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Students give blood to save lives Sarah Shellabarger

Are you interested in skipping a class period and getting away with it? How about receiving a free Tshirt and a slice of pizza? Most importantly, are you interested in saving a life? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, than the blood drive is right for you! All day on January 28, buses were available for students to donate blood. In order to donate, students had to be at least 16 years old, weigh at least 110 pounds, and have parent permission. These restrictions left some students unable to participate. “I would have liked to donate blood, but I don’t turn 16 until May. When they come back, I’ll be sure to sign up,” sophomore Lauren Paton said. Throughout the week, NHS students were busy distributing cards and sign- up sheet, hoping to draw in donors. Students had the liberty of choosing what period to donate during, giving them time to prepare. It was recommended students eat and drink before they donated blood to prevent fainting. “The first time I donated blood, I didn’t eat anything. Afterward I didn’t really feel queasy, but I felt pretty dizzy. I definitely learned my lesson after that and the last time I donated, I ate 4 pieces of pizza,” se-

Paige Lombard

Students may have spotted multiple “Blood Mobiles” in front of school on January 28 for students that were interested in donating blood. nior Elizabeth Hauber said. Many students eager to donate blood were unfortunately turned away when they arrived at the buses because of out-of-date permission forms. Given the option of faxing

their parent the new form or having their parents come down to the school, many 16-year-olds opted out of donating. “I was planning on donating blood, but then found out that I

couldn’t. It was too inconvenient to get my parents down here. Hopefully next time they’ll get everything figured out,” junior Brian Vu said. The blood drive was not only an

opportunity to grab a free slice of pizza and skip class; it was an opportunity to save a life. “I’ve donated blood before and I’ll definitely donate again,” Hauber said.

No sticks. No stones. No Dissing. week.” For some students, that can be tough to do. In a poll of about 100 random Palm Harbor University High School Students, approximately half said they think it is okay to call someone Lena Schwallenberg or something Senora Remon’s fourth period Spanish class voted on ‘gay’. Addiwhether or not they thought that it was acceptable tionally, four to call someone ‘gay’. students said Lena Schwallenberg that they thought it is okay to call January 24 marked the first day someone the ‘n-word’, and more of “No Name-Calling Week” for than half said calling a girl a sexually students all over the nation. “No derogatory name was alright. But Name-Calling Week” is one week, some students argued that saying inspired by James Howe’s book The the word ‘gay’ doesn’t matter. “I have a lot of homosexual Misfits, which encourages students and teachers to stop hurtful put- friends,” freshman Libby Jourdan downs and start discussing ways to said. “They always say ‘that’s so eliminate name-calling within their gay’.” Other students pointed out that communities. “It’s exactly what it sounds like,” comparing ‘gay’ and the ‘n-word’ is Gay-Straight Alliance President completely misleading. “It’s different because our culfreshman Alex Hendrix said. “It’s no bullying or name-calling for one ture has created a taboo around


Turn over for



race,” freshman Liam Nolan said. Even educators have an opinion on name-calling in our community. “They want to put someone else down to make themselves feel better,” math teacher Susan Ross said. In an attempt to bring these issues to our school’s population, a “No Name-Calling Week” video was played every morning on the morning announcements from January 24-28. “No Name-Calling Week” is sponsored by major businesses and groups such as Barnes and Noble, Cisco Systems, and GLSEN. GLSEN is the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network that works to make sure every student is valued and respected regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression. “I think the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) issues have become the civil rights fight of today,” GSA Advisor, AP Human Geography, and Holocaust teacher Laura Tabajdi said. This was the GSA Club’s first time promoting “No Name-Calling Week” here at PHU. Though the impact on everyday life that the week has had may have been small, every step toward a better community counts.

Robotics and Toast Masters Clubs are always open to News new members.

Paige Lombard

Every desk in Coach Planamenta’s 5th period Medical American History class is filled.

Class-size rule causing problems Lauren Spiegel

Although at times some students may feel the guidance counselors aren’t trying hard enough to get you the elective you most desire, it isn’t their fault when they can’t make an empty seat appear in the class. “It takes us guidance counselors a lot of time to meet with everyone. We like to try to get the students their first or second choice but on some occasions the student has to be flexible. This is the first year since classsize restriction laws were put into place. Florida schools have to en-



Flag Football season is starting up again.

sure that each and every class is held at 25 students in high schools. “A computer system generates the master schedule for every student and then it’s my job, as a guidance counselor, to go back and make sure the program didn’t make any big mistakes. Student’s wants and needs are taken into consideration,” Guidance counselor Meghan Pelletier said. The reason for the occurrence of scheduling issues was due to the computer generator crashing unexpectedly the week of exams.

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News 2 Robotics: Calling all “techies” Kelli Swanson It’s been around for four years and continues to grow. With a total of 40 members in the club, the Robotics Club is bursting at the seams with technologically gifted students. The club meets every Tuesday after school for extensive periods of time. According to senior William O’Donnell, Kelli Swanson the president Senior and Robotics club president William O’Donnell works on one of the robots, Pandara, of the Robotics Club, with juniors Matt Mogenson and William Wood. said meetings the robots must overcome include apply to compete in these competihave been known to last somewhere a mountain-like structure. tions. around 5 hours. The goal of each robot in comWhen it comes to a school orga“At the beginning of each meetpetition is to score as many points nization with such complex materiing, we set a goal we want to acas possible, using its arms to pick als, one can’t help but wonder how complish during the allotted time, up batons and put them in slots. the club is so well-funded. whether it be attaching the arm of The students of the Robotics Club, “Raytheon has been a big help. a robot or contemplating its projoined by 2 mentors Dan Kinzer We couldn’t do it without their gramming,” O’Donnell said. of Raytheon Corporation and Jeff sponsorship and expertise,” club There are 3 teams in the RobotMogensen from ITT, combine sponsor and Physics teacher Joseph ics Club, each consisting of beforces to plot ideas in creating little Schrock said. tween 10 and 15 students. These 3 robotic friends. Corporate sponsors such as Rayteams are: 506 A.K.A. Pandara, 516 “The type of tech challenges our theon, in addition to fund-raising A.K.A. Koopa Troopas, and 3101 group is involved with is called FTC, and club dues, assist with funding A.K.A. Daring Diploticus. or First Tech Challenge, which re- this organization. Each team has their own robot, fers to robots 18inx18inx18in or “It’s a great opportunity for stubut all robots must accomplish the smaller,” O’Donnell said. dents who have an interest in engisame task. Every year, a “course” is Due to the amount of work neering and technological science,” selected by FIRST (For the Inspiraneeded for each robot, PHU’s Ro- said Schrock. tion and Recognition of Science and botic Club chooses to compete in at The Robotics Club is always Technology) for the entire world least 3 out of 8 scheduled competi- open to students who have a pasto compete in. This year’s course tions nearby. The team must first sion for technology. is called “Get Over It”. The tasks

February 2011

Toast Masters don’t make toast Taylor Watson

Thousands of members are a part of the nationwide club, Toast Masters. It has nothing to do with making toast, but more of making a toast. Toast Masters is a club for anyone over the age of 18 wanting to work on their communication, public speaking, and leadership skills. The name Toast Masters came from the founder of the organization, Ralph C. Smedley. He created the club because when working at the YMCA in Santa Ana, California, he noticed many people needing assistance in their public speaking and communication skills. After it started, most of the members would engage in after-dinner speaking, A.K.A toast mastering. The club was first organized on October 22, 1924, and now has over 200,000 members worldwide. Not only is this club worldwide, but there is also one right here at school. The club meetings are held every Wednesday from 1-2:30 and will begin sometime in late February, early March. It is free to every-

one interested in perfecting their communication skills and/or overcoming their fear of public speaking. No one is completely comfortable speaking in front of a large audience but the Toast Masters are here to help you resolve that problem. “The meetings are facilitated by local Toast Master members who then brings other various members of the club to assist with speech development and evaluations,’’ business teacher and head of Toast Masters club Traci Matthews said. The club meets weekly for eight weeks, providing the opportunity to prepare and give speeches on various topics. At the end of the eight weeks, the members have a chance to show off their newly found skills at a graduation ceremony in front of their teachers, family members, and friends. They will also receive a certificate. Students interested in joining this new club should contact Mrs. Matthews in room 11-202 and keep their ears open for an announcement.

Class-size rule causes problems cont. “The district was immediately notified and the computers were fixed but they couldn’t recover the linked changes, which meant that they reverted back to the old semester and wiped out all the previous schedule changes,” Pelitier said. Teachers who teach elective courses are finding it hard to teach with a large number of kids per class. “I think that the more kids you have in a class the more difficult it is. You have less one on one time and I can’t give them all the attention I would like. It constantly puts me in a hard position when I feel like I’m not giving all my students the time they deserve,” art teacher James Jenkins said. “It’s also harder in art to teach a whole class a particular skill compared to math because it can be interpreted in a multiple

of different ways and then all are right.” In the end, the majority agrees though, that the children’s wants and needs come first before the teacher’s feelings are considered. “This semester, I had to take physiology as my elective because volleyball was full and I didn’t want to rearrange my whole schedule. I was very disappointed and was not that interested in physiology but after giving it a try, I learned to suck it up and enjoy it,” junior Jenna Whisk said. For those who were a victim to the scheduling malfunctions, the guidance counselors are not the ones to blame. The guidance counselors are trying their very hardest to get the students the classes they want and need with the burden of class size restrictions.

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February 2011



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Lost anything lately? PHU’s boxes for the lost and found have been full lately. There are all kinds of belongings in the box. From Clothing by American Eagle, and Forever 21 to all kinds of accessories. Students, if anything of yours has been lost lately check the boxes. If items were lost in the cafeteria, there is a box in the cafeteria with all the items. If anything has been lost in a classroom the location for the lost and found box can be found in the office. The third location is the P.E. area, so students if a tennis racket was lost look there. Lost and found boxes are available before, during or after school. If items are not picked up, the unclaimed items will be donated.

Overfilled parking lot wreaking havoc Kate Hardwick It’s always around this time of year that juniors and sophomores are rushing to the DMV to take the test that sends them on their way to their first step of freedom: their driver’s license. This of course is an important and exciting day in every teen’s life, but at PHU it has began to cause a problem. As you know, the seniors were able to buy a parking spot this year and paint it, leaving the others on a first come first serve basis in the morning. With all the underclassmen getting their licenses now, the problem is that the school parking lot Paige Lombard doesn’t seem to have The student parking lot is currently overflowing with cars due to underclassmen receiving their drivers' licenses. The probenough spots. lem is sending students out to the football field to find parking. “I sometimes “I bought my parking spot and park in, leaving some students at a cause getting our license makes it get here late and there are no more easier on some of our parents that parking spots,” senior Danny Mur- painted it but sometimes when I get loss. “I was really excited when I got have to wake up early and take us ray said. “I’ve had to park all the to school a little late people have alway at the football fields a few ready parked in it. I think this is ri- my license, mainly because I didn’t to school.” I suggest two solutions: not times this year and it makes me diculous, considering I paid for the have to ask everyone for rides anylate to class. I don’t think anyone spot, and it makes me really mad, more and could drive myself to allow students who receive their should get a parking pass until their because I have to park so inconve- school,” sophomore Nicole Olson licenses during the year to get a parking pass, except if they are a juniently far,” senior Paige Michaels said. junior year.” “I usually don’t have trouble nior or senior, or simply add more Some seniors even have the said. We used to have the OJT park- finding a spot because I’m always spaces to the parking lot to avoid problem where other students park in their spots and they have to park ing lot to provide extra parking but on time. I think it would be unfair if controversy. Unfortunately PHU in the back of the lot and sometimes because it was abused by the stu- sophomores and freshman weren’t students will be at a loss for parking dents it was removed as a choice to allowed to get parking passes be- for now until someone changes it. at the football fields.

Single and ready to mingle - Valentine’s Day may be a day of love, but being single doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time. Lauren Spiegel The day that comes once a year that makes most people feel like they’ve received a really good punch to the gut if they’re stuck loveless, especially in high school, is approaching rapidly. Valentine’s Day is an annual commemoration held on February 14 that celebrates love and mushy feelings between couples. Candy, flowers and well thought out gifts are exchanged to represent, in material form, what the er person means to In the movie, Valentine's Day, Jessica Biel's charthem. acter throws an “I Hate Valentine's Day" party. For those unlucky people found without a com- and White party. Over 2,000 teens panion, don’t feel depressed or sad! are expected to attend, according to There are many ways to have a blast the Facebook group created by the and even more fun than the ones party’s organizer. All those single people in one place gives you the paired up. Having an “I Hate Valentine’s opportunity to meet the person of Day” party, like the one that took your dreams. Most single high school students place in Valentine’s Day the movie, is a great way to bring all your single wouldn’t want to go through a full friends together and make yourself day of school alone on Valentine’s feel loved and less lonely. Taking a Day seeing the kids who have anbaseball bat to a heart-shaped piña- other person to call their own pata will set the tone for a successful rade around with cute stuffed animals and chocolates. Lucky enough, party. If you’re not into hosting your the school board has decided to give own festivities, Scene Night Club in us a day off. Try to make the most St. Petersburg is hosting a teen Red of Valentine’s Day, single or not.

Being money smart Angela DiGregorio “That will be $65.37.” N o . That cannot be right. All I got was that bathing suit, those few shirts, earrings, that pair of sunglasses, that headband...oh boy. I have a shopping problem. An addiction is more like it, and if you are like me, your money is probably running out fast. If these feelings of sudden guilt for your recent spending have been eating at you, remember, the first step is admitting it. I constantly spend my money without a care in the world. I have a good job, and I always assume money is going to be sitting there in my own little personal safe waiting for me. Kids our age are usually lacking a few things: common sense and a budget. It’s this simple, pick a reasonable amount of money you will let yourself spend every month. Don’t drown yourself in cash, but don’t completely cut yourself off either. You want to be able to go out and enjoy yourself without going crazy. Take into account the times you will be going out to Taco Bell with your friends, taking those random mall trips, or getting those basketball game tickets. I know the holidays just passed, and you have been spending your

hard-earned cash on gifts for your friends and family. A budget will help you build back up your savings and teach how to portion your splurging. Let’s take my job, for example. I work about 17 hours a week and make around $7.50 an hour. I make approximately $130 a week. If I take at least half of my income and put it straight into my savings before I do anything else, it will add up big time. That would leave me with $65 each week or a whopping $260 per month. My approximate monthly expenses are gas, which is about $70, and car insurance, which I pay $100. That leaves me with around $90 for the month for spending on myself, or saving! To some of you, $90 does not seem like enough to get you through the rest of the month, but budgets are all about changing your lifestyle. Think of it like a diet. You have to portion your cash and make sure you save the big amounts for when you really need it. Discipline comes into play here, and it is your responsibility as the mature young adults you are to keep track of how much money you started with, how much of it you have spent, and how much of it is left over. When you see something you truly believe you have to have, think. Is it worth breaking your budget? Do you really need it that badly? Chances are, you would much rather save up your cash to go out somewhere instead of splurging it on your third pair of sunglasses. Stay savvy, Palm Harbor.

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Texting love

-Texts from your Valentine explained Erica Jones

If someone is sending you good morning texts, especially if it's every morning, it's a big deal. This is the untouchable “I was thinking of you" message. You are the first thing your Valentine is thinking of in the morning.

Pet names are a great sign that your mystery typist likes you. Chances are she/he is too nervous to admit it flat out, but little cutesy names are a great and inconspicuous way for them to show their affection.

Seem a little boring? Well, that's because it is. If you find yourself stuck in a rut saying things like “lol yeah" more than three times in a row, you have problem. The best advice is to brave up and say something bold (and flirty)! If you're too chicken then just stop texting for a bit; your Valentine will wonder what happened and all of the sudden you are the mysterious and unattainable one. Voila!

February 2011

Dear Miss Nicole, Q:

Dear Miss Nicole, My best friend's been going out with this guy for about 4 months. They love each other and seem really happy, but there's one problem...I'm in love with him. It's hard seeing them together and I can't help but think, what if I were her? I want to tell him, but I'm so scared of losing my best friend and making things weird with him. What do I do? -Torn in Two


Dear Torn in Two, You're stuck in a sticky situation. Honestly, I think if you mention anything about him like that to her, she'll get mad and thus cling to him more. Mostly likely to make you jealous and mad. If I were in your place, I would move on, find a new guy. Boys come and go; friends are (almost always) forever. So let this guy go and be happy for your best friend. -Miss Nicole


Dear Miss Nicole, Recently I was on Facebook and got a friend request from this cute guy I haven't met before. We had a lot of mutual friends and he goes to a different, local high school. We started messaging and then texting and now he thinks we should meet in person. He's really sweet and seems real, so I'm down to meet him. But what should I do? -Facebookin' for love


Dear Facebookin' for love, BE CAREFUL! The internet is a big, sometimes scary world. You think you're talking to your average 16-year-old boy, but on the other end of that computer could be a 40-year-old creepy, fat guy in his mom's basement. If you're dying to meet this boy, here's what you do. Tell him to meet you in a public place, such as the mall or a park, and bring a trusted friend with. But don't let them be the third wheel! Since your friend's tagging along, tell him to bring a friend and maybe you all could double date! Hope he's what you expect! -Miss Nicole


This is another classic, when a guy tells you he was working out it can be almost as cheesy as the “just got out of the shower" line, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Your Valentine wants to impress you!

Dear Miss Nicole, I'm crushing on this one guy really hard. I've liked him for a while now and I feel invisible to him. We talk in class but that's it. My friend said he could like me, but she doesn't know how I should find out. What should I do? -Confused Crush


Dear Confused Crush, Crushing on someone and feeling like they don't recognize you is a bad feeling. But you're not invisible to him, you said you two talk. If you want to get his attention, try talking to him more. He could be shy, so maybe he'd like it if you take the first step. Your friend said he might like you, so why not talk to him more and find out for sure? -Miss Nicole

Another classic, your Valentine wants to say something sweet and let you know flat out how he/she feels. If you're interested, don't brush these off! This is your chance to say something sweet and let him know how you feel!

Have a question for Miss Nicole? Check out for more info.


deas, head to! February 2011

The perfect present - Gift ideas to give that special someone on Valentines’ Day Kelli Swanson

a severe case of gift confusion. Symptoms include: higher stress levels, lack of sleep, and fear of a potentially devastating break up. Don’t you worry love birds, the deed has been done. The Eye, with the help of a few willing students, has created a list of great gift ideas for this lovey dovey season.

It’s that time of the year again, whether you like it or not; hearts throbbing out of their chests, couples renewing their vows of love to one another, yep, it’s Valentine’s season alright. If you’re anything like the other 6 billion people in the world, you are probably suffering from

The best gift in the world would be homemade desserts of any kind.


Kelli Swanson

- Zachary Perrotti, junior

How to make Valentine's Day special Angela DiGregorio It’s coming quickly…Valentine’s Day. The holiday specifically designed for letting that super special someone know how much you care about them. This one is for all the kids who need some advice on giving the perfect gift and projecting the perfect attitude when facing the holiday alone. For all you insanely “in love” crazy teenagers out there, here’s a tip: think. All my girls out there, what is your guy really into? Think of anything he has ever told you, his crazy quirks, outlandish dreams, and strange obsessions. Keep it personal. It will mean so much more than just your average card. Try switching things up a bit. Take control and take him out somewhere instead of letting him constantly control the night. Make a reservation somewhere you know he loves and surprise him. Or if you’re not into that scene, pick up something he loves and take it home where you can just enjoy it

together. Hey fellas, I know you most likely need more help, so listen to your leading lady. Think

about all the chick flicks your mom has made you sit through. Think cheesy; I’m talking flowers and giant teddy bears. Try to be original. Get two champagne glasses and have some sparkling apple cider. Bake her something all by yourself, no matter how difficult of a time you have, I promise you’ll get it done eventually. Take her somewhere she loves and blindfold her until you get there. Chances are, the dumber you think it is, the more she’s going to love it. To all of you singles out there don’t be discouraged. Stop repeating that you are “forever alone” over and over in your head. Everyone who has somebody to hold hands with now was once single too. Keep an open mind. Trust me, when the time is right, you’ll know. Happy giving! Happy loving! Happy Valentine’s Day!

More than anything I would love a kitten, and some candy of course.

" Kelli Swanson

- Morgan Jantzen, sophomore

Less romance and more comedy Valentine's Day horror stories Lena Schwallenberg

I liked this guy, my best friend, in middle school. In seventh grade, there was a Valentine's Day Dance at school, and everyone was going. I tried talking to him all night, and he kept ignoring me. I finally asked him to dance, and he said no. I was so crushed that I started crying. My friends went over and started yelling at him. Then he came over and told me off! Things have been awkward between us ever since.

I want an XO necklace from my boyfriend, along with a bouquet of black roses.



Kelli Swanson

Lena Schwallenberg

- Nicolette Sepanski, freshman

- Jamiaca Reed, senior

In 8th grade, this little sixth grader came up to me and handed me this huge fake rose. It was all made up and everything! Then he said ‘This is for you, Tiffany!'." I just took the rose and said ‘thanks'...

I would want a ring as a gift, so I could give it to my girlfriend.


" Lena Schwallenberg

- Tiffany Kerr, junior

Kelli Swanson

- Kendall Weisel, sophomore

One time in middle school, I had a huge crush on this girl at school. On Valentine's Day, I asked her to be my Valentine. She told me she really liked me! Because I liked her back, I asked her out. Things were great that day_...until I found out that I was moving to another state.

The thing I want most for Valentine's Day is a pack of Wild Berry Skittles, because they're delicious.



Lena Schwallenberg Kelli Swanson

- Alex Hendrix, freshman

- Spencer Yost, junior

I want a piece expensive jewelry, because it's gorgeous and would last a long time.

Kelli Swanson


- Abbey King, junior

Lena Schwallenberg

On Valentine's Day, I was at the mall with a friend. He told me I didn't have what it takes to walk up to a random girl and ask her to be my Valentine. I wanted to prove him wrong. So I walked up to a random girl and asked her to be my Valentine," freshman Tanner Dickson. “Then her boyfriend walked up without noticing me and handed her a bouquet of roses. She then proceeded to turn around and smack me with them.


- Tanner Dickson, freshman


February 2011

SKINS: United States vs. United Kingdom Adriana Catalinotto

Sex, drama and drugs. That is almost everything that average Americans see on thei televisions daily but recently controversy has arose due to the recently new MTV show Skins. Newspapers, magazines, news stations, and of course, concerned parents are considering the show “vulgar”. Even some students are describing the show as a bit much for television. “I don’t agree with the over exposed, sexed up scenes. MTV should return back to music,” senior Alexis Braswell said. MTV may even remove Skins from the air due to the controversy they are getting. I myself think Skins is a fabulous show regardless of the controversy surrounding it. The US version is bland compared to the UK show. So many limitations and so much

scandal towards the show somewhat makes it sound somewhat unappealing to many viewers, even including myself. I still of course enjoy watching it and I love to compare and contrast the two shows to one another. “I love the show because there are no boundaries which makes it interesting. I’ve watched the UK series and I prefer it to the US version by far, mostly because there aren’t as many restrictions as the American version of the show,” junior Alivia Poulsen said. Skins is not a new show or concept by any means. The show started in the UK in 2007 and came to the United States in 2011 with a new cast and almost the same exact concept. This show, in a way, reminds me of an over emotional

Degrassi, with of course Degrassi being very over emotional already. The reason why it’s way more fascinating than Degrassi is because of

The British cast of Skins featured in seasons 1 through 3.

the scenarios, the excessive drama, and of course the characters. After I’ve seen the British Skins the American Skins is way more mild and not as interesting. The American version has bad acting and the actors aren’t as attractive. The episodes are broke up into characters so you learn a little about each one. In both series it starts off with Tony and really introduces the whole cast. I like the British Tony way better than the American Tony. I think he is way more attractive than the American Tony. The UK Tony has a sort of bad-boy attitude that I just happen to love. Episode 2 is completely different for both series, so I wouldn’t suggest trying to cheat ahead; I can pretty much guarantee you will get

very confused. There are also pretty different characters, and some different scenarios, which can get confusing if you don’t differentiate the two. “I prefer the British version of Skins, it’s more realistic. It’s overall just easier to watch,” junior Alexis Hill said. I think that the British version of Skins is far much better to watch because their distinctive accents are hard to understand, which actually makes you concentrate more. The characters are also way more attractive then the American ones, plus they as I stated before, act better. Overall, I would say to stick to Netflixing and YouTubing the Skins UK version, watching the US version on MTV is just a waste of time.

Romantic comedy not such a big hit Sloan Patterson

Joe Vericker/Verizon/MCTCampus

Verizon Wireless became the second company to offer the Apple iPhone 4 on February 10.

iPhone now available from Verizon Jordan Lutz

It’s finally here, the iPhone 4. Verizon. It begins. The new iPhone was available for Verizon customers on February 3rd and is now available online at on the 9th and in stores the 10th. Verizon and a Consumer Reports’ survey suggested they are “America’s most reliable network”, and they are very much willing to take on the task of handling such a heavily demanded mobile device. Complaints have been made from iPhone users about dropped calls and poor service on AT&T’s network, even as the carrier boosted spending to improve coverage. The new phone became available for pre-order on February 2 for existing customers and will be sold in any Apple or Verizon Wireless store starting February 10th. Same as previous iPhones, the cost of one is $199 for 16GB and $299 for 32GB. While the Verizon network is known to be a better network than AT&T’s, it’s necessary for it to be tested by the heavy volume of data use that accompanies the iPhone. The carrier has been strengthening and testing its network for many months to avoid the problem AT&T had. “What I like about AT&T coverage is that I am almost always on

3G when I’m outdoors or driving in my car. I can be on the phone getting directions to someone’s house and also looking at a map app on my phone to really figure out where I need to go,” senior Kathryn Church said. “What I don’t like about AT&T coverage is the fact that the signal isn’t as strong as Verizon’s, so I don’t get signal while in school.” AT&T has had their version of the iPhone available since June of 2007, and Apple feels that if they pair up with Verizon, the sales will grow faster in the United States. The Verizon iPhone is just like the regular AT&T iPhone (with better coverage of course), including the Face-Time App and the retina display, which is the sharpest, most vibrant, highest-resolution phone screen on the market. “I wouldn’t switch to Verizon because I’m totally satisfied with AT&T. I figure Apple chose AT&T alone to distribute the iPhone for a reason, it may only be the Verizon customer demands which caused Apple to also use Verizon,” Church said. According to a Verizon sales petson at the Verizon Wireless Store in Palm Harbor, they are not allowed to answer any questions that would give information on their products for a school newspaper publication.

The comedy film No String Attached attempts to provide an answer to an age-long question: Can a guy and girl maintain a strictly physical relationship without any emotions getting in the way? The movie, which premiered in theatres January 21, stars the always adorable Ashton Kutcher and the stunning Natalie Portman, who team up to play Adam and Emma, a pair of life-long friends who take their relationship to a new level and test the limits of their friendship, fighting their developing feelings for each other and overcoming obstacles along the way. The main plot was all about a couple avoiding a serious relationship and taking an approach with “no strings attached”. Kutcher and Portman exude onscreen chemistry and provided the material for a couple good laughs, however, the movie, altogether, was not very satisfying. Although, having the potential to be a great movie, No Strings Attached fell short of my expectations and turned out to follow the tradi-

Dale Robinette/

Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher star in this romantic comedy. tional romantic comedy plot, with a predictable ending and all. Well, that depends on what is considered predictable, but the end of the movie surely didn’t leave me wondering. Chick-flick lovers looking for movies that make them feel all tingly inside will undoubtedly love it. No Strings Attached will have you rooting for the characters and hoping that Adam and Emma will end up together after all. The film will have you laughing at and the witty dialogue and the quirky supporting

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cast quite a few times, despite the multiple clichés. The movie is good for a quick laugh, but may cast a hollow shadow of its comedic potential. I would not recommend it to someone looking for a fulfilling movie with depth or substance. It is light, childish and promises some entertainment. No Strings Attached is rated “R” for sexual content, language, and some drug material.


February 2011

Track season off to a promising start Taylor Watson

Courtesy of The Aftermath Staff

Junior Caroline Tuxhorn charges down the field during Flag Football practice last year. Tuxhorn played wide receiver for the team.

It’s flag-grabbing season Jordan Lutz It’s that time of year again. The girls’ flag football season is coming up soon and tryouts start February 21. Just like most of the other sports at PHU, there are two teams: junior varsity and varsity. Last year, only freshman and sophomores could be on JV and only juniors and seniors could be on varsity. But now the rules have changed. “If underclassman can make varsity, we will be able to form the best possible team,” flag football coach and physics teacher Gi Sung said. Mr. Sung and English teacher Melisa Hatem were the JV coaches last year and now they are the coaches of both teams. JV plays a total of six games, competing against East Lake, Tarpon Springs, Countryside, Clearwater, Dunedin, and Seminole high schools. Varsity plays those teams

in addition to Gibbs, Northeast, Largo, and St. Pete. “Some skills that are needed to make the team would be speed, hand-eye-coordination, intensity, teamwork, endurance, and intellect,” Sung said. There will be three cuts. The cut list will have be a list of names that are asked to come to the following tryout. First cuts are going to be put up on the cafeteria windows the morning after the first tryout. Second cuts will go up the day after the second tryout and then final cuts will be posted the day after the third tryout. “I think that this year’s season will be just as good as last year’s, if not better, because we know all of the other team’s skills and the more our team practices, the more skills we will develop as a team,” junior Katie Papa said.

order to get good points in the meets and move up to district Strap on your running levels. shoes and get ready to show There are tons of different off your skills because the events you can compete in- hur2011 track and field season tles, sprints, long distance, short has approached. Track pracdistance (800 meters, 100s, and tice officially started January 300s) pole vaulting, and long 24, 2011. The first three days jump. If you’ve never done any of tryouts were canceled due of those but want to give it a try, to inclement weather but all it is highly recommended. the fellow track members are “My favorite event is the one eager to get started as soon as mile because it’s not that long and they can. still fast,” junior Luke Buschman Anyone interested in joinsaid. ing the track team is welcome Practice is at 2:15 Mondayto join at any point in the Thursday with meets on various season. Everyone makes the days of the week. Runners comteam; tryouts are just for the Taylor Watson coaches to get your times so Junior Lauren Feininger clears a hurdle at plete their assigned workout and then are free to leave. they can correctly place you track practice. “The meets can sometimes be in the meets. If you don’t wish to compete, that’s entirely up Tryouts consist of doing any of confusing because the distances are to you. You can come out for ex- the workouts you would normally all over the place but you’re usually ercise, your enjoyment, or just to do in practice or may be interested only in one event and your coaches have something to do after school, in doing at meets. No specific times and teammates are there to help you although coaches do encourage you are needed, you just have to push figure it out,” Buschman said. to be in the meets. yourself to do the best you can in

The softball team starts it off right in 2011 Torey Scott & Vanessa Fernandez The usual routine, except with a hint of nerves. Young, but talented, the juniors are forced to step up for the first game of the softball season on a team without any seniors. With three new starters, the adrenaline and nerves were running high. Coach Chuck Poetter was certain to challenge his freshmen in the game. Her first year starting, sophomore Claire Hamilton’s skills of leading her team on defense were

tested. Juniors Rachel Ionata and Samantha McCloskey pitched an excellent game against Seminole High School. Offensively, the Canes produced clutch runs in crucial points throughout the game. Junior Chrissy Tabulov, known as “Yoda”, sparked the winning rally for the Lady Canes, ending the game with the score of 3-2. It was a solid firstgame victory.

Courtesy of The Aftermath Staff

Sophomore Torey Scott at bat during a game against Clearwater last season.

Baseball team expects victory -In the 2011 season, the baseball team will be working hard and expecting to take districts. Katelyn Josephik PHUHS has done exceptionally well in the sports field this year. Swimming, soccer, basketball, and softball all had great seasons. These fall sports have finished their amazing seasons, and hopefully PHUHS can keep the victories coming with its upcoming spring season sports. One spring sport that is days from starting its season is the baseball team. Conditioning for the baseball team began November 15, 2010, and ran through till January 13, 2011. Because of new state rules, the team was not allowed to actually practice baseball this early before the start of the season. The rules permitted the team from touching baseballs, bats, etc. Therefore the team focused on getting in physical shape through running drills, weight training, enhancing their fast twitch and slow twitch muscles. This intense conditioning showed that it was not fit for everyone. The first day of conditioning, 53 players showed up, on the last day of conditioning only 42 players showed up. “We like to find our which players push through adversity, and which players quit when the going gets tough. Conditioning has a tendency of exposing these qualities,” baseball coach Jim Felce said. January 17 and 18 were the two days of tryouts. For some players, the hard work paid off for others it didn’t. Out of the 49 players that tried out for the team. 24 players made the playing roster, 7 players

were kept on practice squad, and one student was kept as student manager. “I think it’s good to carry 24 players because it gives the team depth with options to turn to. Also, carrying 7 practice players is a great idea because it prepares these players for the future, so Palm Harbor baseball will always have experience on their teams,” freshman Joe Walker said. Last year the baseball team finished with a regular season record of 12-12; the goal this year is for the team to win at least 17 games in the spring. “We are working hard this spring and we are expecting to be district champs this year. This program has been moderately mediocre for the past 10 seasons. We need to continue to work hard to bring it up to prominence. Our goal is to one day rival the best baseball programs in the state,” Felce said. The baseball season officially starts February 15 at St. Petersburg High School. This will also be the team’s first district game. There will be approximately 25 regular season games this year. The baseball team expects that their hard work will pay off and that they will have a great season. “Hey, if soccer, swimming, and softball can do it, then why can’t baseball? We are working hard this spring and we are expecting to be district champs this year,” Felce said.

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February 2011

District win leads to regional loss our season would be over really The girl’s varsity soccer team gave me the endurance and motivation to never give up.” has another district Amend said. championship under The girls won their their belt as of Friday, first regional game January 21. The Canes against the Bloomfaced the St. Pete High ingdale Bulls; next Green Devils and dethe Lady Canes comfeated them with a peted in the regional close 2-0 victory. The semi-finals against the Green Devils held the Wharton High WildCanes at 0-0 tie all cats and defeated them through the first half with a tough 1-0 win. yet the girls had many The girls scored early shots and chances to in the first half of the score. Luckily they game and to defend created more chances for the rest. This adin the second half and Courtesy of Cory Amend this time freshman Katie Im and vanced the girls on to the first half sophomore Kelly Phipps were there of the game and had to defend the rest. This advanced the girls on to to capitalize on them. “I felt really relieved and proud the regional semi-final game where when I scored because being a they faced Vero Beach High. The freshman on the team it helped me Canes were evenly matched but in prove myself and it was our district the last two minutes of the game final game so I knew my team was Vero Beach scored a lucky goal off depending on me like I was depend- a corner kick. The girls struggled to come back but there was limited the ing on them,” Im said. The rest of the game the Canes score at 0-1 victory for Vero Beach. defense worked hard to keep the The devastating loss brought goalie, Green Devil offense out of their Morgan Lorenti to her knees, and goal area. Contributing to the hard tears filled eyes to the rest of the work of the defense was senior girls. “I couldn’t believe we lost I Cory Amend. “All throughout the game I was thought for sure the game was goextremely worried St. Pete was go- ing to go into overtime, and I was ing to score a lucky goal and be able in shock when they scored,” sophoto come back, so I had to work my more Morgan Lorenti said. After winning two state champihardest. The feeling that if we lost

Kate Hardwick

Courtesy of The Aftermath Staff

Sophomore Kelly Phipps and senior Meghan Harrington scurry to the ball in order to take control in a game against East Lake High School. The Canes added a win to their record after this game. onships in a row the girls were not used to the feeling of losing. The girls circled up on the field with arms around each other to talk it out and recall upon their successful season. Senior captain Megan Harrington made an inspirational

speech to the girls in the huddle and thanked each and every one of them for their contribution to the team this year. “It was really heart breaking to not make it to state my senior year but then again having a totally new

team it was amazing how far we made it. No one expected us to make it this far and we lived above every ones expectations.” Harrington said.

Canes hockey playoff bound? Nikki Sawyer

Nicole Pastore

Senior Will Korte successfully shoots the puck into the net in a game versus Dunedin/Tarpon Springs/Countryside. The team won this game on January 28th.

Palm Harbor’s hockey team might be following in the footsteps of other school sports and advancing to playoff games. The team is currently 11-5 and is in third place of their division. With this record, this puts PHU in a good spot for playoffs. “This year, there will be playoffs to determine a winner for the whole league,” junior Andrew Pappas said. “As long as we win the last two games of our regular season, we will be in the playoffs.” This season, the team’s been lead by consistent scoring from seniors Nick Fisch and Will Korte, as well

as freshman Josh Ovitt. Also aiding the team is the solid defense of sophomore goaltender Joey Whyte and seniors Dean Kotakis, Steve Xanthoudakis, Kyle Surette, and Nick Tardif. “We just beat Dunedin/Tarpon Springs/Countryside, and if we win our next two games, we’re pretty much in the playoffs,” Xanthoudakis said. Playoffs will occur to determine a winner for the entire league. The top four teams from two conferences, the Western and Central, will be chosen to play against each other. The team that wins their conference plays against the winner of

the other conference to see who the best is in the league. “Our success has been based off of the fact that most of our team are seniors, which means that our team is used to playing hockey with each other and to playing in the league,” Xanthoudakis said. Noticeably, the team’s been riding on a wave of success and the preparations for playoff games seem to be helping. “As playoffs get closer and closer, we’re getting more intense with our practices and playing harder,” Korte said. “I think we have a good chance doing deep into the playoffs. We could go far.”

Football team coach-less no more - Matt Lepain hired to replace Mark Haye as coach the Canes football team. Kaley Witeck

There’s nothing like Friday night lights, a cheering crowd, and the BOOM of a Hurricane touchdown. The varsity Hurricane football games at PHU are a favorite of most students, and of course the players. With a new coach in charge, the Hurricanes are ready to dominate. With the loss of the head coach, Mark Haye, the administration was on a search for the next best fit. There were around 80 applicants for the position. The amount of new assistant coaches and the original ones that will stay depends on what the new coach chooses. “We are looking for someone with previous football coaching experience, the ability to teach, and

the option of starting right away,” Principal Christen Tonry said. Matt Lepain was the lucky winner. He spent the last eight football seasons coach at Largo High School as the defensive coordinator and was previously passed up for head coaching positions at Countryside, Dunedin, and Tarpon Springs. Lepain is considered one of the best assistant coaches in the county and helped lead his former team, the Largo Packers to two state semi-final games. Players on the team are really looking forward to this new start. “He’s the best defensive coordinator in the county. I’m just curious to see how the offense will be changed,” junior Manoli Boutzoukas said.

The lack of a head coach didn’t stop the team members from doing what they do best. With the help of teacher and coach Michael Mullaney, the team has started preparing for next season. “We just started practice, we’re in the weight room, and we’re running,” junior Billy Pavlock said. Although lacking a coach for a few weeks may seem like a deterrent, the players don’t have any doubt about being behind. “The upcoming senior class has a lot of talent, so if we stay together and work hard I think we’ll be okay,” Boutzoukas said. “I just hope we continue to have the same system and make progress.”

Courtesy of The Aftermath staff

The football team, that had been coachless since the loss of Mark Haye, ran drills and practices until the school hired Matt Leplain.

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