Cannabis Prospect Magazine - September '19 - Issue #4

Page 38




SECURITY SYSTEMS When safety, security and compliance are paramount, industries all over the world require a security system that’s both reliable and comprehensive. Whether you’re a licensed producer, manufacturer or an ancillary business like packaging or extraction, having a scalable, integrated technology that’s tailored to your business can create operational efficiencies and drive down business costs. At the heart of any integrated security solution is software that provides the ability to view and manage perimeter security, access control, intruder alarms, video integrations and much more. For licensed growers that means not only the ability to manage the physical security of the building but other considerations including humidity, temperature and ventilation as well. Having a simple, flexible and scalable platform that delivers intuitive, innovative protection is one thing, but seamless integration with other systems makes for simplified operations at your facility is another thing altogether. For example, managing staff, visitors, contractors, assets and IP is a big part of any facility’s day-to-day operations. However when looking at command centre functionality, does your current security include wide-ranging features such as lockdowns, drug and alcohol testing, visitor and contractor management, perimeter security and fatigue management? Gallagher is a trusted provider of end-to-end encryption with high-level access capabilities that help ensure a safe working environment. Gallagher guard tours and site maps are other ways they offer integrated security with a clear visual representation and management of your facility.”

As with any industry regulations and compliance are a critical part of your world. Similarly, Security Cleared Individual (SCI) requirements are a necessity for any site. This requirement is easily configured and managed by Gallagher Command Centre software. Gallagher also has certain security products with an ingrained capability to manage industry required compliance such as orientation. This setting can be set to expire after a date/time, providing an additional level of intelligence to your access control. Accurate, automatic reporting capabilities are integral to any facility’s system as well. SCI exception reports, time and attendance records, evacuation and mustering accounts, should have the functionality to be generated, emailed, printed or downloaded in various formats. Contextual reports provide informative data and tracking for you to manage your system your way. The world is continuously evolving. Threats are changing from physical attacks to cyber security exploitations. We continually test and adapt our solutions to anticipate emerging threats at both a cyber and physical level. Each access controller will store up to 80,000 events while offline, simultaneously maintaining the level of access and security required to ensure you stay compliant with all regulations. Whether you have one site or many, is your ideal certified provider of Gallagher's secured and intelligent integrated solutions.

- Nour Muqatash

Sales Manager for iMotion Security