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DEAR COLLEAGUES Havyard Group ASA is a company that is contin - uously changing, based on the motto ‘stagnation is dangerous, change gives assurance’. We started out as a local shipyard in Leirvik, developed into an international corporation in the field of ship technology and now we are a knowledgebased,

marine technology company. We will deliver sustainable technology, offshore and onshore, to customers in the seafood, energy and transport sectors.

reason, we want to introduce a new vision that is more suited to the Havyard Group as it stands today and to what we want to achieve in the future.

As a business in continuous motion, a vision is important, since it is intended to be a source of motivation and energy for our employees in Havyard. For this

CHANGE OUR INDUSTRY This is our dream, and we will work with determination together to make sure that our dream becomes reality

T H E H AV YA R D WAY Through a continuous process that we call the Havyard Way, we will ensure that we are always evolving in line with our strong wish to become even better. Each and every one of us must personally take responsibility and contribute to this effort. Our dream is the vision and goals for each individual business, where the development of people, structures and culture will ensure that our dream becomes a reality.

LEADERS IN HAVYARD WILL ALWAYS HAVE A PASSION FOR: • Being a role model within the framework of our vision and values • set ambitious goals and create results through others • Motivating, inspiring and being clear about expectations • Listening, learning and leading • create an understanding for and motivate continuous change To succeed in the time ahead, I am convinced that it is essential to have the most skilled and motivated employees who work together to reach common goals and set standards in such a way that our stakeholders, both old and new, will want to join our journey and help us to realise our dream.


Why we go to work



What we want to become and achieve


The values we believe in and how we will act


O W N E R S H I P C U LT U R E A sustainable and positive culture is vital to our success over time. Through our vision, mission and values, our goal is to create an ownership culture in Havyard.

Havyard’s main stakeholders, in addition to its employees, are its shareholders, customers and suppliers. Of these, our customers are the most important.

At Havyard, we want our ownership culture to not only include employees, but also our other main stakeholders, who feel a sense of ownership and contribute to Havyard’s success in the short and long term. We are happy when we make progress, we look for new opportunities and always strive for continuous improvement. We build an ownership culture through our actions, cooperation and leadership. It is a precondition for this ownership culture that each of us is seen, heard and included, and has a possibility to influence decisions.

VISION CHANGE OUR INDUSTRY This is our dream: it shows that we are ambitious and gives us a sense of direction and motivation. We are convinced that those who are brave enough to believe they can change the industry are those who will succeed.

Experts on change, efficient and flexible

M I SS I O N We are a knowledge-based maritime company that aims to create profitable, inspiring and secure workplaces by developing technological and commercial solutions. These will provide our customers with unique advantages, whether they are in the seafood industry, the energy industry or the transport sector.

VA L U E S We set standards We stay relevant We are brave We think long-term We develop people

H S E - V I SI O N Zero injuries, motivated employees and sustainable operations

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