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Security Considerations in an ACMPR Landscape


he nature of grow sites makes them among the most targeted locations for crime. An entire crop of extremely valuable finished products can potentially be wiped by a single theft, not to mention the damage that can occur to other important mechanisms, such as irrigation and lighting systems. Producing and/ or storing cannabis poses a risk to the companies growing it, and to employees in these sites as well. Hence, considering a robust and redundant security solution is crucial to obtain in the early site stages. With its relatively young legal status, changes are occurring with regards to the security needs for the cannabis industry, as the laws governing the creation and handling of the producer are ever-evolving. The most significant question newly-licensed producers should ask is whether the security firm they choose (or are currently using) is ACMPR compliant according to Health Canada. These guidelines and regulations, made public on the Government of Canada’s website, have long-standing implications to a grower’s overall security needs. For instance, while it’s common knowledge that licensed producers require round-the-clock surveillance at all entrances and exits inside


By Nour Muqatash

and out, these requirements by Health Canada do more than give a picture in real-time of potential theft by employees or potential outsiders. If (through the use of surveillance) Health Canada sees that cannabis was mishandled, for example without the use of proper safety gloves, it will deem that batch, and all batches handled in that manner, contaminated. Keep in mind that surveillance, whether it be IP video surveillance CCTV; outdoor, indoor and transportation surveillance or video management solutions, represents only one aspect of a much larger security pie. Other facets include access control solutions, radar technology, intrusion alarm systems, electrical and monitored pulse fences, audio security systems for deterrence, storing and archiving solutions as well as video intercom solutions for gates and entrances. Now more than ever professionals at all levels of the cannabis supply chain, whether it be the licensed producer, the cannabis retailer or those that distribute the product therein, need to be hyper-vigilant when it comes to choosing a security firm capable of handling all facets of their business. Some questions you may wish to ask include:

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Does your current or prospective security firm offer free on- and offsite consultancy? Does it fully understand your business when it comes to exploring its strengths, bridging security gaps and (through constant monitoring) recommend on the best practices to achieve your security goals? Does the firm’s engineers, technicians and sales team, take on the hard work so you can sleep comfortably at night, providing a unified security solution that meets your specific requirements? Are its after-sales support equipped with highly certified technicians that can tackle the challenges of this changing landscape?

Over the next several editions of Cannabis Prospect Magazine, iMotion will share its knowledge and expertise in the cannabis field detailing design guidelines of Health Canada’s guidelines and regulations while also focusing on a specific topics related to security. Stay tuned! Nour Muqatash is a sales manager for iMotion Security