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Number 62

Elise’s Ho liday....

...and Emma & Sams

August 2005

Lynne’s in Hospital - Elise o n Holiday Leessss tth L ha an n a a w we ee ek k after returning from Majorca, Lynne entered Solihull Hospital for a hysterectomy operation. Five days in hospital were followed by many weeks convalescence. Meanwhile Lorraine and Derek invited Elise on another weeks holiday - this time in Great Yarmouth.

Gran Canaria Fu n i n t h e S u n O nn M O M oo nn dd aa yy 22 11 ss tt AA uu gg uu ss tt

E m m a a n d S a m f l e w o u t fo r a fortnigh ts ho liday in G r a n C a na r i a. Th e y h a d a g r e a t t i me, a lt h o u g h i t d i d get a little too hot a couple of days before they came h o me ( 4 5 째 ) .

Larrys Newsletter No.62  

Heath Family Newsletter

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