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June 27, 2013

Volume 1, 64

Pakistan money in Swiss banks higher than India's: Switzerland data individuals and entities. However, this was the lowest level for such funds ever since Switzerland's central bank began compiling this data in 2002 and was less than half of the record high amount of over 3 billion Swiss francs recorded in 2005.

ZURICH/NEW DELHI: When it comes to money in Swiss banks, Pakistan has a slight edge over India with total funds amounting to 1,441 million Swiss francs (about Rs 9,200 crore) held there by Pakistani

The previous record low of 1.95 billion Swiss francs was seen in the year 2010. In their local currency, the total funds held by individuals and entities from

Pakistan in Swiss banks stood at over 15,000 crore Pakistani rupees as on December 31, 2012. This marked a decline of nearly 32 per cent from 2,119 million Swiss francs (about Rs 23,000 crore Pakistani rupees) at the end of 2011, as per the latest annual report of Switzerland's central bank on banks operating in the country. The issue of alleged stashing of black money in Swiss banks has been a matter of intense debate in Pakistan, as there have been reports of some top former government leaders having kept their money in banks in the European country due to their hugely

Three Pakistani Christian Women forced to Parade Naked in Kasur Pakistan

popular 'safe-haven' status. However, a higher amount than Indian entities assumes significance because Pakistan is a much smaller country in terms of population and area. Still, the quantum of money held by Swiss banks for their Pakistani clients was about 1.5 per cent higher than the equivalent figure for Indians at 1,421 million Swiss francs (about Rs 9,100 crore) at the end of 2012, the latest data compiled by Swiss National Bank (SNB) shows.

Bolan Medical Complex Hospital reopens

This file photo shows security guards at the Bolan Medical College Hospital on June 15, 2013. -Photo by Syed Ali Shah QUET T A: Bal ochi stan 's l ar gest government-run hospital has been opened after deadly bombing on June, 15. Bolan Medical Complex Hospital was shut down in the aftermath of a suicide attack and an exchange of fire between security forces and militants at the hospital premesis. The Chief Justice of Pakistan and Chief Minister of Punjab have turned a blind eye towards the disgusting incident in Kasur, Punjab- when three Christian women were paraded nude publicly over a trivial dispute. While Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress (PCC) has strongly condemned the incident of parading naked three Christian women in a village of district Kasur by Muslim landlord in accomplice with PML-N’s parliamentarian. He complained that,” Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif have not yet taken any steps against this inhuman and heinous crime.” As CIP has learned, the cause of the incident was apparently that on two occasions some goats belonging to the Christians had entered the fields of the landlord, Munir, who claimed that they had damaged his crops. As the goats belonged to the Christians Munir confiscated them. The following day of the incident Shaukat Masih son of Sadiq Masih approached Munir in the company of his sisters-in–law and requested him to release their goats. Munir refused to do so and stared beating him. Munir slaped him many times across the face and cursed him. When Shoukat, in retaliation, slapped him back Munir became furious and threatened him. It was this incident that lead to the revenge attack. At this time they also injured Sadiq Masih who received several injuries to his leg. The incident occurred on the night of

June 3 after 11 pm when the male members of the family were attending to their jobs. The men, armed with weapons and sticks, broke in the house. At that time the women were sleeping in the house along with their in-laws Sadiq Masih 73 years old (father-in-law) and Ms. Rani Bibi 70 years old (mother-in-law). When the attackers invaded the house they started looking for the sons of Sadiq Masih, checking all the rooms and throwing their belongings about. When they could not find his sons they started beating the daughters-in-law. The invaders then took the three Christian women out into the street where the lights were on and tore their clothes off. They then started shouting to attract the attention of the people nearby. Nobody dared to stop them as the attackers were holding weapons. The Chief Justice of Pakistan and Chief Minister of Punjab have turned a blind eye towards the disgusting incident in Kasur, Punjab- when three Christian women were paraded nude publicly over a trivial dispute. While Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress (PCC) has strongly condemned the incident of parading naked three Christian women in a village of district Kasur by Muslim landlord in accomplice with PML-N’s parliamentarian. He complained that,” Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif have not yet taken any steps against this inhuman and heinous crime.” As CIP has learned, the cause of the incident was apparently that on two

occasions some goats belonging to the Christians had entered the fields of the landlord, Munir, who claimed that they had damaged his crops. As the goats belonged to the Christians Munir confiscated them. The following day of the incident Shaukat Masih son of Sadiq Masih approached Munir in the company of his sisters-in–law and requested him to release their goats. Munir refused to do so and stared beating him. Munir slaped him many times across the face and cursed him. When Shoukat, in retaliation, slapped him back Munir became furious and threatened him. It was this incident that lead to the revenge attack. At this time they also injured Sadiq Masih who received several injuries to his leg. The incident occurred on the night of June 3 after 11 pm when the male members of the family were attending to their jobs. The men, armed with weapons and sticks, broke in the house. At that time the women were sleeping in the house along with their in-laws Sadiq Masih 73 years old (father-in-law) and Ms. Rani Bibi 70 years old (mother-in-law). When the attackers invaded the house they started looking for the sons of Sadiq Masih, checking all the rooms and throwing their belongings about. When they could not find his sons they started beating the daughters-in-law. The invaders then took the three Christian women out into the street where the lights were on and tore their clothes off. They then started shouting to attract the attention of the people nearby. Nobody dared to stop them as the attackers were holding weapons.

Militants had laid seige of BMC hospital and made patients, doctors and hospital staff hostage when injured of women university blast were brought for treatment. All hostages were evacuavated by security forces in armored vehicles. Patients were shifted to civil hospital and combined military hospital Quetta for treatment. "We suffered a lot after closure of hospital", Abdul Aziz, father of an ailing boy told He said his son was a Thelesmia patient and there was no proper treatment in civil hospital. "Bleeding started from my son's nose since there was a delay in provision of blood to him",Aziz said. An awaiting suicide bomber blew himself up when female students were brought for treatment in BMC. The blast was followed by exchange of fire between forces and militants for five hours when the seige ended. "Most of the senior doctors are absent. Muhammad Ayub an attendent of a patient told A large number of patients reached BMC hospital after it was opened. Paramilitary troops and police were deployed to avert any untoward incident.


June 27, 2013

Weekly Fortune: by Kiran Pandey Rai ( 27Th JUNE –26th JUNE _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

ARIES (21 Mar- 20 Apr) Favour from your siblings, neighbour and friends may boost up you. There will be opportunities to make money . You may create your space in society. A complete change in your thought process can be foreseen. But not to forget your internal anxiety this week ,to have a partner. Promotion or any gain to your father can be expected. Success or performance of your kids can be source of joy this week. Lucky Days : Thursday and Tuesday _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

TAURUS (21Apr- 21 May) When you are in problems just express in written communication instead of oral communication as you shall be more successful in writing . Your focus will be mainly at domestic front. Family land dispute if there was any , may get resurfaced. At the end of the week there is financial gains. Kids may get away from you for their study or work. Lucky Days : Thursday,Friday and Tuesday _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

GEMINI (22 May- 21 June) This week is celebration time for you for long awaited news of your sibling. Even misunderstandings with your siblings will be washed away. On the professional front , you are going to restart your work with full zest. You will try to maintain a disciplined life throughout this week. Overall , it’s time to pay gratitude to the almighty . Lucky Days :Thursday,Saturday and Tuesday _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

CANCER (22 June- 22 July) Businessmen need to read the fine print with a magnifying glass before appending their signatures to important documents. The most positive thing this week is that your relationships with your loved ones shall strengthen. Keep an eye on your health specially Diabetics need to keep a watch on suger level. Long journey is on the card. Lucky Days : Saturday, Sunday and Monday _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

LEO (23 July- 22 Aug) It is bound to lead to ego clashes, and even vitiate the office atmosphere, so to make your workplace an amiable place to work in, you need to check your arrogance and treat everyone on par .Even try to be more cooperative with colleagues. You will feel depressed without being able to know the reason . Take a break, try meditation or go for regular walks. Lucky Days : Sunday and Tuesday _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

VIRGO (23 Aug- 23 Sept) You will prefer your personal life over professional life. Your compassionate and professional behavior will give you the regard of others. Financially ,it is a good week. Relation with father is a big question mark in this week. Your electronic gadgets may create some hassel. Lucky Days : Monday and Tuesday _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

LIBRA ( 24 Sept-23 Oct). It is wise to ignore short-term setbacks, and get a long-term perspective at professional front. This month is not too favourable for big investments, so if you have been entertaining any such thoughts, delay them. Your father is enjoying riches. A very pleasant weekend with family can be expected. Lucky Days : Sunday and Wednesday. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

SCORPIO (24 Oct-22Nov) Little disturbance at your workplace. Strenuous relation with your partner .Some secret romance is on the card. Take very good care of hygiene. Overall this week is not much supportive for you. Try to meditate to get control over your stress . Lucky Days : Friday and Tuesday _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

SAGITTARIUS (23 Nov-2 1 Dec) You will spend a quality time with your life partner. You will have two different kind of thoughts simultaneously , one is towards spirituality and other towards worldly pleasures. You will have to balance them as per circumstances around. Take care of health. Lucky Days : Saturday and Thursday _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

CAPRICORN (22 Dec-20 Jan) . Finally your hard work will be appreciated this week at your work place. You may find a new love in your life.You may lack internal peace in the middle of the week. Your interest towards sports and other activities will be more now. Students will start gearing up their speed with time . Good time to payback loan. Lucky Days : Sunday and Monday _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

AQUARIUS (21 Jan-19 Feb) Your area of creativity will change for a while. After a slow start of the week , circumstances will start favouring you. Good news from your kids can be expected this week. Your spirituality level will be at its best. Keep your calm while dealing any issue with your younger siblings.Drive safely. Lucky Days: Monday and Tuesday _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

PISCES (20 Feb-20 Mar) Though you are very comfortable at your workplace, you are lacking some internal happiness. Your long awaited wish has been accomplished but you want to get beyond that. Have patience.Check your pitch of voice to avoid your arrogance approach towards everyfield of your life. Lucky Days : Saturday,Sunday and Monday

Premier's Statement Laurel Broten


Premier Kathleen Wynne released the following statement today regarding the resignation of Laurel Broten: "I want to thank my friend Laurel for her dedication and hard work on behalf of the people of Etobicoke-Lakeshore and all of Ontario. For more than nine years, Laurel has been an integral member of our team, having served in such diverse portfolios as Minister of Children and Youth Services, Minister of the Environment and Minister of Education. In these roles and in everything she did, Laurel was a tireless advocate for the women of Ontario. She introduced the Clean Water Act to safeguard Ontario's drinking water and oversaw the government's Poverty Reduction Strategy -- helping to lift more than 40,000 children and their families out of poverty. Laurel's resignation will be effective July 2, as she and her family relocate to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her presence at Queen's Park will be missed and I wish Laurel all the very best in the new stage of her life and career. Going forward, in addition to my responsibilities as Premier of Ontario and Minister of Agriculture and Food, I will be taking on the role of Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs. I look forward to building on Laurel's work in my capacity as Chair of the Council of the Federation in Niagara-onthe-Lake this July. I am pleased to announce that Teresa Piruzza will become Minister Responsible for Women's Issues."


June 27, 2013

CANADA DAY Canada Day (French: Fête du Canada) is the national day of Canada, a federal statutory holiday celebrating the anniversary of the July 1, 1867, enactment of the British North America Act, 1867 (today called the Constitution Act, 1867), which united three colonies into a single country called Canada within the British Empire Originally called Dominion Day (French: Le Jour de la Confédération), the holiday was renamed in 1982, the year the Canada Act was pa ss ed. C an a da D ay obser vances take place throughout Canada as well as among Canadians internationally.

Deadly attack in Kashmir ahead of Indian PM visit

The Indian soldiers were attacked when militants opened fire on their convoy on the outskirts of the main city of Srinagar.—File Photo outskirts of Srinagar, the main city in Indian -administered Kashmir, army spokesman Colonel Brijesh Pandey said. “We have received 10 casualties from the attack site at the military hospital, four of them were fatal,” he said, adding that one of the six wounded is in a critical condition. The attack came amid a high state of alert which had been imposed ahead of Singh’s Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will arrival on Tuesday for a two-day visit to the be accompanied by the president of the ruling Congress party Sonia Gandhi on the two-day territory, his first since June 2010. visit to Srinagar scheduled to start Tuesday, June 25, 2013.—File Photo by AP

SRINAGAR: Militants opened fire on a military convoy in Kashmir Monday, killing four soldiers and wounding six others in an attack on the eve of a visit by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the Indian army said. The soldiers were attacked on the

Security officials had earlier said that police and paramilitary forces were being deployed in strength across the region and additional check points had been erected along major highways. “A high alert is there. We do face a threat from the militants,” police chief Abdul Gani Mir said.

Kashmir, a picturesque Himalayan territory, is divided between India and Pakistan by a UN monitored de facto border known as the Line of Control (LOC) but it is claimed in full by both. Security concerns were further raised on Saturday when armed rebels struck in a busy commercial area in the heart of Srinagar, killing two policemen in a shoot-and-run incident. The three main separatist groups opposed to Indian rule have called for a total shutdown for Tuesday to protest the prime minister's visit. “This is a protest against the forcible military occupation of Kashmir and we want to give the Indian prime minister this message that by hanging Afzal Guru, New Delhi has sent the entire Kashmiri people to the cross,” Syed Ali Geelani, a top Kashmiri leader said in statement.

Mohammad Afzal Guru, a Kashmiri Muslim, was secretly executed and buried inside a high security prison in New Delhi in February for his role in a deadly attack on India’s parliament in 2001. Four people were killed during a security crackdown against widespread protests over the hanging of Guru, whom many people in Kashmir believe was framed. Singh, who will be accompanied on his visit by the president of the ruling Congress party Sonia Gandhi, is scheduled to inaugurate a section of an ambitious railway project that is expected to link the landlocked Kashmir valley to the massive Indian rail network by 2018.


June 27, 2013


June 27, 2013

SPORTS Playing a 20-over final was unfair: Dhoni here against some of the best sides in the world and to beat England in a 130-run game is very difficult." Dhoni then paid tribute to opening batsman Shikhar Dhawan, the top-scorer in the tournament, and man-of-the-match Ravindra Jadeja. "Shikhar is a slightly character," Dhoni said.


"A fun-loving guy but he backs himself to play big strokes. That has helped him in this tournament and he'll gain a lot from the way he has played over here. "And Jadeja is someone who keeps it very simple. He looks to hit the right area and the ball does the talking." England captain Alastair Cook said it was his lowest moment since taking charge of the team last year. "It's a tough pill to swallow at the moment," he said. "We had high hopes coming in today of achieving something special.

MS Dhoni. -Photo by AFP BIRMINGHAM: India captain MS Dhoni called on his team to prove they were the top-ranked side in the world before sealing a dramatic five-run win over England in the Champions Trophy final on Sunday. Hosts England needed 130 to win, in a match reduced to 20 overs a side because of more bad weather, and they fell short in the face of inspired Indian spin bowling. "We are the number-one ranked side, let's make it show," Dhoni told a news conference. "Let's make them fight for 130

runs and not look for outside help." Dhoni said he told his players to forget this was supposed to be a 50-over game. "It was a 20-over game and we have seen at the IPL and in Twenty20s that 130 can be a very difficult target to achieve," he said. "Also I said nobody could look to the left side of the pitch where the rain was coming from. "I said 'God is not coming to save us, if

you want to win the trophy we have to fight it out'." In a tournament where his world champions won five matches out of five, Dhoni said he thought it was a slightly unsatisfactory end to a major tournament. "I think it is a bit unfair in the ICC Champions Trophy that we had to play a 20over game to find a winner of the 50-over format," Dhoni said. "Still, they (the ICC) needed a result. This means a lot because we are playing

"Clearly from there you would back yourself to win more times than you would lose in that situation, but it shows how quickly games can change in Twenty20 when you lose a couple of wickets. "We got close. I'm proud of the way the lads have fought from being under a fair bit of pressure in this tournament. "Quite a lot of criticism and flak has been thrown our way and yet we got to the final and played some good cricket. We just couldn't quite get over the line."

Selectors to be held accountable for results: Sethi LAHORE:Pakistan's interim cricket chief, Najam Sethi, said on Monday he would ask the sport's governing body to reduce a five-year ban against promising fast bowler Mohammad Amir for spot fixing. Amir, regarded as hot property in international cricket for his pace and guile, was banned with team-mates Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif in February 2011 by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Zaka Ashraf after he was suspended on charges of being dubiously elected.

"I didn't make (choose) the team for Champions Trophy," Sethi said.

wanting to get certain players on the team for the tour of the West Indies.

Among Sethi's top priorities: representing Pakistan at the ICC meeting; approving the team for next month's one-day and Twenty20 series against the West Indies; and conducting fair and transparent

He added he will not be interfering in the workings of the national selection committee, but also said there would be accountability for decisions made.

"But I didn't pay attention to anyone because I want the selectors to do their job and hopefully they will finalize the squad in four-five days," he said. Sethi said he will try to streamline the affairs of the PCB by taking all the stakeholders on board and conduct transparent elections for the new PCB chairman.

The trio were exposed in a sting operation by now defunct British tabloid News of the World, which saw them promising to bowl deliberate no-balls in return for money in the 2010 Lord's Test against England.

"That's my job," he said. "I have no plans to play a long innings, my program (on private television channel) is scheduled to restart from next month.

All three and their agent Mazhar Majeed were also jailed in 2011.

He said his aim is "that a new administration comes and runs the affairs of the cricket board in a transparent manner."

Sethi, appointed interim chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Sunday, said he would ask the ICC to reduce Amir's ban at its annual meeting in London starting on Tuesday. “Amir is our talented cricketer and I will request the ICC that (as) he has spent two and a half years of his ban, was also jailed, so for God's sake reduce his ban,� Sethi told a press conference. Under the ICC players code of conduct the minimum punishment for such a violation is five years. Sethi, a 65-year-old journalist who was also interim chief minister of Punjab during a recent general election campaign, replaced

Mohammad Amir. -File photo by AFP elections in the PCB. Sethi refused to take the blame for Pakistan's poor performance in the recent Champions Trophy where Misbah ul Haq's team lost all three group matches, could not score beyond 170 runs in the three games and senior batsmen like Shoaib Malik, Imran Farhat and Kamran Akmal failed miserably.

"They (selectors) have to take the responsibility when the team wins or loses,'' he said. "Similarly the captain, vice-captain, coach and manager will be held accountable." Sethi said he received numerous telephone calls on Monday from people

Sethi said events such as Saturday's killing of 10 foreign climbers in the north made it difficult to bring international cricket back to Pakistan, a task he said would be for a permanent chairman. International cricket has been suspended in Pakistan since militants attacked the Sri Lankan team bus in Lahore in March 2009, forcing the national team to play their home matches on neutral venues. Sethi said the squad for the upcoming tour of the West Indies would be announced later this week. Pakistan will play five oneday and two Twenty20 internationals in the Caribbean next month.


June 27, 2013

Golden days of India's music industry seen here are legends who for sure Indian music to another level. Madan Mohan Ji,Indrani Mukerjee,Kaifi Azmi Sahab, Mohammad Rafi Sahab,Madhvi ji,Sawan kumar Ji

A melodious thungri (instrumental) with Abdul Ghani on the harmonium, Irfan Haider on the tabla and Gul Ahmad Khan, a promising young sarangi player, set a perfect foreground for the classical music event organised by the Arts Council on Thursday evening to pay tribute to the late Ustad Ahmad Ali Khan.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West name baby daughter North West LOS ANGELES: Reality television star Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West have named their baby daughter North West, according to a copy of the birth certificate released by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health on Friday. Kardashian, the 32-year-old star of the TV show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," gave birth in Los Angeles on Saturday

morning, weeks before her expected due date in July. West was with her for the delivery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. People magazine said the couple had been considering directional names. Representatives for Kardashian and West could not immediately be reached for comment. Kardashian, who also has a clothing line

and endorsement deals, started dating the Grammy-winning rap star in April 2012. She married her second husband, NBA basketball player Kris Humphries of the Brooklyn Nets, in an elaborate ceremony filmed for the reality TV show in August


June 27, 2013

Coming soon: Zinda Bhaag

Shah helped conduct a small acting class for the film’s actors to help them get into the role. Zinda Bhaag is the directorial debut of filmmakers Meenu and Farjad, and headlines Naseeruddin Shah with fashion model Amna Ilyas, Khurram Patras, Salman Ahmad Khan, Zohaib and Manzar Sehbai. The film features music by Sahir Ali Bagga, with playback by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Arif Lohar, Abrar ul Haq and Amanat Ali (the music used actual instruments, rather than midis and synths we were told). While the songs were predominantly — and intentionally — missing at the theatrical trailer launch (it would be separate event, we were told), the film, from its first look, had a strange vibrancy to itself. Focusing on lower middle class locals who dream of going abroad, Zinda Bhaag is shot digitally on Red Epics (and maybe a shot or two on Red One). The resulting, crisp on-screen presentation glowed with the look of “feature film” and not a telefilm (the cinematography is by

The term “revival of Pakistani cinema” is as clichéd as it is relevant for the survival of Pakistani industry, especially when independent-minded, young-blood filmmakers are facing off against an over -abundance of international releases, limited screens and a lack of marketing support. Although, a true revival did look bleak a few years back, today, the term is literally “owned” by people who may become this industry’s “new wave”. Case in point: the people behind Zinda Bhaag, an indie drama with an overlaid layer of comedy whose theatrical trailer and hand-painted poster was unveiled at a ceremony in Cinepax, Karachi last week. The film, as it happens, will be released by Footprint Entertainment, whose chief imports include Hollywood blockbusters by Universal and Paramount (Battleship, Iron Man, Star Trek), and whose last Pakistani release was the horror film Siyaah.

Satya Rai Nagpaul, a cinematographer from India). Humour and drama went side by side — a few clips of kaleidoscopic background and intentionally badly choreographed dance moves, helped with the idiosyncratic attitude of the filmmakers. And Shah’s presence didn’t overrun the trailer or the film’s cast (even though he was the narrator of the trailer). However, there is a small hiccup in the overall design of the film: the film’s chief language is Punjabi. The filmmakers insist that the film speaks Punjabi “slang”, and a few characters do speak Urdu, but for people in the metropolis (like me), who aren’t prone to decipher the language at a breakneck speed, Zinda Bhaag could prove to be a challenge when released Pakistanwide. The trailer was shown twice during the event, and Meenu, Farjad and producer Mazhar Zaidi were hospitable to even the most disdainful of questions during the post

screening Q&A. At one point, someone from the audience questioned the logic of casting Naseeruddin Shah in the film, to which the filmmakers genially reminded them of the actor’s role in Khuda Kay Liye — supposedly the first of the “revivalists” — and that our singers are consistently staring in Bollywood albums. Meenu, Farjad and Mazhar also pointed out that Shah even helped conduct a small acting class for the film’s actors to help them get into the role. The audition process of the remaining cast was a grueling experience, Mazhar points out, where the cast was short listed from over 500 people. Also presented at the event was the hand painted poster art of the film by S. Iqbal, who is “Lollywood’s last remaining traditional poster artist”. Still young in the release campaign, the film is set to release sometime in August — which I believe would be post the heavy rush of Eid releases.

Jolie urges leaders to make Syria diplomacy work succeed," she told reporters, drawing attention to the UN's World Refugee Day. Jolie is returning to her humanitarian work after announcing last month that she had her breasts removed after discovering she has an inherited genetic mutation that puts her at high risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Her visit to Zaatari camp was her first visit public appearance with the United Nations refugee agency since the double mastectomy.

ZAATARI, Jordan: Angelina Jolie said Thursday the Syrian civil war is the world's most acute humanitarian crisis and called on world leaders to make diplomatic efforts to end it succeed.

Jolie spoke at Jordan's largest camp for Syrian refugees, which she toured as special envoy for the United Nations refugee agency. "I appeal to the world leaders — please, set aside your differences, unite to end the violence, and make diplomacy

The actress said that by the end of this year, "half of Syria's population — 10 million people — will be in desperate need of food, shelter and assistance." "The lives of millions of people are in your hands," said Jolie, who wore a black T-shirt and pants under the scorching desert sun, as billows of dust were kicked up by the wind. "You must find common ground." In her news conference under a tent in Zaatari camp, she said that refugees are "often forgotten and frequently misunderstood."

"They are regarded as a burden, as helpless individuals, or as people who wish to move to someone else's country," she said. "That is not who they are," she added somberly. Rather, refugees are people to invest in, "who will one day rebuild their countries, and a more peaceful world for us all." Jordan hosts more than half a million displaced Syrians, including 185,000 in Zaatari, which has become Jordan's fourth largest populated city. Inaugurated last July, Zaatari is the world's second largest refugee camp, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The largest according to the UNHCR is Dadaab camp in Kenya, which houses 463,000 Somali refugees. Jolie visited Zaatari along with UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres and Norwegian Foreign Affairs Minister Espen Barth Eide.


June 27, 2013

Debate on Balochistan budget: Opposition decries ‘insufficient’ funds for development QUETTA: The Leader of Opposition in the Balochistan Assembly, Maulana Abdul Wasay of the Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl, has criticised the government for having failed to identify development schemes in the new budget and allocating `insufficient’ funds for ongoing projects.

He said Balochistan had been ignored by the centre in allocation of funds for development projects undertaken by the federal government in the province.

returned after MPAs Nawab Mohammad Khan Shahwani, Abdur Rahim Ziaratwal and Jaffar Khan Mandokhel went out of the house on the suggestion of the speaker and

They said huge allocations had been made for education and health sectors in the budget. They said the opposition leader who was now making hue and cry had remained senior minister in the previous government for 10 years, but did little for the welfare of people. The house approved Rs18.4bn supplementary grants for the year 2012-13 for development and non-development expenditures.

Opening the debate on the budget for year 2013-14 on Sunday, Maulana Wasay told the house that the previous government had increased the budget to Rs180 billion from Rs50bn. Maulana Wasay said the government should not have concealed development schemes because it had created doubts and cautioned that the reduction in funds for ongoing projects would delay them. He said the opposition would appreciate good works of the government but at the same time it would not hesitate in pointing out its wrongdoings. The opposition leader said: “We extended cooperation during the election of chief minister and speaker of the provincial assembly to convey a message to Islamabad that treasury and opposition members are united on the issues of Balochistan. “We do not believe in politics of hate and have struggled for the rights of people from Zhob to Gwadar and from Nushki to Loralai as they are all brothers and should get equal rights.”

balanced and pro-people.

Chief Minister Abdul Malik Baloch requested the house to approve Rs13.9bn for development and Rs4.4bn for nondevelopment expenditures.

He also criticised the government for withdrawing subsidy on electricity being supplied to farmers in the province and urged the chief minister to take up the matter with the federal government. WALKOUT: Opposition members walked out of the house in protest against allocation of what they called meagre funds for ongoing projects. However, they

assured them that their grievances would be addressed. Taking part in the in the debate, Manzoor Khan Kakar of the Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party, Mir Karim Nausherwani of the PML-Q, Rahila Durrani, Majid Abro, Kashwar Ahmed of the PML-N and Rehmatullah Baloch of the National Party described the budget as

The funds, he said, would be used to meet expenditures relating to general administration, pension, administration of justice, police, Balochistan Constabulary, urban work, Water and Sanitation Agency, Levies Force, social welfare, power and management, industry, food, energy department, public order safety, economic service, environment protection and health and housing of community. The session was adjourned till Monday.

Sheikh Hamad, emir who made Qatar world player DOHA: Qatar's emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, who handed over to his son on Tuesday after 18 years on the throne, turned the tiny Gulf state from a desert backwater into a major world player. The 61-year-old Sheikh Hamad suffers from kidney problems but diplomats say that is not why he abdicated in favour of the 33year-old Sheikh Tamim. Hamad, whose autocratic government was a major backer of the Arab Spring uprisings of 2011, was keen to hand over of his own accord, a rarity in a region where leaders generally seek to hang onto power for life. It is a far cry from his own accession to the throne in June 1995, when he overthrew his father, Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad alThani, in a palace coup. He had to weather a coup attempt himself, allegedly instigated by the deposed emir in February the following year, before he could consolidate his grip on power. Son and father eventually reconciled and settled a multi-billion-dollar financial

dispute. Hamad inherited virtually empty the emirate. state coffers but he had a vision to turn the emirate into an economic powerhouse by Under Hamad's rule, the Qatar Investment developing its then untapped gas reserves, Authority, the emirate's sovereign wealth the third largest in the world. fund, invested billions of dollars in businesses ranging from Germany's By 2010, annual production capacity of Volkswagen to French energy giant Total liquefied natural gas had reached 77 million and Britain's Sainsbury's supermarket chain tonnes, helping to give Qatar the largest per and Barclays Bank. capital income in the world. It population of 1.87 million, less than 250,000 of them The Gulf state also developed a powerful citizens, has seen its per capita income shoot media empire through Al-Jazeera, the first up to $86,440 a year. pan-Arab satellite channel which also broadcasts in English, and is preparing the “When he came to power in 1995, Sheikh launch of Al-Jazeera America. Hamad had a goal to place Qatar on the world map by exploiting the gas resources And Qatar put itself on the world sporting which his father Sheikh Khalifa did not map with a successful bid to host the 2022 develop for fear it would change the FIFA World Cup. Under Sheikh Hamad's emirate's society,” said French journalist rule, the emirate remained a staunch Western Olivier Da Lage. ally, hosting two US military bases at AsSayliyah and Al-Udeid. “Eighteen years on, he has finished the job – Qatar has acquired the financial clout But Hamad also managed a difficult to command respect from neighbouring balancing act by also maintaining good countries and Western governments alike,” relations with religious conservative groups, said Da Lage, who has written extensively on including the Muslim Brotherhood, which

was a major beneficiary of the Arab Spring revolts. “His strategic instincts ensured he was not caught unawares by the Arab Spring, and he supported the uprisings in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Syria,” said Da Lage. Even though it is one of the few Arab states to have established ties with Israel, Qatar has also provided a base for exiled Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal, and is home to a newly opened office of Afghanistan's Taliban. During his reign, Sheikh Hamad relied heavily on two people -- his second wife Sheikha Moza, mother of Sheikh Tamim, and his outspoken Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem al-Thani. Hamad's determination was honed by a military background. He graduated from Britain's elite Sandhurst Royal Military Academy in 1971 and was named defence minister as well as crown prince in 1977. But he is also credited with extensive diplomatic skills and a sense of humour that helped him strike up personal friendships with world leaders.


June 27, 2013

Taliban attack Afghan presidential palace, CIA office; three guards killed a diplomatic bust-up over the Taliban's new office in Qatar that was intended as a first step towards a peace deal to end 12 years of fighting in Afghanistan. The Qatar office used the formal name of “Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan” from the rebels' 1996-2001 government, and flew the white Taliban flag that is seen by many Afghans as a grim reminder of the cruelties of Taliban rule. Karzai, furious over the flag and sign, broke off Afghan-US talks on an agreement that would allow Washington to maintain soldiers in Afghanistan after the Nato combat mission ends next year. Karzai has also refused to send representatives to Qatar, but pressure is growing for a ceasefire and eventually a peace settlement ahead of the Nato withdrawal and presidential elections in April.

KABUL: Taliban militants attacked an entrance to the Afghan presidential palace with gunfire and car bombs on Tuesday, just a week after insurgent leaders opened an office in Qatar for peace talks. Three Afghan security guards were killed when Taliban gunmen and bombers attacked the presidential palace and CIA base in Kabul on Tuesday, officials said. “Three guards assigned at the first entrance are dead and another of them is wounded,” Rafi Ferdous, a government spokesman, told AFP t was one of the most brazen attacks in the capital since President Hamid Karzai narrowly escaped assassination in April 2008 when the Taliban attacked an annual military parade in Kabul. Gunfire and explosions erupted for more than an hour after the attack began at 6:30 am, sending smoke into the air above a high-security area of Kabul that also contains many embassies and official buildings.

Two four-wheel-drive cars using fake Nato International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) badges tried to pass through a checkpoint to access the sprawling palace grounds, police said. “The first vehicle was checked and let in, and as the second car tried to get in the guards became suspicious and tried to prevent it,” Mohammad Daud Amin, the Kabul deputy police chief, told AFP. “The clash started and the cars were detonated. All the attackers were killed.” Police said the cars had been fitted with radio antennae to make them look like ISAF vehicles and that the three or four attackers were also wearing military uniforms. No civilians were hurt in the attack, but police were unable to confirm if any palace security guards had been injured. The cars detonated near a CIA office inside the first of several layers of checkpoints around the palace, but a palace official told AFP that the building's expansive grounds had not been breached.

Karzai, who lives in the palace, was due to hold a press event on Tuesday morning and journalists had been asked to report to a checkpoint near the blasts. All roads to the palace are permanently closed off, with multiple rings of heavy security around the complex keeping people far away.

About 100,000 foreign combat troops, 68,000 of them from the US, are due to exit by the end of 2014, and Nato formally transferred responsibility for nationwide security to Afghan forces a week ago. When in power, the Taliban imposed a harsh version of Islamic law that banned television, music and cinema, stopped girls from going to school and forced woman to wear the all-covering burqa.

“A big group of attackers have struck against the CIA office as the main target and also the palace and the defence ministry nearby,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told AFP.

They were ousted in 2001 for sheltering the Al-Qaeda militants behind the 9/11 attacks, but launched a resilient and bloody insurgency against US-led Nato troops and the US-backed Afghan government.

In the southern province of Kandahar, a roadside bombing on Tuesday killed eight women and one child as they were travelling to celebrate a wedding engagement, police said.

Dobbins on Monday said Washington was “outraged” at how the Taliban opened an office in Qatar and that the US was “waiting to hear” whether the militants were committed to peace talks.

The last major attack in Kabul was on June 11 when the Taliban insurgents claimed responsibility for a suicide car bomb outside the Supreme Court that killed at least 15 civilians.

“It doesn't seem like an entirely spurious effort on their part but whether they are prepared to participate... we just don't know,' he told reporters.

Tuesday's attack came during a visit to Kabul by US envoy James Dobbins after

Edhi in critical condition after kidney failure, doctor KARACHI: Renowned philanthropist, Abdul Sattar Edhi, is suffering from kidney failure, Dr Adib Rizvi said at a press conference on Tuesday. Speaking at a press conference at Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT), Dr Rizvi said that both kidneys of Mr Edhi have “started failing” and that they had requested for a donor kidney although a successful transplant is doubtful considering the frail health of Mr Edhi. He added that in case a transplant is not conducted he (Edhi) will need

daily dialysis to continue living. Under treatment at SIUT for past few days, the octogenarian sounded weak while talking to over the telephone. When asked about his condition he said “My son, Faisal and wife Bilquis are taking care of everything. I have requested for a donor kidney. In any case if I deserve to live more years, then I’ll live.”


June 27, 2013

Former dictator Musharraf to be tried for treason: PM Nawaz Sharif is duly reflected in further process in this behalf,” said the statement. The attorney general stated that the government would need time to frame the whole process. However, the apex court adjourned further hearing of the case till June 27 while directing the AG to further explain the government’s stance on the issue. Leader of Opposition in NA Syed Khurshid Shah welcomed the prime minister's speech in NA and said that the pictures of all past dictators should be removed from the parliament premises. He said that people rejected those who called the Constitution of Pakistan a meagre piece of paper, a reference to another former dictator General Ziaul Haq.

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif told the National Assembly Monday that the government would put former military ruler Pervez Musharraf on trial for treason, charges punishable by death or life imprisonment. He told the lower house of Parliament that the newly elected government of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) will file a written request before the Supreme Court to try former military ruler General (retd) Pervez Musharraf for treason under Article 6 of the Constitution. Sharif said the former president had

committed treason by abrogating the Constitution and he should be tried under the law. The premier moreover said Musharraf would be tried for imposing a state of emergency in the country in 2007 while also suspending the Constitution.

The AG submitted a written statement before the three-member SC bench comprising Justice Jawwad S. Khawaja, Justice Khilji Arif Hussain and Justice Ijaz Afzal Khan during the hearing of petitions against Pervez Musharraf for imposing emergency in the country on November 3, 2007.

Earlier, Attorney General of Pakistan Munir A. Malik informed the Supreme Court that the government was fully committed to initiate high treason case against the former military ruler and his abettors according to the provisions of the Constitution.

“Given the primacy of the issue in the struggle for upholding the spirit of Constitution, the federal government will proceed in accordance with law and also take political forces into confidence through a consultative process so that the collective will and wisdom of the people of Pakistan

Other members of the NA sitting on opposition benches also extended their full support to government in its decision to try the former dictator. Following Shah’s address, Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi said his party would support every constitutional step taken by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The premier later took the federal cabinet into confidence over government's response in high treason case against Pervez Musharraf.

Govt submits a vague statement in SC Govt intentions Despite the announcement of the prime minister on the floor of the house, some lawyers were still sceptical of the government’s true intent especially as they found the attorney general’s statement ambiguous. “The statement of the AG is an eyewash,” said a senior lawyer on condition of anonymity while PTI’s senior vice president and a lawyer Hamid Khan also called it a “political statement”. Khan said the government’s suggestion that the political forces had to be consulted and engaged created doubts about its intentions.

ISLAMABAD: Though Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s announcement in the parliament about going ahead with retired General Pervez Musharraf’s trial took the country by storm on Monday morning, the government’s official statement presented to the Supreme Court was vague and hardly a firm commitment. The new attorney general, Muneer A. Malik, told the court that the government would proceed in accordance with the law and prosecute Mr Musharraf for treason — after taking the political forces into confidence. “[Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif] will act according to the highest standards of justice and follow the due process of law,” Attorney General Muneer Malik said while reading out a one-page statement before the threejudge Supreme Court bench headed by Justice Jawwad S. Khawaja. “… the federal government will proceed in accordance with the law and also take political forces into confidence through a consultative process so that the collective will and wisdom of the people of Pakistan is duly reflected in further process in this behalf,” said the AG. The vagueness of the promise did not pass un-noticed.

“This is nothing; the interim government had a better stance than this,” was the immediate response of Justice Khilji Arif Hussain, one of the members of the bench which is hearing a number of petitions filed before the SC that seek the prosecution of Mr Musharraf under treason charges. On April 22 the previous caretaker government of Mir Hazar Khan Khoso had told the court that the issue of Musharraf’s prosecution should be addressed by the elected government and not the caretaker setup.

To begin with, the government will have to authorise the secretary of interior, a designated or a focal person under a statutory regulatory order (SRO) issued way back in 1994, to lodge the complaint under Article 6 of the constitution.

Instead of political consultation the PML -N should have initiated the process of beginning the trial, he said. He asked what the government would do if the political parties failed to develop consensus. Would the government then stay away from carrying out the trial, he questioned.

It needs to be pointed out that the statement does not even clarify what the Second the government will have to government means by political forces – is it appoint a three-man special court comprising referring to the political parties or other high court judges — under Section 4 of the political stakeholders also. Criminal Law Amendment (Special Court) Act, 1976 – to carry out the trial. The Advocate Ahmed Raza Kasuri who has jurisdiction of the special court to try any represented Musharraf before the court also person under treason is exclusive and no highlighted this aspect, while describing the other court has the jurisdiction to hear or statement as “constitutional poetry”. interfere with this trial.

Mr Malik then asked the court on behalf of the government for 30 days to take the political forces into confidence and then This is why legal experts are of the provide the court with details on how to opinion that the government’s seriousness on the matter will be clear from whether or not carry out the trial. it sets up the special court. The court, however, was only willing to give the government three days. It asked the According to Additional Secretary of the AG to submit by June 26 the steps the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) government needed to take to bring an Sardar Abdul Majeed, the special court, if individual to trial under Article 6 of the constituted, would be established in constitution (high treason) by specifying the consultation with Chief Justice Iftikhar mechanics of such process. The next hearing Muhammad Chaudhry. date is June 27. The High Treason (Punishment) Act If and when the government goes ahead 1973 says that the suggested punishment for with trying Musharraf under Article 6, this high treason as defined in Article 6 of the will be the first trial of its kind. constitution is death or imprisonment for life.

However, this is not to say that all legal experts were this doubtful. Others merely welcomed the move. For instance, former president of Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) Tariq Mehmood supported the government’s attempt to engage political forces saying that such consultations were needed to handle sensitive issues. He added that the trial would lead to political uncertainty and this would also discourage foreign investment at a time that it was needed. Others share his view.


June 27, 2013

National energy policy finalised rates for ultimately maximising its supply to the power sector. Different gas rates for different power plants would also be done away with. It seeks aggressive investment in expansion of Shale and Tight gas production that has brought about a revolution in the US market.

ISLAMABAD,: The government has finalised a national energy policy to increase electricity generation to 26,800MW, reduce average electricity rates by more than 30 per cent, achieve zero loadshedding, encourage huge public and private investment and import electricity from India, Iran and Central Asian states in three years. The policy would be shared with provincial governments on June 29 at the forum of Council of Common Interests (CCI) for maximum ownership before it is announced by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in a couple of weeks. This was decided at a meeting presided over by the prime minister on Monday. Under the new energy policy, four separate sectoral policies would be put in place to cover four major areas of the power sector — supply chain of the power sector, generation system, transmission and distribution system. The overarching target of the policy is to increase generation from the current

12,200MW to 26,800MW in the medium term (3-5 years) and reduce average generation cost from Rs14.67 per unit to about Rs10 per unit by bringing in efficiency, merit order and transparency in the entire spectrum of the power sector.Under the supply chain policy, cost neutrality would be introduced by extending oil and gas pipelines to power stations to reduce oil and gas theft and losses during transportation because a major loss was currently taking place due to transportation of furnace oil through tankers. On top of that, oil and gas exploration would be expedited through fresh incentives and conserve gas currently in use of non-productive or less economic uses and divert it to power generation for cost reduction. To achieve this, performance assurance contracts would be signed with the Pakistan State Oil and other fuel suppliers and generation companies. The supply chain policy notes that heavy consumption of gas was taking place in some uneconomic sectors because of its low cost and seeks to rationalise gas tariff so that all sectors of economy enjoy similar

Under the generation policy, efficiency and merit order for supply of oil and gas and payment of bills would be the basic principle so as to increase supply and maximise generation from efficient plants. Low cost generation would be achieved through improved energy mix by focusing more on cheaper sources like hydel, nuclear, coal- and gas-based power plants to achieve 26,800MW of generation in 3-5 years and ensure zero loadshedding from 12,200MW of generation and average 10 hours of loadshedding. PRIVATE SECTOR: The private sector would be offered fresh incentives. The prime minister directed the energy committee to come up with an investment plan for increased generation on June 27. The policy seeks to bring into utilisation the existing capacity that was out of the system due to various reasons and speed up completion of power plants that are currently in the pipeline for implementation by encouraging power sector investment through fresh incentives. The general policy also seeks to phase out inefficient power plants, commonly known as gas guzzlers. It also calls for accelerating power imports from neighbouring nations like 1,000MW from Central Asian states, 500MW from India and 1,000MW from Iran and restructure and renovate or replace public sector generation plants through public-private investment. Under the transmission policy, efficiency, loss reduction, automation and transparency would be the guiding principles. This would be achieved through

performance contracts to leverage disparities in various areas to reduce transmission losses from the current 3.6 to 2.5 per cent in two years and then less than two per cent in about four years by heavily investing in SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system and software introduction. Under the distribution policy, the government seeks to devolve distribution system to provincial governments over the long term. In the short term, efficiency, automation, infrastructure development and improved collection would be the key directions for an ultimate objective of privatising distribution system or introduce management contracts and public-private partnership. Distribution companies would be held accountable for performance under performance contracts while “smart metering” would be introduced throughout the distribution network. Punitive action would be taken against power theft and collection of receivables would be made through a system of federal adjustor. At the meeting the prime minister said efficiency, transparency and provision of maximum relief to the common man would be the hallmarks of the new energy policy to be announced after the completion of a consultative process with all the stakeholders, including all federating units, according to an official statement. The meeting was apprised by the government’s energy team about the salient features of the energy policy. It was told that the “new energy policy will transform the red tape paradigm to red carpet one”, for providing as many facilities to the public and investors as possible.

Once-vibrant mountaineering industry staggers from killing of 10 climbers ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's once thriving mountaineering industry is reeling from the killing by militants of 10 foreign climbers, a massacre likely to drive away all but the hardiest adventurers from some of the world's tallest and most pristine peaks.

“We are still in shock, we've had to apologise to so many mountaineers across the world,” said Hussain, who described the attack as appalling and said he was devastated.

2007 by militant attacks and fighting between the Taliban and the army in once popular tribal valleys such as Swat in the northwest.

“I am very worried, now business is finished, today two or three have cancelled, it is difficult now,” said Muhammed, who was in the capital Islamabad to speak to embassies and family members of the victims. “In Gilgit-Baltistan, a lot of the economy is from tourism - the money goes to transporters, hotels, markets, porters guides and cooks.”

A tour company present during the attack said gunmen dressed as police ordered tourists out of tents at the 4,200meter (13,860-foot) base camp of Nanga Parbat, the country's second highest peak, late on Saturday night, then shot them and a Pakistani guide. The attack on the last peak over 8,000 meters (26,400 feet) in the western Himalayas has been claimed by both the Pakistani Taliban and a smaller radical group.

HIPPY TRAIL In reality, the tourist industry last thrived in the 1970s, when the “hippy trail” brought Western travellers through the apricot and walnut orchards of the Swat Valley and Kashmir on their way to India and Nepal.

The foreign victims included two citizens from China, one from Lithuania, one from Nepal, two from Slovakia, three Ukrainians, and one person with joint USChinese citizenship. Manzoor Hussain, president of the Alpine Club of Pakistan, said at least 40 foreigners including citizens from Serbia, Italy, Ireland, Denmark and the United States, among several other nationalities, were evacuated from a higher camp. A group of Romanians is believed to be scaling the mountain from another side. Some other groups booked for climbs this summer have already cancelled, one company said. Hussain said the attack was a “fatal blow” for his efforts to attract more climbers to the Hindu Khush, Karakoram and western Himalayan ranges, home to many unexplored summits.

Blue Sky is based in the town of Skardu, which is heavily reliant on the income brought by outsiders.

Years of war in Afghanistan helped end the overland route to Asia, and Pakistan's tourism never really recovered. Geographically, Pakistan is a climbers paradise. It rivals Nepal for the number of peaks over 7,000 meters and is home to the world's second tallest mountain, K2, and three more that are among the world's 14 summits higher than 8,000 meters. In more peaceful times, northern Pakistan's unspoilt beauty would be a major tourist draw, bringing sorely needed dollars to a nation that suffers repeated balance of payments crises. Mountaineers, many from China, Russia and Eastern Europe, are among the last foreigners who regularly visit Pakistan for leisure. Tourism has been devastated since

The number of expeditions had also dwindled, but before the attack some 50 groups were expected this year in the remote Gilgit-Baltistan region, a stop over on the historic Silk Road. That has changed following Sunday's massacre, which sparked protests on Monday in Chilas, the closest town to the base camp, which depends on climbing for income in the summer. “I haven't slept since yesterday, it's a very sad situation,” said Ghulam Muhammed, whose company Blue Sky Treks and Tours guided five of the climbers killed at the base camp.

While the attack on foreign climbers was a first, it did not come entirely out of the blue. Gilgit-Baltistan's Shia population has suffered a number of sectarian killings by radical Sunni groups over the past year, including one that claimed responsibility for killing the climbers. “We have been warning the government,” Hussain said. “Security was beefed up, and there were checks on the road, but we wanted security parties for the mountaineers as well.”


June 27, 2013

Quick Facts 

National Aboriginal Day was first proclaimed by the Governor General of Canada in 1996.

Ontario invests about $900 million annually in programs and services for Aboriginal people across the province.

Since 2010, the Friendship Centre Infrastructure Program has created 105 local jobs.

Ontario launched its t h r e e - ye a r , $8 million Friendship Centre ... Infrastructure

The Northern Fruit and V e ge t a bl e

UN says Pakistan has food “emergency”, but donors look elsewhere - Reuters

Program in 2010. It helps friendship centres renovate their facilities or build new ones, so they can better serve their communities.

Program reaches 106 schools and about 18,000 students in the Porcupine and Algoma regions. It provides a serving of fruits and vegetables at least twice a week from January to June.

Ottawa murder case has echoes of an 'honour crime' But because the killer was not Muslim, the term has not been used. By: Aisha Sherazi, Sunday June 16, 2013, Toronto Star The guilty verdict a week ago against Mark Hutt for first-degree murder was greeted with cheers in the Ottawa courtroom where he was tried. He had been accused of abusing his wife, Donna Jones, ultimately causing her death. That is putting it mildly. According to evidence presented at the trial, he scalded 40 per cent of her body with boiling water, shot pellets at her with an air gun (possibly after she had been burned) and left her to rot in the basement while he went about business as usual (apart from when he wasn’t breaking her bones and generally torturing her). Hearing about the case, I thought it was an extreme example of domestic violence. It wasn’t until I heard Hutt’s account that I recognized a different motivation. In a police interview, Hutt said, “Two weeks ago . . . my wife has never spoken to me the way she spoke to me two weeks ago. She basically told me that she was going to go with somebody else, that I wasn’t, I wasn’t going to be a father.” Later he said: “I was boiling water, for

the noodles, and she came up behind me, and she just said . . . something about . . . this isn’t working, this isn’t happening, and I’m going to cheat on you basically, like I’m going to . . . if things don’t work out, I’m going . . . She just kept saying it and putting it in my head, putting in my head, and putting it in my head.” Hutt’s explanation for dumping the pot of boiling water on his wife, leaving her with third- and fourth-degree burns, is abhorrent, but also not unlike a classic “honour crime.” People who carry out “honour crimes” often cite such motivation. Are the prospects of a partner “cheating” on you and not bearing your children reason enough to warrant drenching her with boiling water? Are they reason enough to break her nose and crack her ribs? Are they reason enough to fire pellets at her? According to the group Human Rights Watch, “honour killings” are defined as “acts of vengeance, usually death, committed by male family members against female family members, who are held to have brought dishonour upon the family.” They cite numerous reasons for the targeting of women in such cases, including “seeking a divorce and committing adultery.”

Let’s pretend for a moment that Donna Jones had actually cheated on Hutt. According to him, she merely mentioned leaving him and cheating on him. In reality, if she had left him (and God I wish she had), technically, she wouldn’t have been cheating on him, she would have been a free agent. I have my doubts that she even said those words, but apparently they were a good enough excuse for Hutt. Throughout his testimony, I could not help but feel that his warped sense of honour and pride seemed to be unsettled by the fact that she would not have children with him, and that she might enter into a relationship with another man. After all, that is what “honour” in this context is all about: misplaced pride, a fear of ridicule, a loss of power. By all accounts, Donna Jones sounds like a classic domestic violence victim who covered up her husband’s abuse until it finally killed her. Jones was blessed to have people who really cared about her, both in life and death. Many, including family and friends, urged her not to stay with him.

Victims of honour crimes rarely receive such family or community support because the community has traditionally perpetuated the crimes, bringing shame upon those who don’t conduct themselves according to the community’s expectations. That is slowly changing, as community leaders speak out against domestic violence, and people begin to understand the limitations of peer pressure. There is no justification for what happened to Donna Jones. And just as we can’t judge all Canadian Muslims based on the violence perpetrated by Asqa Pervez, or all Canadian Sikhs on the acts of Jaswinder Kaur Sidhu, we won’t judge all Canadian men based on Mark Hutt. Nonetheless, in the back of my mind, I can’t help wondering that if Mark Hutt’s name was Mohamed Hussein or Mandeep Hans Singh, would we be calling this an honour killing? Aisha Sherazi is a writer, blogger and poet and a pastoral care worker at Merivale High School in Ottawa. [Aisha Sherazi is a former member of CAIR.CAN's Advisory Board]

Canadian Pakistani Times 27th June 2013  

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