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Fall 2018 - Trinity News A Seasonal Publication of Holy Trinity Church, Thornhill (Established in 1830)

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“Something good is happening here!!”

WELCOME to Maureen McNeish - (new) Parish Nurse Every summer for the past three years, we have been replenishing our staff at Holy Trinity. This year, we are pleased to welcome Maureen McNeish as our new parish nurse. She fills the vacancy created by the retirement of Susan Rodgers. Maureen is looking forward to continuing the established parish nursing ministry at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Thornhill. She earned her nursing diploma from George Brown in 1994, and later completed a nursing degree at Ryerson University. Since then, she has maintained her credentials through continuing education, including specialization through the Canadian Nurses Association. In 1994, she married James McNeish. They have two young adult children: Maryanne, who is going into her third year at Tyndale University in Toronto; and John, who is entering his final year in secondary school. Maureen is a member of Iona Presbyterian Church in North York where she has been involved in parish nursing for about two years. In 2005, she completed the Parish Nursing Preparation Course at Victoria College, University of Toronto. The course was offered by InterChurch Health Ministries, an ecumenical faith based organization emphasizing health and faith in ministry. Following completion of the course, she began parish nursing at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Toronto. After one year, she added another faith community, working with active health committees to develop and maintain this ministry to tri-congregations church: Iona Presbyterian, St. Christopher & St. Cyprian Anglican churches. For the past nine years, she has worked in the community as a registered nurse, funded by the Local Health Integration

Network (formerly the Community Care Access Centre). She continues to provide in-home nursing services to patients in York Region. Maureen notes that there have been many changes in health care since she first qualified as an RN. Some of these changes have enhanced health care for patients/ consumers; while others have not. She said, “I am convinced the church is able to influence health care provision in ways that secular culture cannot. As Christians, we can attest to the role of faith in wellness, faith in times of illness or upset, faith in life and faith beyond the immediate lives we live here. In Jesus’ ministry, He emphasized wholeness, and restoration of the relationship with God as essential to an integrated life”. She told Trinity News that her initial goal as parish nurse at Holy Trinity Thornhill, is to be visible, to make connections and to find ways to serve and develop the ministry of parish nursing. She invites members to stop into the office; connect with her in September, or call. “Starting in September, look for me in the services. I look forward to getting to know you”.

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Trinity News - Fall 2018

Wardens Mid Year Report ADMINISTRATIVE MATTERS Appointments: Winston Holder was re-appointed to the office of Treasurer. Nicola Palframan and Pat Johnson continued to provide secretarial support (recording) to the wardens. The Office: Darryl Thompson, HTC former Treasurer, has organized the past several years of financial documents which will be stored in the soon to be purchased new filing cabinets in the church office. It is anticipated that the reorganization project of the current office photocopy and storage room will commence in the fall. Finances Financial Update: As at May 31, 2018 our income totalled $186,045 while disbursements were $210,626. The budget for the period anticipated revenues of $183K and disbursements of $204K. Envelope Receipts were $119,767, compared with a budget provision of $115K. Our Faith Our Hope Grant Application: Synod Council approved a grant of $94,300 over five years to support our Discipleship initiative. The grant will be released in the following stages: $24,300* for 2018, $25,000 for 2019, $20,000 for 2020, $15,000 for 2021, and $10,000 for 2022. *Funds in the amount of $24,300 for 2018, currently held by us, represent a re-allocation from a previous grant initiative. We are expected to use these funds and no cash disbursements will be made for 2018. Funds held in Local Our Faith Our Hope Account: Of the $92,848 in our OFOH fund, it was agreed that $60,000 was already designated to Discipleship, $26,000 would be transferred to the Green Initiative and the balance would be transferred to the capital reserve fund.

Personnel Our Parish Nurse Susan Rodgers, who joined us in 2011 retired at the end of June 2018. We thank God for her ministry and thank her for touching the lives of many parishioners during her time with us. The Healing & Wellness Committee prepared a retirement lunch to say goodbye to her on June 13. She was honoured on Sunday June 17 with a parish reception following the 10:00 a.m. service. Following an excellent and informative exit interview with her, and on her recommendation, we have decided to increase the working hours from two to three days a 2

week for the new parish nurse. Her successor, Maureen McNeish will assume the position in September. We thank the Interview Team of Jane Winstanley (Healing & Wellness Committee & retired nurse), Marilyn Olivares (retired nurse), Robin Parravano and Canon Stephen for their work in the interview process. Office Administrator Swan Li was granted 6-week off as she had not taken her 4-week annual holidays for the past four years. We express thanks to Jessie Barbour of Emmanuel Anglican Church for providing office support during April-May. Custodian Jesús Cruz Arángo splits his 4-week holidays into two weeks each in July and December. Administrator’s Monthly Report. It was decided that the Office Administrator should attend the wardens’ monthly meetings to provide updates and other relevant information. Her first presentation was in June. Staff Reviews: We continue to keep up to date with staff performance interviews. Property & Grounds We are very fortunate at Holy Trinity that we have a very hard working and talented group of men on our Property Committee headed up by Ron Tolhurst. These talented men have been able to save the church an immeasurable amount of expenses over the years and we thank them all for their dedication. Church Cemetery: The Spring cleanup was done in April. It was reported that following the repaving of the parking lot, there is an 8-inch drop between the pavement and the driveway. The paving company has agreed to fix the problem with a sloped grade at the gate. Land Titles: The finalization of cemetery lands being registered in the Land Titles system is ongoing and in the hands of lawyers. We hope to have this issue resolved this year. Thornhill Nursery School & Kindergarten: In the first half-of 2018, there have been few matters requiring detailed attention with the staff of TNSK. There are ongoing items that will be resolved in later part of 2018 and will be reported to the congregation. As in the past, TNSK ran their summer camp and Holy Trinity offered other areas of the church on rainy days to the Field of Dreams baseball camp.

Fall 2018 - Trinity News

Wardens Mid Year Report cont’d Church Sign: After a long and complicated application process with the City of Vaughan, completed by Dianne Rimmer, a Building Permit was issued for the erection of our new sign. The beautiful sign, which complements our church’s façade, and was designed and constructed by Ken Van Winkle Sign & Display, was erected on our front lawn in April 2018. It includes an LED digital message board. The cost was $19,000 plus tax.

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Fire Drill 2018 and Demonstration of Emergency Evacuation Chair: Our fire drill will be held later in the year, at which time we would also demonstrate the Evacuscape evacuation chair to the congregation. The fire drill Marshalls in our parish will be identifiable by wearing brightly coloured safety vests and during the fire drill, the Evacuscape chair purchased in June, 2017, will be demonstrated. The new Fire Safety Program manual was approved by the Fire Marshall’s office in the spring of 2018 and a copy is in the church office. Audio/Visual for Auditorium and TV in Room A: In 2017, the audio/visual upgrades in the auditorium and Room A were made at cost of $18,252.40. Les Jempson, a member of the Property Committee, built a cabinet to enclose the TV in Room A. In order to facilitate upcoming ACW meetings and presentations, it is anticipated that many ladies from the parish will be fully trained to use the equipment. Churchwardens’ Wand: In May, Les Jempson repaired one broken wand used in Sunday’s church services. Property Items to be completed in 2018: The following items will be completed or have been completed in 2018. The approximate cost of items requiring the hiring of a contractor is listed beside each item: 1. South entrance apron – level paving stones where necessary – completed by Ray Burton 2. South entrance door – scrap loose paint, prime with metal primer and paint -Jesus completed 3. Handicap driveway – replaced top pavers – completed by Justin Brown. 4. Leaked toilet between Rooms A & B was replaced in April by Griffith Plumbing 5. Auditorium west roof edge/eavestrough – trace roof and eavestrough to prevent ice buildup –contractor 6. Trees at front of auditorium near the street -trim lower branches to make sign visible – Eric Preston completed on April 9, 2018 7. Wall in lower level (paint is peeling) to be sanded and


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painted – Ray & Eric scraped Handicap sign base cracked – Les Jempson is making a new cement form Install stair treads on back stairs to auditorium $2000 (contractor) Minor repairs to church carpet - $5,000 (contractor) Parge concrete on North and West on exterior of church basement - $2,000 Extend lawn irrigation to urn on walkway - $500 (contractor) Lift maintenance-hydraulic hose & phone $4,000 (contractor) Install sewer backup valve in boiler room $5,000 (contractor) Replace six security lights with LED - in parking lot area Fire Alarm Panel installed in May, 2018 at a cost of $5,000 New freezer in church kitchen purchased at a cost of $1,000 Relocation of pull-station in Thornhill Nursery School – cost paid by Nursery School All LED lighting completed with exception of sanctuary chandeliers. Photocell installing of the two ground lights at front of church has been completed. Cost of exterior lights $3,433 – rebate of $350 from Alectra Cornice around front door is opening – caulk edge Mulch in south parking lot – moved to where needed north property line Insulate water pipes (in boiler room) to ladies washroom sinks – buy insulation -to be done

Outreach & Community Linkages Eva Rea Bursaries: Application forms were sent to five community schools and Holy Trinity School. We have received applications from three schools and four students connected to the parish. Diane Maines resigned as chair of the committee, in light of her relocation. The current members of the committee are Robin Parravano (Warden) Dianne Rimmer (Warden), John Carrington, Kim Gordon, and Gloria Downey. Dirk Drieberg has been supporting the committee and has offered to be chair in 2019. Continued on page 8


Trinity News - Fall 2018

A Profile: Steven Law Steven was born and raised into an Anglican family in Fonthill, Ontario. His early church life was classic, baptized as an infant, attended Sunday school, confirmed and then participated in church activities throughout his teen years, including being an altar server. He began to read scripture as a lector at the age of 14.

jumped at the chance to work on them since they are better aligned with his interest in both energy technologies and environmental protection.

Sunday church service was an intergenerational family affair, as Steven’s grandparents served as churchwardens, and up to a dozen relatives would typically be at church on Sunday.

After 12 years in private sectors, Steven moved over Steven Law with Lucy Cummings to government in 2010 to of Faith & The Common Good take on renewable energy projects. In addition, he was recently hired to teach (part -time) a short course in renewable energy.

Steven earned Bachelor of Science honours program in Environmental Engineering from the University of Guelph. This program captured both his interest in environmental protection and academic gifts in math and chemistry. Steven says that although he was not the most gifted student in the program, his intense work ethic and competitive spirit served him well as he passed every course and regularly achieved high marks. Like many others, his career did not get off to a quick start but he was motivated with purpose and soon found himself working on interesting projects as a consulting engineer. His first job had a research and development aspect that helped further his education. He mostly worked on fossil fuel energy projects for the first few years that made him realized that he had an aptitude for this line of work. He took various short courses to fill in knowledge gaps that were relevant to his career, and began public speaking engagements, using his natural ability that was developed years earlier as a lector on Sunday mornings. When renewable energy projects began to emerge he

Shortly after moving to Thornhill in 2008, Steven joined Holy Trinity Church to settle into his new community. Soon he was involved as a lector, joined the advisory board and was participating in other church activities. In 2015, he was approached to help set up the “green team” where he evolved from being an assistant to a leader. This was an opportunity that his professional capabilities were being used to support a religious activity. His experience as a consulting engineer made it easy for him to jump in with both feet and take the initiative from an idea to a fully functioning program within a few months. Over the past three years the green team has grown, delivered several successful projects, won an award and we are poised to be environmental leaders in York Region and beyond, in both religious and secular circles, for years to come. Holy Trinity is glad to have someone like Steven, sharing his faith and gifts with our parish family.

Ministry of Discipleship You’re invited to join a group of people who want to go deeper in their relationship with God. We’ll be learning together at a conversational pace, with time to ask questions, reflect, and get to know one another. The course is called Pilgrim - we’re all on a journey - walk with us for six weeks as we dig deeper into the Ten Commandments, exploring how Jesus re-interprets them for his disciples and helps us expand their meaning for us today. We’ll be covering the concepts of rest, idols, commitment and more… We will run the sessions Mondays 7:00 p.m. in Room A, Oct. 15 - Nov. 19, These courses are always uplifting, the conversations engaging, and it’s a low-pressure relaxed atmosphere where you don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to! The cost for the workbook is $12. If you’d like more information please contact Christine Ivy at civy@holytrinity-thornhill.ca, 905 889 5931 ext. 25. 4

Fall 2018 - Trinity News

The Canon’s Column This summer marks the beginning of the seventh year of my ministry at Holy Trinity. I offer thanks and praise to God for the opportunity afforded me to serve in a church community that has been witnessing to God’s love and justice for more one hundred and eighty-eight years. I also give thanks for the support and faithful work and witness by so many who love this church. May God continue to be our strength and blessing as our pastoral relationship continues.

Thornhill Public School 170 Years Old This year marks the 170th anniversary of Thornhill Public School. There was an anniversary Fun Fair during the month of June. During the fair, the school’s new outdoor classroom was officially opened. At the beginning of this year, with the support of The Footlights Club, we made the final of three donations to the school. This support was one of our 185th anniversary projects. Parish Nurse I am pleased to welcome Maureen McNeish to our community in the capacity as Parish Nurse. She joins a ministry that has been in existence for the past 30 years. She will continue to further develop, organize and maintain our Healing & Wellness Ministry within the parish, by planning and setting out goals, by working with the Healing & Wellness Committee, and by carrying out a ministry which promotes health and wholeness in the name of Jesus Christ. We look forward to her ministry among us. YouthTalk There is a growing pre-teen and teen group in our community. They are outgrowing, or have outgrown, Sunday School. We would like to provide an opportunity for them to meet twice a month on Sunday to engage the scriptures and their faith as they confront the challenges and good experiences of their teen years. Are you willing to give 30-40 minutes once (or twice) a month to share in the lives of these young people? Please speak to me or Christine Ivy, our Lay Pastor.

Confirmation Class Some of the young people, to whom I have referred above are approaching “confirmation age”. Bishop Peter

Fenty will be coming to us on Sunday, January 6, 2019. A confirmation class will be taught in the Fall to prepare anyone interested in confirmation. Please speak to me or Christine Ivy, for further information.

Farewell Visit The outgoing Consul General of Barbados at Toronto, Mr. Haynesley Benn, will make his final visit to our parish on Sunday, September 16, before his return to Barbados. He has visited our parish on several occasions and indicated his desire to return before his departure. His departure follows a change of government in the country.

Co-Adjutor Bishop Synod members of the Diocese of Toronto assembled at St. James Cathedral on Saturday, June 9, 2018 to elect a Coadjutor Bishop, to succeed Archbishop Colin Johnson when he retires at the end of the year. The Very Rev. Andrew Asbil, Dean of Toronto, was elected from a field that included The Rev. Canon David Harrison, The Rt. Rev. Victoria Matthews, The Rt. Rev. Kevin Robertson and The Rt. Rev. Riscylla Shaw. Dean Asbill will be consecrated on Saturday, September 29, 2018 in the cathedral.

viDEoVOTIONS During Lent, as we engaged our Lenten program, in addition to the Wednesday evening sessions in Room A, some of us logged into our viDEoVOTIONS room from the comfort of our homes, or the mall in one instance, to share in a conversation. After Lent, we resolved to continue our morning devotions from Monday to Thursday, each week. This experience has been extremely energizing, at the beginning of the day as we share stories, experiences, and many laughs. I want to encourage our community to consider joining us when we resume in September. The virtual conference room can accommodate 100 connections at any one time. Please join us. Login in to https://zoom.us/j/7643626913.

Synod The 158th Regular Session of Synod will be held on November 9-10, 2018, at the Sheraton Parkway-Toronto North Hotel & Suites in Richmond Hill.


Trinity News - Fall 2018

The Green Page Since Vestry 2017 we have done the following:  Package #1 - Replace 236 inside fluorescent and incandescent lights throughout the building with LED's of equivalent brightness. Most fluorescent fixtures require changing the ballast to electronic. This was done at a cost of $15,476. We received a grant of $4,711 from Alectra.  Package #2 - Replace the 6 exterior security lighting (one is already LED) and the lights for the main altar stained glass windows at a cost of $3,325. Grant of $350 from Alectra.  The proposal to replace the parking lot sentinel double light in the south parking lot (package #3) had no incentive from Alectra and was beyond our budget. It was deferred this until the light needs replacing in the future. These lights were maintained by Hydro until 2017 but now they are our responsibility. HTC gets billed $60 per month ($30 power consumption and $30 delivery charge) for the electricity. The cost is $3,200 + $125 net HST less zero grant = $3,325 net cost.  In June (2017) we gave a presentation to Lucy Cummings (Executive Director of Greening Sacred Spaces) to review our work done to date. In September, we participated in a multi-faith public discussion on climate change at the Jaffari Community Centre. The event featured Dr. Dianne Saxe, the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, who provided the latest information on Ontario’s climate vulnerabilities and how the province is responding to these impacts. The event featured local examples of faith-based climate action around sustainable waste management (Jaffari), energy efficiency (HTC) and community-supported agriculture (Shoresh). In December 2017 we were featured in a full page writeup on page 7 in The Anglican, describing our projects!


In January 2018 the Green Team joined HTC to the Faith Building Energy Benchmarking Program.

 

Our first report was received in April 2018 and showed us the building’s weather normalized EUI (energy use intensity) The EUI expresses a building’s energy use as a function of its size It’s calculated by dividing the total energy consumed in one year by the total gross floor area of the building

AWARD! Our parish was awarded the ClimateWise Faith & the Common Good Award for 2018 on May 31. This award is given to a faith-community in York Region in recognition of notable efforts to embed environmental sustainability actions within their community. Our Green Team, comprising of Steven Law, Iverson Grimes, Dianne Rimmer, Ron Tolhurst and Don Park, continue to explore ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint. What are we planning for 2018?  Replace lighting rheostat with electric devices  Install low flow aerators on water faucets  Check/fix AC coolant pipes wrapped with insulation  Install timers or motion sensors for some lights  Insulate areas where outside air is infiltrating  Add blue bins to areas where recycling occurs  Re-route/extend downspouts away from foundation On Sunday, September 16, 2018 from 2 - 4 p.m. the Green Team is planning to host an event for other interested faith groups. They are expecting 20 -30 interfaith participants. Steven Law will make a presentation.

Fall 2018 - Trinity News

Holy Trinity Cemetery The Cemetery has been relatively quiet this year. To date, there has been one cremated remains interment, one foundation installation and one marker installation. A committee member must be present for interments and installation of monuments and markers. In April we had a mini-clean up resulting is 49 bags of garden waste. As time permits, work will continue with the ongoing need to raise and level markers. Inquiries about the purchase of interments rights are made on a regular basis as are inquiries from people looking for information about their ancestors. Each month during the spring, summer and fall, members of the Committee have been doing weekly cleanups of litter which has been dropped or blown into the cemetery. A big thank you goes to these people for keeping our cemetery tidy and welcoming. We would welcome additional help with this task. Please contact Enid Corbett if you can help. Saturday, September 22, 2018, is our fall cleanup day. (Rain date September 29). We welcome all helpers from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. The tasks are numerous: raking, vines to remove, shrubs to trim, grass to trim from corner stones and flat markers, grass cuttings and needles to sweep from flat stones, etc. etc. etc. The Cemetery Committee is a group of interested volunteers who meet bimonthly to discuss the ongoing work in the cemetery. New members are welcome to join us in this interesting and vital task. Our next meeting is Tuesday September 25.

Enid Corbett Chair, Cemetery Committee

From Your Church Office ENVELOPE/ACCOUNT STATEMENT Your Statement for the first half of 2018 (January - June) is included in the print copy of this Trinity News. If there are any discrepancies, please leave a message for Envelope Secretary at 905 889 5931 ext. 22.

Custodian - Jesús Cruz Arángo Please contact him directly on janitorial & maintenance matters.

Work (church) phone: 905 889 5931 ext. 24 Work email: custodian@holytrinity-thornhill.ca


USE OF ROOM/SPACE A friendly reminder that BEFORE deciding on date & time of your meeting(s), please check with Swan/Church Office whether the space is available. The demand of spaces within our community and beyond is very high. This past spring, a number of parishioners wanted to get together to watch the British Royal Wedding on the 65-inch TV screen in Room A. Without informing the Property Manager nor the Church Office, the organizer called the Vaughan Fire Marshall to find out how many people would be allowed in Room A under the fire code. Please note that members of the parish are to bring their questions and/or concerns on property matters to the Property Manager/Church Office/Wardens. Parishioners are NOT to place/arrange service calls to address their queries or concerns regarding church property.

TOTE BAGS Ditch the Plastic … GO GREEN … SUPPORT Your Church Strong & Machine Washable Tote Bags (14x14x3in) for $5.00 each. Call the church office 905 889 5931 ext. 21. Swan Li Office Administrator


$5.00 each available from Jane Winstanley

905 881 5169


Trinity News - Fall 2018

Wardens Mid Year Report cont’d Syrian Family. Linda Gould reported that the Aslan family graduated from the refugee program at the end of June. The son has a full time job and his wife is in ESL classes three times a week. Their young son completed of junior kindergarten. The grandparents may qualify for some social assistance. It turned out that there was a financial surplus of $2,700 and HTC did not need to send the full commitment of $7,200. There was just an amount of $400 to be sent. As this project was complete the committee would be disbanded.

Thornhill Village Festival The plan this year is to stage the festival in the Thornhill Park, north of the Thornhill Swimming Pool, in the valley. Holy Trinity has been asked to see if “our ladies”, who dressed up in period costume, were prepared to do it again. The Festival Committee had also asked if they could make use of our parking lot. The Festival Committee would have to add the HTC parking lot to their insurance because the church did not want to be responsible for any claims relating to the Festival. Discussions about our parish’s involvement continue.

Eritrean Family – The Tesfai Family The application for Zawuda Woldu Tesfay, who is currently living in Israel, was submitted, passed, and she passed the interview. The sponsorship cost is covered by her brother, Mebrahtom Tesfai, MD, who is living in the United States. Dr. Tesfai already sent the monies that HTC keeps in an internally restricted Refugee Resettlement Fund (RRF). However, the application for the brother and three daughters did not proceed as it was likely to be rejected. Other options were being investigated.

OTHER ISSUES Choir Robes The new choir robes were blessed and worn for the first time on Easter Sunday.

Two Eritrean Refugees in Israel The Anglican United Refugee Alliance (AURA) the supporting agency for refugee sponsorships has two separate Jewish groups committed to sponsoring Eritrean Refugees in Israel. The groups are not affiliated with any specific synagogue but each was established through their connection to Israel. Both groups have successfully raised monies required for the sponsorship. AURA had developed two sponsorship applications, each for one single male. They invited Holy Trinity to be a partner church for the applications and we have agreed. HTC has no financial obligation in this program. Funds required for these sponsorships have been received and Memoranda of Understanding between the parish and the sponsor groups (detailing the terms of the sponsorships) have been signed. Any residual funds will go to AURA as the donations cannot be returned to the donors. AURA submitted the applications in July 2018. The Pikangikum Water Project We continue to have “Hotdog Sundays” to support this project.


Recycling Rewards Recycling Rewards requested permission to install a donation bin on the church property. They will pay HTC $1,000 per annum, paid quarterly. The bins are made of metal and could be made to our specifications e.g. logo, colour, size etc. The donations of clothing, books, toys etc. would be collected by Recycling Rewards on a regular basis. If anything was left in the bin that didn't qualify the company would dispose of it. The company would get any permits that were required for the bins and they are covered by a comprehensive liability insurance. They are in partnership with the Children's Wish Foundation and the clothing is resold through the Talize Thrift Stores. It is a one-year agreement with a 30-day cancellation option. In addition to the bin program the company can organize a clothing drive and the church would be paid according to the weight of the clothing donated. all went to seeand Grandma … andfeedback she was pleased to WeWehave invited received from our all again. membership and have considered bothsee theuschallenges and benefits of this proposal. We have decided to give permission for the installation. We will monitor the situation and if we are unsatisfied at any point, permission will be withdrawn. Special Events Committee We agreed to explore reconstituting a Special Events Committee with a view to planning future fundraisers.

Fall 2018 - Trinity News

Ministry Brief Music Ministry

Church School

New Choir Members Welcome We invite you to join our Senior Choir. Please consider offering your time and voice to the praise of our Lord. No training or experience is needed; you just have to enjoy singing.

We ran a successful Summer Bible Camp July 23 - 27. Our theme was the Bible Hero Moses. Children from various faiths and ages, enjoyed making new friendships, learning about Moses, and doing lots of fun activities together in our auditorium and in the park behind our church. I wish to thank Hazel & Robert Ogilvie for their assistance.

We rehearse Thursday evenings 7:30 - 9:00 p.m. Please come out and give it a try! If you cannot commit to rehearsals through the year, you are welcome to join us for the special music presentations at Christmas/ Easter. If interested, please speak to Rachel Yoon or email her rachelyoon@hotmail.com. Holy Trinity Junior Choir offers enriching and fun music program to all children/youth (8 years and older) in the community as well as our Sunday School students. We have been making music together and experiencing the joy of singing through games and songs. We are looking forward to an even better year 2018-019 starting this September. The choir practices are held on Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30 p.m. in Room A. Please share with your friends or neighbors who may be interested in the choir program. To join, please contact Rachel.

Shoeboxes for our annual drive for Samaritan's Purse will arrive in September. We will make them available as soon as possible. We will need to call them back in by the end of October so as not to interfere with other church activities. Judith will deliver them to a collection church to be shipped to the developing countries, where they may be the first Christmas gift ever received by some of the children. In the fall, the children of our church school will be preparing for Christmas pageant. The Christmas Pageant will be on Sunday, December 23, at the 10:00 a.m. service. Please make note of this change. We have registered a few new children to our Sunday class. We are looking forward to another year of learning about our faith, our loving God, and having fun together! Judith Sinclair 905 889 5931 ext. 30 Church School Teacher and Coordinator 5jasagain@gmail.com

What’s Happening @ Your Library We invite YOU to take advantage of the many wonderful resources our library has to offer. There are reading materials for both children and adults. Housekeeping is done to ensure books are returned and maintained. There have been some books that are overdue to be returned. Please remember to return these books at your convenience. The bulletin board in the Library is set to reflect the Church seasons: Advent, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost. At the moment we are showing "Summer" Enjoy!!! Thank you for all the cancelled stamps that we will send to Christian Salvage Mission. The sale of the stamps helps with purchasing bibles etc. CSM Newsletter is posted on the board.

Christmas Pageant will be on Sunday, December 23, at the 10:00 a.m. service

Welcome Teams — Sidespeople & Greeters A sincere Thank You! to all team members who have assisted with, and contributed to, this important ministry during June, July, and August. Your interest, time and effort are appreciated! If you would like more information about our HTC Welcome Teams, please speak to Peter Paterson or call him.

Angella Smith 9

Trinity News - Fall 2018

Outreach Pikangikum Water Project

Refugee Family

Review of the project so far:

Our sponsored family, the Aslans, have reached a new milestone in their adjustment to Canada. As of June 30, 2018 our official commitment to the family has ended and the committee of sponsoring churches was dissolved. The family is very capable of continuing on independently in the community. Elia Sr. and his wife, Khana, are in much improved health. Their son, Hekmat, is currently employed in construction for the summer, communicates well in English and hopes to go back to his job in a window factory in the fall. His wife, Reem, is enjoying parttime ESL classes and gaining confidence in speaking. Their five-year old son, Elia Jr. has successfully completed Junior Kindergarten.

The Phase 1 has provided 10 homes with running water. Phase 2 was completed last year in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity. Seven Pikangikum youth received training in electrical, excavating, plumbing etc. In Phase 3, as a result of lobbying, the Federal Government agreed to match funds raised by Primates World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) and so in January a $336,000 cheque was sent to Pikangikum for the next 10 to 15 homes. Phase 3 will be carried out by the seven trained youth. Phase 4 so far receives no commitment from the Federal Government, so it is funded by private donations mostly from PWRDF. The federal Government has committed to fix water treatment plants in First Nations communities, but there is nothing about getting water in and sewage out, which is what the Pikangikum water project has been concentrating on. In addition to the Water Project, numerous other projects are underway in Pikangikum including building three new homes a year. What we are doing, as the Pikangikum Water Project Team, is showing that Canadians care, and that change can come about through dedicated volunteers. You can follow the water project on Facebook under Pimatisiwin Nipi/ Linda Robertson

Richmond Hill Food Bank, All Saints Community Kitchen/Clothing Closet, Eva’s Place (North York) As of July 16, there have been 16 deliveries of canned/ packaged food to the Richmond Hill Food Bank (9) and the All Saints Community Kitchen (7). There also have been seven deliveries of adult apparel to the All Saints Clothing Closet. THANK YOU! for your continued support including financial contributions to purchase food items for the Richmond Hill Food Bank and All Saints. Much appreciated!

Peter Paterson


Supporting the Aslans as they made their transition to Canadian living has been incredibly rewarding, as has been the opportunity to work with five other churches of several denominations. Many thanks are extended to the parishioners of Holy Trinity for their financial support, offers of assistance, needed household goods and their prayers and good wishes.

In partnership with AURA, acting as church of record, Holy Trinity continues its refugee resettlement projects in sponsoring Eritrean asylum seekers Please keep them in your prayers as they begin this lengthy process. Linda Gould

Fall 2018 - Trinity News

ACW News We had a very successful evening of Desserts and Entertainment with the York Minstrel Choir. They were terrific, awesome and funny. ACW have decided not to have the Fall Rummage Sale this year in consideration of members age and energy levels. Our next event will be the Festival of Christmas on Saturday November 24. The Thornhill Village Cultural Festival will be held at Thornhill Park behind the Thornhill Pub on Saturday September 15. There is a possibility we may have something in our Church but more to come at a later date. Please mark the above dates. Jean Glionna Past President

Please join us and bring friends to the much anticipated ACW

Festival of Christmas Enjoy the bake sale, gourmet preserves, crafts, Christmas Past treasures, the wonderful Country Store, and delicious luncheon. Parish families will receive a phone call from ACW asking for contribution of baked goods. We will greatly appreciate donations of Christmas related items & decorations for the Christmas Past Room. The RAFFLE is back with amazing prizes including a hand made quilt. Holy Trinity QUILTERS devoted hours of their time, lovingly applied the stitches in a fellowship where life & personal stories of fun, grief & joy are shared. Raffle Prizes & Values are: Double Size Quilt Thornhill Ladies Golf Course Thornhill Farmers Market Thornhill Country Club Terra Restaurant Francobollo Restaurant Sarpa Restaurant

$500 ‌ and Gift Certificates from $100 $100 $100 $200 $200 $100

Luncheon and Raffle TICKETS will be on sale most Sundays prior to the Festival.


Trinity News - Fall 2018

Parish Health Ministry I want to express to express my thanks for the lovely farewell reception on Sunday June 17! I was very touched by the beautiful bouquet of flowers I received, a gorgeous prayer shawl knitted by Cathy Pearson herself, a very generous gifts from parishioners, and the delicious cake. I’ve been invited by my two daughters to have some mother-daughter time in Vancouver shortly after my last day and we are making plans to see Burma in the winter where my husband is from. After that, I’ll see what retirement has in store for me. I have enjoyed working at Holy Trinity for the past six and a half years and am pleased if I have been able to help people during that time. I will keep in touch and try to get back for some activities. The new Parish Nurse will work more than two days per week, and will be able to do more visiting and continue the ministry on. Goodbye for now, but hope to see you in the days to come.

Susan Rodgers, RN Retired/Past Parish Nurse

How to contact our NEW Parish Nurse, Maureen McNeish, starting September 1 … 905 889 5931 ext. 29 parishnurse@holytrinity-thornhill.ca

Bear one another's burdens, and in this way, you will fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2 On Monday April 21, shortly before 1:30 p.m., a white rented van charged down the sidewalk on Yonge Street south of Finch. Ten innocent people were killed and the GTA and beyond began to mourn. The Holy Trinity Prayer Shawl Ministry responded. A prayer shawl was quickly made, blessed and sent by mail to the Buddhist Meditation Centre in Scarborough for Diyon, the seven year old son of Renuka Amarasingha, a young single mother who lost her life that day. And people from all over hailed Constable Ken Lam as a hero for his great restraint and successful diffusion of the horrific situation. Acknowledging his pain and need for comfort, with the help and connections of Viv Hansford, a shawl filled with prayer was personally presented to Constable Lam on May 21. Viv described it this way… “I had the privilege of meeting Cons Kenny Lam today. He was very touched with the gesture, and said his grandmother used to knit a lot, so I hope it does help him when he feels that time of stress again.” Our prayer shawl ministry continues to clearly demonstrate our outward expression of inward love and caring for others.

If you are interested in contributing in some way, with hands or heart, please reach out to me. Thank you. Cathy Pearson* *Head Knit Wit

CELEBRATIONS IN LIFE BAPTISM We welcome into God’s family Amare Carmichael Y. Jordan


WEDDING We joined in Holy Matrimony

Elizabeth Anne Harild & Alexander Grant Steele

Fall 2018 - Trinity News

Looking Forward Cemetery Clean-Up Saturday Sept. 22 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon Bring gardening tools (rain date Sept. 29) Sunday Sept. 30 after the 10:00 a.m. service

Footlights is pleased to announce it is coming out of hibernation with

“A Cabaret Night”

Endowment Special Vestry

Seniors’ Thanksgiving Luncheon Wednesday Oct. 3 11:00 a.m. Eucharist We welcome all mature adults to this 12:00 noon Luncheon fellowship. Please let us know that you’re coming to ensure adequate staffing. Jean Challoner 905 889 1413 Church Office 905 889 5931 ext. 21

8:00 p.m. Friday Nov. 2 & Saturday Nov. 3 The format will be similar to the Cabaret in 2015. Refreshments will include a wine bar, nibblies, soft drinks, tea and coffee. The program will consist of two original skits by Malcolm Shiner, and a musical presentation by our talented Rachel Yoon.

Festival of Christmas Saturday Nov. 24 10:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Tickets $20/person, includes everything but the wine & pop, will go on sale Sunday Sept. 30.

Every time I drop something and have to pick it up I say: "Thank you God, I needed the exercise”

God's Plan for Aging ... Most seniors never get enough exercise. In His wisdom God decreed that seniors become forgetful so they would have to search for their glasses, keys and other things thus doing more walking. And God looked down and saw that it was good. Then God saw there was another need. In His wisdom He made seniors lose coordination so they would drop things requiring them to bend, reach & stretch. And God looked down and saw that it was good.

Then God considered the function of bladders and decided seniors would have additional calls of nature requiring more trips to the bathroom, thus providing more exercise. God looked down and saw that it was good. So if you find as you age, you are getting up and down more, remember - its God’s will. It is all in your best interest even though you mutter under your breath. Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach a person to use the Internet and they won't bother you for weeks, months, maybe years unless you give them your email address.


Trinity News - Fall 2018


OUR MISSION We are a vibrant, welcoming Christian community flourishing in God’s love through fellowship, outreach, worship and spiritual growth, in an atmosphere of compassion and mutual respect.

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Deadline is Sunday October 21, 2018


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The Fall Edition of Trinity News  

A publication of Holy Trinity, Thornhill

The Fall Edition of Trinity News  

A publication of Holy Trinity, Thornhill