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Vol. 101, No. 2 Nov. 14, 2013

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Tutoring help

Juniors and seniors - get an edge for the upcoming ECA with tutoring in the computer lab, Rm. 168 in Treadwell Hall. 2:45-4 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays. After school buses are available. To sign up for the program, see Ms. Dixon in Rm. 191.

Madrigal Dinner Nov. 22, 23 This year’s Madgrial Dinner will be held BEFORE the holidays begin in earnest -- 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 22 and Saturday, Nov. 23 in the fellowship hall of Englewood Christian Church (55 N. Rural). Reservations are due Friday, Nov. 15. Tickets are $16 per adult and $10 per child under 5. Contact Cynthia Hartshorn at

STAR Academy Food Drive STAR Academy FFA is in a statewide food-collecting contest with a goal of 20,000 cans. All the food collected will go to a food bank serving the local community. The items must be nonperishable. All first periods can participate. The class with the most non-expired items wins a breakfast for the class. STAR members will pick up cans Nov. 20 by noon.

New memorial lists 4,458 names By Korrie Warren

Sacrifice, duty, and honor. Those are everyday words society uses to describe veterans. On Tech’s campus, veterans are honored in a multitude of ways, from the JROTC program, to the memorial in Stuart Hall. In addition, this marks the first anniversary of a new way Titans continue to honor the men and women who served and protected this country. The new veterans memorial is located outside the Arsenal, dedicated June 8. The first part of the memorial was paid for by the class of 1955, as a gift at their 50th anniversary. The veterans’ names on the wall was the idea of Joe Fuller, 1982 and Wanda F. Town-

‘College - How to Get There’ Join the discussion #athstownhall


er Harris, 1948. Fuller and Harris raised the money through donations from Tech alumni, most coming from veterans. The significant donors include Gen. William Gommel, 1942; Martin Walker, 1950; Robert Highfield, 1948; Class of 1962 gift from the 50th reunion and Wanda Harris, 1948. Stacia Zloty, Harris’ daughter, designed the wall part of the memorial, which cut costs since the alumni did not have to hire an architect. There are 4,458 names on the memorial, and the alumni plan to add another plaque to add more names on the wall in the near future.

See veterans’ stories and photos on pg. 5

raduation, college, FASFA, financial aid and scholarships - you have probably heard all of these words before, but what you probably haven’t heard is how to get these things. Tech’s Urban Media Institute will be hosting another Town Hall Forum, but this time on college readiness and success. The Town Hall will provide advice and information from those who’ve been there. The forum will host current college students, who will be there to answer questions and concerns. As far as the

steps to graduation, filling out college applications and applying for financial aid, and scholarships, you will have all that information plus more. The “College - How To Get There” Town Hall will be 9:30 a.m. Dec. 17 during advisory time. Cannon Multimedia will also have live tweeting at #athstownhall. With the live tweeting, you will be able to tweet from your classroom, and ask questions via Twitter. We look forward to you joining this discussion. For more information on the Town Hall, contact Mrs. Griffin in Rm. 352 in Stuart Hall.

ECA testing provides another chance to pass By Brittany Reedy In less than a month, more than 400 students will again face the challenge of passing the ECA tests in English and math, ECA (End of Course Assessment) is required for graduation for all Indiana high school students. English 10 retest sessions 1 and 2 will be held Dec. 10 and 11. ECA Algebra 1 retest sessions 1 and 2 will be held Dec. 12 and 13. Students will be busy in the next few weeks, studying and trying to focus on areas of weakness. “I struggle with the math part,” junior Carlos Casco said. “But just like everyone else, I study.”

In addition to the graduation requirement, getting students to pass the ECA is important, since it is a vital component to the school’s letter grade. This letter grade factors into teachers’ evaluations, as well as determines if the school could possibly be taken over. If a school receives an F for six straight years, that school can be taken over. Last year’s letter grade was a D. As of Oct. 2, 433 students will take the ECA retest for math and 352 for English. “A majority of students who will be taking the ECA in December are placed in an ECA Test preparation class. Students receive explicit instructions that focus on their individual areas of weakness and relates to their previous performance on the ECA ,” literacy coach Michelle Dixon said in an email.

Juniors and seniors can get an edge for the upcoming ECA with tutoring in the computer lab, Rm. 168 in Treadwell Hall. 2:45-4 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays until the testing dates. In 2013, Tech’s performance in math showed improvement, a 72.2 percent passing rate, compared to the 8th grade passing rate of 62.9 percent. These scores will reflect on the school’s GPA that contributes to its letter grade. As for the English ECA, there was a slight drop in the passing rate, 49.1 percent, compared to the 8th grade passing rate of 52.9 percent. The percentages are not yet official, official scores

See ECA pg. 2

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