Cannabis Prospect Magazine - February '19 - Issue #1

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Provincial Updates/


In Ontario, recreational cannabis can only be purchased online via the Ontario Cannabis Store’s website. Private cannabis retailers will come into effect starting in April 2019. Twenty-five licenses will be granted via lottery. Municipalities will have the opportunity for a one-time opt-out of private retailer sales. Oakville, Richmond Hill and Mississauga have opted out of private cannabis retail sales. Toronto and Ottawa have opted in with private retail sales.


Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries would source all cannabis to retailers, where it will be sold in private-sector stores. Four mega-licenses were issues by the province: Hiku/ Tokyo Smoke, Delta 9 Cannabis, Meta Cannabis Supply Company/National Access Cannabis and Tweed/Canopy Growth. Cannabis can be purchased through the provincially-run website as well.


In Alberta all cannabis related activities are run by the Albert Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis division. All recreational cannabis can be purchased at private licensed retailers as well as the province’s government run AGLC website. At this time Alberta remains the province with the highest amount and most diverse number of private cannabis retailers.


Cannabis Prospect Magazine | February 2019


The Quebec Cannabis Society (SQDC) is a subsidiary of the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ), which was created in June 2018 following the passage of the Act to regulate the Société québécoise du cannabis. In addition to its 12 cannabis retailers, cannabis products can be purchased online on the SQCD’s website.


In March 2018, the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority released its framework for distribution, sale and use of cannabis. Only six cannabis stores were open initially operated by private enterprise companies and licensed by the province; online purchases could also be made from the provincial website.

British Columbia

British Columbia will be a government-run wholesale distribution model overseen by the BC Liquor Distribution Branch, although private and publicly run retail stores would operate. Initially, there was only one cannabis store in B.C. (Kamloops) operated by the government, but over 100 private retailers had applied for licenses. Cannabis can also be purchased on its government-run website.