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Larry’s Newsletter

ACoventry n n i v eTransport r s a r y Museum Day O ut ....... in Barmouth Saturday 4th September was Larry & Lynne’s 34th Wedding Anniversary. Along with Emma and Elise they travelled to Barmouth for a ‘Day Out’ by the seaside. This included a ‘ferry’ across the harbour, a ride on the steam railway, crab fishing, and of course a hot chocolate in Davy Joneses Locker.

Elise’s 18th Birthday Coventry Transport Museum ....... On Saturday 18th September Elise celebrated her 18th Birthday. It was just like Christmas morning as she excitedly opened her many presents (Steff had especially generous). On the evening we all went to Spice Buffet for a celebration meal.

More from Elise’s Special Day next...

And Larry can still blow out the candles!!!

More of Jesse Coventrypictures Transport Museum ....... As promised last month - here are some more photo’s of Jesse, including some from the day he was blessed - Sunday 19th September.

Could there be more baby pics next month?

Larry's Newsletter No.123  
Larry's Newsletter No.123  

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