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JULY 2008

Larry’s Newsletter Lynne, Emma, Elise & Cydney 0n completion of the ‘Race for Life’ charity run.

Greek Night Out On Saturday 7th July, Lynne, Esther,

Race For Life

Emma, Elise and Elise’s friend Emma had a ‘Girls Night Out’ at Zorba’s Greek Restaurant.

On Saturday 14th July Lynne, Emma, Elise and Cydney took part in ‘The Race for Life’ a 5 kilometre run to raise money for cancer charities. The three girls completed the distance in 30 minutes, while Lynne and Rachael achieved a creditable 38 mins.


Sunday Afternoon at Monkey Forest

On Sunday 15th July we met Isobel and Morgan from Church, and then along with Darren, Nanny & Grandad travelled up to Stoke-on-Trent to visit Monkey Forest. Just for a change the Sun shone, and there was not even one rain drop!!!

Weekend Fun in the Sun Nanny booked a day off work on Friday 25th July and joined Grandad, Isobel and Morgan for a couple of days of fun in the long awaited sunshine. Friday it was off to ‘Conkers’, and then on Saturday we picked up Darren and then visited the ‘Maize Maze’ Pictures over the next couple of pages.


Maize Maze

More Highlights Here’s a selection of pictures from other events this month, including Lynne’s night out Go-Karting with work mates, Larry and Lynne’s weekend in Grantham and another trip to Zorba’s for Emma, Elise and friends.

Larry's Newsletter No.96  
Larry's Newsletter No.96  

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