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May 2, 2013


Souls of Worlds Like No Other The graphite of a pencil, lead from the heart too heavy to keep within just begging to be a part, of not flat on the page but standing up. Braille for the blind, so visible you don’t need to touch

Being creative is not a hobby, it’s a way of life. - Anonymous

Just let it sink in and remind you of all the aches and pains, the rush of stall. Try to get away from it all. Find a mountain, you just have to crawl Up and over to stay away from the brawl of your enemies’ heart. Surrounded by chains of lives, terribly brought below the sea and into the darkness. Entranced with cold. Engulfed in vessels of tragic joy, that the waters sold deep in your soul, it cools and dismays the threats that this world often gives you, and all of the regrets. Poetry can rhyme, in time, it can. But poetry can be different, like being born as a man. It can rip, out of the womb, just tearing, scarring, and staring. Looking like Death, taking all breath away. It seems to pull from you, explaining the heartache, stress, and seems to press on within your mind.

Jamonikah Thompson

Annie Perkins Dylon Wong

The Real Me

The “Real Me” is Jazz, Smooth music, Sunday brunch, High Spirits, Gospel Music, a little Hip-Hop now and then. Art museums, Color gatherings, more museums… History from way back when, and yes, present day too. But on the twin side… The “Real Me” is details… From the beginning, the middle, the end. The how, why, when and where. Climbing that ladder at a steady aggressive pace. Innovative, flexible, Real as they come. Intuitive, cautious, sometimes wild, Real as can be. Conservative, contemporary. Which side are you ready for? It’s the “Real Me”, the twin sides And yet there’s more…

Galia Castro

Henry Le

Ms. Alicia Fleming

Callie Moore

Alexis Stallworth Cedric Shirley

Designed for Corey Tibbs

Scout Landin

Christian Skinner

Koreyha McLay

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