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Number 75

October 2006

Rachaels Birthday Tea

Monkey Forest

Feeding the Ducks with Nan & Grandad On O n S Su un nd da ay y 1 15 5t th h O Oc ct to ob be er r Larry & Lynne travelled to Wednesfield to see Isobel and Morgan. We spent the afternoon feeding the ducks in the local park.

Rachaels Birthday Te a On O n T Th hu ur rs sd da ay y 2 26 6t th h O Oc ct t. .

Lorraine Birthday

put Tea


a for

Rachael. Usual family ge t toge ther, (but no toast), with plenty of little children.

Return to Monkey Forest On O nF Fr ri id da ay y2 27 7t th hO Oc ct to ob be er r almost a year to the day from our first trip, we returned to Monkey Forest. This time there were quite a few baby monkeys, and they allowed Isobel, Morgan and Kizzie to leave!!!

Ta m w o r t h Pa r k On the way home from the Monkey Forest we stopped at Tamworth park, where the girls




monkeys. Then it was off to McDonalds for lunch.

L u n c h t i m e i n B a n b u r y On O n S Sa at tu ur rd da ay y 2 28 8t th h O Oc ct to ob be er r, , Sue invited us for lunch when their Auntie Margaret visited from London. We also spent some time at the park.

Larrys Newsletter No.75  

Heath Family Newsletter

Larrys Newsletter No.75  

Heath Family Newsletter