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Number 76

November 2006

Behind Bars in Banbury

Who Dunnit at Murder High?

F i r e w o r k s Te a F o r Be thany & James O nn SS uunn dd aa yy 55 tt hh N O N oo vv ee m m bb ee rr it was over to Eden and Karens




fireworks to celebrate the birthdays of Bethany and James.

Fu n i n t h e S u n i n B a n b u ry

OOnn SSaattuurrddaayy 1188tthh N Noovveem mbbeerr,, we travelled down to Banbury to deliver Tristan & Mandys’ Wedding Album. The girls had fun in the sun at the park.

Mystery at Murder High!!!!

OOnn FFrriiddaayy 1188tthh N Noovveem mbbeerr Laura and the Activities Comittee organised a Murder Mystery Night at the chapel. Everybody got into the swing of things, and Janet Morley turned out to be the Mass Murderer!!!

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