Cannabis Prospect Magazine - February '19 - Issue #1

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Editor’s Letter/

Why I Got into Cannabis


his might shock a lot people to hear as an editor of a cannabis magazine but I’m not a recreational user of cannabis. I don’t like how the smell lingers on clothes, I’ve never been a fan of inhaling smoke and quite frankly the appeal of getting high always felt lackluster to me. So why take the risk, time and effort of starting an industry publication for a product I rarely ever consume? Last June I bought tickets to the O’ Cannabiz Expo in Toronto. Bill C-45 (better known as the Cannabis Act) had passed its second reading in the Canadian Senate the previous March and, unknown to the attendees at the expo including myself, would be passed by the Senate again 10 days later on June 18. While speaking with numerous people at the booths and vendors at the expo I began to hear the same familiar story. “We are a food safety consulting firm that pivoted into cannabis last year,” said the first. “We’re a commercial HVAC supplier that began selling to licensed producers in 2016.” The more people I spoke with the more I realized their story wasn’t that different from mine. For most of my professional career business-to-business publishing has been my home (six out of the last seven years working as a business development manager for Canada’s largest pensions/benefits publication). In early 2018 when talks of legalization were still a long way off I realized that if legalization were to happen sooner rather than later an entire industry would open up overnight, and with that an industry news source would be required to bring some semblance to the misinformation and confusion surely to still plague the industry. So after doing a lot of research and finding that no such publication existed for the Canadian market, even though several successful B2B publications did in the U.S., I made


Cannabis Prospect Magazine | February 2019

the decision to start my own. The need was there but was the demand? I sent hundreds of emails, made several dozen phone calls and set up meeting after meeting to meet the top professionals looking to get heavily into the Canadian cannabis industry, and with that Cannabis Prospect Magazine was born. The truth is I wanted to be part of an industry that was young, dynamic and where the room for growth was limitless. I wanted to be part of something bigger than myself. Most importantly I didn’t want to answer to the old ways of doing business, to the powers-that-be with antiquated notions and fixed mindsets of how business ‘should’ be done but rather how it could be done. This issue a feature on how automation is affecting the cannabis industry. Our Security Update has articles by March Networks, Shred-it, iMotion and Vend Data Media Solutions, each of which examines a specific aspect of security related to the cannabis industry. Also included are articles related to vaping legislation, how legalization affects cannabis research and issues related to accurate labeling/dosing when it comes to medical cannabis. Last but not least, a very special thank you to everyone that helped make this magazine possible!

David Halpert

President / CEO, Straight Dope Media Inc. @cannabispromag