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MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR Welcome to the first issue of the World Famous Cannabis Farmers Market handbook. 3 keys to building a strong, sustainable community are “having something worth building a community around”, “having common goals”, and “empowering individuals by providing them with the tools or skills they need to be successful or change their situation”. The Cannabis Farmers Markets is constantly striving for new ways to empower the individual in an effort to create a stronger community. The handbook will be a valuable tool in that process by adding the missing 4th key to a successful community which is “communication” each month the handbook will provide a voice for the community we are building together.

Jeremy Miller


EDITOR Jeremy Miller CONTRIBUTORS Kitty Miller, Kr istin Flor, Chuck Haines, Eddy Lepp, Brandon Palma & 8th Day Collective


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HATERS By Rev. Eddy Lepp I was watching a show on TV Friday night called “Last Man Standing”. Its about a father with three daughters and the youngest gets thrown out of school for calling a boy she liked gay. The school said she was Bullying. As it is a Tim Allen sitcom it was a funny and light hearted look at a very real problem.  Today over half of all children claim to have been bullied by the time they finish school. We must ask ourselves, what is the cost to us as a society? How many children quit school to get away from bullying? How many then become a drain on an over taxed system, all because they don’t have the education


to get higher paying jobs so they spend their life working at McDonald’s, not working at all, or worse, making their living illegally praying on us as fodder? Now having just barely scraped the surface of this MAJOR ISSUE, Ask yourself how many of us are feeding into this sad affair? Do we sit idly by and watch not realizing we are encouraging bad behavior by our lack of action, or worst by our actions in dealing with our own situations? Many of us don’t remember we are role models when we get mad or upset at a friend or loved one? We must be an example of how to deal with adversity and teach others that we must not stay mad or upset with each other because we can’t or won’t rise above an issue. Many years ago when I got married for the first time my dear sainted grandmother told me “Honey don’t ever go to sleep on a fight.” For the most part I have followed this advice through all of my life, not just my marriages. It does in fact take a bigger man (or woman) to walk away from a fight then to just start swinging. Sadly our world has been in an almost constant state of war in some

place on the globe ever since I’ve been alive. This cycle goes back as far as we have history. Whether it was Alexander, Caesar, Germany or the good old U.S.A., one group or another has tried to impose their will on others. This is being done right now in our very own war on drugs. Those in power are enforcing their will on the masses even when the masses have shown they wish no part of the actions taken by those that represent us. As our chosen representatives they are not entitled to an opinion and there ONLY RIGHT is to carry out our wishes. At some point this all must stop and the best place is with us. As adults let us set the example that is needed for both our youth and those that have been chosen to carry

out our wishes. If you have friends or loved ones that your mad or upset with see what can be done to put it aside. Show those around us we can rise above it leading by example. I pray that many will join us and that the whole world will see there is no room for bullies in our schools, our homes, or in our world. Learn to spread love joy,kindness, compassion and understanding. Learn to be a lover and an example. Remember at all times to






J E R E M Y M I L L E R , N G A I O B E A L U M , PA U L S TA N F O R D , & M O R E



J U LY 2 7 & 2 8 , 2 0 1 3










Blue Moon Meds was founded by Miles along with her small but dedicated crew they started with just one house strain the “Kung Foo Goo” and from there they have expanded to carrying other high quality local strains such a “Gold Jack”, “Aph Goo”, and “3D”, with several other strains in development. For patients that prefer to eat cannabis they have added some high quality edibles and canna-butter that is not to be missed. Blue Moon Meds will take the time to speak to each individual


that comes to them and asks them about their ailments and diet and habits to make sure they are giving them the best options they have to help them. They truly care and have been known to follow up with people after they leave the market to insure their health and happiness. Miles philosophy for health has always included natural forms of healing and pain management but it was cannabis that provided her with a natural home remedy that not only helped her body, but mental health as well all without the harmful and dangerous side effects associated with the

Kungfoo Goo & Gold Jack

pharmaceutical medications. Blue Moon Meds understands that for many people the world of medical cannabis is new and can be perplexing and confusing with all the mixed messages and negative propaganda perpetuated in the war on drugs. “Thats why the Cannabis Farmer’s Market is so important” says Miles “it provides them with a place to share medicine; a place where patients can exchange ideas, remedies, and make new friends. A place where people can feel safe and comfortable to explore the world of medical cannabis. We are very

grateful to Jeremy and Kitty for allowing small local farmers to have a chance to share their wonderful medicine with other patients.”

Blue Moon Meds is here to help so please feel free to call for information (253-306-9151). -11-

Ben & Megan, founders of Kush Creams

Kush Creams is a family run business focusing on non psychoactive creams and lotions for pain and other ailments. Megan and Ben started coming to the Cannabis Farmers Market regularly in 2010 as a small artisan company looking to help patients and saw the Cannabis Farmers Market as a great way to brand themselves. Kush Creams works directly with patients to develop unique products like sore throat spray and tooth ache tincture and has won several awards for their products. Through their success at the Cannabis Farmers Market they now have over 145 shops carrying their products to which Megan says she owes the market a huge thanks because “She met many of shop owners there before they ever opened�. Even though they have expanded they try and still keep it a small artisan company and find themselves so busy to do the markets any longer but feel free to contact them for more information

253.509.8180 -12-

Kush Creams’ many scents!

Facial cream and cough spray



By Kristin Flor My name is Kristin Flor, I began coming to the farmers market out of pain, to tell my story of what the feds did to my family. I am now the Prison Outreach Coordinator, and I come for your support and to ask you join my efforts along with Kitty, Jeremy, and our volunteers at our market to help bring our plant prisoners home.  We all know Eddy Lepp, Richard Flor (my dad), and Chris Williams, who are examples of why we need to work extremely hard, they represent about 1,000,000 plant prisoners. Our fallen are counting on us to pick them up and they need our support while they are down. We live in Washington, and we have the wonderful benefit that other states do not.  We have good State laws that allow us to have safe access to our special plant on a state level.  However,


our State and our Federal laws are different. Our Federal laws still say that marijuana is a “Schedule I drug”, making marijuana worse than cocaine, oxycodone and methamphetamine, which are “Schedule II drugs”.  Last year, more than 45% of all drug possession arrests were for marijuana.  Our government aggressively raids our establishments and they do not seem too willing to reschedule our sacred plant so as our states pass laws that we vote for, our Federal laws remain the same, which gives our plant prisoners a bad name and an unfair life.   How you can help POW’s?  Come to our market and pay to spin the wheel to have a chance to win prizes donated by Kit-tea’s and/or buy raffle tickets for the 4:20 raffle!  You can also donate to our donation buckets, all proceeds are used to

Richard and Sherry Flor’s garden

help POW’s. We would also like to know how you think we can win the “War on Drugs”?   What ideas do you have that you think will release our fallen hero’s from prison?   Do you have some good fundraising ideas that will help our POW’s?  Would you like to volunteer in our efforts?  Please write down what you think and submit it to us, then we will have some meetings to plan and organize our ideas. At the market, during the holidays, we gathered about 100 cards and sent them to some of our war prisoners, they have written us back asking us to thank everyone!  On January 6th, we collected a couple dozen cards and sent them to Shelly Waldron (sentenced to 18 months) and John Marcinkewciz (sentenced to 5 years) who had to turn themselves in this month.  Aaron Sandusky got sentenced this month to 10 years, they took

him to prison in shackles after his sentencing on January 7th. Richard Ruiz Montes and Luke Scarmazzo are still serving 18 and 20 year sentences.  I’d like to express how important it is that we communicate with them and send them mail.  We have everything you need in our lounge to send letters.  If you would like to mail them letters from home please e-mail me (freshfriedokra@ or facebook me and I will get you their addresses.  Time is vital for mmj and its prisoners, we are moving into (hopefully) the end of this movement and I urge you to move with us in effort to stop the insane injustices that ruin our communities and the lives of our best caregivers, patients, family and friends.  Please support our fund-raisers, donate, write letters, volunteer, educate, and help us   with your ideas!  Thank you, and if I haven’t met you yet, I will see you at the market!  




Tea Party


By Kitty Miller

Being green and being healthier doesn’t have to be a total transformation, it can be a gradual change. It can be as easy as making a few key changes for your health and life style. Changes tailored for you by you. My first suggestion would be to quit looking to pills to fix all that ails. Prescription and over the counter pills are widely over used and over prescribed and attribute to many of our health issues. Imagine for a moment the

processes that take place in our bodies as soon as we encounter scrapes, wounds, burns, sore throats, fevers pain, queasy stomaches and more. For the seemingly endless things that can go wrong with our bodies, each of us carries an arsenal of weapons, tools and front-line soldiers ready to protect and defend against invaders, attackers or the simple imbalances that can set us off kilter or down a rocky road. How about the fact that much of what you need to promote these processes is available in the plant world and can be grown right outside your door and turn them not just into food, but into medicine for pennies and without side effects. This article isn’t intended to take the place of medical advice, but for many routine physical complaints, the garden can provide much needed relief. Our


bodies have been interacting with plants for millennium and know what to do with plant medicines. Herbs interact with our bodies as recognizable nourishment that helps them do what they are cut out to do: get better. Our bodies were not meant to be packed full of chemicals, additives, fillers, artificial sweeteners and the like. When most of us feel ill we rush to the drug store and by a bunch of over the counter remedies. When those do not work or we feel worse from the original ailment or the side effects from what we have taken we end up going to the emergency room or doctors or taking some more stuff that makes us feel better while really causing more damage. It is time to get back to nature. For the very reason we use cannabis instead if opiates or other harmful medications we need to start looking at natures other wonder drugs, because there are a bunch of them. Most of our prescription drugs and compounds came from herbs. The joy of most healing herbs is that they are easy to grow and sometimes “medicine” is as easy as making a cup of tea. And the options are endless when it comes to growing these plants. Some of them fit easily into a windowsill garden or our existing gardens. Many of these plants will do well in containers. Check with your local nursery for seeds and starters and advice on what to grow and how to grow it in your area. Remember to grow your plants as organically


as possible. You can’t expect your body to heal when you’re giving it a pesticide or harsh chemicals. Lets start with some herbs for digestion, as digestion is so vital to our health and preparing our bodies to work correctly.

CHAMOMILE (Matricaria chamomilla)

The dainty flowers have graced home gardens for centuries and it’s apple scented tea has worked for generations to calm the nervous system and soothe digestion. The two major varieties are German (M.Chamomilla) and Roman or English (C. nobile). Though they have different growing habits their medicinal applications are practically interchangeable. Germany’s Herbal Regulatory Body called the Commission E, has approved Chamomile for relieving digestive spasms and inflammation. It eases digestion and bloating after meals, can ease heartburn, and is a useful remedy for mouth ulcers and canker sores. It has been shown to enhance healing of the skin, to prevent infection and has been used since ancient times to wash wounds and sores. Those with intense ragweed allergies should introduce Chamomile slowly and watch for interaction as those two plants are related.

DILL (Anethum graveolens)

A enthusiastic and quick grower in most environments dill can reach at least shoulder high, with bright yellow flower heads. Used

throughout the ages as a remedy for babies colic, it is also a calming herb that settles digestion and helps promote calm sleep. Dill seed oil is antibacterial, and chewing a few seeds after a meal will freshen your breath while helping digestion.

FENNEL (Foeniculum vulgare)

A cousin to ferny dill, fennel is a large, lovely plant that can easily reach 5 feet. All parts fennel are edible and provide a mild licorice or anise flavor. Used medicinally for thousands of years, fennel helps freshen breath, soothes colic, balances the appetite , and relieves bloating and gas. It can also help relieve coughs and sore throats when made into a tea and gargled with. In many parts of North America it grows wild and weedy.

LEMON BALM (Melissa officinalis)

A favorite of Bees everywhere. (Meliss is greek for bee), lemon balm has been popular among herbalists for thousand of years and is a utility herb that is good in so many ways it is a challenge to categorize. A member of the aggressive growing mint family this aromatic healer is high in essential oil content and is used to reduce fevers, treat colds, calm the digestive tract, relieve spasms related to cramps and headaches, to overcome insomnia, and fatigue. It improves mood and mental performance and is approved by the Commission E as an effective treatment for cold sores. Lemon Balm will wilt in the hot sun and likes to sprawl in more shady spots.

PEPPERMINT (Mentha xpiperita)

Peppermint is easy to grow from cuttings (not seeds) and any little bit of a runner with a node will produce a plant. Versatile peppermint is used for indigestion, colds and coughs, irritable bowels, muscle aches, tension head aches and cramps. Recent research shows that its essential oil contains substances that relieve spasms and inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses, making it preventative medicine as well. Menthol is its primary constituent, giving this hardy perennial its signature sent and unmistakable flavor. Dry peppermint leaves throughout the growing season and you will have an aromatic, uplifting and digestion settling tea all season long. Kit-tea’s also embraces these and all herbs for those of you that don’t or can’t grow, or those of you that just want a delicious quality medicinal tea we have you covered with over 112 varieties.




MEDICAL CUP LT D W a r e h o u s e 2 1 7 E 25 t h S t r e e t Tacoma Wa. 98421 (253)-761-7806 -26-




By Chuck Haines delivery method. Some claim that they haven’t achieved the same results while vaporizing or that it requires more cannabis. Not to mention the purchase of a vaporizer, an additional expense. On the other hand, critiques, including many medical professions argue that the benefits of vaporizing far out way that of smoking in terms of reduced health risks related to smoke inhalation and also the superior efficiency of the THC delivered to the body. Assuming you’re familiar with cannabis, and almost everyone is after the media hype surrounding the legalization controversy last November, you’ve most likely heard some version of the smoking versus vaporizing debate. Not surprisingly, everyone has an opinion. So what’s all the hype about? What it really boils down to is the efficiency and


What is a vaporizer? Like all paraphernalia, they come in variety of shapes, sizes and price points, but they all operated in the same general fashion. Vaporizers heat cannabis to a temperature below the point of combustion-around 356°-392° F (180° - 200° C), where the medically active components of the resin evaporate without

any toxic smoke or burning. The vapor is then inhaled, delivering a smooth, clean, effective dosage of cannabinoids, according to The Marijuana Medical Handbook. The lack of combustion is the key. Heating the cannabis to the point of combustion causes not only the release of cannabinoids, but can also release harmful byproducts such as carbon monoxide and other carcinogens. At least two studies have affirmed these claims. Subjects that vaporized at opposed to smoking cannabis were found to have lower levels of carbon monoxide and no benzene, toluene, and naphthalene, three known toxic hydrocarbons. Despite delivering a consistent dosage, the efficiency level was only somewhat better than subjects who smoked. So while we’re still waiting on the waiting on the full verdict the smoking versus vaporizing debate, why not test it out? Vaporizers are widely available at all price points, but be aware that not all

are created equal. When shopping for a vaporizer keep in mind even, controllable heat is one of the most important factor. The Marijuana Medical Handbook suggests avoiding models that use direct contact to heat the sample. This tends to overheat the marijuana nearest the heating element while leaving the more distant material under-heated. Also keep your preferences in mind, if you prefer something portable, if you need it to be discreet, etc. Not convinced to shell out some dough on a new gadget? Not to fret, research also suggests that there’s an obvious remedy to this situation. Smoke higher quality cannabis. Brilliant! More potent material reduces your exposure to harmful tars simply by requiring less smoke to get the same dose of THC. Of course, like everything in the cannabis community, more research is necessary to confirm these claims, but while we’re all waiting on the experts’ findings, I wouldn’t mind conducting some research of my own.









“Shades of Green�


he sun is going to bed earlier at night, The moon shining bright for longer into the night.

Summer is ending and it is transforming into fall, The air is turning crisp and cool, there is more moisture in the air. The leaves on the blessed trees are falling as they grow old and embrace the cold. Alternating to colors of green and yellows so bold, The earth’s smell is best described as antique, the flowers and buds covered with those beautiful colored hairs It is a Fragrance so breathtaking, so sour yet so sweet so unique, Inhale the scent; let it take you to a place euphoric.


In a land that has been touched with something historic, and we are daily being robbed of that history. With the reasons why still something of a mystery.

Embrace every moment, Autumn will not be here long,

Remember to dance and listen to natures song. While harvesting the magical flowers from these So much beauty to live for, such trees. Take a moment breathe. a gift, how can something that Savor the peace and the beauty can cure cancer and make us that is nature. Thank God for laugh be bad? this land and for this Sacred Plant. Listen to your heart and Didn’t God say all his plants rejoice. This is our life this is were good? Does this tree not our choice. grow from this Sacred land? The same earth that was used to And please take a moment to create man? share. Prohibition is not fair. It hurts everybody everywhere! The wind swirls around us Stand up for what you believe playing a song. in and lets put this to an end. Inhale the beauty and speak the truth.

By Kitty Miller


Cannabis Farmers Market Handbook March 2013  
Cannabis Farmers Market Handbook March 2013  

Presenting the premier handbook for the Cannabis Farmers Markets. Our handbook will give you an insight into the market and highlights on so...