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Number 54

German Markets

Christmas Meal

Dec. 2004

Is o b e l & M o rg a n s Christmas Nativities IIssoobbeell a an nd d Mo M or rg ga an n took their places in two Nativities during the month. Nanny joined Mommy and Daddy for the school performance where Isobel was an angel and Morgan a lamb, and then later in the month Nan, Grandad, Carl and Elise visited Wednesfield where the girls were both angels in the Primary presentation..

Christmas Party Fun

Isobel and Morgan came to Chelmsley Woods Christmas Party on Friday 17th December.

Onn FFrriiddaayy 1100tthh DDeecceem O mbbeerr Lynne, Elise, Esther and Mandy flew

to Dusseldorf in Germany for a weekend away. Plenty of shopping in the German markets and the special Christmas atmosphere made for an enjoyable trip.

We l c o m e H o m e Leigh-Roy OOnn SSuunnddaayy 1199tthh DDeecceem mbbeerr we travelled to Nuneaton to welcome Leigh - Roy home from his mission to Canada. It was good to see him, and his accent was only a little strange!!!

Christmas Eve Meal Onn CChhrriissttm O maass EEvvee wwee wweenntt oouutt ffoorr DDiinnnneerr iinn W Woollvveerrhhaam mppttoonn..

Gin gerb read Gif t JUlian and Laura made Gingerbread houses for all the family as presents for their first Christmas. A novel idea and very tasty too.

Riding the Big Wheel On O n

Th T hu ur rs sd da ay y

30 3 0t th h

JJa an nu ua ar ry y

Larry, Lynne,.Emma and Elise spent the afternoon in Town and went on the Big Wheel. Great photographic opportunity

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