members and our lovely volunteer Karen just goes to show that I am indeed losing my mind. James Dean is the owner and facilitator of the paintball arena and he gave us all a very thorough safety talk and ran us through the rules. I signed a declaration for all members under 18 stating that if any harm, or death, was to come to them or myself, we understood the rules before we entered into the game. That in itself set off warning bells, but still I persevered. We suited up, were split into teams and made our way to opposite ends of the field. James helped to even up the odd numbers by going into the enemy team, which didn’t seem like a fair deal from our end of the game!! He blew the whistle and the game began. I became a sniper and weaved my way around barrels and bins, dropping to my stomach, I slithered and snaked my way through the grass…I was feeling like a secret service agent on an extremely important mission. I stopped, I looked over the barrel, I saw my target… and then Lachie shot me in my Gluteus Maximus! The pain, the searing hot pain!!! The humiliation! I stood up and raised my hand to show my surrender and therefore become unshootable. But, again I was shot, in the hand I held up to show I was surrendering! That was effectively the end of my paintball experience. If I was going to play a game that could inflict pain upon me, I needed to know there were rules at least and apparently there were none this day! So I stormed off the field and watched from the safety of behind the net. All the members seemed to be having a wonderful time though and I enjoyed screaming very helpful tactical tips from the sidelines much more. I could tell by the looks on their faces that they really appreciated them too. Looking forward to next month’s activity!!! Water skiing, look out…

See everyone at R & R camp in May

Peace love and mung beans,

God bless Ashley

Shannon (MLC)

Harley Rides Hey guys, We had an awesome time at Harley rides- there were about 13 of us there and around 19 bikes. First we had to listen to simple instructions, just the usual, lean with the bends, how to get on the bike, how to put on the gear. Then we went for a ride which took about an hour going

100km/h. We went through Napier and around Hastings to a restaurant, before we were off again. We had cramps in our legs, and it hurt! Still, it was fun. We went back into Napier and to the office and then sadly the rides were over. I can’t wait for white water rafting! See you there!




Capital E OnTV Studio

Thanks Nikau Foundation

Everyday I watch the news at 6pm, a 3news Mike McRoberts/Hilary Barry - fan myself, I’ve always wondered how they pulled it off with so much articulateness and fluency dabbled with a bit of awkward banter in between. After going to Capital E, where they have a fully functional TV news studio, I’ve come to appreciate that pulling off a news bulletin was a team effort. The presenters may get all the attention but it was definitely the behind-the-scene peeps that completed it. With a tight knit group of CanTeeners we were separated into our specialised roles, each vitally important to the smooth running of the news machine. Working together we produced an unintentional comedic news program where we reported on an imminent alien invasion to New Zealand complete with state of the art graphics and wardrobe that Weta workshop would be proud of. Behind the camera, we controlled the NASAesque control centre like a computer game, while in front of the camera our CanTeen presenters/reporters remained cool as a cucumber under what would have been a truly testing apocalyptic Independence Day-Mars Attacks type conditions, to provide hard hitting news that would grab the attention of even the most apathetic of people within Gen Y. This was the very first activity for our new Member Support Coordinator: Jacqui Broughton and she seemed to get along with all the members and had fun herself.

Vinh Vu

A few weeks ago CanTeen Wellington was lucky enough to revive an $8,000 grant for our members in Wellington Hospital from the lovely people at the Nikau Foundation trust here in Wellington. Both Zander and I were invited along to the evening presentation were they had juice and nibbles and we were able to meet many other non for profit organisations, share stories experiences and look at how we can all help each other.

Takarau Top Ridge Trail Ride On a sunny Sunday the 13th of March CanTeen Wellington had a very successful fundraiser, the Takarau Top Ridge Trail bike ride held on farm land in Ohariu Valley. Horowhenua Motorcycle Club hosted the event with a large percentage of the profits going to CanTeen.

The weather gods put on fine weather for all our rotating activities, which included thing such as archery/slug guns, rock climbing, team games and kayaking. Then before we knew it, it was Sunday lunchtime and we all had to depart our separate ways back home. So the good-byes were said and on the buses we hop. BUT… the fun didn’t stop till we got home. Thanks to all the staff and volunteers who came on this camp and helped make it happen.

Alexander O’Connor

We would like to extend out greatest thanks to the Nikau foundation for giving CanTeen the grant, it will go along way when supporting our patient members in hospital. Keep Smiling


We were in charge of the lunch catering, marshalling along the 30km of track and the smaller kids/beginners track and thanks to the help of Rotary we were able to cater for the 510 motorbike riders that showed up.

Central Summer Camp In late February the four central branches (Wellington, Hawkes bay, Manawatu and Taranaki) made the trek up to Taupo, Lake Taupo Christian Camp. For the Wellington crew, we had a joyful 7hour ride before even getting to the camp site. But nether-the-less once we all got there, we all got to know each other and had a bit of fun and catch-up time before all the rules and camp necessaries.

Zander and I met a super cool dude who worked for Capitol E and since then we have even been to hang out for a monthly activity there, it was so much fun :)

Ten Pin Bowling

We would like to thank Foodstuffs for donating some of the food for the lunch which was an enormous help.

One fine Sunday in Wellington around 8 of us went for two games of Bowling at The Lanes on Wakefield St. We hired out two lanes and had two games, and a great thanks to the Lanes General Manager: Regan Wood, who gave us the lanes and games for free!! We all had a fun time trying to bowl down the ten pins, and beating our own scores in the second game. This was the very first activity for our new Member Liaison Coordinator: Mieke Schendelaar, who had a great time meeting some of the members.

Samuel Gwynn

Alexander O’Connor

Some of our committee put in a lot of planning for the event and the advertising and we were able to maximise our funds by getting a lot of the food, advertising, and other things we needed donated by generous businesses.


Nelson President Report Hey guys Paige here, just giving you an update of what has been happening here in sunny Nelson. Well where to December we had our first South Island summer camp held up here. It turned out to be a blast with beautiful weather and awesome people.

MLC Report

Februarys activity was awesome we had a pamper / paintball day where you got to choose between being pampered or being shot at by a paintball gun. You can probably guess which option I took .... the less painful one lol.

Hey guys, what an awesome year it has been so far! We gave fond farewell to 2010 with an absolutely WICKED South Island Summer Camp right here in sunny Nelson!

You can try argue that paintball is fun all you want Poppy but honestly why would I volunteer to be shot at and bruised when I could have a massage or get my nails done ... seriously guys I bruise like a peach lol. We were lucky enough to have our new member Hamish join us on the day unfortunately for him he chose paintball!!

We have been designing and painting artistic masterpieces at our own Art Workshop and building our very own Trolley to enter into the Annual Nelson Trolley Derby! (Yes its true that yours truly did attempt to cut off my own thumb in the process… but that’s commitment people!!)

In March we had an awesome art workshop run by some fabulous people who happily donated their time to help us create masterpieces lol. I’d just like to take this time to pay tribute to our Nelson member Aaron Bayard who unfortunately passed away in late February. Rest in peace Aaron Bayard we will miss your cheeky smile and positive attitude at our meetings xx. Well that’s all for me now lots of love.

Prezzy Paige xo.

2011 has seen us getting a bit of pampering for those who didn’t prefer to be pelted with hard balls of paint!

Nelson/Marlborough would like to welcome new members… Hamish Buchanan Brown and Elliot Jones Great to have you joining us in the madness!! Until next time…CONTINUE TO…. ROCK ON NELSON/ MARLBOROUGH STYLE!!

Joelene (Jojo Mojo) Whitfield MLC Nelson/Marlborough


Canterbury/west coast

Pres Report Heeeyyaaaa, I want to start out by saying a huge thanks to all of you who checked up on us and have sent messages of support, via text and facey, since the earthquake on Feb 22 – it meant a lot! It’s hard to remember anything before ‘it’ (the earthquake) but looking back, February was a busy month for us here in Canterbury; • Timaru turned on the weather when we went down for the day to support Canterbury Cricket and cheer them on as they kicked Otago’s butt.

Limited Edition Hoodies With winter fast approaching we decided to get some funky hoodies and gear-up the team in Canterbury with some warm wares. Check out the models – they didn’t charge much for the shoot! There are only a couple left of hoodies left, so if you’re interested get in quick.

• We had a Bandanna design night, after the creative juices started flowing we whipped up some cool as ideas (special mention to Steve’s smiley face).

Timaru Cricket Match

• The local Art Workshop was a huge success with heaps of awesome ideas and artworks created for Christmas Cards. Thanks to Prue and Aiden for your help (and the laughs!)

Late last year we joined in a partnership with Canterbury Cricket, meaning we helped out at their 20/20 home games on the gates. On the 2nd of February we loaded up a van and headed to Timaru to support the Canterbruy Wizards against the Otago Volts.

• Our Committee training was cursed. Originally scheduled for the weekend after September 4 (7.1mag earthquake) once we were back on our feet we rescheduled for the weekend two weeks after February 22! So, we decided to go out for dinner and never ever speak of Committee Training 2010/2011 ever again!

CanTeen Otago have a similar relationship with Otago Cricket, but it was a shame (not) that the members from Dunedin had to drive 5 hours to watch their team lose. We had good weather, a great win and thank you to the Timaru crowd for their amazing support with our bucket shake.

Lastly, I want to say a massive thank you to Koral, Jason, Joelene, Catrina and McConnell and our awesome Committee. Without you Canterbury/West Coast and NSI wouldn’t be the amazingly strong branch we are. Just remember we can only get stronger through all of this. Your Favourite Pres,

Rach :D

Post-Quake Committee Meeting

Manager Update Hi all – a quick note from me to say thank you to all of you who expressed your support regarding our most recent quake…lets hope it’s only two! On a local level, a huge thanks to Jason for carrying on alongside me, he literally camped out in the front room of my house, working from an office he set up there. And to the Exec group of members – Rach, Sam and Catrina, you were all fabulous, and going through your own stuff with this tragedy, yet you made sure we were all OK. Love your work. Lastly, a warm welcome to our new PSC, Sarah Pascoe. The Canterbury/WC team are looking forward to working alongside you. Take care all,


A couple of weeks after the quake, the Committee got together for a dinner at La Porchetta to celebrate being alive and well, and we shared our stories of where we were when the quake hit. Both the food and the company was fabulous.

DC & Richie car bonnet

The Rangiora Car Show was held 22nd to 23rd of January and during that event we meet Tony Vowles. Tony is known as the best automotive airbrush artist here and in Australia. He decided that during the show he would complete this work off art and then auction it off with all the proceeds going to CanTeen Canterbury / West Coast. Once the work was completed, Tony organized for Dan and Richie to sign it, AWESOME.

Big HRV Cheque

During the Cricket season we got to meet the awesome team from HRV Canterbury, the main sponsor of the 20/20 Cup. The owners Noel and

Tracey decided that for every home game that Canterbury won, they would donate $500 to CanTeen. So thanks to 3 home wins and HRV we received a cheque for $1500, amazing. We invited Noel and Tracey to join us for dinner at one of our committee meetings were the big novelty cheque come out. A big CanTeen Canterbury / West Coast thanks to the team at HRV, you are stars.


otago Pres report Hey guys, After a great summer at home, CanTeen Otago definitely knows that the students are back in town. There were many awesome fundraising opportunities and an awesome South Island Summer camp over the holidays and after catching up with everyone, no one’s had a bad summer. CanTeen Otago has been attending and supporting the Otago Volts over their 20/20 and 1 day seasons around Otago, helping at the gates and receiving some of the proceeds. Thank you to the team for their support and we wish you the best for the rest of the season. South Island Summer camp was a huge success! From all reports members, staff and volunteers had a blast! The organising committee have really outdone themselves, what an achievement. We hope to see many more successful camps like this happen in the South Island. We have some awesome camps and activities coming up over the next few months. Everyone at CanTeen Otago will definitely be keeping busy. The Otago branch has received heaps of awesome SONY DVDs, games, CDs as well as a PS3 over the holidays. Members are all making the most of these while at the offices and the hospital. We have had a huge number of new members at our Tuesday night gatherings. It has been super cool to meet you all. Welcome to CanTeen! I hope to get to know you all over the next few weeks. Finally CanTeen Otago has a Facebook page and we are looking to add more CanTeen members. Check out the page to keep up to date with what we’re up to. Cheers

Chris – Otago President

Bunnings Fun Day Thank you to Bunnings in Dunedin for asking CanTeen to take part in a Community Fun Day alongside other community service providers. It was a great opportunity for members to look after their stand and to show CanTeen as the awesome support organisation that it is. Everyone had fun face painting, selling Bandannas, wristbands and balloons.

SOUTH ISLAND SUMMER CAMP On 9th of December 2010, 13 Otago and 10 Southland CanTeen members, staff and volunteers got on a plane to head up to Nelson for South Island Summer Camp. We joined other CanTeen members from Nelson, West Coast and Canterbury and drove to the most amazing camp – called Bridge Valley. We unpacked, had tea and got to know each other before saying goodnight and heading off to our bunk rooms. We woke up to the most amazing cooked breakfast and over the next three days we had fun hanging out with each other swimming and kayaking in the pond, swimming in the pool, playing on the field, jumping on the trampoline and much more. Each branch ran an activity – our activity was decorating a biscuit with icing of the CanTeen Values. The last night was movie theme night and we all dressed as a movie character. The next day we packed up & headed back to the airport to fly home. Thank you to The Otago Community Trust for helping to fund Otago members, Bridge Valley Camp, South Island Summer Camp Committee & everyone who made this camp happen.

Sam De Graaf

CanTeen Otago’s Fun Tuesdays Each Tuesday from 4.00pm CanTeen members from the Otago branch get to hang out together and do fun stuff – like cooking a meal together, playing games on the new PS3 that we got donated by Sony or just chilling out. Recently after having a meal we all headed down to Lazer Force and battled it out with each other, played 10 Pin Bowling and Mini Golf, everyone had an awesome time and it was great to see lots of our newest members joining in. Next month we are heading off to the RSPCA to volunteer for the day.

Otago Volts Cricket My name is Sarah and I am a new patient member of CanTeen. CanTeen is awesome and lots of fun, I have already met tons of amazing people. In summer me and a few other members of the Otago Branch went and watched the Canterbury Cricket team and the Otago Cricket team play in Timaru. We met up with Jason and some members from the CanTeen Christchurch Branch and had yummy lunch and I learnt a whole lot about cricket!


Thank You’s Thanks heaps to Sony for offering tickets to CanTeen members to attend the Stan Walker concerts recently!!! Jo Ellen and Gemma from Dunedin and Logan from Oamaru had an awesome night out – THANKS SONY …… YOU ROCK A huge thanks to Lottery Community also for their generous grant of $5K towards branch salary costs. Big ups to Kingston Sedgefield Charitable Trust for approving our branch application second year running and their grant of $2K to assist us with our Member Services and Vollie Training! Thanks HEAPS!!!


southland Nelson to Bluff for CanTeen Last month we received a visit from local orthodontist Keiran O’Neill. He had cycled from Nelson to Bluff and raised $3,000 for us. What an amazing accomplishment. With strength and determination achieved his goal. What an inspiration! We thank him kindly for his generosity and support and wish him all the best.

Thanks Louise Abey Southland President

Thank You’s Thanks to the fantastic efforts of Jimmy Sutherland (CanTeen Fundraising Manager), Southland have been the lucky recipients of a total of $10K in grants. $2K from W D Bickley Trust for Member Support Costs and $8K received from The Southern Trust for support towards branch staff salary costs. Big ups to Kingston Sedgefield Charitable Trust for approving our branch application second year running and their grant of $2K to assist us with our Member Services and Vollie Training! Thanks HEAPS!!! YEAH to Jimmy!!! Last but not least, big ups to Kimberley at CanTeen National Office, who did a great job in securing a National deal with Sony NZ, resulting in Southland receiving a goody bag full of music CD’s, movie DVD’s and a Cam Recorder. You guys ROCK!” Cheers!

Farewell to Michelle Gilkinson

Donna :-)

Michelle Gilkinson has been a patient member of CanTeen Southland Branch for the past 12 years! During her time with CanTeen she has been an amazing helper with everything from fundraising, bandanna selling, helping prepare meals and cleaning up, to encouraging other members. Michelle attended many camps and training courses over the years and she will be missed very much but we wish her well as she ‘graduates’ from CanTeen and moves into a new faze of her life. A farewell dinner was held recently at Speight’s Ale House in Invercargill.

CanTeen Southland ‘Gatherings’ Every Thursday from 4pm – 7.30pm we have a get together at the CanTeen office in Courtville Place Invercargill. Members cook tea and once a month we have a fun outing. Recently we went to X-Treme Karts which was awesome… the males trying hard to be in the lead at all times!

Vollies Volleyball Our volunteer Ian has a large back lawn and it was put to good use for members to play volleyball. He also set up a croquet lawn and taught us all how to play. None of us had ever played croquet before and despite a bit of sneaky cheating by some, we all managed to finish the course eventually! A lovely meal followed. Thank you Ian for hosting this wonderful activity.


Aaron Bayard Aaron you will be remembered most for your mischievous and infectious smile and willingness to demonstrate your ‘shuffle’ in the most wildly inappropriate places while still attached to an IV. With many condolences to your loving parents Pam and Paul and much ongoing support to your wonderful big bro Tony. Arohanui Aaron you will forever be in our hearts.

In Loving Memory of Jed Roberts Don’t grieve for me, for now I’m free, I’m following the path God laid for me. I took his hand when I heard his call, I turned my back and left it all.

I could not stay another day, To laugh, to love, to work, to play.

Maire Taomia-Tunui

Tasks left undone must stay that way,

We would like to farewell Maire – a beautiful young lady of our organisation, who passed away on the 15th March after facing a brave battle. Maire’s warm smile and the fairytale wedding will be remembered, and she will be greatly missed.

If my parting has left a void,

Our deepest sympathies to Marouna, Detroit, Moana, Tangi, Nane, her other siblings and extended family.

I’ve found that peace at the close of the day.

Then fill it with remembered joy. A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss, Ah yes, these things I too will miss.

Be not burdened with times of sorrow, I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow. My life’s been full, I savored much, Good friends, good times, my family’s touch,

Brad Verheul We would like to farewell Brad – a fantastic young man, who sadly passed away on the 10th March after a brave battle. Brad’s cheeky smile and love of all things cooking will be remembered, and he will be greatly missed. Thanks also to our CanTeen Auckland team who looked after Brad in Starship during his final days. Our deepest sympathies to Joe, Christine, Terry, his grandparents and extended family. From all of us at CanTeen, our thoughts are with you. xox

CJ Bruce CanTeen sadly said goodbye to CJ Bruce who passed away in January 2011. CJ was a very popular and well liked figure in the Keri Keri region. This was evident with several hundred people attending his magical tangi which took place on the waters edge of Whitiora Marae in Te Tii earlier this year. CJ’s big smile and optimism will be extremely missed by all those who were fortunate enough to have known him. Journey well young friend!

Perhaps my time seemed all too brief, Don’t lengthen it now with undue grief. Lift up your heart and share with me, God wanted me now, He set me free.

Isaiah Tipene Hape In Loving memory of Isaiah Tipene Hape (8/6/1996 - 20/12/2010) No longer in pain. Safe in Jehovah’s memory awaiting the resurrection hope (John 5;28,29). Love and miss you so much, till we meet again in Paradise on Earth. (Revelation 21;3,4 )

Love Mum, Dad, Glen, Brooklyn, Lehi & Hana.

national office

6 ion Rd, Auckland, 144 PO Box 56072, Domin


details CANTEEN branch Auckland/Northland Division

Central Division

Northern South Island (NSI) Division

Auckland Branch Brian Barnett (Auckland Office) Member Support Manager 09 308 5906

Anita Young (Hawkes Bay office) Member Support Manager 06 835 6070

Koral Fitzgerald South Island Manager (Christchurch) 03 379 7703

Margie Crawford (Whangarei Office) Member Liaison Coordinator 09 459 6389

Taranaki (New Plymouth office) Lauree Tito Member Liaison Coordinator 06 757 2091

Nelson/Marlborough (Nelson office) Joelene Whitfield Member Liaison Coordinator 03 548 9273

Hawkes Bay (Napier office) Shannon Boynton Member Liaison Coordinator 06 835 6070

Canterbury/West Coast (Christchurch office) Jason Flewellen Member Liaison Coordinator 03 377 3028

Manawatu (Palmerston North office) Suzen Adams Member Liaison Coordinator 06 355 5052

Sarah Pascoe Patient Support Coordinator 03 377 3028

Wellington Jacqui Broughton Patient Support Coordinator 04 934 3479

Otago/Southland Division

Steve Cribb Patient Support Coordinator 09 308 5909 Naghmeh Allahverdi-Gorji Patient Support Coordinator 09 308 5946

Waikato/Bay of Plenty/ East Cape Division Rebecca Scott Member Support Manager (Tauranga) 07 579 6340 Waikato (Hamilton office) Ankia Kleinsmith Member Liaison/Patient Support Coordinator 07 839 1130 Bay of Plenty (Tauranga office) Rachel Palmer Member Liaison Coordinator 07 579 6340 East Cape (Gisborne office) Lianne Jenkins Member Liaison Coordinator 06 868 9426

Mieke Schendelaar Member Liaison Coordinator 04 934 3479

Donna Helliwell Team Leader (Dunedin) 03 477 4933 Otago (Dunedin office) Maureen Williams Member Liaison Coordinator 03 477 4933 Southland (Invercargill office) Member Liaison Coordinator 03 218 7961

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