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March 20, 2013



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ing l oin Apri j At the ISSMA (Indiana State n d i ntil e t School Music Association) u es l9 ter ave i contests, gold medals were r n i h p A nts lub . n s e i received by vocalists Zacho c p d 36 t Stu 4-H gn-u ting 3 ary Stewart, Carena . e i the to s me pm. e Rm rojec Hasara and Josh Brunst10 xt 4-H 30-7 utsid t for p f o : o ing. Alicia Reyna received Ne m 5 wall Stuar ion t . o s r a silver medal. Silver awards e u r f th floo tion vol s ’ t e i , p e e were also received by instrurs S ond d o e R enio for c n s h e . a d t s mentalists: John Francis, as oin ility rs an t ready er e o i d The music hall is busily preparing n b J i i violin and the clarinet : on ju me to ge e $45 p t -H ons i t 4 n for the annual all-school musie p quartet - Amir King, Chris b n ti s Att that ets will the eve at Re t cal. This year’s show is the excitu Cox, Leah McCarty-Little, o ab ick eme for will be T . ing “Joseph & The Amazing Samantha Morgan. prom n. The th hts” and DownTechnicolor Dreamcoat!” This o tt pers bian Nig s Marrio action-filled production will take a The li r o A “ p a s i A the Tech stage April 18, 19, and n a i H d . n isto frican 7 I 2 e l h i 20. t -A ry Ap Apr ril 1 Team meric n w 5 1 o t in R a pril m. 3 6 from will m n HALF F eet A ndar O m l A l R i 3 3 e pri MBE lub w el UN cale l 30 6 and -4 p.m et D NU ALE NOW! f l E ions c e i d t T n d I a o . o a M N Rm g fr - LI s. M NS 13 M er o ted loo . 336 om 3-4 ain on TION arbooks O numb el Uni plan the 20 ew York trip ional N d d e E o t i T M k T . A a lim 3 Ye rnat year . to The dN for ing to The s p.m. 5 p.m hicago an search inte simulaE 201 er -- we have half-price ance C 3 I c t f R h i m P C fro ican e 201 ll thre hool is e Fin $30, N mind ng a ers re h i e e t 2014 U r b r t l h u e t a a e m e d f h c e t e i d t s o Hist 3 Af Ju Mo e pr ntry ble them ns m and rica teams ory Natio esent a cou ittees. The ill be April copies availa n purchase urs before th riffin, d e t i c om n-Am Un repr comm ood fest w You ca nal. Get yo ntact Mrs. G d s . pet n s n a k o i s o t f ition erbo topic k! Co e Arse ns. ed Na nd global a h e t o e t i i r n t n n s B i o s. e U g e u f a Offic r Sprin with any q world tion o simulation e t e f a h t p s e ver goes u sampl 3-5 p.m. ing o k a @ d m m UN: griffin 29 fro e. odel m M i t S ATH ence at a r Keep u The staff of the Tech Teen Clinic, a HealthNet clinic and IU confe p with what’s pening Health Partner, located in Tread-well Hall, Rm. 120 are curhapon Tech ’s camp by logg rently doing sports physicals for spring sports. Also, any us in On April 12, Tech will host canno g on to www sports physical done in April, May and June is good for the nline.o . a “Gospel Explosion” as many rg or c out th entire next school year. All physicals are free. heck e Cann other gospel choirs will join on Mu dia Fa If a student needs a physical for college and the college allt ceboo k page imeTech’s own, directed by Phillows the physical to be done by a nurse practitioner, he/she . lip Carroll, for an evening of can also get this done at the Tech Teen Clinic free of charge. gospel music. If you’re unsure of the requirements, bring the form to the Spr in up. g Brea Mar k is last day ch 22 w comin g befo out ill be fo r resu r two w e schoo the me Mon eeks. C l is la day, Apr sses il 8.

Clinic and the staff will review it.

First Top 25 banquet recognizes best of students, teachers


he Arsenal Tech Top 25 dinner celebrated seniors’ academic achievements and honored chosen teachers Feb. 28 in the cafeteria. Students received medals and presented their teacher with a commemorative paperweight. The students received a medal from Principal Larry Yarell, while the students presented the teachers with their awards and spoke about why they chose their teacher to be an honored educator. Photos clockwise from top right: Valedictorian Jacob Dorsey presents teacher Dave Arnold with his award. Jessyca Shirels with her parents and honored teacher, Dr. Carl Snipes and Janell Hoefler with her parents and teacher Jon Little; Laura Rosales and Danny Reyes, their families and honored educators June Moss and Juniclei Miranda; Brandon Garr and teacher Kandis Brown; Lucy Knorr and teacher Troy Hammon; Danny Reyes receives his medal from Principal Larry Yarrell; Lauren Hedges with teacher Shelia Pritchett.

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