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What are the issues of Digital Photo Printer? There are some who insist on online searches to resolve any issue about anything. The very idea of having a printer is to ease out the discomfort of going to a local shop, waiting for some time and get documents print, scan or copy at very costly rates. Because of this, many printer manufacturers ask printer users to buy an inkjet personal printer to satisfy their basic printing needs. However, there are some categories of printer users in the market. Some require a highly multifunctional printer whereas there are some who require a digital photo printer to make their photography portfolio an impressive one. As per canon printer support, there are various problems while using a canon digital photo printer. Most of the printer users do not follow general rules of printing like, using original and standard ink cartridges or using quality paper. Because of this, there is a problem in printing after months of

use. If you do a research online you will go find thousands of articles on color management. The issue is matching the color of original photo on screen to that on paper. Most of the digital cameras shoot in sRGB and most of the printers match their printed output to sRGB colorspace digital photos.

If you are having the problem with the color then calibrate your own displays using Datacolor Spyder. This will measure your screen color and allow for fine adjustments. It can also generate ICC profile specific to your screen so that you can match your output with your printer. In printing, the quality of output is dependent on the dpi, re-mapping algorithms, types of the printing head, quality of ink and quality of paper. Though there is no direct relation between pixel and printer dot but both play an important part in the quality of output. If you are also experiencing some problem with your digital photo printer then contact canon printer support to help you troubleshoot it. Simply dial the toll-free number to let technicians resolve the issue remotely.

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