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Holy Trinity Church, Thornhill 1830 - 2018

Celebrating Our Past, Embracing Our Future “Something good is happening here!!”

2018 ANNUAL VESTRY REPORT Presented at Vestry Meeting Sunday – March 3, 2019 Please bring this report with you to the vestry meeting





TABLE OF CONTENTS Page AGENDA ............................................................................................................................................. (i) DIOCESAN BISHOP'S PASTORAL LETTER .......................................................................................... (ii) AREA BISHOP'S PASTORAL LETTER .................................................................................................. (iii) MOTIONS FOR VESTRY 2019 ............................................................................................................ (v) MINUTES OF VESTRY MEETING February 25, 2018 .......................................................................... 1 MINUTES OF ENDOWMENT FUND SPECIAL VESTRY MEETING September 30, 2018...................... 7 ADMINISTRATION & STAFF Incumbent ............................................................................................................................ Church Wardens ................................................................................................................... Advisory Board ..................................................................................................................... Lay Members of Synod ......................................................................................................... Envelope Secretary .............................................................................................................. Holy Trinity Cemetery ........................................................................................................... Lay Pastor of Discipleship ..................................................................................................... Director of Music .................................................................................................................. Church School Co-ordinator.................................................................................................. Parish Nurse ......................................................................................................................... Property Committee (Building & Garden) ........................................................................... Nominating Committee Report ...........................................................................................

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GENERAL MINISTRY REPORTS ACW ...................................................................................................................................... Footlights Club ...................................................................................................................... Prayer Shawl Ministry ........................................................................................................... Library ................................................................................................................................... Outreach Committee ............................................................................................................ Liturgy & Worship Committee ..............................................................................................

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SPECIAL VESTRY & SPECIAL FUNDS Endowment Fund .................................................................................................................. 41 Margaret Harding Memorial Garden Fund ........................................................................... 42 Eva Rea Millennium Fund …………………… .............................................................................. 43 FINANCIAL REPORT Audited Financial Statements 2018 ...................................................................................... 44 2019 Operating Budget ......................................................................................................... 45 SUMMARY of OUTREACH ................................................................................................................. 47 STATISTICS ........................................................................................................................................ 48 2019 PARISH CALENDAR (Major Events) ......................................................................................... 49


MARCH 3, 2019

AGENDA 1. Opening Prayer 2. Appointment of Vestry Clerk 3. Minutes i. ii.

Adoption of Minutes of Vestry (February 25, 2018) Adoption of Minutes of Endowment Fund Special Vestry (September 30, 2018)

4. Presentation & Reception of Reports A i. Incumbent ii. Wardens -Green Audit Presentation iii. Advisory Board iv. Lay Members of Synod v. Envelope Secretary vi. Cemetery - Holy Trinity Church vii. Property Committee (Building & Garden) B i. Lay Pastor of Discipleship ii. Director of Music iii. Church School Coordinator iv. Parish Nurse (Healing & Wellness Committee) v. Other Ministry Committees & Groups C i. Presentation & Approval of Financial Statements for 2018 ii. Appointment of Auditor for 2019 5. Looking to the Future I. Presentation of Budget 2019 II. Motions/Matters for Discussion  Capital Campaign: 50Ks in 50 Days  Social Justice: Standing In Solidarity With the Poor 6. Elections & Appointments I. Appointment of Signing Officers II. Nominating Committee Report: Election and Appointment of Officers for 2019 7. Other Business 8. Appreciations and Acknowledgements 9. Closing Prayers 10. Adjournment

2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill

Bishop's Pastoral Letter to Vestries, 2019 to be read or circulated on the Sunday of the parish's annual vestry meeting

To the Clergy, Churchwardens and Parishioners Beloved in Christ, peace and grace be with you. This will be the first time, in almost 30 years, that I am not chairing a vestry meeting. I am one of those people who actually enjoys vestry; poring over audited financial statements, ministry reports, marking important milestones in the parish, celebrating the incredible contributions of our lay leaders (without whom very little would happen). Deeper than that, a good meeting names the anxiety we have in trying to balance the needs of the parish while trusting deeply in the hope that God will guide, provide and inspire us to deepen our faith, try new ideas and be creative in our endeavour to serve the mission of God. The vestry meeting is one moment in the year when a parish has the opportunity to look back and then to look forward. I am joined by the Area Bishops in assuring you of our prayers as you gather for your annual meeting. We also extend our deepest gratitude for all who have served so faithfully as wardens, committee members, teachers, greeters and leaders who make known the love of Christ through their offering of time, talent and treasure. If you are taking on a new role this year, a particular word of encouragement to you. Over the last several years it has been our practice to invite each parish to consider a vestry motion that addresses issues of poverty and social action. In view of the drastically rising economic inequity in our province, this year's vestry motion asks your parish to consider Standing in Solidarity, by making a commitment to protect all who are living in poverty, through direct local and parish outreach and through meaningful advocacy. On January 13th, 2019 I was formally seated as the 12th Bishop of Toronto. The journey to that moment has been heart-warming, moving and humbling. I am heartened by your words of encouragement, humbled by your support, and moved by your desire to row and to peddle! I will be forever indebted to Archbishop Colin for his encouragement and support. I am invigorated by the passion and faithfulness of our Area Bishops Peter, Riscylla, Kevin and Jenny as we step in together to write a new chapter as the College of Bishops. I am impressed beyond words by the dedication of our staff in the Diocesan office, and by the creative ways that ministry is happening every day in our parishes and centers of ministry around the Diocese. I am thrilled to be on the road Sunday by Sunday visiting parishes, celebrating worship and getting to know you. I am finding my bearings with each of the committees, councils and task forces of the Diocese. I will be spending time with the clergy in each Deanery to glean the wisdom of those who lead in each community. In the first week of May I would like to meet with the laity of the Diocese through 5 scheduled Town Hall meetings (details will be posted on the Diocesan website). Each gathering gives us time to listen to each other, articulate our hopes for ministry, and catch a glimpse of what might be. I hope that you will join me. May God bless you as you meet for Vestry. Yours in Christ, Andrew Toronto The Rt. Rev. Andrew J. Asbil Bishop of Toronto

2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill

Bishop’s Pastoral Letter to Vestries, 2019 to be read or circulated on the Sunday of the parish’s annual vestry meeting

My Sisters and Brothers in Christ, I greet you in the Name of our Loving, Liberating and life-giving God, Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier. I offer my prayers and good wishes as you gather for your annual Vestry meetings. I thank all of you for your dedication and commitment to God’s mission and your parish’s participation in that mission. We gathered in our Cathedral on Sunday January 13, 2019 for a wonderful celebration for the Installation of the 12th Bishop of Toronto, Andrew John Asbil. What a wonderful occasion and I ask that we pray for him, his wife Mary, and the clergy and people of our diocese as he begins his new ministry as our Chiefpastor. We place on record our sincere thanks and gratitude for the long, devoted and faithful ministry of Archbishop Colin Johnson. His 42 years of ordained ministry provided strong and exemplary leadership in our diocese. We pray for God’s richest blessings on him and Ellen in their years of retirement. I encourage the support and passing of the Social Justice Vestry motion 2019: Standing in Solidarity. If we are to be true to our baptismal covenant, then all of us should feel compelled to do our part in support of those among us that are living in poverty. It is not good enough to simply pray for the poor but to be responsive to their needs and encourage others also to be. In the motion ‘parishes are invited to pledge one way to increase their direct outreach on behalf of those in need and one way to increase their advocacy efforts toward structural and policy changes to benefit people experiencing poverty.’ Our Primate, the Most Reverend Fred Hiltz will be retiring as the Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada at the end of General Synod scheduled to meet July 10-16, 2019. We give thanks to God for Fred’s exemplary and faithful leadership as our Primate for twelve years and we pray for God richest blessings on him and Lyn in their years of retirement. I also call on all our parishes, clergy and laity, to pray for the General Synod as it will be electing a new Primate. The House of Bishops will nominate candidates for the primacy, and the clergy and laity will elect a bishop who will be our next Primate. The 42nd General Synod meeting whose theme is, “I Have Called You By Name (Isaiah 43:1) July 10-16, 2019 will meet in the Diocese of New Westminster. The Synod’s agenda will include a motion on a Selfdetermining Indigenous Church in the Anglican Church of Canada and the second reading of the Marriage Canon XX1 Motion to change the Canon. I continue to be very disturbed by the ongoing level of violence taking place in some of our communities. In the first two weeks of this year there were four murders. Those are four murders too many. I continue to invite your prayers for those in law enforcement and the judiciary that they will act justly and with social partners in finding ways to reduce, if not eliminate such violence. We are a people of faith, hope and confidence in a loving, gracious and merciful God. Our roles as Christians are to continue bearing witness to that love, hope, graciousness and mercy offered us by Almighty God every day. We must continue the missional work that is before us, in building communities of compassion and hope. During the up-coming Lenten season I will be leading a ‘reflection series’ in each of the York Simcoe Deaneries. I am very much looking forward to sharing reflections with the clergy and laity in the deaneries

2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill

on the theme, ‘Give us this day our daily bread’. I hope that many of you will join me in a discipline of reflection during lent. The dates are March 13, 20, April 3 and 10. Locations will be sent to your parishes shortly. The Area Council continues it’s work in providing funding for wonderful and meaningful ministries taking place across our Episcopal area of York Simcoe. We are blessed with faithful lay and ordained persons who tirelessly give of themselves week by week and year by year. The College of Bishops is ever grateful for the faithful ministry carried out in our Diocese by dedicated clergy who give so much of themselves in serving the people entrusted to their pastoral care and responsibility. We are equally indebted to retired clergy who serve either in interim ministries or as priestin-charge. I thank the Rev. Carol Hardie for her dedicated ministry as she retired in June of last year. We wish her every blessing in retirement. There continues to be conversations in the media and in our diocese about Medical Assistance in Dying. The Episcopal areas of Trent Durham and York Credit Valley have held forums in providing opportunities for clergy and laity to engage in such conversations ably led by the Rev. Dr. Eric Beresford and Mr. Michael Buttrey. We are in conversation with Eric and Michael to also have similar forums in York Simcoe in mid to late winter or early spring. We will advise parishes when and where these will take place. We welcome to our area the Reverend Dr. Gregory Gilson as Incumbent of St. Peter, Churchill and St. John, Cookstown; The Rev. Karen Hatch will begin as the new incumbent of Trinity Church, Aurora on April 1, 2019. We wish Greg and Karen and their parishes every blessing in these new ministries. I ask your ongoing prayers for Nancy Hannah who is serving as our new area Youth Coordinator succeeding the Rev. Brian Suggs. We offer our prayers and good wishes to the Rev. Jason Prisley who has been appointed as the new Incumbent of St. Hugh & St. Edmund. Jason has been in the parish of Christ Church, Stouffville for 11 years as Assistant Curate and Incumbent. The Rev. Brian Suggs, our former area Youth Coordinator will be ordained priest on February 10, 2019 at All Saints, Kingsway as he continues his curacy there. Your prayers are asked for him. I am indebted to the Regional Deans, the area Liturgical officers and our Administrative Assistant for their dedicated and ongoing support of my ministry as your bishop of York Simcoe. We bade farewell to the Reverend Don French and thank Almighty God for his life, work and witness. May he rest in peace and rise with Christ in glory. May God bless you richly in 2019 and equip you in the work to which he has called you. Yours faithfully, The Right Reverend Peter DeC. Fenty Area Bishop of York-Simcoe Bishop Suffragan of Toronto

2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill


1. Approval of Agenda  That the agenda for this meeting be approved. 2. Appointment of Vestry Clerk  Motion to appoint Sharon McNelles to serve as Vestry Clerk 3. Confirmation of Minutes  Annual Vestry: That the Minutes of the Annual Vestry of February 25, 2018 be confirmed.  Special Vestry: Endowment Fund: That the Minutes of the Special Vestry of September 30, 2018 be confirmed. 4. Ministry Reports  That the Reports for Administration and Ministry be accepted as presented in the Vestry Report 5. Financial Statements  That the Vestry receives the Financial Statements dated December 31, 2018. 6. Appointment of Auditor  That the accounting firm of Gary Booth, CA Professional Corporation be appointed as the auditors of Holy Trinity Church, Thornhill and the Endowment Fund for the year 2018. 7. Approval of Budgets  That Vestry approves the 2019 Operating Budget as recommended by the Wardens for our ministry.  That Vestry approves the 2019 Capital Budget as recommended by the Wardens for our ministry. 8. Capital Campaign WHEREAS it is proposed that our parish undertakes a capital campaign, “50Ks in 50 Days: From Easter to Pentecost”, to replenish our Capital Reserve Fund (CRF) which was established to serve as the source of funding for major work, not provided for in our annual operating budget, BE IT RESOLVED that this Vestry authorizes the Wardens and the committee established for this purpose to organize and oversee the execution of the campaign, including the solicitation of financial commitments and accounting for all contributions made. 9. Social Justice Motion: Standing In Solidarity With the Poor In view of the drastically rising economic inequity in our province and in the world, and because governments at various levels often appear indifferent to the needs of the most vulnerable, this year’s vestry motion asks our parish to make a commitment to protect and stand with all who are living in poverty, through direct local and parish outreach and through meaningful advocacy, calling on governments to fulfill their responsibilities to all our citizens, and speaking out clearly when these obligations are not met. We make these commitments based on our baptismal vows, and understand them to be an imperative of our faith.

2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill

Because we follow Jesus Christ as Lord, who preached good news to the poor, who declared that whatever we do for those who lack food, drink or clothing, the sick, the stranger, and the prisoner, we do for Him, and who commands us to love our neighbours as ourselves, And because our baptismal covenant calls us to seek and serve Christ in all persons, to strive for justice and peace among all people, and to respect the dignity of every human being, We, the vestry of the parish of HOLY TRINITY, THORNHILL commit to standing in solidarity with those living in poverty and resolve to take the following actions: 1) PRAYER –recognizing that we cannot solve this vexing issue with our own power and that we are dependent upon God in Christ, to refresh the spirit, embolden our efforts, and to lead us forward with hope, steadfastly holding on to God’s promise to be with us always; 2) OUTREACH – by researching and pursuing options to expand our outreach to our neighbourhood, with the initial focus being on housing, given the near crisis situation in the GTA, and reporting to the 2020 Vestry; 3) ADVOCACY – seeking to increase our advocacy efforts by building alliances with groups providing, and working for, housing for all 10. Elections and Appointments  Nominating Committee That the report of The Nominating Committee be accepted.  Signing Officers That the Wardens, Deputy Wardens, Dave Bezant, Jean Glionna, Iverson Grimes and Pat Johnson be appointed signing officers for 2019.

2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill

Holy Trinity Anglican Church Thornhill


The Annual Vestry Meeting was held in the church auditorium following the 9:00 a.m. joint service of the 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. services. The Reverend Canon Stephen Fields chaired the meeting. 72 members were present. Opening Prayer: Canon Stephen The meeting opened at 11:05 a.m. with a welcome and prayer. 1. Appointment of Vestry Clerk Motion by Wardens, Robin Parravano and Iverson Grimes, to appoint Rebecca Jones as Vestry Clerk. Carried. 2. Motion by Wardens Robin and Iverson, to approve the Agenda. Carried. 3. Confirmation of Minutes Motion by Pat Johnson, seconded by Hillary Irving-Brown, that the minutes of the 2017 Annual Vestry Meeting held February 26, 2017 be confirmed. Carried. Motion by Marlee Tolhurst, seconded by Eric Preston, that the minutes of the Endowment Fund Special Vestry Meeting held September 25, 2017 be confirmed. Carried. 4. Ministry Reports Motion to receive the reports moved by Jean Glionna, seconded by Winston Holder 4.1.

Green Audit: Stephen Law  The Green Audit Project: the team, led by Stephen Law and the Wardens, has been working on this since 2015.  The Green Team: Stephen Law, Iverson Grimes, Dianne Rimmer, Ron Tolhurst – Swan Li is the Administrator.  We will be tracking the changes in our costs. The retrofitting projects will begin to realize financial benefits during 2018-2019. During the past 2 Vestries, funds were obtained to proceed with the projects.  LED project: with funds from grant and from Vestry (see slides attached).  Also see the write up on our team in The Anglican in October 2017 (also attached).


Coffee Hour: Nancy Cutler addressed this issue (see attached). Sometimes a good idea gets lost in the chatter surrounding it. The good idea was to ensure we had a welcoming Coffee Hour following our 10:00 a.m. service. A survey showed that the people of the parish wanted the fellowship to continue and their volunteer time at this to diminish. The question is, how can this form of ministry and fellowship continue?

_ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill


Refugee Ministry: Linda Gould We are part of two refugee partnerships: a Syrian family who is in York Region; another family is now in Israel waiting to come to Canada.


Questions from the floor Murray Hogeboom:  Page 33 – there is an error: the columns should be labelled 2017, not 2016.  Page 46 – there is an error: The Disbursement – Washroom Renovation $20,000.00 should be removed.

5. Financial Statements Motion by Robin, seconded by Iverson (the Wardens), that the Vestry receive the Financial Statements dated December 31, 2017. Carried 6. Appointment of Auditor Moved by Iverson, seconded by Iverson (the Wardens) that the accounting firm of Gary Booth, CA Professional Corporation be appointed as the auditors of Holy Trinity Church, Thornhill and the Endowment Fund for the year 2018. Carried 7. Approval of Budgets 7.1.

Moved by the Wardens, that the Vestry approve the 2018 Operating Budget as recommended by the Wardens for our ministry. Carried. 7.1.1. Correction: page 57 – the budget for the telephone is reduced from $5,000 to $2,500. 7.1.2. Note: Outreach for 2018 includes funds to support the Syrian family until June 2018.


Moved by Pat Johnson, seconded by John Carrington, that the Vestry approve the 2018 Capital Budget as recommended by the Wardens for our ministry 7.2.1. $19,000 for the replacement of the Church Front Sign. 7.2.2. Dianne Rimmer clarified the plans for the Church Front Sign to meet the heritage building requirements: a white sign made of cedar is being constructed; the digital signage that will be displayed will be changed a maximum of 3 times/day. A thank you was conveyed to the committee, led by Dianne Rimmer, who has worked on this.


Linda Robertson suggested that parish members are asked to contribute to projects such as the Church Sign; this has been the case in the many past situations.


Discussion regarding funds to repair the carpet the front of the church, including the stairs.

8. Diocesan Motion: Affordable Housing: Susan Hogeboom Moved by Susan Hogeboom, seconded by Jewell Coy, the Vestry of Holy Trinity Thornhill urge all levels of government to work together to build and sustain affordable housing. We, the Vestry of Holy Trinity Thornhill in the Dioceses of Toronto, urge the provincial government to: _ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill

 

 

Develop and implement a comprehensive plan to increase and maintain the available stock of affordable housing in Ontario. Develop specific strategies to address the needs of communities and populations experiencing disproportionately high levels of inadequate housing, including members of Indigenous and racialized communities, newcomers to Canada, seniors, youth, survivors of domestic violence, and people living with mental illness or addictions. Work with the federal government to maximize the impact of the National Housing Strategy on housing in Ontario. Work with municipalities to ensure that emergency shelters are adequately funded to meet the needs of their communities.

9. Elections and Appointments - Nominating Committee That the report of the Nominating Committee be accepted


Alex Kuriyan Marilyn Olivares Danielle Terbenche Patricia Bailey Gloria Downey

Year service ends 2018 2018 2018 2019 2019

Miriam Irving Janet Marambio Sharon McNelles Barry Pipes

Year service ends 2019 2019 2020 2020

Signing Officers That the Wardens - Robin Parravano and Dianne Rimmer, and the Deputy Wardens – Jewell Coy and Dirk Drieberg, be appointed signing officers for 2018. Carried. 10. Other Comments  Daryl Thompson spoke of the growing complexity in managing the Church financial statements and expressed his appreciation – and the parish thanks – to Winston Holder for his work on this  ministry. Applause.  Robin thanked Iverson for his ministry as Warden for the past 4 years. Applause.  LOL – Everyone is welcome to join the Lenten morning devotions @ 8a.m. Monday – Thursday; Join us @ https://zoom.us/j/7643626913 11. Moved by Jean Glionna to adjourn. Meeting closed at 12:40 p.m.

72 people attended the meeting.

_ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill

ADDRESS TO CONGREGATION (attachment) Nancy Cutler

What happens when a good or worthwhile idea goes off the rails? You end up expending too much time and generally irritating more than a few people and usually the good idea gets lost in the chatter and you risk losing it completely. From my vantage point that is what is happening with our Sunday Coffee Hour. In 2013, in response to some of the early findings of our “Natural Church Development” (NCD) work, Advisory Board decided to assign some the church groups (in addition to the substantial job the ACW does) for up to 4 Sundays a year “coffee duty” so we would have a coffee hour on almost any Sunday. We tried to keep the duty as light as possible. But as many plans are wont to do, this one went astray. There appeared to be two main problems. The first was that many of you do not limit your volunteering at Holy Trinity to just one group so when, for example, when Sidespeople, Endowment, and Choir were assigned to weekends many of you were doing double, triple or more duties. That was never the intention. We had thought/hoped, perhaps naively, the some of this would be resolved as the larger groups split the responsible Sundays and worked to minimize the number of times individuals would be on in a row. For the most part that did not appear to happen, so understandably, after a couple of years individuals began to weary of “coffee duty”. The situation became more difficult as some groups disbanded or their membership fell below a “reasonable” level, increasing the frequency of duty slots for others. We conducted a coffee survey a couple of years ago and you stated that you wanted the coffee hours to continue, you wanted the food to continue but you wanted the frequency to decrease. As a result, some changes were made and some increased engagement from the congregation

was asked for but the issue continued to fester. Again from my perspective, things came to a head last Fall, and we were at risk of losing the coffee hour completely. You will have noted some of the resulting changes: More self-serve Sundays, less food on “normal” Sundays and members encouraged to help with clean-up (i.e. taking cups into kitchen) – all steps aimed at reducing the work expectation for coffee duty. The second issue was that we have been unsuccessful, for the most part, in reaching out to those of the congregation who are not yet members of any of the groups but who might want to volunteer for a Sunday or help out on a Sunday or to families who might want to emulate Miriam & Hillary’s family in their Easter endeavour. I am not here to point fingers or to put a guilt trip on anyone – coffee hour is a rich part of our church life that most of you indicated you wanted to have continue. The fellowship both of the serving and the served is important. I am asking you to consider how you might be able to contribute. The 8 o’clockers could help with the set-up, the 10 o’clockers could ask to help out on one Sunday or two, volunteer to help with the clean-up among other ideas. Most of all, we can all recognize that this is a form of ministry and be grateful for both the opportunity to practice it as well as for those who serve and not take any of it for granted. I go back to my opening remarks, I believe in coffee hour but I also know we almost lost it and we need to continue to nurture it. I am not asking for discussion during vestry but please if you are interested in discussing this further, contact me.

_ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill

Green Team reduces church’s carbon footprint Posted on October 27, 2017 in The Anglican By Stuart Mann Parishioners who sit in the back pews at Holy Trinity, Thornhill will be feeling a little warmer this winter, thanks to the efforts of the church’s “Green Team”. During a recent green energy audit of the church building, the team learned that a small section of the roof wasn’t properly insulated. “The parishioners in the back pews were always saying they were cold, and we always thought it was because they were sitting close to the entrance door,” explains Iverson Grimes, chair of the team. Some handy parishioners climbed up to the area in question and sealed off the draft. “On the following Sunday, quite a few people said they noticed a difference,” says Mr. Grimes. “That was our crowning glory.”

The team’s initial task was to analyze the church’s energy consumption and identify the building assets such as the heating and cooling system, the insulation in the walls and roof, and the windows and lighting. The study showed that the church was relatively energy efficient, but there was still room for improvement. The group presented its findings at the church’s 2016 vestry meeting and was given $5,000 from the parish’s Our Faith-Our Hope campaign funds to continue its work. It also received a $1,000 grant from Faith and the Common Good, a national interfaith network, to conduct a green audit of the church. The audit cost $1,500, so the church had to pay just $500.

The energy-saving step is one of many the historic Thornhill church has undertaken to improve its carbon footprint. It has managed to do this by tapping into expertise that exists in the parish and partnering with a not-for-profit agency that helps places of worship go green.

Stephen Collette, Faith and the Common Good’s building audit manager, led a tour of the property, looking at energy-consuming appliances and activities, wiring and piping, windows and doors, recycling efforts, cleaning products and pesticide use, signage – virtually anything that could be greened.

Holy Trinity’s efforts started in 2015, when it approved the diocese’s vestry motion that asked parishes to take steps to address climate change. It drew together a diverse group of people at the church who had the passion, skill and knowledge to drive the initiative forward. The Green Team, as it’s called, consists of Mr. Grimes, Steven Law, who is an environmental engineer, Dianne Rimmer, Ron Tolhurst, Robin Parravano, Swan Li and Jesús Cruz Arango.

Mr. Grimes says Mr. Collette was easy-going and patient. “He was very pleasant. No question from us was considered insignificant. He was very easy to work with.” The audit was an eyeopening experience, he says. “Stephen’s team was able to point out stuff that really needed to be done, and identified areas that gave us the biggest bang for our money. They pointed out areas of concern that we hadn’t even thought about.”

The Green Team, from left to right: Stephen Collette; Jesús Cruz Arángo; Swan Li; Dianne Rimmer; Ron Tolhurst; Iverson Grimes; Robin Parravano and Steven Law.

Holy Trinity, Thornhill. Photo by Michael Hudson.

_ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill

Mr. Collette put his findings and recommendations into a report, which has formed the basis of a roadmap for the Green Team’s efforts over the next 10 years. Importantly, the plan contains action steps that the group can implement right away at little cost – what Mr. Grimes calls the “low-hanging fruit.”

and other high-end improvements. Still, he’s happy with the progress to date. “For now, we said, let’s concentrate on the low-hanging fruit. Yes, we may not be able to do the high-cost things right away, but there’s a benefit to doing the low-cost things. We have 50 to 60 items on the list and have done a lot of them.”

Some of the fixes have already paid off. For example, the old air conditioning fans in the balcony storage rooms have been covered over, stopping cold air from drifting down into the heated area. The simple renovation, done by parishioners at a cost $140, will save hundreds of dollars in heating bills over the coming winters.

He says Holy Trinity has shared its knowledge with other churches that want to go green but don’t know how to start. “They’re a little intimidated, but we explain that you’re going to do it one step at a time. We’ve gone through this without too much pain, and you can too.”

Mr. Collette also gave some practical advice. He cautioned the church against accepting donations of old appliances from parishioners, as they usually weren’t energy efficient. Some of Mr. Collette’s recommendations will require a greater investment of time and money. For example, the church plans to upgrade its entire lighting system to LED bulbs, at a cost of about $15,000. It also hopes to replace its air conditioner with an energy efficient model in the next year or two.

Donna Lang, the Toronto animator for Greening Sacred Spaces, has worked with several parishes in the diocese, including St. Matthew, Islington and St. Cuthbert, Leaside, to reduce their carbon footprints. She is hosting an “Energy Savings Webinar” for churches on Nov. 15 and Jan. 24 from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The webinar will look at incentives and rebates for retrofits, lighting, heating and cooling. It will also examine how a United Church in Toronto reduced its lighting consumption by 10 per cent and saved money. During the webinar, Ms. Lang will launch a three-year project that helps faith communities measure their energy and greenhouse gas footprint. To sign up for the Nov. 15 webinar, visit www.eventbrite.ca/e/energyaving-webinar-tickets-39053867168

The church’s vestry provided the Green Team with a further $10,000 this year from its Our Faith-Our Hope funds, so it now has about $14,000 in hand to make the changes. But Mr. Grimes admits the group might have to go looking for government grants to pay for those

_ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill

Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Thornhill

Minutes of The Endowment Fund & Margaret Harding Memorial Garden Fund Special Vestry Meeting Sunday, September 30, 2018 1. Canon Stephen opened the Special Vestry Meeting at 11:50 p.m. with a prayer. There were 45 members of the Parish present with regrets from Steven Law. 2. It was moved by John Carrington and seconded by Daryl Thompson that item #3c on the agenda (“Fund Statements”) be deleted. Carried. 3. Appointment of the Vestry Clerk. Hillary Irving Brown moved and Dianne Rimmer seconded that Patricia Merchant be appointed as Vestry Clerk. Carried. 4. Treasurer’s Report Susan Preston moved, seconded by John Carrington, that the Financial Statements be received as presented. a. Margaret Harding Memorial Garden Fund Financial Statements as of June 30, 2018: Susan Preston presented the Audited Financial Statements for the year ending June 30, 2018. Under “Excess of Revenue” there is an amount of $683, of which, according to the Trust, 90% will be available to the Garden Committee for the spring of 2019. The market value of the Fund is $26,354. Motion: Susan Preston moved, seconded by Glenville Simpson, that the Margaret Harding Memorial Garden Fund Audited Financial Statements prepared by Gary Booth, CA Professional Corp for the year ended June 30, 2018, be approved. Carried. b. Holy Trinity Endowment Fund Financial Statements as of June 30, 2018 i. Susan Preston presented the Audited Financial Statements for the year ended June 30, 2018. The Fund year-end total assets were $543,144 (market value), with an excess of revenue over expenses of $19,339. ii. Motion: Susan Preston moved, seconded by Iverson Grimes, that the Holy Trinity Endowment Fund Audited Financial Statements for the year ended June 30, 2018 be approved. Carried. iii. Motion: Susan Preston moved and John Carrington seconded that the auditor accepted by the Annual Vestry Meeting to be held in February 2019 be also appointed as the auditor for the Endowment Funds. Carried. 5. Recommendations for Disbursements a. The following overview of the disbursements for the year 2019 was presented: Canadian Grains Food Bank Holy Trinity Cemetery Church Committee – Out of the Cold HTC Wardens for Church upkeep

$500.00 $1,000.00 $900.00 $15,005.00 Total $17,405.00 Motion: Ray Burton moved and Miriam Irving seconded that available monies from the Endowment Funds in 2018 be disbursed as presented. _ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill

6. Discussion: Q: Why is $900 allocated to Out of the Cold when Outreach gives $500? A: $80,000 is required to run York Region shelters and there have been funding cuts across the board. This is a donation in addition to the Outreach donation. Q: What does the Endowment Fund do? A: The Fund was established 38 years ago at the sale of the rectory, for the purpose of operational support and support of the ministry actions of the Parish. Donations to outreach programs are at the discretion of Vestry. Q: The Eva Rea Fund has given $10,000 towards capital projects. A: These requests were made in the budgetary process. Comment: Endowment Fund contributions are relied upon to assist in meeting operational expenses. Motion: moved by Ray Burton, seconded by Malcolm Shiner that the Endowment Fund recommendations be adopted. Carried. 7. Nominations for Trustees 2018/19 a. The list of nominations for Trustees was presented. After confirmation that there were no additional nominations from the floor, the motion was called. b. Ray Burton moved and Daryl Thompson seconded the appointment of the following officers. Susan Preston (Treasurer, returning), Marlee Tolhurst (returning), Brian Pound (returning), Steven Law (returning), Lindsay Allison (new). Carried. 8. Ray Burton presented his final remarks as outgoing Endowment Fund Chairman (appended). He explained that there were no extra contributions to the Fund this year and encouraged parishioners to consider making donations directly to the fund. Income tax receipts will be available for such donations. Stephen Fields thanked Ray for his service during the past four years, and stated that the parish is looking forward to the capital campaign initiative in the spring of 2019. He thanked all who attended the meeting, with special thanks to Susan Preston, the administrative board, and Pat Merchant. 9. Adjournment: Moved by John Carrington that the meeting adjourn. 10. Canon Stephen closed the meeting at 12:23 p.m. with a prayer.

_ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill



Our parish family ended 2018 looking forward to the baptism, confirmation and reception of nine members of our parish family by our Area Bishop, The Rt. Rev. Peter Fenty, who was scheduled to make his pastoral visit on the Feast of The Epiphany in 2019. During the Fall, Christine Ivy, our Lay Pastor for Discipleship, prepared Aase, Omoefe, Erumuseni and Egheghe Ade-Akhoni, Philip Downer, Dennis Miekle, Elyse Miekle for Confirmation, while she readied herself for Reception into the Anglican Communion, and Alec Beckstead was prepared for Baptism.


This represents a moment when the future flickers brightly before us and beckons us to engage it. We are called to provide the necessary support for these young people and each other as we journey into the future together and, by God’s grace, to redouble our commitment to God and the work to which we are called in our parish community. We have come this far by faith and our Baptismal Covenant invites us to give meaning and life to that faith by being committed and enthusiastic witnesses in word and deed in our homes, neighborhoods and the marketplace. Without our faith, we can prove to be good humanists and our church would merely be another social agency assisting the government as it seeks to respond to the physical needs of the people it is called to serve. For us to become more effective at what we do, I believe it is important for us to get to know a bit more about who we are and what we do. My focus in the coming year will be one in which we intentionally devote ourselves to “growing more in Christ”. My hope is that there will be programs and events to enable our members to deepen their relationship with God. This has been our mission since the foundation of our parish in 1830. Before I say more about the future, let us stop to reflect upon, and give thanks to God for, what we were able to accomplish in 2018.

Funding Our Discipleship Initiative We submitted a successful grant application to the Our Faith-Our Hope Allocations Committee for $70,000 to be provided over a four-year period on a declining basis, commencing September 1st, 2018, to fund our Lay Pastoral program. The cost of the discipleship initiative over a five year period is estimated to be in the vicinity of $172,500. With $24,300, funds received through a previous OFOH grant for another initiative, the total grant will be $94,300. The wardens have allocated funds from our “Our Faith Our Hope” campaign funds to this initiative. At the end of 2018, the balance stood at $51,600. To fully fund the program through 2022, we will need to raise another $26,600. Parish Nurse At the end of June, our Parish Nurse, Susan Rodgers, retired. She came to us in 2011 and continued to serve in a ministry that started in our parish in the 1980s. We thank God for her ministry and thank her for touching the lives of many parishioners during her time with us. In September, we were pleased to welcome Maureen McNeish to our ministry team in the capacity of Parish Nurse. She will share responsibility with the Wardens, the Health and Wellness Committee and me, as she takes a leading role in carrying out a healing ministry that promotes health and wholeness in the name of Jesus Christ and encompasses all members of Holy Trinity Church, Thornhill and, as opportunities arise, may enable the outreach of care to the wider community. I am grateful for the interview committee comprising, Robin Parravano (Warden), Jane Winstanley (Member of the Health & Wellness Committee & Retired Nurse), Marilyn Olivares (Retired Nurse), who had oversight of the process. _

2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill

DEVOTIONAL LIFE CHRISTIAN EDUCATION, FORMATION & PRAYER Lenten Study: At the invitation of Archbishop Colin Johnson, we used the resource, Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John, prepared by the Brothers of the Society of St. John the Evangelist, an Episcopal (Anglican) order of monks based in Boston, and the Virginia Theological Seminary for our “Wednesday Nights in Lent”. He described it as “a springboard and a framework to immerse oneself in Scripture over a six-week period”. We also used this resource for our “Rule of Life” daily devotionals. viDEoVOTIONS: For those who were unable to attend the Wednesday night sessions, we made used of an online video conferencing facility, ZOOM. Every day, Monday to Friday, during Lent at 8:00 am., members joined me for a short video devotion. They were able to logon to https://zoom.us/j/7643626913, using the ZOOM app and the Meeting ID is 764-362-6913. This proved to be a very energizing experience at the beginning of the day for all who participated. After an evaluation of the experience, we agreed that we will continue to meet on Monday to Thursday at 8 am, on ZOOM. I encourage others to make use of this opportunity.

Wednesday 10am Eucharist: Members who attend our mid-week service engage a time of theological and personal reflection. On the first Wednesday of each month, the focus is on intercessory prayer. THE WIDER CHURCH AND COMMUNITY Thornhill Ministerial Association: The 2018 Ecumenical Lenten Series sponsored by The Thornhill Ministerial Association was the 50th Anniversary of the Series. Since 1968, the churches of Thornhill have been gathering during Lent for a series of Sunday evening worship services organized around a common theme. This year, we went beyond our local ministers and invited leaders from the denominations which we represent. The guest preachers were: Bishop Peter Fenty (Anglican) The Rev. Paulette Brown (Presbyterian) Fr. Tim MacDonald (Roman Catholic) The Rev. Dr. Gary Nelson (Baptist) The Rev. Cheri DiNovo (United Church) As always, the offerings from these services went to support the work of local community organizations. Retirement Communities: I continue to provide ministry in the Glynnwood and Oakridges Retirement Communities. Apart from pastoral visitation, every third Thursday, Hazel Ogilvie or in her absence, Margaret Shiner accompany the music of our worship while Delores Thomas serves in the role of a lay assistant at the Eucharist.

Praying the Headlines: Aiming to alleviate the isolation and powerlessness many of us feel in the face of current events, and recognizing the challenges and pain many are experiencing across the world as reported in the media, Jacqui Getfield and Robin Pacific, two parishioners, with my support, started a new prayer group at Holy Trinity. Parishioners are invited to share in this brief monthly current affairs discussion and prayer circle following the 10am services. Tuesday Group: John Carrington continues to facilitate and lead the Tuesday Study Group. His commitment to this group is a blessing to our parish. He offered a special series prior to Christmas. This was well received by the regular attendees and those who joined us.

Thornhill Public School: We made our final donation from our 185th anniversary project to the school’s snack program. This project, supported by The Footlights Club, began in 2016. Each year we donated $1,000 to the program. The school celebrated its 170th anniversary in 2018. I was pleased to attend the anniversary Fun Fair in June. On that occasion, an outdoor classroom was opened. I continue to serve as a member of the school council. _

2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill

Holy Trinity School: Our relationship with Holy Trinity School continues to flourish. It is enhanced by Canon Stephen Crowther’s relationship with us, my attendance at chapel during the year, the annual Founders’ Sunday celebration on the third Sunday in November, and the schools Christmas Service of Lessons and Carols. In the fall, Gloria Downey, who volunteers at the school, and Barry Pipes, under whose wardenship, the relationship was reestablished, were invited to make a presentation at one of the school’s assembly.

by Archbishop Colin Johnson to the Order of The Diocese of Toronto. To qualify for his appointment, one’s ministry must have been shared in the wider diocese. Jean has served as a Member of Diocesan Synod for several years and, and at the time, was an appointee by Archbishop Johnson on Diocesan Council and its Executive Board.

Archbishop’s Retirement: After serving the Diocese of Toronto for over 40 years of ordained ministry, over twelve of them in the Office as the Executive Assistant and Archdeacon, fifteen of them as a bishop, and the last fourteen as our Diocesan Bishop, Archbishop Colin Johnson announced his retirement. We were pleased to host our Episcopal Area farewell celebration in November with a time of worship and a reception. We express our sincere thanks to Archbishop Colin who, during his ministry, committed himself to the life of the local, national and international church. Coadjutor Bishop: In the month of June, The Very Rev. Andrew Asbil, Dean of Toronto, was elected Coadjutor Bishop, to succeed Archbishop Johnson. He was consecrated a Bishop in September and installed in January as the 12th Bishop of the Diocese of Toronto. New Metropolitan: At the October meeting of the Ontario provincial synod, the Right Rev. Anne Germond was elected as the next Metropolitan of the ecclesiastical province of Ontario. She succeeded Archbishop Colin Johnson. She is the Bishop of the Diocese of Algoma and the Diocese of Moosonee. We uphold the new Archbishop in our prayers. ORDER OF THE DIOCESE OF TORONTO The ministry of several members of our parish family extend beyond Thornhill. Two such members are Jean Glionna and Eric Preston.

At the end of the year, Eric Preston was named as a member of the Order. He was nominated for his long-standing dedication as a Warden, serving on two occasions, as a mentor and coach to succeeding wardens, as a counsellor and advisor to parish clergy, and his commitment to improve the physical, financial and fellowship well-being of our parish. He serves the wider church as a member of the Diocesan Budget Working Group and the Project Evaluation and Monitoring Group of our Diocese, guiding parishes to successfully implement their parishchanging initiatives. He was also recognized for his ministry in the marketplace, for his contribution to work in the mental health and justice systems in the province of Ontario. He joins Peter Paterson, Ron Tolhurst, Enid Corbett and Jean Glionna in the Order. For my part, I continue to serve as a member of the Trust & Culture working group, one of four focus areas in the diocesan five-year strategic plan. These groups provide advice, oversight and feedback on the development of priorities and strategies for the specific goals of the plan. In addition to being one of the two Liturgical Officers assisting our Area Bishop, as he plans ordinations and services celebrating new ministries in the Area, I continue as a member of the Board of Commissioners of the York Rectory Commission. The Commissioners apportion the surplus income derived from the endowment of the Rectory of St. James, in the City of Toronto and distribute income derived from the endowments of the Rectory of Etobicoke among the parishes within the Etobicoke Glebe, an area in the Diocese of Toronto.

On January 1, 2018, Jean Glionna was appointed

_ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill


deepen their relationship with God. An initial meeting with John Carrington, Rebecca Jones, Delores Thomas, Danielle Terbenche, and Jane Winstanley, provided much for Christine and I to consider as we go forward.

The Paddock Lectures which I attend annual at The General Theological Seminary, New York, were not held in November as is the custom because of the unavailability of the proposed lecturer. These lectures will now be presented in February by The Most Rev. Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury. Following the Paddock Lectures, the seminary will host its Convocation which will include the conferral of honorary degrees on Williams as well as The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry, the Presiding Bishop and Primate of The Episcopal Church. Bishop Curry will preach the homily during the service.

At the outset, there is one area that must be addressed, the growing number of young people in our congregation. They are outgrowing, or have outgrown, Sunday School. We need to provide an opportunity for them to grow more in the faith. It is our wish for them to meet, at least, twice a month on Sunday mornings to engage the scriptures and their faith as they confront the challenges and good experiences of their teen years. We are seeking volunteers to give 30-40 minutes once (or twice) a month to share in the lives of these young people.

My work in the Doctor of Ministry program continues. I have been accepted into the Oxford University Theology Summer Course in 2019, as part of this program, and anticipate completion of the degree by yearend. WHAT OF 2019 AT HOLY TRINITY? GROWING MORE IN CHRIST The Strategic Plan (2016-2021) of our diocese, “Growing in Christ”, sets out a vision for the diocese, its mission and values. It addresses five “focus areas” which the diocese has identified. They are leadership and formation, trust and culture, innovation based on evidence, governance and decision-making and stewardship of resources. The aim of “leadership and formation” is to develop ordained and unordained who will lead the transformation of our church. Our “Discipleship” ministry initiative, led by our Lay Pastor, Christine Ivy, is intent on developing responsive educational opportunities to deepen our common understanding of our faith, enhance our engagement with scripture, and deepen our experience of prayer. In short, to provide space and place for Christian Formation and Education. During the coming year, we will devote ourselves to “growing more in Christ”. We will seek to offer programs and events to enable our members to

50Ks IN 50 DAYS: To ensure that we maintain our buildings and pass them on to the next generation, a “Capital Reserve Fund (CRF) was established some years ago to serve as the source of funding for major work, not provided for in our annual operating budget. The CRF has been kept at a level of just under $60,000. Eight to ten years ago, the fund was topped up by transfers of surplus from the operating account. With no significant excess in recent years, we have not been able to add to the fund. There is no formal procedure to add to the account. In the past 3 years, however, the CRF was used to fund the erection of a new digital sign for the church, upgrade to our audiovisual equipment and the acquisition of a new freezer for the kitchen. Following these expenditures, the fund fell to $6,000. The wardens allocated $12,848 of the residual funds of our “Our Faith Our Hope” to the CRF. It is our intention to rebuild this important fund to the historic level of $60,000. A Steering Committee, comprising Dave Bezant, Ray Burton, Dianne Rimmer and Bobbie Creber have had an initial meeting. They will seek to identify a list of potential contributors and volunteers to assist with the canvass. _

2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill

During the Easter season, between Easter Day and Pentecost, we will be invited to support as we are able. We will be encouraged to make an initial donation when we make our pledge and then complete our commitment within the next ten months, that is, before Easter 2020 (April 12). One may also opt for a “one-time” donation. I invite Vestry to support this initiative. THANKS As I conclude, I express my sincerest thanks to Canon Stephen Crowther, the churchwardens, Advisory Board, staff, volunteers and every member who continues to make their contribution to the life and witness of our parish. Special thanks are tendered to the clergy who assisted during my time away at March Break and during the summer. Fr. Matt MacMillan made himself available during March Break for any pastoral emergencies, while Canon Nicola Skinner and Fr. Jason Prisley did the same in the summer. Fr Brian Youngward was well received as Sunday Supply Priest (summer) and will be coming to us again this year. It was determined that for our 2019 Stewardship/Pledge presentation we would not produce a “case base” appeal. Rather we invited parishioners to share, as an act of stewardship,

“why they first came to our church, why they continue to come and contribute to our ministry”. We were blessed to hear the testimonies of Robin Parravano and Nancy Cutler from our 8am congregation and Dianne Rimmer and Linda Robertson from the 10am congregation. Ladies, please accept my thanks and that of our parish family. Finally, I extend sincerest thanks to the following who will complete their terms at the conclusion of this year’s Vestry Meeting.  Robin Parravano, Warden  Advisory Board  Patricia Bailey  Alex Kuriyan  Janet Marambio  Marilyn Olivares and  Danielle Terbenche They gave of themselves to the work of our church family and we are grateful. With our eyes on the future and desire to “grow more in Christ”, let us be reminded that God continues to be Immanuel (God with us). God calls us and will equip us to continue to do our part in the Mission we share with the rest of God’s people.

Respectfully submitted, Your Friend, Priest and Pastor

The Rev. Canon Stephen Fields

_ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill



ADMINISTRATION Wardens’ Team for 2018: Robin Parravano (Rector’s Warden) Dianne Rimmer (People’s Warden), Jewell Coy, (Deputy Rector’s Warden) and Dirk Drieberg (Deputy People’s Warden).

Administrator’s Monthly Report: It was decided that the Office Administrator should attend the Wardens’ meeting to provide the Wardens with a monthly update and any other relevant information. Her first presentation was in June.

We assigned ourselves the following portfolios:  Robin Parravano: Cemetery, Finances & Finance Committee (Shared), ACW, Children, Youth & Families, Footlights, Healing/ Health & Wellness, Personnel, Seniors’ Luncheon.  Dianne Rimmer: Communications, Property, Finances and Finance Committee (shared) Tenants/License Agreements, Thornhill Nursery School & Kindergarten and Climate Control Committee.  Jewell Coy: Area & Synod Offices, Insurance/Risk management, Liturgy & Worship, Work Plan, Outreach, Welcome/Hospitality, Community Linkages (Thornhill Village festival).  Dirk Drieberg: Climate control committee, Grounds, Liturgy, Counters, Christian Education

Cemetery - Land Titles: The finalization of cemetery lands being registered in the Land Titles system is ongoing and in the last stages of completion. To accomplish the transfer of the cemetery property into the name of “The Incumbent and Churchwardens of the Church of the Holy Trinity, Thornhill”, and to convert the cemetery property from the Registry system to the Land Titles system.

Treasurer: Winston Holder was reappointed to the office of Treasurer. Nicola Palframan and Pat Johnson continued to provide secretarial support (recording) to the Wardens. We meet on a monthly basis (except July and August), though we are always available to assist in the life and work of the church. Our Faith Our Hope Grant Application: The Our Faith Our Hope Allocations Committee supported our grant application for $94,300 over five years to support our Discipleship initiative. The grant will be released in the following stages: $24,300 for 2018, $25,000 for 2019, $20,000 for 2020, $15,000 for 2021, and $10,000 for 2022. The amount of $24,300 was re-allocated from a previous grant initiative.

Cemetery - Fees and Rates: The wardens approved the recommended fees and rates for 2019 for plot sales and interments. Personnel Parish Nurse: We said goodbye to Susan Rodgers in June with a reception and hired Maureen McNeish to start in September 2018. Thanks to Jane Winstanley (Health and Wellness committee), Canon Stephen, Robin Parravano (Warden), Marilyn Olivares (Retired Nurse) and Susan Rodgers for their assistance in the search and interview process. We increased the working hours for the new parish nurse. Leave - Office Administrator: Swan Li was granted six weeks leave in the Spring for personal matter. Arrangements were made with Jessie Barbour, a former warden at the former St. Gabriel’s and a current member of Emmanuel Anglican Church to provide office support during her time away. Leave - Custodian: Jesús Cruz Arángo was granted time to pursue personal business in Mexico from January to April 10, 2019. The wardens signed an Independent Contractor _

2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill

Agreement for a temporary replacement for Jesus with Salto Grande Maintenance.

represents a fair-market value to both our tenants and Holy Trinity.

Staff Reviews: We continue to keep up to date with staff performance interviews. The process was completed in September.

Fire Drill 2018 and Demonstration of Emergency Evacuation Chair: Under the leadership of Peter Paterson, to keep our sides-person team ready in case of an emergency, a demonstration of the Emergency Evacuation Chair purchased by HTC in June, 2017, was conducted for the sidespeople. A further demonstration will be completed in 2019 for all sides-persons unable to attend the first demonstration. Further, a successful fire drill was conducted at HTC on Sunday, October 14, 2018. The fire-drill Marshalls in our parish are to be identifiable by wearing brightly-coloured safety vests during all fire drills.

Screening: We continue to keep our screening records up to date in compliance with Diocesan policy. Special Events Committee: We agreed that we should explore reconstituting a Special Events Committee with a view to planning future fundraisers. PROPERTY 2018 was a very busy and successful year for the Property Committee at HTC headed by Ron Tolhurst and assisted by a group of hard-working and talented men. The Property Committee have been able to save the church an immeasurable amount of funds over the years and we thank them all for their dedication. Thornhill Nursery School & Kindergarten (TNSK): In the first six-months of 2018 there were few matters requiring any discussion between TNSK and Holy Trinity. In the summer of 2018, TNSK successfully held their annual summer camp. We were able to encourage a more meaningful communication between our custodian, Jesús Cruz Arango, and the Director and staff of TNSK to resolve issues of cleanliness of the children’s washroom and to ensure clear access to entrance areas within TNSK. We have lessened the financial burden on HTC and the workload on Jesus by having TNSK purchase and deal with their own paper products. A comparison study between the rental costs of daycares within church premises in the Thornhill area is currently being conducted so that, going forward, TNSK rental fees can be brought up-todate with current market rental values for daycares in York Region.

Fire Safety Program: The new Fire Safety Program manual was approved by the Fire Marshall’s office in the spring of 2018 and a copy is in the church office. New Church Sign: In 2017 began the long and complicated application process with the City of Vaughan to apply for the building and erection of a new sign for our historical church. With the help of a dedicated New Church Sign Committee and the expertise in design and construction by our contractor, Ken Van Winkle, who built our previous church sign, in April, 2018, our beautiful new sign designed to complement our historical church façade which included an LED digital message board was installed on our front lawn. The final cost of the new sign was $23,524.95. Church Office Filing Cabinets: Darryl Thompson, our former Church Treasurer, has organized the past several years of financial documents. We will be reorganizing the church office photocopy room to accommodate new filing cabinets in which up to seven years of financial records will be stored. For a variety of reasons this project will be held over and completed in 2019. Audio/Visual Equipment – Les Jempson, a member of the Property Committee, built a cabinet to enclose the flat screen TV that was

We continue to ensure that all costs incurred through rental of Holy Trinity’s premises

_ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill

installed in 2017 in Room A. Malcolm Shiner provided an overview to some of the ladies of our parish on the use of the AV equipment in the Auditorium. More training sessions are to be held in 2019 with more members of the parish being trained on the use of the audio/visual equipment. We have received requests from the director of the church daycare to use our equipment two to three times per year. Outside corporations and individuals wanting to rent our auditorium have requested the additional rental of our audio/visual equipment and these extra funds would help to recoup the cost of this expensive equipment. Of course, it is important that anyone renting our audio/visual equipment will need to be trained on its use; in order to facilitate these requests, it would be helpful to have as many staff and parishioners as possible trained to demonstrate the equipment. Property Items completed in 2018 The following property items have been completed in 2018. Where applicable, the cost of items completed by our own property committee and items requiring the hiring of a contractor is listed beside each item: 1. South entrance door: scrape loose paint and repaint surface 2. South entrance apron: level paving stones where necessary 3. Handicap driveway – replace top pavers 4. Replaced toilet in the washroom between Rooms A and B 5. Auditorium west roof trace roof & eavestrough to prevent ice buildup 6. Trees at front near the street – trim lower branches for sign visibility 7. Wall in lower hall– fix peeling paint – wall sanded and painted 8. Handicap sign base repaired 9. Replaced the 15-year old kitchen freezer 10. Sanctuary basement: relocated fire-pull station 11. Replaced all internal building lights with LED’s 12. Replaced all outside security lights 13. A – New church sign on front lawn 14. Minor repair to sanctuary carpet

15. Cabinet for TV Screen in Room A 16. Replace exterior door at bottom of stairs near Vestry 17. Repair wireless microphone in Church 18. Replaced washroom tap aerators with 1.5gpm water savers 19. Insulate women washroom water pipes 20. Cover Air Conditioner condensers 21. Weather strip on south door 22. Reset concrete curb in south parking lot 23. Caulk cornice by front door of church 24. Power floor Cleaner – waiting for demonstration to consider purchasing 25. Cleaned rafters and ducts in auditorium THE THORNHILL FESTIVAL The 2018 festival was held in the Thornhill Park. Our organist, Rachel Yoon, presented two halfhour concerts while Nancy Cutler and Jean Glionna conducted church tours in period costumes. Though we had hoped for larger audiences for the concerts and attendance on the tours, it was a wonderful evening. There was a general consensus that the location was ideal RECYCLING BIN A request was made by Recycling Rewards for permission to install a donation bin on the church property. Donations of clothing, books, toys, etc. are collected by the company on a regular basis. Recycling Rewards are in partnership with the Children's Wish Foundation and the clothing is resold through the Talize Thrift Stores. The company procured the required permits for the bins which are covered by a comprehensive liability insurance. After seeking feedback from our membership and having considered both the challenges and benefits of the proposal. We have decided to give permission for the installation. A one-year agreement was made with the company. The church is being paid $1,000 per annum, quarterly, for the bin to be on the property. The bin was installed in the vicinity of the south parking lot, near the garden shed with an option for a three-month period. We may choose to continue after that period, at which time we may _

2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill

customize the bin for colour and signage. We will constantly monitor the situation and, if we are unsatisfied at any point, permission will be withdrawn.

in September; and, attended several other ClimateWise events as guests. Further, we are pleased to advise that we also spent some time advocating and eventually influencing Holy Trinity School to join the ClimateWise program.

GREEN TEAM – CLIMATE CHANGE INITIATIVE In 2018 the HTC Green Team was busy participating primarily in networking and outreach events. We have been identified as a climate change leader in the York Region faith based community as a result of our work done to date. We participated in several webinars; we accepted an award from Faith and the Common Good at the ClimateWise awards event in May; we hosted and presented our story at a ClimateWise event for faith- based communities

But we are not resting on our laurels; we are planning to continue our good work in 2019! To reduce our greenhouse gas emissions we are looking into the opportunity of using a lowcarbon-heating technology called “air source heat pumps” to offset the amount of natural gas used for heating during the fall and winter months. So stay tuned as we continue to build new relationships around York Region and investigate other opportunities to become more energy efficient and reduce our carbon footprint. THANKS We recognize that there are many volunteers who support the work of the Corporation and we

We now have access to the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager where we can view our energy use over time. For example, we loaded 5 years of electricity use data into the program and generated the graph below that shows a lower trend of electrical use by HTC thanks to the many projects undertaken by the Green Team! The most significant project to reduce electric energy use was the LED lighting retrofit project completed in 2017.

are extremely appreciative of their dedication. 

Ron Tolhurst and the Property Committee

Winston Holder (Treasurer) assisted by Peter Jones, Murray Hogeboom, (payroll), Pat Nielsen (Envelope Secretary), and the Finance Committee, chaired by Ron Tolhurst

Our Advisory Board, chaired by Barry Pipes meets monthly and provides valuable input and support to us on a variety of issues and to Sharon McNelles, secretary

Peter Paterson who does everything from opening the building on Sundays to watering the garden, operating the elevator, _

2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill

managing the sidepersons delivering food donations. 



(Church School Coordinator), Rachel Yoon (Music Director), Christine Ivy (Lay Pastor of Discipleship) and our Incumbent, Canon Stephen Fields.

Steven Law, advisor to the Green Climate project

 Hazel Ogilvie, assistant to the Church School Thanks to our dedicated staff, Swan Li (Office Administrator), Jesús Cruz Arángo (Custodian), Maureen McNeish (Parish Nurse), Judith Sinclair Respectively submitted, Robin Parravano

Rector’s Warden

Dianne Rimmer

People’s Warden

Jewell Coy

Deputy Rector’s Warden

Dirk Drieberg

Deputy People’s Warden

_ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill



The Advisory Board continued to support the Incumbent and Wardens during another year of ministry. The Board is comprised of a cross section of parishioners as well as representatives of the Anglican Church Women. Barry Pipes was elected to serve as Chair. At the first meeting after every Vestry, the entire Board is provided with the necessary materials, Board constitution and by-laws and the relevant diocesan canons to support the decisions of the Board. They are reminded that they should advise of any concerns that may arise within the congregation.

The Board gave its full support to the 50Ks in 50 Days campaign scheduled for the Easter season. Presentations The Most Rev. Colin R. Johnson, Diocesan Bishop of Toronto, joined us on one occasion by way of a Video Conference. He discussed the ministry of the Diocesan Bishop as the diocese, at the time, was preparing for the election of the Bishop Coadjutor to succeed him following his retirement at the end of 2018. Green Team – Steven Law gave a presentation on the Green Team's current activities. There have been many improvements in the church. These changes have saved the church money on the electric bills.

Devotions An important moment of our meetings is the opening devotional led by members of the Board. These thought provoking reflections set the tone for our meetings. We thank those who volunteered during the course of the year.

During the year, we had a guest speaker Rabbi Korobkin. He was asked also if his synagogue might wish to join in the Climate control work.

Highlights of the Year Wardens' and Incumbent's Reports Our monthly agenda is shaped around the comprehensive reports presented by the Wardens and Incumbent. We provide them with the necessary advise and support for the ministry which they exercise on our behalf. Among the matters brought to our attention were:  Property Issues  Climate Control Initiative  Marriage Canon Dialogue  The Land Titles relating to the Cemetery  The Recycling Bin

Linda Gould spoke about our ministry to the Syrian Refugee family. The Advisory Board is appreciative of the leadership that Linda Gould has taken in this initiative. We have also provided support for the sponsorship of an Eritrean family and it was agreed that approval for the sponsorship be given, in principal, provided certain conditions were met, namely, that the required finances made available to the church, as promised, to be held in a trust.

Respectfully submitted, Sharon McNelles Advisory Board Secretary 2018

_ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill


This has been a relatively busy year with not one but two synods. Prior to the holding of the Electoral Synod, the Lay Members as well as Advisory Board members viewed videos of the six candidates nominated for election as Coadjutor Bishop. Further, meetings were held throughout the diocese to allow delegates to interact regarding the positioning of The Marriage Canon in preparation for the Regular Session of Synod and to meet the candidates for the election. The Electoral synod was held on June 8, 2018 at which time Andrew Asbil was elected as the new Coadjutor Bishop. With the retirement in 2018 of Colin Johnson as Archbishop, as of January 1, 2019, Bishop Asbil became the Diocesan Bishop of Toronto. The 158th Regular Session of Synod was held on November 9th and 10th, 2018 to deal with the ongoing day-to-day business of the Diocese. Members of Synod were invited to listen to and


discuss the challenges faced on the difficult issue of changes to The Marriage Canon. Many of the delegates voiced their concerns with regard to the possibility of losing parishioners due to the outcome of the vote on The Marriage Canon. The results of these discussions relating to The Marriage Canon will be forwarded to the National Synod and voted on in Vancouver in July, 2019. There is a consensus amongst the delegates to Synod that the issue of The Marriage Canon has gone on far too long and we need to make a decision on this matter and move forward with other pressing and important issues such as affordable housing, day care, mental health, etc. We thank the Parish for the opportunity and privilege of being a Lay Member at these Synods. Voting for the Coadjutor Bishop was enlightening. Listening to the Church leadership and hearing about the activities of other parishes was, as always, an enriching experience.

Respectfully submitted by Bobbie Creber – Lay Member Nancy Cutler – Lay Member

_ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill



The primary responsibilities of the Envelope Secretary are  To record the givings of parishioners  To issue statements twice a year to envelope/account holders outlining contributions to date  To issue tax receipts to all who have contributed over $10.00 in the previous year Pre-Authorized Giving (PAG) As stated in last year’s Vestry Report, at the end of 2017, the number of participants were at the lowest ever, i.e. 78 accounts. We invited members to join this program when we sent out the 2018 Stewardship Campaign. This effort increased the PAG participants to 91, all of the new accounts were conversion from boxed envelopes; no new contributor. Weekly (boxed) Envelopes In 2017, we had 119 accounts of the weekly envelopes. Many of these envelopes were seldom used. Swan Li did a thorough review on the giving pattern and followed up by re-assigning contributors to non-weekly account/envelope numbers. This resulted in the reduction of boxed envelope from 120 to 80 for the calendar year 2018. By the end of 2018, there were: 71 accounts of weekly boxed envelopes  91 accounts in the PAG PROGRAM  Six monthly contributors  The remaining accounts were occasional and special celebration contributors including memorial/altar flowers.

Respectfully submitted, Pat Nielsen

_ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill



2018 was a very quiet year for the Holy Trinity Cemetery. However, several other matters kept the Committee busy.

interment prices have been increased to reflect the increase in worker costs. During the year, the Cemetery Committee has been diligent in managing and caring for our historic cemetery. Each month from May to October, one member of the committee has made a weekly visit to the cemetery to collect litter and other debris. There were two general cleanups this year, one in April and one in September. We continue to receive and answer requests from people researching information about their ancestors.

There was one interment of cremated remains. One marker and one monument were installed. We continue to sell interment rights for the few remaining lots, as well as the single cremation, double cremation and the Memory Garden lots. We continue to pursue the proper registration of the cemetery with the Ontario Land Registry Office. After three years, the completion of this process is in sight.

We were pleased that both wardens Robin Parravano and Dianne Rimmer were involved in the Cemetery Committee this year.

The cemetery owns part of the parking lot south of the Baptist Church. The final layer of paving and markings were done in the spring.

A big thank you is extended to the Cemetery Committee who have diligently carried out our mandate. We welcome new members who are interested in task of keeping our historic cemetery beautiful and safe.

Late fall we reviewed our price lists for plots and for interments and updated them. It has been several years since there were any changes in our plot prices. The plot prices have been increased to keep up with inflation. The

Respectfully submitted, Enid Corbett Cemetery Committee Members: June Alexander

Gloria Downey

Diane Maines

Hillary Brown

Canon Stephen Fields

Lois Symons

Enid Corbett (Chair)

Iverson Grimes

Danielle Terbenche

_ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill


Discipleship at Holy Trinity


teach Sunday school, have adult education courses like Pilgrim, and sermon series. This year at Advent, we also had a devotional resource available written by Sue Monk Kidd.

Ministry’s Purpose and Methods To quote the purpose of the church, according to an Anglican sermon from 1562 (edited for length and clarity): “...the physical Church is a place appointed for the people of GOD ● to come together ● to heare GOD’S holy Word ● to call upon his holy Name (prayer requests) ● to give him thankes for his innumerable benefits bestowed upon us ● and to regularly and genuinely to celebrate his holy Sacraments: (In which is that true and right worshipping of GOD). and the same Church, is called the House of the Lord, for the powerful presence of his heavenly Grace, where he by his sayd holy Word endureth with his people so there assembled.” - Of the Right Use of the Church, The Second Book of Homilies. Church is where we come to meet with God, for He is with us, Emmanuel! Of course, by this definition, it seems pretty simple, and you can understand why for so long there has been a philosophy of “One priest. One parish.” If we’re just here to worship God and do that through the sacraments, and to pray, we don’t need much more than a priest and our prayer books! But then I come along, your Lay Pastor of Discipleship, because, at the end of the day, Sunday mornings are not enough for us to truly know and love this God we worship. It is too easy to get accustomed to the familiar words and drift from their goal: to connect us with the Lord, who empowers, heals, transforms, and calls us to serve his purposes. We have questions, we have troubles, and we are looking to know God whose grace exists in his Word and in our fellowship in His name. So we study the Bible,

But our methods will have to continue to grow and transform as we seek to reach more people in 2019. We are looking to make worship connect in fresh ways that honour our Anglican traditions and the rich wisdom of the liturgy through a Liturgical Renewal Team lead by myself. In the meantime, I will continue to meet with groups to do group-specific studies. Summary of 2018 Ministry My role at Holy Trinity has been one that requires listening and presence, in order preach well, and teach what I believe God is saying to this parish at this time. It has become clear to me, after now more than sixteen months serving here, that this is a ministry that cannot be rushed; like a garden that must be tended little by little, day by day, we are all on this journey together working towards growing closer to the Son and producing the fruit of the Spirit. Spending time with parishioners in casual and formal settings has been necessary to understand where we are at as a parish, and where people are personally and corporately. I hope to have developed the beginnings of the trust necessary to be an influencer in this community throughout my time here, and pray that these relationships will continue to develop. In a mission to visit the “small groups” of the parish, to increase the range of listening, prayer, and learning we are able to engage in, I have been able to sit in on and at times lead studies with Naomi, Ruth, Sarah, and the Cemetery Committee, to name a few. I will continue this visitation in 2019. After a successful six-week Pilgrim course in early 2018 (our third class in the series), _

2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill

Discipleship continued to be built up during Lent by the resources promoted by the diocese, called “Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John,” produced by the Society of Saint John the Evangelist. In the Spring I began the process of learning about and booking times to meet with groups in the parish, which continued after their collective Summer break. In the Fall I preached a sermon series on “Calling,” and preached each Sunday in November. Advent Calendars with daily readings helped many parishioners make Advent a more meaningful time in their personal spiritual lives. For ten weeks in the Fall, I also taught a Confirmation class with seven students aged 11 - 18, who were confirmed on January 6, 2019. Throughout 2018 the staff also studied the book, Emotionally Healthy Leadership, by Pete Scazzero, a study I lead during our monthly staff meetings. Looking Forward In 2019, I hope to establish two teams: One will be for Liturgical Renewal, and the other, will be called Trust, a group for people who take seriously the most precious gift that been entrusted to us - the next generation.

means a great deal, and who wish to see it done well, in fresh, meaningful, and at times different ways, while holding fast to the powerful tradition of the Anglican Church. This is not about replacing the BAS or BCP, but using them to their fullest in ways that fight against rote, or over-familiarity with the service. They will serve in an advisory capacity to Canon Stephen. Trust. This is not an acronym, but a name for a group of those who simultaneously feel called to support (but not necessarily carry-out) ministry to youth, and recognize the need to depend on God every step of the way through prayer. This will essentially be a contemplative prayer group that seeks God’s will for how to engage the youth that are present, and those not-yet present, in our parish. I named it “Trust” because we will have to develop trust with one another, and with God, who leads us. In another sense, we have a sacred trust: the discipleship of the youth in our church. If you’re interested in joining either of these groups, please send me an email, even if it’s just to get more information. civy@holytrinitythornhill.ca

Liturgical Renewal Team. Fairly self-explanatory, this group will consist of people for whom Sunday morning worship

Respectfully submitted, Christine Ivy

_ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill

VESTRY REPORT - DIRECTOR OF MUSIC 2018 was an eventful year for me at Holy Trinity Church and I thank God for the wonderful opportunities to serve Him and this church. I am also grateful for the support from the staff, choir members and many others at HTC. I sincerely appreciate the commitment and efforts of the senior choir members, who faithfully attend Thursday rehearsals and Sunday services. With three new members who joined the choir in the fall, presently we have 17 regular members plus 7 more singers who support us at our special music presentations. Our dedicated senior choir provides musical leadership for the 10:00 a.m. service every Sunday from September to mid-June. In addition to the Sunday services, the choir sang for special services:  Thornhill Ministerial Lenten Series service on March 4 (also few members of our choir joined the combined choir for the service at St. Luke’s Roman Catholic Church on March 18)  Farewell service for Archbishop Colin and Ellen Johnson on November 17  Christmas Eve services at 7:30 and 10:00 p.m. Last spring, the robes for the senior choir were replaced. The new robes were blessed on Easter Sunday and have been worn since then. Thanks to our parishioners for the contributions and special thanks to Pat Burton, Brian Pound and Lucy Fields for their efforts to get this job done. Since the Junior Choir’s re-start in September 2017, we have been delighted to hear the talented voices. The Junior Choir sang at our Easter Carol service and Christmas Pageant service as well as on a few Sundays. I appreciate the positive comments from the congregation and parents’ support.

2018 It was wonderful to have guest musicians and extra choristers for special musical presentations. At our Easter Carol service on April 8, Jan Morgan (trumpet) and Sam Donkoh (percussion) played for us; and Sam again added cheerful beats to our Christmas cantata service on December 16. Special thanks to Hazel Ogilvie who played the organ and Christine Ivy for the narration at Christmas cantata service. Also, Jan enriched our worship service on a few occasions including Remembrance Sunday and Christmas Eve (7:00 o’clock) service. Four A.C.T.I.O.N. services were held during the year. Jan Morgan, David Cubitt (drums) and Kyle McMurtry (bass) played at our service on April 22, and Marcus Richarz (drums) assisted us at October 28 ACTION service. On June 24, we celebrated favorite-hymn singing service. Thanks to everyone that submitted their hymns. Besides Sunday morning services and special services above-mentioned, other events have kept me busy. I played the organ/piano and provided music for services and events as follows:  Seniors’ Luncheons: April 4, June 6, October 3 and December 5  Service of Remembrance and Hope, December 12  Holy Trinity Schools’ Annual Carol Service, December 19  Thornhill Village Festival, September 15  Footlights Cabaret, November 2 & 3  Memorial Service, October 11  Wedding Service , July 7 It has been a wonderful and fulfilling year and I look forward to the music ministry at HTC in the coming years.

Respectfully submitted, Rachel Yoon _ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill

VESTRY REPORT - CHURCH SCHOOL CO-ORDINATOR Our Church School Winter Theme was the Seven I AM Statements of Jesus in the gospel of John. We examined the symbolism, recognized the Divinity of Jesus, and memorized these statements: I AM the Bread of Life, I AM the Light of the World, I AM the Good Shepherd, I AM the Door, I AM the Vine, I AM the Way, I AM the Resurrection and the Life. Our Spring term focused on the Holy Spirit Theme. We looked at the concept of the Holy Spirit, who the He is and what He does for us. He is our friend, and counselor, who adds a layer of protection to our lives. He gives us the gift of grace and puts us in touch with God. He covers our darkness with light. The Holy Spirit is like a map that leads us to Jesus and God’s Will. If we trust the Holy Spirit to lead us, we will have a better shot at getting things right. Much time & energy went into preparation of a Summer Vacation Bible Camp, for July 23-27. We had 27 children of different cultures registered for our Moses theme. We learned of Moses’ life, from being saved as a baby, to becoming the leader of God’s Chosen People, freeing them from slavery, and leading them to the promised land. The children had a variety of activities and music in the auditorium, and enjoyed more active games and activities in the park behind the church, when weather permitted. We had fun making tents, dressing up like Moses, and dramatizing the Bible story. They were supervised by four adults and one youth. Parents were happy to have a safe environment to let their children socialize together and have fun.


Our Fall theme of Moses, went deeper into the spiritual meaning behind the Moses story. God had a plan for Moses’ life. We found that God uses humble, compassionate people to help to carry out His Will. The Chosen People learned to trust God Who provided for their needs, from freeing them from slavery to feeding them on the desert journey. Moses was very privileged to meet with God, talk to Him on Holy Ground and receive the Ten Commandments of Wisdom to guide his people and us on our journey. We continue in our outreach efforts. We distributed Samaritan’s Shoeboxes for filling and collection in our parish. I delivered 69 gift boxes to the Operation Christmas Child Project, our highest number in several years. The children continue to bring offerings for Sleeping Children Around the World bedkits. We bought 3 bedkits this fall. Photos of the recipients are always on the bulletin board beside my office. This year, we performed our Christmas Pageant on the 4th Sunday of Advent. It was well received. The class did a super job of acting out the Nativity story to a Christmas poem “Messiah” written by Canon Stephen, as well as appropriate Bible readings, with the Congregation singing along to the planned Christmas Carols. There were many favourable comments including, “best yet!” We ended the year with 15 children registered in our Sunday School, four of whom were ready to make their Confirmation. I am grateful for my faithful volunteers Hazel Ogilvie, Ian Downer, Linda Archibald.

Respectfully submitted, Judith Sophie Sinclair Church School Coordinator and Teacher

_ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill



In September 2018, I began parish nursing ministry at Holy Trinity, Thornhill. I have been supported by a variety of people. Monthly meetings with Rev. Fields and the staff, help to maintain communication, and build a sense of unity. The Healing and Wellness Committee consisting of: Cathy Pearson, Jane Winstanley, Eugene Liburd, Bonnie Kennedy, Dr. Robert Ogilvie and Delores Thomas have met once. I anticipate we will meet early in the New Year to plan activities to expand the ministry. New members are always welcome.

Parish nursing ministry can take many forms, depending on the person who is fulfilling the role. I have always believed that visitation is at the heart of this ministry. I see we are a parish with a high number of mature members. Visiting people in their homes, including those in retirement communities and long term care facilities; helps put into practice the words of Jesus, in Matthew 25:35-40. The essence of this passage confirms that whenever we presence with another person, in Jesus name, we are living out the truth of the Gospel, and we are doing what Jesus would have us do.

Angella Smith continues to faithfully send greeting cards to parish members. We are grateful for her contribution and commitment to this meaningful ministry. Over the past two years, the average number of cards sent is about 88 per year. The response is highly positive from recipients; many of whom retain the cards long after they are received. Cards are sent on a variety of occasions: to mark significant birthdays, “thinking of you” cards, get-well, and sympathy cards. Appreciation goes to Angella for her diligence, and thoughtfulness. The Prayer Shawl Ministry is managed by Cathy Pearson. Please read her report which details specific examples of how the prayer shawls have touched people, brought comfort and renewed hope to recipients. The shawls are knitted by volunteers. They give their time to this ministry in this way. Some of the shawls are given to Mackenzie Health, where they bring comfort to palliative patients. Some are given to the chaplain at the hospital for other patients. The shawls have in the past year, been sent well out of range of the parish, to bring comfort to those who have experienced loss or trauma. Pastoral visitors further support the ministry. We have two pastoral visitors who independently visit some of our parishioners and in so doing, maintain close connections with them, minimizing loneliness and bring support.

From September to December of this year, there have been 60 visits to parishioners and adherents, 10 of which were, with the rest being either in home visits or in office visits, or telephone visits. 96 phone calls were made related to the ministry, 60 emails sent to parishioners, 2 meetings with community stakeholders (to form connections and strengthen our ties to the community), 32 invitations were sent to the Service of Remembrance & Hope and participated in this service. I have begun attending the mid-week Eucharist, as well as being present at the 8:00 & 10:00 services, alternating weekly. Recently, I have connected with Mosaic, a company providing a unique model of care to seniors in the community. The purpose of the meeting was to explore starting a pilot project featuring a café for seniors and their care givers. This model of care provides engaging activities for attendees, refreshments and speakers to inform and educate, all in a safe and accessible environment. Looking ahead, continue to provide prayer support for this ministry. I am committed to developing the ministry and expanding what has been started: Looking to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith.

Respectfully submitted, Maureen McNeish, R.N. _ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill

VESTRY REPORT - PROPERTY COMMITTEE The big item for the year was installation of the new sign at the front of the church. Dianne Rimmer worked tirelessly to gain approval from the City of Vaughan! Ken Van Winkle built and installed the updated copy of the sign. (He build the original sign, designed by Malcolm Shiner 20 years earlier).

2018 alarm pull station for the nursery school, and replacement of the small toilet between rooms A&B. The ceiling beams and ducts in the Auditorium were professionally cleaned for the first time in many years. As part of the green initiative the aerators on many taps were replaced with low flow (1.5gpm) units. A contract was let to replace the old wooden door off the Vestry at the back of the church. Some weather stripping on several doors was repaired.

The committee accomplished several outside projects such as tree trimming, adding a new handicap parking sign, and resetting the curbs in the south parking lot as well as painting the lower hall north wall and insulating the water lines to the ladies washroom. Les Jempson built a wall cover for the TV in Room A. A replacement freezer was purchased for the kitchen.

Thanks to Ray Burton, Les Jempson, Eric Preston, Malcolm Shiner and Jesus for their unwavering assistance. Many men of the congregation also helped with set up and take down of tables, racks, wreaths, etc for Rummage Sales and the Festival of Christmas.

We contracted repair and addition to the carpet at the front of the Sanctuary, replacement of the handicap drive stone wall cap, relocation of a fire

Respectfully submitted, Ron Tolhurst, Chair

VESTRY REPORT - GARDEN COMMITTEE In 2018 our major project was "to start from scratch" for the Parking Lot Garden. We succeeded in the replacement with fresh soil and mulch and the planting of several new Euonymus plants and the transplanting of portions of existing plants from other parts of our gardens.


For 2018 and ongoing we have to be careful the amount we spend on the "annuals" that are planted in the urns as our only income comes from the yearly income of the Margaret Harding Trust Fund that has decreased due to current Investment Fund Economy.

On the other hand the garden weeding situation in all the gardens is still an ongoing problem with only Peter as our constant "weeder". Respectfully submitted, Darryl Thompson, Chair Garden Committee Members: Elaine Ainlay, Jennifer Eccles, Nancy Hawkins, Marilyn Olivares, Peter Paterson, Gail Priestman, Gail Thompson, Ruth Staples _ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill



The following parish members have agreed to serve in the positions listed below:

2019 Officers Wardens

4-Year Term

Rector’s Warden Peoples’ Warden Deputy Rector’s Warden Deputy People’s Warden

(appointed) (elected) (appointed) (elected)

Dianne Rimmer Jewel Coy Dirk Drieberg Edward Carter

Years served 3 3 1 New

Term Ends (end of) 2019 2019 2021 2022

Lay Members of Synod (2 to be elected)

6-Year Term

Nancy Cutler Bobbie Creber

5 1

2019 2023

Advisory Board Members (to be elected)

3-Year Term

Gloria Downey Barry Pipes Bonnie Kennedy Robin Pacific

2 1 new new

2019 2020 2021 2021

(to be appointed)

Miriam Irving Sharon McNelles Jean Bryant

2 1 new

2019 2020 2021

Anglican Church Women President

Linda Robertson

Advisory Board Secretary - volunteer

(To be appointed)

POSITIONS WHICH ARE NOT MEMBERS OF THE ADVISORY BOARD Alternate Lay Member of Synod Auditor Envelope Secretary Parochial Tribunal Archivist

Maurice Corbett Gary Booth CA Professional Corp. Pat Nielsen Ron & Marlee Tolhurst Brian Stapley Respectfully submitted, The Nominating Committee Robin Parravano, Chair Alex Kuriyan Marilyn Olivares Danielle Terbenche

_ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill



2018 was a year with a number of changes and challenges for the Holy Trinity’s ACW. We began with a new format for our Annual General Meeting—a shortened version held after the 10:00 a.m. service on January 21, 2018. Poor weather the previous year had prevented many members from attending the annual potluck and we made the decision to hold our dinner later in the season when the weather was dependable. The consensus is that this is a better format.

people enjoyed a lively show, complete with fruit punch, desserts, tea and coffee and a stunning centerpiece setup by Robin and Kim. There was a free will donation basket to cover costs.

The AGM was followed by the annual Ingathering service on January 28 when we were privileged to hear our Lay Pastor, Christine Ivy. Christine followed up by offering to attend group meetings in an effort to acquaint herself with the members and what we are doing. During those meetings, she presented a bible study which related to the women of the bible, often a woman after whom the group was named.

On November 24, 2018, we held a most successful Festival of Christmas which included a well subscribed raffle - only three books were unsold. The luncheon was sold out. Revenue exceeded previous years, about $11,000 and there was little left to be sold on the following Sunday morning. All in all, a successful day enjoyed by all.

Susan Rodgers, our former Parish Nurse, retired in June and the ACW hosted a coffee hour on June 17 with a cake and flowers. Susan was also presented with a prayer shawl knitted by Cathy Pearson.

Our financial resources were somewhat reduced in 2018 (by about $7,000) with only one rummage sale; however, the ACW was able to provide funds to the same number of charities by slightly reducing the amount given to each one in previous years.

We were faced with another decision when the Footlights Club came forward with an offer to present a Cabaret Evening as a fund-raiser in the fall which everyone wanted to support. The result was the waiving of the fall rummage sale in favour of a Cabaret Evening followed by the Festival of Christmas. Our resources are becoming more strained as the years pass and it was proposed that we have only one rummage sale in 2018 in the spring. The sale on April 21 went well, bringing a net profit of $5,400.

Many thanks to all those who have worked so hard over the past year to accomplish so much and raise funds to provide for the church and for our community.

The Diocesan ACW AGM was held on Saturday, May 12, 2018 at Christ the King Church in Etobicoke with guest speaker Barbara Gosse, CEO of The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking. In lieu of the displaced pot luck dinner in January, it was decided that ACW would sponsor a social evening for the women of the parish in May. Arrangements were made for the York Minstrel Show Choir to perform on May 29 and about 70

ACW groups continue to take turns hosting Sunday coffee hours after the 10:00 a.m. service. We look forward to 2019, bearing in mind that there are fewer members able to perform the tasks required to manage the rummage sales and the Festival of Christmas. Moreover, fewer members are inclined to offer their expertise in taking on executive positions. We have operated for the past year with a member of a group taking on the president’s position for three months on a revolving basis. This, of course, has caused some difficulties. We welcome any and _

2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill

all women of the parish to join us in fellowship and fun.

Members of the 2018 Executive were: President Past President Treasurer Secretary Hospitality Publicity Auxilliary Positions: Housekeeping Calendars Raffle Coordinator

Rotating groups Jean Glionna Enid Corbett assisted by Gloria Downey Anne Thomson assisted by Jane Winstanley Kim Gordon & Robin Parravano Bobbie Creber & Bari-Lynne Butters Ruth Staples Jane Winstanley Ruth Staples

Respectfully submitted, Diane Maines, Rebecca Group on behalf of all those who cheerfully volunteered in 2018

_ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill

HOLY TRINITY CHURCH ANGLICAN CHURCH WOMEN RECONCILIATION December 31, 2018 Church Account Balance January 1, 2018


Year End Dec. 31,2018

Receipts Disbursements

$17,532.60 $15,591.27

Total ACW Church Account Balance Dec. 31,2018

Designated Funds Contingency Fund Total


$1,500.00 $1,500.00

Add: Outstanding Deposits Operating Balance December 31,2018

Account Balance Account Balance Gain (Loss)

January 1, 2018 December 31, 2018


2,587.31 1,941.33 $4,528.64

ACW Raffle Account Balance January 1, 2018 Income $2,325.00 Expenses $335.83 Outreach Disbursements $2,000.00


ACW Raffle Account Balance December 31, 2018


RECEIPTS Ingathering Spring Social Spring Rummage Sale Festival of Christmas 2017 Festival of Christmas 2018 Calendars Quilters Donations Miscellaneous Women’s Breakfast Total Receipts

960.00 365.75 6,240.65 72.00 9,644.20 250.00 00.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 $17,532.60

DISBURSEMENTS Holy Trinity Church Outreach Donations Diocesan ACW Kitchen Supplies & Cleaning Coffee, food supplies, reception Ingathering Festival of Christmas 2018 Spring Rummage Sale Spring Social Calendars Annual Meeting Administration Miscellaneous (memorials & gifts) Quilters Women’s Breakfasts Total Disbursements

5,000.00 6,310.00 1,700.00 21.60 0.00 104.14 1,375.96 310.77 398.45 220.35 0 0 50.00 100.00 0 $15,591.27



RAFFLE ACCOUNT Income Expenses Outreach Disbursements

$2,325.00 $335.83 $2,000.00

Respectfully submitted, Enid Corbett, ACW Treasurer

_ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill

ACW - Holy Trinity Church, Thornhill Outreach Disbursements - 2018

Prior to Dec.

December 2018

Total 2018 Provides community homes for the handicapped Provides help for pregnant youth & young parents (June Callwood Centre) Shelter for women with psychiatric needs whose families cannot cope with them


L'Arche Daybreak








Ingles House





Provides food for needy families



Provides bed kits for children around the world








Richmond Hill Food Bank Sleeping Children Around the World Toronto Diocese/ ACW Commitment Toronto Diocese/ ACW Special Project

Special Projects of Diocesan ACW


Holy Trinity Church


Eva's Initiatives



Youth shelter


Flemingdon Park



Women and children


Sandgate Shelter



Women and children's shelter


St. Bartholomews



Breakfast program


Ratanak Foundation



Rescues young girls - Cambodia


Diocese of Arctic



Cathedral fund


Christmas Assistance



Christmas baskets for needy Thornhill families


Crosslinks – LOFT



Housing and Support Services – Street Outreach Van – York Region


Bradford House – LOFT



Seniors with mental challenges





Camp for inner-city youth



Creates homes and families for orphans



Supports children and teenagers activities in Jane Finch area


Provides healthy snacks for students




Diocese Commitment

SOS Children’s Villages Downsview Youth Covenant Thornhill Public School Snack Program TOTALS


C: Children/Youth

F: Food



H: Holy Trinity Church

Contribution to Church operations

Out of GTA - $2,090 approximately 11.7%

O: Other

W: Women

_ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill



The Footlights Club presented “Cabaret 2018” on Friday and Saturday November 2-3. The format was similar to the one used in 2015 - a skit, followed by a musical interlude, followed by a second skit. The two skits were written by Malcolm Shiner, and the music was beautifully provided by Rachel Yoon. A wine bar was provided out- front by Ron Tolhurst and friends, and the cheese, crackers and other nibblies were provided by Marlee Tolhurst and friends.

Altogether some 40 people were involved in the production, and some 200 people attended. After all the bills were paid, $3,500 was given to the Wardens for general revenues. Since the “troupe” and their loyal helpers are all getting older by the minute, it is uncertain what the future holds for productions of this kind. Meanwhile, we have all enjoyed being able to contribute both to the enjoyment of parishioners and to the revenues of this Church.

Respectfully submitted, Malcolm Shiner

Footlights Financial Report December 2018 Total Receipts: includes drinks $850


Total Expenses: includes food, liquor, soft drinks, LCBO licence, flowers, set costs




Account Balance before Cabaret


Total Balance after


Given to Holy Trinity Church


Account Balance December 31,2018

$3,243.57 Respectfully submitted, Jean Glionna

_ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill


Do you remember …. 

In January 2018 - little Camila de Almeida Torcato, a senior kindergarten student and cancer survivor, who was accidently killed by the SUV in her North York school driveway? or 15- year-old Alfred Wong, shot on one of Vancouver’s busiest streets, riding home in the back seat of his parents’ car?

In March, 2018, Victoria Pejcinovski, who lost her mother Krassimira, brother Roy and sister Venallia in a triple Ajax murder?


From Camilla’s Principal at St. Raphael Catholic School – “Please accept our warmest thanks for your thoughtfulness in creating the beautiful prayer shawl for Camila's mother. Please know that we have given the prayer shawl to the family and they were greatly appreciative. Your kindness and support are more appreciated than any words can ever express. Please thank your very generous community for the beautiful gesture.”

In April 21, 2018, the killings on Yonge Street by a white van?

The Holy Trinity Prayer Shawl Ministry responded quickly to all these tragedies. Prayer shawls were sent to Camilla’s mother, Alfred’s parents, Victoria, Diyon, the seven-year- old son of Renuka Amarasingha, a young single mother who lost her life in the van attack, a traumatized observer of the van attack who was known to the HTC community and finally, to Constable Kenny Lam who apprehended the van driver without incident.

From the pastor of Alfred’s Church – “It's wonderful to have heartfelt condolences from all around. On behalf of the family and our church, we gratefully appreciate for what you've done. May God turn all these 'tragedy' into blessings to this world though they're wicked.” From Alfred’s parents – “We are parents of Alfred Wong in Vancouver and want to thank you for the shawl sent from your church. We are very touched by your support during this difficult time, please kindly extend our thanks to the brothers and sisters at your church, kindly keep us in your prayer. Thank you for your support again, very much appreciated!

Thank you to all who contribute in any way to the vital Prayer Shawl Ministry at Holy Trinity Church. Respectfully submitted, Cathy Pearson *Proudly, HTC’s Head Knit Wit!

_ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill



Throughout winter and spring inventory was taken and general house-keeping was done to maintain the library. Please remember to return your borrowed book; a few are still outstanding. In the summer a few new books were donated and have been placed in the library. As always we welcome donation of books. (Please no text books). A "big thank you" to all who donated. Early fall, hymnals and prayer books are mended. This is an ongoing procedure.

We continue to collect cancelled stamps for Christian Salvage Mission, who are grateful for our support of their ministry. A big thank you to all those who willingly continue to support this program by bringing in your cancelled stamps. It is most appreciated. Thank you to Susan Hogeboom for delivering the stamps to Christian Salvage Mission. Some goals 2019 1. Investigate options and financing for replacing one shelf unit that has fixed shelves with a unit that has adjustable shelves.

Here is what Your Library houses: Bible study material, Family friendly books, Christian Fictions, books for children. All free and available for check out anytime the building is open. Enjoy borrowing a book.

2. Promote the library, encourage reading the books provided.

Respectfully submitted, Angella Smith

_ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill


The prerequisite of the Outreach Committee is to disburse the Outreach funds at our annual meeting. Seventeen organizations benefited from the $10,000.00 allotted. New this year is


the Thornhill Public School Snack Program and after a one-year absence, the Substance Abuse Foundation Inc.

FOOD BANK & COMMUNITY CENTRE Richmond Hill Food Bank (RHFB) and All Saints Community Kitchen/Clothing Closet (ASCK/CC) are the charities that receive Holy Trinity Church donations. There were 40 deliveries during 2018 – RHFB (20), ASCK/CC (10), and ASCC (10).

THANK YOU! for your contributions of food, personal use items and adult apparel. We also would like to thank those parishioners who contributed financially towards the purchase of food and personal use items. Your interest and support are appreciated by the clients and staff of both organizations.

CHRISTMAS ASSISTANCE The Christmas Assistance Program provides hampers of non-perishable food, toiletries, toys and grocery store gift cards to needy families in the Thornhill area. Volunteers from Holy Trinity join with the Baptist, United and Presbyterian congregations to sort food, fill and deliver hampers. In 2018 we delivered to 131 families, a

large increase from previous years (94 and 98 families in 2017 and 2016 respectively). Many thanks go out to Holy Trinity parishioners for their generous contributions and volunteer efforts.

REFUGEE SPONSORSHIP In 2018 HTC concluded their 18-month joint sponsorship of the Aslan family, originally from Syria. The family continues to be successful in meeting health, employment and school challenges.

Israel. We will also be church-of-record for joint sponsorships of two Eritrean men with two Jewish groups, CHAI and TRAC. None of the sponsorships require a financial commitment from Holy Trinity. The sponsorships will take at least 12-18 months to be processed.

This past year we entered into an agreement with a U.S citizen to sponsor his sister, Zawuda Tesfai, an Eritrean citizen currently living in

_ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill

OUT OF THE COLD DINNER & SHELTER PROGRAM (January to March 2018) The Out of the Cold Dinner and Shelter Program, located at Thornhill United Church is a joint effort of several local churches, including Holy Trinity Church under the umbrella of MOSAIC Interfaith. OOTC offers shelter, meals and fellowship to guests who are hungry, homeless, lonely, have mental or physical health problems and who live in poverty. 2017-‘18 marked the 19th year of the program at Thornhill United Church. Our parishioners are active volunteers, assisting with guest registration, meal planning and preparation, entertainment and hosting, provision of medical services and foot care, managing the clothing centre and donating

leftover food to Eva’s Place. In the 10-week duration of the shelter program from January to March 2018, 116 unique individuals were served. (Unique individuals means the actual number of clients who used the program. Each person may have used the program multiple times, but is counted once.) Of those, there were 68 overnight individuals and 48 individuals were dinner-only guests, both increased numbers from the previous year. MOSAIC Out of the Cold deeply appreciates the contributions of volunteer time, food and funds provided by Holy Trinity parishioners.

PIKANGIKUM CLEAN WATER PROGRAM Holy Trinity has had a productive year in relation to the Pikangikum Water Project. Education, by way of speakers has helped us to understand some of the problems of Indigenous Communities. Hot Dog Sunday lunches have contributed financially to the Project; and the Donation Cards used by parishioners also have raised funds.

Although a large amount of money has been raised for the provision of clean, running water to homes in the community, there is still much to be done. Pikangikum is now on the power grid, so they and will no longer have to depend on generators.

In 2018 Holy Trinity donated over 3,300.00 to the The Federal Government has stepped in to assist Pikangikum Water Project. It is important that financially with Phase 3, which is being we, at Holy Trinity, continue to raise money and completed by the local men and women and awareness for this initiative, which was started Phase 4 is in the planning stage. In the process, by volunteers, and shows what can be done by local young people have been trained to do each of us doing our part. plumbing and electrical work. There is now a . lumber mill in the community, so youth are also . being trained, with the help of Habitat for . Humanity, to mill lumber, and built and repair houses. Respectfully submitted,

Peter R. Paterson Linda Robertson Linda Gould Miriam Irving

Susan Hogeboom, Chair Volunteer, Food Bank & Community Centres Volunteer, Pikangikum Committee Volunteer, Christmas Assistance, Out of the Cold, Refugee Committee Volunteer, Out of the Cold

_ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill

VESTRY REPORT – WORSHIP COMMITTEE Our life of worship is integral to who we are and what we do when we are sent out “to love and serve the world”. Several persons come together serving as Sidespersons and Greeters, members of the Altar and Flower Guilds, the Eucharistic Ministry Team of Lay Assistants, Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers, and Choir to enable us to enter into worship and find joy as we do. We are thankful for their faithful witness and commitment. WELCOME TEAM The Holy Trinity Church Welcome Team (Sidespeople and Greeters) is comprised of men and women who are attentive to their duties and responsibilities prior to, during and at the conclusion of services each Sunday. They also assist at special services such as Christmas and Easter. Each team member’s interest, time and effort are greatly appreciated.

2018 members are always welcomed and no previous knowledge is required. The Guild’s function is to prepare the Sanctuary for all liturgical celebrations including regular worship services, funerals, baptisms, and special services. This includes polishing, dusting, vacuuming, overseeing repairs of vessels, counting wafers, buying Eucharistic wine, and setting the Altar for services. They also maintain the fine linens ensuring they are safely laundered and ironed, and ensure the candles have oil in them. In addition to our regular duties, the Guild assisted Canon Stephen with a Seder service and meal as part of Maundy Thursday liturgy in 2018. The Guild has had two meetings with Christine Ivy. The first was in a meet and greet format in September, 2018. In December, she facilitated a devotional time, all part of her discipleship ministry.

We welcome and encourage new members to join our Welcome Team. Sidespeople and Greeters have an important role in meeting and working with fellow parishioners, and in welcoming newcomers and visitors into our Holy Trinity Church family.

FLOWER GUILD The Flower Guild prepares the two Altars and Memorial Table each week with fresh flower arrangements. They are also responsible for the Altar Flowers at weddings. During Advent, Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving, the Flower Guild decorates the church with beautiful seasonal materials. We are thankful to the members of the group who use their special talents so artistically. The Guild aims to keep its membership at a minimum of ten members since this is helpful when it comes to scheduling. Currently there are eight members and we encourage anyone who loves flowers and arranging them to join “our happy ministry”.

ALTAR GUILD There are thirty-six members serving on the Altar Guild. They are committed to keeping the sanctuary beautiful and functioning for services. The Guild meets at least four times a year. Following the December (Christmas) and June meetings, we share our fellowship while enjoying wine and food. On the Saturday prior to Palm Sunday we gather to make palm crosses. The Altar Guild is comprised of five teams of about 5-6 members and they rotate their duty times. They also now rotate the chair of these meetings on a two year rotation cycle and make the switch in the month of September. “Team Four” is in the second year of leadership. New

EUCHARISTIC MINISTRY TEAM The volunteer team of seven Lay Assistants, nine Lectors and six Eucharistic Ministers at 10 am plus seven Lector/EM’s at 8am continue to provide liturgical assistance at the Sunday and special services on a scheduled basis. We usually _

2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill

plan four months ahead. They read the Lections, offer Prayers of the People, administer the Eucharist, and serve as Crucifer and at the Altar. Glenville Simpson and Malcolm Shiner take the lead roles in the Morning Prayer services. The Lay Assistants, Maurice Corbett Jean Glionna, Pat Johnson, Dianne Rimmer, Glenville Simpson, Ron Tolhurst and Jane Winstanley meet 3 times a year with the whole liturgical group to plan the services. The lectors and Eucharistic Ministers are listed below. Lectors Ed Carter * Gloria Downey Lucy Fields Jacqui Getfield Kim Gordon *+ Steven Law+ Robin Pacific Robin Parravano *+ Barry Pipes+ Charles Sherwood *+ Malcolm Shiner Marlee Tolhurst+ Cathy Walker -Pilgrim *8:00 am +also EM

Thursday. We sought to re-present the last meal Jesus may have had before he went to Gethsemane and his ultimate death. Our committee extends thanks to Robin Parravano & Kim Gordon for coordinating the Seder Meal and to all who assisted them. There was an evaluation of the evening and we will make a few changes to the service on the next occasion. Visit hy Outgoing Consul General: The outgoing Consul General of Barbados at Toronto, Mr. Haynesley Benn, made his final visit to our parish on Sunday, September 16, before his return to Barbados. He visited our parish on several occasions during his tour of duty.

Eucharistic Ministers Edmund Baumann Bari-Lynn Butters Nancy Cutler* Susan Hogeboom* Leanda Kirwin Brian Stapley Daniellle Terbenche Delores Thomas Anne Thomson

A.C.T.I.O.N Services & Morning Prayer: We continued to vary the forms of our Sunday liturgies at 10 a.m., singing the Office of Morning Prayer (BCP) on the second Sunday of each month (except during the summer and when there is no major festival), and celebrating our A.C.T.I.O.N. services. The format of the A.C.T.I.O.N. service was used when we hosted the Ministerial Lenten Series. It was well received by all who attended.

We are assisted by Christine Ivy the Pastor of Discipleship. We thank Dianne Maines for her faithful service as a Lector at 8am for many years. SIGNIFICANT EVENTS DURING THE YEAR Visit by Rabbi, Passover Meal & Last Supper On Sunday, March 18, Rabbi Daniel Korobkin of the Beth Avraham Yoseph of Toronto Congregation (Clarke Avenue) joined us in the Auditorium at 11:00 am for an information session on Judaism. This was a precursor to a Passover Meal and the Last Supper on Maundy

It is with joy that we report that young Marcus Richarz was our drummer in the absence of our regular drummer David Cubbitt. Kyle McMurtry also joined the band. Jan Morgan continues to share his amazing gift with us on the trumpet. We thank them for joining our organist in this way. Sermon Series: During the month of November, Christine Ivy, our Lay Pastor, preached a sermon series about “Calling�. It was good opportunity to learn more about how God calls us to follow God, in both individual and communal ways. To God be the glory, great things God has done.

Respectfully submitted. Robin Parravano (Altar Guild) Hazel Denning, Janet Marambio (Flower Guild) Ron Tolhurst (Eucharistic Ministers) Peter Paterson (Sidespersons & Greeters) Canon Stephen Fields (Incumbent) _ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill



Source of the Fund The Holy Trinity Endowment Fund was established at the Annual Vestry Meeting in 1980 with the proceeds from the sale of the first rectory, in recognition of the sesquicentennial anniversary of the Church.

The present Trustees of the fund are: Marlee Tolhurst, Chair Susan Preston, Treasurer Brian Pound, Secretary Stephen Law Lindsay Allison

Purpose of the Fund The purpose of the Fund is to generate income which would be used for projects not ordinarily within the purview of the general funds of Holy Trinity Church. In particular the income may be used to support Anglican and Christian work at the national, diocesan or parochial level and to ensure the appropriate upkeep of the lands and premises owned or maintained by Holy Trinity Church.

Parishioners and members of various organizations submit written requests for financial contributions to the Secretary or Chair of the Fund. We ask that these requests be received by the end of June. We rely on the information in the submissions to make our recommendations for disbursements of the Fund. So as not to erode the capital of the fund, the amount available for disbursement is calculated at 90% of the previous year’s net income plus any new contributions received in the year, provided the total amount distributed does not exceed 100% of the net income. Income is recorded on a cash basis.

Summary of how the Fund works Five Trustees, who are elected at a Special Vestry Meeting held each Fall, administer the Fund within the terms if the Trustee Act.

Fund Activity Opening balance June 30, 2017


Margaret Harding





Net Income for year 19,339 683 20,022 Fund disbursements approved against 2017/18 (17,405) (615) (17,728) Income Balance June 30, 2018 $541,942 $25,739 $567,682  Endowment: Interest $18,046 plus gain on sales of investments and adjustments to cost base $2,544, bank charges $59 and $1,193 audit fee. M. Harding: Interest $793 less bank charges of $59 and audit fees of $50.  As there were no bequests received during the year, only 90% of income in the Endowment Fund was available for distribution. HTC Endowment Fund – Disbursements HTC Capital Projects HTC Cemetery Fund Canadian Food Grains Bank Robin Pacific Mosaic Out of the Cold Total

2015 $16,739 1,000 500

2016 $16,183 1,500 500 500

2017 $15,613 1,000 500

2018* $15,005 1,000 500




900 $17,405

* approved for disbursement at the September 30, 2018 Endowment Fund Special Vestry Meeting _ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill


Coupon Value 2.30% 2.47% 2.60% 2.75% 2.77% 2.56% 2.05% 2.35% 1.95% 2.15% 2.55%

Maturity Date 8/14/17 1/08/18 8/13/18 8/27/18 1/07/19 11/25/19 3/23/20 6/11/20 3/04/20 3/01/21 8/29/22

Book Value 30-Jun-17 20,000 28,000 20,000 25,000 29,000 34,000 29,900 15,000 67,500 68,000

Investment Portfolio Cash at TD Bank Total

Book Value 30-Jun-18

3622 72,202 108,501 20,000

20,000 25,000 29,000 34,000 29,900 15,000 67,500 68,000 20,000 3,744 74,789 104,172 51,212

540,725 93 540,818

542,317 827 543,144

Market Value 30-Jun-17 20,000 28,000 20,000 25,000 29,000 34,000 29,900 15,000 67,500 68,000

Market Value 30-Jun-18

3622 73,601 134,361 19,631

20,000 25,000 29,000 34,000 29,900 15,000 67.500 68,000 20,000 3,744 74,146 124,130 51,599

567,615 93 567,708

562,019 827 562,846

The Margaret Harding Garden Memorial Fund

The investment income from the fund is used to help pay for the creation and plantings of the church gardens, and maintenance of the trees and shrubs on the grounds of the church. Net income for the year was $683, and the funds available for disbursal to the Garden Committee in the Spring of 2019 are $615.

The Margaret Harding Memorial Garden Fund was

established in 1997 through a donation from Merrit Harding in memory of his wife. The Endowment Fund trustees manage this fund in accordance to its agreement. Generally, the agreement provides for 90% of earnings to be paid out annually and the difference added to capital. Current Cash and Investments

Book Value

Market Value

BNS GIC 2.55% 3 April 2019



PIMCO Monthly Income Fund





Respectively submitted, Marlee Tolhurst Chair

_ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill



The Eva Rea Millennium Fund awarded a total of $7,000 to seven students in 2018.

presented the bursaries on behalf of Holy Trinity Church.

Four of the recipients were students connected to our parish, and three came from schools in the Thornhill community.

Committee members for 2018 were: Dianne Rimmer (Warden), Robin Parravano (Warden), John Carrington, Kim Gordon, Dirk Drieberg, Gloria Downey (Treasurer).

I attended two of the three high-school graduation ceremonies of Thornhill schools and

Respectfully submitted, Dirk Drieberg – on behalf of Eva Rea Committee

Eva Rea Millennium Fund – 2018 Financial Statement Eva Rea Fund Investments Opening Balance – January 1, 2018 Valuation Change, December 31, 2018 Balance – December 31, 2018

$373,228.51 $26,713.54 $346,514.97

Eva Rea Income Account Opening Balance – January 1, 2018 Diocese Trust Interest Income Bursary Disbursement Transfer to HTC Income Statement Refugee Support Balance – December 31, 2018

$0.00 $14,692.00 $7,000.00 $5,692.00 $2,000.00 $0.00

Respectfully submitted, Swan Li – Office Administrator

_ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill


Holy Trinity Church

Notes INCOME Envelope Open Receipts Property Housing Income (Rectory Fund) Missions & Ministries Organizations Bequests Endowment Fund HST Refund Other TOTAL INCOME EXPENSES Administration Building Diocesan Allotment Programs (Ministry/Mission) Staff

1 2


4 5 6 7

TOTAL EXPENSES Income over Expense

BUDGET 2019 $

ACTUAL 2018 $

BUDGET 2018 $

280,000 13,000 60,000 44,000 41,700 8,000

276,000 15,000 60,000 44,000 41,000 15,000

15,000 7,000 7,000 $475,700

284,802 16,450 59,099 43,878 51,889 18,192 8,027 15,005 11,575 8,398 $517,315

15,000 11,000 10,000 $487,000

31,500 74,500 62,870 38,800 311,640

29,172 58,138 64,652 33,731 312,511

34,000 56,500 64,700 36,700 300,000








Project Replace Sanctuary AC unit Auditorium: heat tracing to prevent ice buildup on roof & eaves-trough Elevator Maintenance – hydraulic hose Power Floor cleaner Parge concrete on exterior church basement Install stair treads on back stairs of Auditorium

Total Expenditures Source of Funds

Cost 15,000 8,000 4,000 3,000 2,000 2,000 $34,000

Capital Reserve

Total Funding


_ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill




2019 Budget

2018 Actual

2018 Budget

31,700 9,000 1,000 $41,700

34,424 8,577 10,888 $51,889

32,000 8,000 1,000 $41,000

6,000 2,000

5,000 7,500 5,692 $18,192


Mission & Ministries OFOH (Diocese/Local/Dicipleship) Outreach Income Other Organizations ACW Footlights / Fundraiser Eva Rea

$8,000 3

Other Interest Stole Fees


7,000 $15,000


7,998 400 $8,398

10,000 $10,000

1,000 12,500 18,000 $31,500

1,029 11,969 16,174 $29,172

1,000 13,000 20,000 34,000

13,000 9,000 49,000 3,500 $74,500

12,439 8,892 33,759 3,048 $58,138

7,000 9,000 38,000 2,500 $56,500

3,000 2,000 1,500 3,000 2,300 19,000 1,500 1,500 2,000 3,000 $38,800

1,077 1,741 1,206 1,750 2,061 8,926 1,140 1,542 1,512 12,776 $33,731

1,900 1,500 1,000 2,500 2,000 19,700 600 1,500 6,000 $36,700

270,141 38,500 3,000 $311,641

272,727 36,567 3,217 $312,511

260,000 38,000 2,000 $300,000





Administration Bank Charges Insurance Office Building Gas Hydro Maintenance Telephone Ministry/Mission Christian Education/Discipleship Children/Youth Ministry Communications Music Sunday Worship Outreach Health Ministry Seniors’ Luncheon General Ministry Other Ministry Personnel Salaries & Stipends Housing & Travel Allowances Salaries (other)

_ 2018 Vestry Report


Holy Trinity Thornhill

VESTRY REPORT – SUMMARY OF HOLY TRINITY OUTREACH CHARITIES Anglican Church Can. Council of the North All Saints' Church Bereaved Families – York Region Canadian Food Grains Bank Comm.& Home Assist. to Seniors (CHATS) Companions Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem Diocese of the Arctic Doctors Without Borders Downsview Youth Covenant Eva's Initiatives Eva Rea Bursary FaithWorks Flemingdon Park Fred Victor Bethlehem United Shelter Habitat for Humanity Holy Trinity Church Holy Trinity Cemetery Hospice - Hill House Jessie’ June Callwood Centre L'Arche Daybreak LOFT - Bradford House LOFT - Cross link LOFT - Ingles House Moorelands Mosaic Interfaith - Out of The Cold Pikangikum Water Program Ratanak Foundation Refugee Sponsorship Richmond Hill Food Bank Robin Pacific (Bangladesh Garment Workers) Sandgate Shelter Sleeping Children Around the World (SCAW) SOS Children’s Villages Canada St. Bartholomews Breakfast Program Stephen Lewis Foundation Substance Abuse Foundation Inc. Thornhill Public School Snack Program Thornhill Christmas Assistance Toronto Diocese/ACW Commitment Toronto Diocese/ ACW Special Projects Trinity College Wycliffe College Yonge St. Mission Total


HTC Other

Endowment Fund

500.00 500.00 500.00 400.00 500.00 300.00 400.00 7,000.00 3,960.00 600.00 500.00 500.00 5,000.00

15,005.00 1,000.00 850.00

400.00 400.00 400.00 400.00 400.00 400.00 1,000.00 1,000.00

900.00 3,339.93

300.00 5,000.00 720.00

800.00 600.00 460.00 400.00 600.00 500.00 500.00 250.00

250.00 800.00 1,400.00 300.00


There are other non-monetary Outreach, such as  Food Bank: non-perishable foods and personal use items donated to various locations  Use of church space for children/youth/adult activities: Brownies & Girl Guides, Nar-Anon

2018 Vestry Report

HTC Outreach 750.00 750.00 400.00



500.00 500.00 500.00 10,000.00

 

1,000.00 2,830.00



Seniors’ Luncheons Rummage Sales support to charities: All Saints Clothing Depot, Eva’s Place, Cerebral Palsy

_______ Holy Trinity Thornhill


2011 6 12 0 3 6 308 546

2012 4 13 2 1 12 297 506


2013 7 8 0 2 14 286 483

2014 5 13 1 4 9 284 466

2015 3 14 0 3 11 251 399

2016 3 16 1 3 11 239 389

2017 5 13 0 1 10 230 354

2018 1 7 0 1 15 230 338

Baptisms Funerals Confirmations Weddings Sunday School Parish Families Parish Roll Easter 389 430 447 410 370 364 325 330 Attendance Easter 380 411 397 368 360 346 302 318 Communicants Christmas 808 834 35* 715 642 646 533 604 Attendance Christmas 634 483 35* 476 415 406 496 405 Communicants Average Sunday 176 158 157 145 135 137 124 122 Attendance Average Weekly 192 191 181 163 154 152 139 142 Attendance Average 184 167 175 152 148 141 130 138 Communicants Envelope 316,550 314,065 293,989 286,925 284,964 284,801 275,103 284,692 Offerings * Ice Storm in 2013 BAPTISMS Amare Carmichael Yahkim JORDAN

FUNERALS Ruth Elaine ACKEHURST Mildred Delores FORD Eujenny Clementina LOWMAN* Joseph MARSHALL Stanley Maurice RAYMOND Victoria Susan RZEZNICZEK* Grace SAMUEL

MARRIAGE Elizabeth HARILD & Alexander STEELE * Non-members

2018 Vestry Report


_______ Holy Trinity Thornhill




Archbishop’s Levée


06 20 27

Bishop’s Visit: Baptism & Confirmation Healing Service; ACW AGM ACW Ingathering Service

05 09 16

FEB 17 MAR 01 03 05 06 10 13 17 20 24 27 31 APR 3 6 7 10 14 18-19 21 24 28

JULY 22-26

Healing Sunday

Sunday after Ascension Day Jerusalem Sunday Seniors’ Picnic Luncheon Day of Pentecost Trinity Sunday

Children Bible Camp

AUG World Day of Prayer 1:30 pm @ HTC Annual Vestry (joint service 9:00 am) Pancake Supper Ash Wednesday Lenten Series: Presbyterian Church (pm) Wednesdays in Lent Healing Service Lenten Series: Lutheran Church (pm) Wednesdays in Lent Episcopal Visitation – Bishop Asbil Lenten Series: Baptist Church (pm) Wednesdays in Lent Lenten Series: Holy Trinity (pm)

Wednesdays in Lent Spring Rummage Sale Lenten Series: St. Luke’s Church (pm) Bishop’s Lenten Deanery Study @ HTC Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday & Good Friday Easter Sunday Seniors’ Easter Luncheon Choir: Celebration of New Life

SEPT 15 29 OCT 01

ACW Potluck Dinner


Harvest Thanksgiving Sunday

09 20 26

Seniors’ Thanksgiving Luncheon St. Luke’s Sunday - Healing Service ACW Clothing Sale

NOV 03 08-09 10 17 23 24

DEC 1 MAY 4 01 Lunch & Learn: Supporting the Caregiver 11 05 Holy Baptism 15 07 Fashion Show 18 19 Healing Service 22 25 CPR & First Aid Trainings 24-25 It is our hope to host a special evening of Jazz in the spring* 2018 Vestry Report


Healing Service Endowment Fund Special Vestry

All Saints’ Sunday Diocesan Synod Remembrance Sunday Holy Trinity School Founders’ Sunday Festival of Christmas Reign of Christ

Advent begins Seniors’ Christmas Luncheon Service of Remembrance & Hope Christmas Music Program Holy Trinity School Carol Service Church School Christmas Pageant Christmas Celebrations _______ Holy Trinity Thornhill

The End

ď Š

2018 Vestry Report


_______ Holy Trinity Thornhill

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2018 Vestry Report (Holy Trinity Church)  

2018 Vestry Report (Holy Trinity Church)