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Training School

Geronimo History Geronimo will be celebrating its 17th birthday this February; we are 26 strong with more pubs in the pipe line. Geronimo has gone from strength to strength from the first pub that Jo bought then Rupert got involved and the rest as they say is history. Rupert and his dad John who creates all our wine lists (and who happens to be one of 250 masters of wine in the world) both worked for Veuve Cliquot one of the best champagne houses in France before joining Jo to take Geronimo to new heights. Jo now focuses on the design of all our great pubs, and look around, she really knows her stuff. Geronimo is renowned for its comfy cosy feel that puts you at ease the minute you work in the door. Rupert Clevely “I want to run a company that makes money, work with

people I get on with and have FUN!! We can all deliver these objectives� Geronimo is at the high end gastro market delivering fantastic fresh food from our kitchen and offering personable professional service.


Training School

For all our pubs are...


• Attractive and welcoming from the outside (clean and tidy free of cigarette butts and rubbish) • Gorgeous gardens (for fun in the sun, BBQ’s and hog roast galore) • Good clear messaging about our fantastic offering at great value

AT THE BAR • Warm friendly, welcoming staff • Passionate, knowledgeable staff • All our staff recommend something they love and build rapport with customers • Wonderful wines, great ales, lovely lagers, and quality spirits • All offered with a little sprinkle of humour

AT THE TABLE • Everything you want (from comfort food, to family feasts, fee nibbles and the G club) • Your needs anticipated by the staff • Recommendation and true love for our food and drink • Fresh seasonal British food


Core Values

Training School

What do they mean to you? How do you relate them to Geronimo? Passion If you are passionate about things, everyone else will be too.

“ There is nothing more contagious than enthusiasm” Passion Homely Treat this place like its your home.

“ That’s how we like everyone to feel” Homely Humour See the funny side of things, if you can’t tell us, IT MATTERS!

Humour 03

“ One day you will be able to look back and laugh about it”

Training School

Individual Relax…….be yourself we are all different!


“ Individuality is always easiest” (and most natural)

Wow Go on surprise someone.

“ That extra mile, people tend to remember it” Wow

Empathy Before you criticise anyone, you should walk a mile in their shoes.

“ Then if you criticise them you’re a mile away with their shoes” Empathy 04

Who’s who of Geronimo

Training School


Rupert Clevely Managing Director

Mark Ashley Operations Director

Ed Turner Commercial Director

Ray Brown Director of Food

Shane O’Neill

Lee McDonagh

Hossey Saghri

Jo Clevely Design Director


Stiofan Brady


Peter Wright Executive Chief


Ria Dannan Recruitment

Sian McNicholas Anna Ashmore Marketing Head of Events & Music Chief

Sarah Deakin Training


Training School


UNIFORM Your uniform will be checked at this point, and we will give you your aprons

Your Geronimo uniform must be clean and ironed

Dark trousers or jeans (not ripped or to baggy)

Black apron must be worn at all times

Long hair must be tied back at all times

Personal hygiene -remember you my get up close and person

during busy shifts!

Piercings & tattoos must be discreet

Male members of staff must be clean shaven

PUNCTUALITY Always arrive at work 10 minutes early so you can get you self into your uniform and be ready to attend you pre shift meeting.


Training School

Health and Safety First-aid, fire, Coshh

• Please make sure you are aware of the health and safety policy

and procedure which you can get back to your pub from your manager assistants and buddys

• Please be aware of your surroundings and let your manager/assistant

know if you come across anything that you may deem as a risk (carpet coming up on the stairs/wires loose on electrical appliances).

• When you return to your pubs please make sure you are aware of all

fire exits, fire extinguishers, all fire call points and main alarm and

that you have been talked through the fire evacuation procedure and know where the meetin point is. • Please ensure that you have been shown where all first aid boxes/burn

kits on the premises (please report any incidents and accidents to the duty manager. • Please read the back of all chemical containers before using as some

chemicals within the business, they can be irritants and may cause irritation to sensitive skin.



Training School

It is your duty to be fully informed about the laws regarding alcohol, to be aware of who, what and when you can serve. Your manager will be asking you to sign a document to say that you have been informed • We do not serve: anyone under the age of 18 - (id must be asked if unsure – year is 1994) NO ID = NO SALE! • People that you believe to be intoxicated • Police in uniform on duty • Anybody that has been barred from the premises • People buying alcohol for people under the age of 18 • Children on licensed premises – not allowed to sit at the bar or on top of the bar at any time, they must be seated at a table • Prostitutes touting for trade

Weights and Measurements • Spirits in 35ml • Wines in 125ml, 175ml and 250ml • Champagne 125ml • Draught ½ pints and pints • 8 pints to 1 gallon


A word from Sarah for the front of house team

Training School

GERONIMO TRAINING KITCHEN - WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT? The Geronimo Training Kitchen is the blueprint for how our pubs and dining rooms should be set up and run. Each new member of a team will be interviewed and trialled by the manager, then sent to the Geronimo kitchen for their first of five buddy shifts. During training, each member of staff will learn about the Geronimo culture, our standards, policies and procedures and will be set clear expectations. They will be shown step by step how their working day should be run. We will also build on the recommendations and rapport with customers and highlight key steps of service standards and most importantly how to do a professional job in a fun and friendly way. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? Each pub will have the opportunity to have well trained, personable individuals joining there team and in the long run our pubs will be filled with passionate and enthusiastic staff, ensuring good team spirit and loyalty to Geronimo WHAT ARE THE RESULTS? • A clear understanding of standards and practises before arriving at the pub • All staff new and old trained to same standard • All round confidence • Better communication all round • Becoming more effective in what you do • Good team building between BOH and FOH 09

Training School

Goals for the day Today we will go through a full service covering all aspects of setting up, serving and preparation for your shift. STEPS OF SERVICE (SoS) BAR

Have a section or a priority job (i.e. dispense including coffees,

drinks runner, bar service)

Acknowledge every customer with a smile and eye contact

Serve each customer in turn. Ask who is next?

Offer a recommendation, suggest something you love or offer a taster

Always remember to offer bar snacks, crisps and nuts with the customers

first drinks order

Always use a cool clean glass (prep for busy shifts with extra glasses

and never plunge a hot glass into the ice bucket)

Always place the change back into the customer’s hand

Always say thank you to the customer

STEPS OF SERVICE (SoS) FLOOR Menus-explain specials and mention something you truly enjoy eating, let people know what maybe missing from the menu-take first drinks if appropriate at this point


Training School Take food, wine (always offer a bottle) and water order, always remembering to offer tap water in the selection Ensure your docket is clear, place order on till remembering to text the kitchen or bar any request Set up cutlery and condiments before their food arrives Open and present wine (following the basic rules for wine pouring) When the starter arrive cross off on your copy of the docket/screen Clear starters and “MAINS AWAY” ensuring that they have their cutlery and condiments for the next course Once the mains are on the table, do a check back (after 3 bites, “ARE YOU ENJOYING YOUR MEAL”) Cross off the docket once everything has arrived at the table Clear mains and anything else that is not needed (bread? Condiments? Glasses?) Present the pudding menu with a recommendation after the table has been cleared Take a pudding and coffee order (offering sticky, coffee or a dessert wine) Check their bill, get it prepared before the customer asks for it, take payment quickly Always say thank you when taking payment and remember to say it again as the customer leaves the Restaurant/dining room


Training School

So let’s get started... Where to find everything!!!

Floor set up

Check you tables are clean and wiped down

Place a tile in the centre of the table

Tile has a FULL salt and pepper shaker

Tile has a flower (watered)

Any or all Geronimo info is present

Each setting has a napkin (sitting to the right of the

customer, and is place touching the bottom of the table)

Place the cutlery on the napkin

(making sure it is evenly spaced and straight)

Check that all tables are free standing with no wobbles

Check that all chairs are places neatly around the table

Check that your station is fully stocked

Cutlery & condiments



Training School



Menus-wine list (clean and free of marks)

Check the restaurant is clean and tidy and free of debris

Check all light bulbs are in good working order

Check your bread station is set and prepared

(bread board, knife, butter, BREAD, side plates)

Check toilets are fully stocked (toilet roll, soap)

Check all of your tables have been set up and reserved correctly

Check you have clean tea towels to carry hot plates

Check you have a cork screw, a waiters pad and two pens

ready for service

Please tick off each item in the left hand box once it hasbeen completed, the right hand box is for your manager

Bar set up

Coffee Machine is set and ready-milk in fridge

Turn on glass wash machine

Post mix nozzle replaced, draught sparklers replaced

Napkin and straw container full and on display

Fridge lights on

Fridge fronts are clean and clear

Wipe down the front and back bar

Fill up ice bucket

Drip trays and drinks mats out

Bins have a black bag

Fridges are fully stocked

Light bulb/candle check

Cut up lemons and limes

Music is on at the correct level

Menu & wine lists available on the bar

Please ensure you have enough wine coolers/water jugs

Please tick off each item in the left hand box once it hasbeen completed, the right hand box is for your manager.

Training School


Training School

Pre-shift checklist


Read through the menu

Drinks behind the bar

A list of drinks that are available on the day


Check for daily specials, prices, wording, ensure messaging is clear, concise, written only in white chalk


Is the correct music for the time of day and is at the correct level for the time/level of trade


Gone through bookings, allocated tables, check for special requests

Table Numbers

Do you know how the table numbers are arranged?


PDQ cash service charge Knowledge of taking a manual credit card payment


Pre-shift meetings

Training School

15 minutes before service – duty allocation, specials, tasting of

one food and drink item, reconfirm bookings, lesson, delivery, focus

Service is an attitude

Offer to help, recommend, let them taste-suggest something

you love-do something special

Think ahead-prep

Anticipate needs-what they might need- top up

water-offer other drink-condiments


Be welcoming

Make eye contact and have fun!

Tools to do your job

How to carry drinks on a tray

How to carry 3 plates

How to clear a table of 4 in one go

How to open and present a bottle of wine

Your menu in your pubs

Your wine/drinks list in your pubs 16

Bar close down

Training School

Coffee machine is cleaned and stocked up

Turn off glass wash machine and clean

(remembering filter)

Post mix nozzle, draught sparklers taken off and

soaked in soda water

Napkin and straw container topped up and ready for the next day

Fridge lights off

Fridge fronts are clean and clear

Wipe down the front and back bar

Empty and clean ice buckets

Drip trays and drinks mats are washed and left to dry

Empty bins

Fridges are fully stocked

Store any leftover lemons and limes

Music is switched off

Menu & wine lists stored somewhere safe, clean and dry


Floor close down

Training School

Check you tables are clean and wiped down

Collect the tiles from the centre of the table and store

Collect the salt and pepper shakers from the tables and store

Collect the flowers and store

All Geronimo info is collected and stored

All tables are clear of napkins and cutlery

Check that all chairs are places neatly around the

Table (on the table if there are no functions booked

for after the session)

Check that your station is fully stocked and free of debris

Cutlery is polished and put away

Condiments are topped up, cleaned and stored

Top up napkins

Check the restaurant is clean and tidy and free of debris

Check your bread station is clean and tidy


A word from Pete for the kitchen team

Training School

GERONIMO TRAINING KITCHEN - WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT? The Geronimo training kitchen is the blueprint for how our kitchens should be set up and run. This involves the basics of how you should be running your kitchen; this all begins with the prep sheet, the ordering sheet, temperature recording, followed by the show and tell of the your specials and menu dishes to your floor staff, best practices of services, costing and portion controls. Not forgetting the communication and finally it must be fun. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? Let’s take the stress out of your working day. Simply follow the basics you learn from your time in our training kitchen, enabling you to enjoy what you are doing and allow you to contribute to the business far more effectively. We want you to be able to work a day ahead of yourself. It’s all about being organised - Our belief is to work smarter not harder! WHAT ARE THE RESULTS? • A smooth professional kitchen • All staff new and old trained to same standard • All round confidence • Better up selling from confident FOH staff • Better communication all round • Better profitability • Becoming more effective in what you do • Open you up to more opportunities in the future 19




Training School


Show & Tell Best Practises Costings Portion Control


Training School

and finally... Ensure bar and restaurant has been closed down correctly, leaving it clean and tidy for the next shift 3-5PM Test-written see attached-see pull out in middle of the book Feedback form- see pull out in middle of the book Trainer assessment done in a one to one before the member of staff leave A brief conversation about the Club Scheme and the benefits

MANAGERS AND STAFF TO SIGN OFF ONCE COMPLETED: TRAINEE:_______________________________________________ MANAGER:_____________________________________________ DATE:_________________________________________________


GERONIMO PUBS “Like our staff all these pubs are individual.” CENTRAL LONDON


The Phoenix - Victoria 14 Palace St, Victoria, SW1E 5JA 020 7828 8136

The Castle 54 Pentonville Road, Islington, N1 9H 020 7713 1858

THE CLARENCE 53 Whitehall, Whitehall, SW1A 2HP 020 7930 4808

The Duchess of Kent 441 Liverpool Road, Islington,N7 8PR 020 7609 7104

THE ADAM AND EVE 77a Wells Street, W1T 3QQ 020 7636 0717

The Kings Head 1 The Green, Winchmore Hill, N21 1BB 020 8886 1988

THE WHITE HORSE 2 Exchange Square, Appold Road, EC2M 2QS 020 7377 9958

Lord Palmerston 33 Dartmouth Park Hill, Tufnell Park, NW5 1HU 020 7485 1578

THE OYSTER SHED 5 Angel Lane, London, EC4R 3AB 020 7256 3240

WEST LONDON The Eagle 215 Askew Road, Shepherd’s Bush, W12 9AZ 020 8746 0046 THE ELGIN 96 Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill, W11 1PY 020 7229 5663 THE CURTAINS UP 28a Comeragh Road, W14 9HR 020 7386 7543 THE BULL Unit 1033, Westfield, London, W12 7SL 020 8819 8903


THE LION AND UNICORN 42-44 Gaisford Street, Kentish Town, NW5 2ED 080 7267 2304 The Betjeman Arms Unit 53, St. Pancras International Station, N1C 4QL 0208 7923 5440

EAST LONDON The Crown 223 Grove Road, Bow, E3 5SN The Cow Westfield, Stratford

GERONIMO PUBS “Like our staff all these pubs are individual.” SOUTH LONDON


The Duke of Clarence 148 Old Brompton Road,South Kensington,SW5 0BE 020 7373 1285

THE HALF MOON 93 Lower Richmond Road, London SW15 1EU

The Builders Arms 13 Britten Street, Chelsea, SW3 3TY 020 7349 9040 The Phoenix 23 Smith Street, Chelsea, SW3 4EE 020 7730 9182 THE SURPRISE 6 Christchurch Terrace, London, SW3 4AJ, 020 7351 6954 The KINGS ARMS 190 Fulham Road, Chelsea, SW10 9PN, 020 7351 5043 The Coat and Badge 8 Lacy Road, Putney, SW15 1NI 020 8788 4900 The East Hill 21 Alma Road, Wandsworth, SW18 1AA 020 8874 1833

0207 351 5043 01342 830 820

SURREY The Red Barn Tandridge Lane, Blindley Heath, Surrey, RH7 6LL 01342 830 820

AIRPORTS The Tin Goose Airside, Terminal 1, Heathrow 020 8607 5960 The Three Bells Landside, Terminal 3, Heathrow 0208 897 6755 The 5 Tuns Landside, Terminal 5, Heathrow 0208 283 5065

The Fentiman Arms 64 Fentiman Road, Oval, SW8 1LA 020 7793 9796 The Northcote 2 Northcote Road, Battersea, SW11 1NT 020 7223 5378 The Prince Albert 85 Albert Bridge Rd, Battersea, SW11 4PF 020 7228 0923

Head Office: GERONIMO INNS Riverside House, 26 Osiers Road, Wandsworth, London , SW18 1NH, 020 8877 8820




Geronimo Inns Training Manual  

Geronimo Inns Training Manual

Geronimo Inns Training Manual  

Geronimo Inns Training Manual