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Number 75

October 2006

Rachaels Birthday Tea

Monkey Forest

Feeding the Ducks with Nan & Grandad On O n S Su un nd da ay y 1 15 5t th h O Oc ct to ob be er r Larry & Lynne travelled to Wednesfield to see Isobel and Morgan. We spent the afternoon feeding the ducks in the local park.

Rachaels Birthday Te a On O n T Th hu ur rs sd da ay y 2 26 6t th h O Oc ct t. .

Lorraine Birthday

put Tea


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Rachael. Usual family ge t toge ther, (but no toast), with plenty of little children.

Return to Monkey Forest On O nF Fr ri id da ay y2 27 7t th hO Oc ct to ob be er r almost a year to the day from our first trip, we returned to Monkey Forest. This time there were quite a few baby monkeys, and they allowed Isobel, Morgan and Kizzie to leave!!!

Ta m w o r t h Pa r k On the way home from the Monkey Forest we stopped at Tamworth park, where the girls




monkeys. Then it was off to McDonalds for lunch.

L u n c h t i m e i n B a n b u r y On O n S Sa at tu ur rd da ay y 2 28 8t th h O Oc ct to ob be er r, , Sue invited us for lunch when their Auntie Margaret visited from London. We also spent some time at the park.

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