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Larry’s Newsletter

Longer (than expected) weekend Coventry Transport Museum ....... in Estepona!!! On Friday 17th December Larry and Lynne departed a frosty Birmingham Airport laden with suitcases full of Christmas presents to deliver to Estepona. Weather was up and down (it really rains in Spain!!), but it was great to see Darren and the girls. Return flight on Sunday was cancelled due to the wintry weather back home so we had a couple of extra days in Spain, worrying about if we would get home for Christmas.

More Estepona Photo’s Coventry Transport Museum .......

And there’s Coventry Transport more...... Museum .......

C h rTransport i s t m a sMuseum D a y ....... Coventry

(Callum’s first Christmas)

C h rTransport i s t m a Museum s D a y ....... Coventry (In Estepona too!!!)

Bank H o l i d a yMuseum M o n d....... ay Coventry Transport at Gareth and Elaines

On Bank Holiday Monday Larry, Lynne, Emma, Elise and Callum were invited for tea at Gareth and Elaines. After tea we spent an enjoyable evening chatting and playing games.

Villa thrashed 4-0 at the Transport CCoventry ity of M a n c h e s tMuseum e r S t a d....... ium - and we were there!!! Joffy, Jenny, Emily and Stanley arrived in England on Monday 27th, and on Tuesday 28th, Larry, Carl and Joffy travelled up to Manchester to watch Villa play Manchester City and what a disaster it was!! Humiliated 4-0, but great banter with the Citeh fans made it an enjoyable(?) afternoon out.

Breakfast & Dinner with Joffy & Jenny As previously mentioned, Joffy and Jenny had arrived in England with Emily and Stanley on Monday 27th and were staying for a couple of weeks. On Thursday 30th December the family all got together for the day at the chapel to enjoy each others company. More pics on the next couple of pages...

Time for Breakfast...

...and then Dinner

New Years Eve atMuseum Coventry Coventry Transport ....... On New Years Eve some of the family (who had nothing better to do LOL) travelled to Coventry Chapel for the Stake New Years Eve Party.

Larry's Newsletter No.126  

Family Newsletter

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