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Number 53

Guys Nigh t

I’m a Mormon....

November 2004

L arry & Lynnes W e e k e n d i n Te l f o r d Onn FFrriiddaayy 1122tthh N O Noovveem mbbeerr

Larry surprised Lynne by booking a couple of nights at The Telford Country Golf Hotel. A great weekend chilling out, shopping, using the leisure facilities, and visiting a few local places of interest.

Smile for Grandad

G u ys B e n e f i t Ni g h t OO nn FF rr ii ddaa yy 11 99 tt hh N N oo vv ee m m bb ee rr Folium organised a benefit night to raise money for the dependents of Guy Bower, a work mate whose untimely death had occurred a few weeks previously. Neil's band supplied the entertainment, and a raffle and auction helped in raising over ÂŁ3,500.

Onn 2211sstt N O Noovveem mbbeerr we took Elise and

Sian to Town for the turning on of the Christmas Lights. A very colourful evening, and we also looked around the ‘German Market’, although Lynne said it was not a patch on the ‘real thing’ That will come in a couple of weeks.

I’m a Mormon (Get Me Out of Here)

OOnn SSaattuurrddaayy 2277tthh N Noovveem mbbeerr Lynne organised a Ward Activity - I’m a Mormon (Get me out of here). Great fun for everyone who wasn’t taking part!!! Eating snails, frogs legs, crickets and jellied eels, and leg waxing were amongst the ‘Bush Tucker Trials’. Toby Griffiths was crowned King of the Jungle.

L y n n e s C h r i s t m a s ‘ R a p’

Larrys Newsletter No.53  
Larrys Newsletter No.53  

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