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The benefits of beet juice are absolutely spectacular. Along with the many illnesses and diseases that it prevents, you also feel fantastic after a glass. It's worth making the effort to incorporate it into your diet and taking advantage of the wonderful benefits. 1. Good for the Blood One of the most well known benefits of beet juice is its ability to cool and purify the blood. It carries a large amount of iron which regenerates blood cells and supplies fresh oxygen to the body. 2. Powerful Detoxifier It contains an ingredient called betacyanin which detoxifies the body of all harmful toxins. Of the benefits of beet juice, this works particularly well on the liver. 3. Prevents Cancer Due to the detoxifying nature of it, it also prevents cancerous growths. Put simply, it's super powerful at preventing cancer, especially colon cancer. This is true of all fruits and vegetables, so eat more of them to prevent cancer. 4. Controls Cholesterol Beet juice has been shown to lower bad cholesterol levels and raise good cholesterol levels in the body. 5. Minimizes Stress One of the great benefits is found in some of the antioxidants it contains, which prevent oxidative stress. This further enhances a person's ability to ward of illness and disease and also contributes to a strong sense of well-being. 6. Enhances Circulation It's known to dissolve inorganic calcium deposits and is extremely helpful in cases of hypertension, heart trouble and varicose veins. 7. Improves Stamina The nitrate it contains reduces the oxygen uptake which then reduces fatigue and increases stamina. The benefits of beet juice are pretty amazing, and are easily enjoyed with fresh fruit and vegetable juicing. You can enjoy these amazing benefits all from the comfort of your own kitchen. All you need to get started is a juicer of sort, and a pile of fresh fruits and vegetables. A great recipe is beetroot, grapefruit, lemon, and ginger. It packs a punch, but tastes great and does your

body a huge favor. The best bit is that it takes less than 10 minutes. Juicing makes it super easy to be healthy.

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==== ==== For more information regarding beet juice just follow the link. ==== ====

7 Health Benefits Of Drinking Beet Juice  

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