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Sept. 27, 2012

Extra! Extra! Rah for Tech, our Tech’s alright

Hal Fryar

(known as Harlow Hickenlooper on local TV) “Everything good that ever happened to me happened because of Tech teachers. I can name almost eight teachers that influenced my life. Who ever thought I’d end up doing “The Three Stooges”, but it was fun.“

Shawnee Jones Ames (left)

“I was a majorette. I was in girls choir and SAO board and I had a great time in high school.”

Chris Petri

(middle) “I was also a majorette in high school and head majorette my junior and senior year, and I was in Techoir and SAO board. I did it all and loved it all.“

Howard Catt

Centennial Parade Grand Marshall, former Tech athletic director, inducted into the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame, honorary Tech graduate. “I started here in 1973 and I worked as a teacher and athletic director and I did that for 17 years. Today I’ve met a lot of athletes that I had years ago - all fantastic people. I can see people and I can recognize faces, but I can’t remember a lot of names, but once we start talking, it all comes back.”

Brigadier General William Gommel, Class of 1942

“I was in the Army Air Corps. Before they had the Air Force and I was a weather officer and cleared air craft all over the world I was in the Aleutian islands. After the end of the war I was the head forecaster at the weather center in Anchorage, Alaska. I Also served in the U.S Air Force because they made the Air Force from the Air Corps in 1947. I served in the occupation forces in Germany and many other places. Like an old soldier when it came time, I came back home and taught at the University of Indianapolis.”

To celebrate Arsenal Technical High School’s 100th birthday, Students, staff and alumni from across the country came together to celebrate their part in the school’s history. Throughout Spirit Week, students dressed as nerds, flaunted crazy hairdos, dressed for success and capped the week with a rousing pep rally. Centennial Homecoming weekend brought alumni back to tailgate Friday night and to pack the stadium Saturday morning for a birthday celebration, picnic and tours of campus.

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