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Marijuana in the Workplace By David Halpert, Editor 30% of office workers feel that marijuana in the workplace should be moderately or very unrestricted.


s of October 17, 2018, marijuana will be legal in Canada, opening the door to significant societal changes as well as the need for usage regulations within the workplace. To place this cultural shift in context, Canada is the first G7 country to implement national legalization for recreational cannabis and only the second country in the world after Uruguay, which enacted similar legislation in 2013. For this reason, it’s safe to say that there are a number of unknowns in terms of exactly how this will play out day-to-day within Canadian society, economic structures and the diverse corporate environments within which we work. Charting New Territory While Bill C-45 (known as the Cannabis Act) legalizes marijuana across Canada, it leaves individual provinces to determine how and where they are going to sell the product. Given this level of autonomy, valid questions arise regarding the specifics of retailing, marketing and the level of restriction within the workplace. With few reference points for cannabis legalization on a national scale, Canada itself may become the primary global touchstone in terms of policies and procedures adopted. Let’s take a closer look at the attitudes, beliefs and opinions held by Canadian workers, specifically as it pertains to the expectations people have for cannabis in the workplace. Let’s Get this Party Started-or Not A survey conducted in September 2018 by Colliers International Asset Advisory Services examined the beliefs of 1062