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Number 42

Fun on the Farm

Shopping in G ermany

December 2003

Christmas Day

Onn SSaattuurrddaayy 66tthh DDeecceem O mbbeerr it was off to Ash End House Farm with the Primary children. A guided tour of the farm was followed by the Nativity (see photos on next page), a visit with Father Christmas and finally tea in the barn.

OOnn FF rr ii ddaa yy 11 22tt hh DD eecc ee m mbb eerr Lynne, Elise, Darren, Esther, Isobel and Morgan travelled to Dusseldorf for a couple of days shopping in the ‘real’ German Christmas markets. They had an enjoyable time, although Lynne didn’t manage to find any sexy undies!!!

Onn FFrriiddaayy 1199tthh DDeecceem O mbbeerr Larry was joined by a group of fellow ‘workers’ from Folium for an evenings 10 pin bowling in the City centre. Not much bowling skills on show (Stuart & Graham excepted) but plenty of lively banter, and a great deal of alcohol consumed.

Ward Christmas Party Noott m N muucchh eexxcciitteem meenntt aatt tthhee W Waarrdd ppaarrttyy -- but the youth performed their winning Roadshow for our entertainment, with Elise and Ben doing the olio. The food was good and Larry and Lynne got roped into a Mr & Mrs competition.

Larrys Newsletter No.42  

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