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imagePROGRAF Printer Technology Photographers seeking to produce their own gallery-grade inkjet prints have had limited choices until now. Understanding the demands of professional photographers — especially those who shoot with the EOS System — Canon has responded with the imagePROGRAF series Photo Printers. Both feature impressive new technologies that bring superb quality and performance to large format photo printing. It’s never been simpler or more cost-effective to produce gallery-grade prints at home or in the studio.

Incomparable 12-Color LUCIA EX Ink Set


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Built upon a foundation of leading-edge technologies, the EOS System puts photographers in touch with their mind’s eye, enabling them to capture images of beauty and clarity that had once existed only in their imaginations. Canon’s commitment to photographic excellence, however, does not end with image capture. Combining Canon’s superb expertise in photography, photocopying and printing technologies, Canon imagePROGRAF and PIXMA photo printers are redefining output quality, performance and convenience. They are the perfect complement to your EOS System with results that are nothing short of stunning!

imagePROGRAF iPF5100 PIXMA Pro9500 Mark II

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PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II

With increasing consumer demand for professional and high quality print output, high-end graphic and photographic studios continue to seek the capability to accurately produce vivid output of their most demanding projects. The all-new 12-Color LUCIA EX pigment ink set from Canon, incorporated into the 44-inch imagePROGRAF iPF8300, 24-inch imagePROGRAF iPF6350 and the iPF6300 printers, increases the achievable color gamut by approximately 20 percent to produce rich, expressive imagery. The introduction of the new LUCIA EX ink set provides photographers with the ability to precisely achieve their desired results by producing more expressive and crisp blacks, smooth color gradations, and the capability to faithfully reproduce the finest details in the shadowed areas of photographs. Even very delicate shading is reproduced smoothly to give images exquisite depth. The new pigment inks are Canon RC Photogloss L=50 also designed with an innovative polymer structure that results in greater scratch resistance and protection from color fading, while also reducing bronzing and metamerism, ensuring durable, stable output. Additionally, LUCIA EX pigment inks exhibit excellent short-term color drift (“drydown”) behavior, which is critically important for color-managed workflows and in proofing applications. The new LUCIA EX inks are also resistant to damage from atmospheric ozone, a particular concern in urban environments in situations where prints might be displayed unframed and exposed to ambient indoor air.

LUCIA 12-Color Pigment Ink Set

Automatic Color Stability Control System All imagePROGRAF printers offer a sophisticated, automatic color stability control system for simple, predictable color. With a high-performance multi-sensor installed in the printer, calibration is done easily and quickly (approximately 10 minutes) with a simple setup from the printer’s operation panel. When calibrated, photographers will find amazing consistency among all calibrated printers they might use. Canon’s imagePROGRAF color calibration will help ensure that the colors photographers saw when they captured their images, and on their calibrated computer screens will be preserved in print.­

replaceable, and can be replaced with minimal downtime and without service calls, saving time and money and increasing productivity.

16-Bit Printing Support While conventional inkjet printers support 8 bits per-channel and require a conversion from 16 bits somewhere during t­he workflow, the imagePROGRAF printers provide advanced support for high-bit depth files. Software Plug-ins enable high-bit depth images to be printed directly from Digital Photo Professional. Also included is an export

Photolithographic User-Replaceable Print Heads Canon’s FINE (Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) print heads help ensure accurate and detailed ink delivery, no matter the medium being used for printing. This new, advanced head design uses two print heads — each with 15,360 nozzles — yielding over 30,000 nozzles, which release microscopic ink Multi-nozzle Dual Print Heads droplets quickly and precisely. This not only makes extremely high output resolution simple, but also provides for faster, more reliable printing. Photographers no longer need to compromise on print speed to attain high image quality because Canon’s superb print head technologies deliver both. The large number of nozzles also substantially increases print head life, so the printer requires less frequent maintenance. The print heads are user

module for printing 16-bit files directly from Adobe® Photoshop®. These features provide the photographer with the first true wide-dynamicrange workflow option from capture to output. Images are reproduced with smoother tonal gradations for greater photorealism. Dynamicrange-related problems, such as posterizati­­­­­on and banding, are significantly reduced. Exclusive Canon L-COA Image Processor

High Performance & Integration Integrated System & Engine Control

High Speed Engine Control

High Fine Image Process

High Accuracy & High Speed Control of High Density Head

Integrated System & Engine Control


EOS System Spring 2011  

Canon EOS System Brochure

EOS System Spring 2011  

Canon EOS System Brochure