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Iceberg Melts This week in the world of MBA 647 Organizational Change & Leadership, we’re reading John Kotter’s “Our Iceberg is Melting.” For this book, Kotter has taken winning principles from his Leading Change and Heart of Change, two books that focus on leading teams to success through periods of inevitable change. “Our Iceberg is Melting” synthesizes these ideas in the form of a fable, where one ingenious penguin named Fred goes for a swim. When he does, he sees fissures, bubbles, and a water-filled cave: signs that the colony’s indestructible iceberg is dissolving from the inside out. When Fred shares this news with the colony, is he well-received? Of course not. People, penguins – any social group – seem to hate change that threatens a comfortable way of life. And when bad news breaks, shooting the messenger is the easiest solution – sorry Fred. Have you ever been the Fred? It’s rough. I’ll say that right now. It’s difficult to be the first person in your group who recognizes a coming change. When Freds speak out, they might be criticized for fear-mongering or paranoia. It doesn’t matter the situation – a 2

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melting iceberg, changing consumption trends, or the signs of a pending plummet in profits. Being the first to notice change is a lonely position.

change, and a dislike for those who try to force us into it before we’re ready. But if we wait, as organizations or individuals or penguins (this is an equal opportunity blog), to embrace change until we’re ready for it, we’ll eventually be left behind.

After reading Kotter’s fable, though, I realize that shouldn’t be the case. Freds, and those who embrace change are a huge asset to any group. Why? They’re thinking critically. They’re analyzing the situation. They’re not satisfied with the status quo. They’re willing to stick their necks out (do penguins have necks?) to keep the organization on track.

To stay ahead, to lead the pack, to be innovative makers rather than safe followers, we have to learn to love change. How does that happen? For me, by learning more and more about the change process in organizations like Google and Apple, who are insanely successful because they caused change, instead of followed it. And by realizing that if I don’t hop off this comfortable iceberg, it will eventually melt all around me. And who wants that? v

Like Fred, those of us who embrace and pursue change in our organizations are sometimes perceived as problem people. I think that boils down to a general fear of

This article was originally posted on the Communication & Leadership weekly blog.

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Managing Not-for-Profits AND MORE 3

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Congratulations Class of 2013!

May 2 013  Capstone  Presenters.  Top  row:  Sarah  Graham,  JoAnn  Harig,  Lauren  Hackford  Long,  Amanda  Snider,  Julie   Berrigan,  Jeffrey  Mokski,  Julie  Ciura,  Mary  Jane  P iemonte  and  Erin  Harvey.  Bottom  row:  Brian  Burkhardt,  Samantha   Long,  Jessica  Schlect,  James  Graziano,  Hussam  AlMukhtar  and  John  Cahalan.  

Where They Are Now Hussam AlMukhtar   Director  of  Marketing  and  Creative  Services  at   Chebat  Financial  Group  

Julie Berrigan   The  Park  School  of  Buffalo  as  Campaign   Coordinator  

“I still   remember   the   day   Dr.   Hartman   said   ‘welcome   to   the   program’   like   it   was   just   before  lunch  today!  I  will  always  reference  the   time  I  chose  the  ComLead  program  over  other   communication   programs   elsewhere   as   a   ‘moment   of   sound   judgment.’   I   saw   it   very   specific   to   my   interests   and,   right,   it   was.”   Hussam   says,   “I   can   truly   say   that   I   enjoyed   every  bit  of  the  program.”  

Brian Burkhardt   Financial  Advisor  at  Merril  Lynch    

John Cahalan   Service  Managr  at  Joe  Basil  Chevrolet    

Julie Ciura  


Wellness Coordinator  at  Lawley  Benefits  Group   4  

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Sarah Graham   Assistant   Director   of   Advancement   Projects   at   Canisius  College    

James Graziano   Sales  Associate  at  General  Nutrition  Center  

Mary Jane  Piemonte   Relocated  to   the  Greater   Washington  D.C.   area   where   she   is   exploring   work   and   volunteer   opportunities.    

Jessica Schlect   Marketing   Specialist   at   Pella   Windows   and   Doors,   Recognized   as   one   of   Business   First’s   Thirty  Under  30  

Lauren Hackford  

Amanda Snider  

Channel Account   Specialist   II   at   Ingram   Micro   and   Online   Adjunct   Instructor   with   Bryant   &   Stratton  

Assistant Director  for  Special  Events  at  Canisius  

Amanda remembers,   “My   favorite   class   was   Conflict,   Facilitation  &  Communication.     I  gained  the  most  insight   about   myself   and   my   styles   from   this   class   and   would   recommend  it  to  anyone  who  is  not  in  the  Organizational   Leadership.     My   favorite   memory   is   working   with   and   getting   close   with   the   capstone   group.     Since   it   is   your   final   class   and   everyone   is   going   through   the   same   troubles  or  excitement,  it  was  really  a  great  way  to  end   the  program.    I  got  to  know  my  peers  so  much  better  and   it  was  great  to  celebrate  the  highs  together!    

Lauren advises,   “Never   take   any   experience   for   granted  -­‐   you   never   know   when   it   may   work   to   your   advantage.   My  research  had   nothing   to  do  with  IT  or  Sales,   however   my  hiring  manager  really  took   interest  in  the  process  -­‐  I   think   it   just   goes   to   show   that   the   effort   never   goes   unnoticed.  Don't  be  hesitant  to  use  your  skills  outside  of   the   box   -­‐   I   use   skills   learned   in   persuasion   theory/communication  theory  daily  in  my  sales  career.”    

Jo Ann  Harig   Director   Special   Events   at   the   American   Heart   Association   “Take   full   advantage   of   the   people   you   will   meet   in   the   program.   I   have   met   some   of   the   most   amazing   fellow   students   and   learned   so   much   from   the   great   professors.”    

Erin K.  Harvey   Senior   Marketing   Associate   at   Women’s   &   Children’s  Hospital  of  Buffalo    

Jeffrey Mokski   Continues   to   sing   and   perform   in   the   Buffalo   area   5  

February’s screening  of  Miss  Representation  drew  a  crowd  of  Canisius   students,  community  members  and  local  leaders.  The  film,  screened  as   part  of  Buffalo’s  Women’s  History  Month  celebrations,  explains  how   the  media  underrepresents  women  in  positions  of  power.       Afterward,  panelists  Tracie  Lopardi  of  Harris  Beach  LLP,  Cindy  Odom  of   the  Girl  Scouts  of  WNY  and  Heather  Filipowicz  of  the  WNY  Women’s   Foundation,  and  moderator  Dr.  Barbara  Irwin  of  the   Canisius  College  Video  Institute,  explored  how  women   in  leadership  can  overcome  these  challenges.       >>  Learn  more  at     Visit  for  our  Women’s  History   Month  coverage  of  issues  like  work-­‐life  balance  and   women  in  leadership.    

This March,   strategic   planner   and   community-­‐building   facilitator   Eve   Berry   led   a   Leadership   Through   Community   Building   Workshop.   Students,  faculty,  alumni  and  community   gathered  to  learn  how  to  build  authentic  and  thriving  teams.   Proceeds   benefitted   ComLead’s   Endowment   Fund,   which   provides  scholarships  and  other  opportunities  for  students.   FIND YOUR PASSION




Americorps Free pizza dinner with former AmeriCorps members


Information session with local AmeriCorps coordinator

Wednesday APRIL 10 6 pm // Science Hall Room 1013A


ComLead joined   forces   with   Graduate   Admissions   and   the   WNY   Service   Collaborative   to   host   an   AmeriCorps   information   session   this   April.   Students   from   across   the   Buffalo   area   gathered   as   AmeriCorps   alumni   and   coordinators   shared   their   experiences   in   the   program.   The   discussion   inspired   undergraduates   to   pursue   service   opportunities,   and   a   current   student   shared   how   his   AmeriCorps   service  inspired  him   to  continue  nonprofit   work   and  pursue  a  ComLead  degree.   6  

Calendar! r u o Y k r a M

ComLead Events Finding the Not-for-Profit Board that's Right for You With Julie Berrigan ’13, of The Park School Tuesday,  Oct  5                    8  -­‐  9  am   300  Corporate  Parkway,  Suite  130,  AMHERST  

Hosted by  A mherst’s  Emerging  Business  Leaders  and  Canisius  Center   for  Professional  Development    

Oct 26 Saturday

Challenges of International Communication & Leadership 10-11:45 am - Lyons 311 - free With Robert Schrecongost, Former Vice Chairman and VP of Technology at GoodYear/Dunlop North America.

Nov 8

MEET & GREET Wine Tasting & Open House


5:30 – 7 pm Enjoy a night of wines and reconnecting with ComLead at City Wine Merchant. Alumni and current and prospective students are all welcome.

Don’t miss another ComLead Event! Join for event postings Visit the Events page @


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Leadership in  Action  

Marketing students  make  a  difference  through  community  learning  partnerships.   The  best  education  comes  from  real  life.     That’s   what   motivates   ComLead   students   to   pursue   community   partnerships   each   semester.   In   core   classes   like   Organizational   Communication   to   specialty   areas   like   Fundraising   and   Marketing,   students   partner   with   community   organizations   to   apply   class   concepts  to  solve  real  world  problems.  For  years,   Canisius   Communication   Department   Chair   Dr.   John   Dahlberg’s   has   integrated   community   partnerships   in   his   Case   Studies   in   Integrated   Marketing  Communication  course.       “It’s   not   something   hypothetical   that   you   made   for   a   class,”   Dr.   Dahlberg   explains,   “It’s   a   real   project   that   solved   real   problems   for   an   organization.”  In  his  class,  students  have  created   Marketing   Communication   Plans   for   the   Buffalo   History   Museum,   Child   &   Family   Services,   and   Brown  &  Tarantino  and  other  organizations.         Whether   they’re   working   with   a   for-­‐profit   or   non-­‐profit   organization,   students   begin   the   process   in   class,   learning   the   parts   of   an   integrated   marketing   plan.   Then   they   sit   down   with   their   partner   organization,   often   during   an   on-­‐site  visit  and  consultation.       “Every  client’s  different,”  Dr.  Dahlberg  observed,   “and   so   you’re   coming   in   to   the   middle   of   something  but  you  don’t  know  what  you’re  in  the   middle   of   until   you’re   in   there.”   Organizations  


might reach   out   to   students   to   meet   needs   ranging  from  using  social  media  m ore  effectively   to   rebranding,   customer   research   or   expanding   to  new  m edia.     After   this   initial   “brain   dunk,”   students   work   together   to   identify   and   solve   issues.     Through   the   years,  students   have  offered  clients  services   related   to   marketing,   advertising,   public   relations,   sales   promotion   and   more,   and   they   learn   flexibility   and   complexity   of   Integrated   Marketing  Communications  studies.       This  past  spring,  students  in  Dr.  Dahlberg’s  class   collaborated  with  the  Buffalo  Niagara  Aquarium.   They   provided   a   comprehensive   analysis   and   proposal  for  launching  the  Aquarium’s  coral  reef   exhibit.   Students   walk   away   with   a   portfolio   of   proven   work.   But   the   collaborative   experience   itself  is  just  as  rewarding  as  the  end  result.     In  the  workplace,  innovators  are  often  willing  to   take   risks   or   try   a   new   approach   to   solving   a   problem,  but  they  don’t  always  get  that  creative   freedom.   In   the   ComLead   program’s   partnerships,   however,   organizations   are   looking   for   student’s   very   best,   most   creative   and   innovative   ideas.     They   are   welcomed   to   pursue  what’s  never  been  done  before.       “It’s   a   real   client   with   a   real   problem,”   Dr.   Dahlberg   believes,   “I   think   that’s   got   to   be   the   best  way  to  learn.”  

ComLead Celebrations Best wishes  to   Lauren  Hackford   Long  ’13  and   Michael  Long,   married  this   summer.  

On August  2,  Dr.   David  Aragona  and   his  wife  welcomed   their  twins,   Annabelle  Lee  and   Rowan  Thomas.  

Renee Lasher  ’11   married  Scott  McFarland   on  September  28.  They   are  currently  residents  of   Manchester,  NH,  where   they  plan  to  stay  and   begin  a  family.  

New alumni  Allan  and   Amanda  Snider  ’13   are  expecting  their   first  child.  Their   daughter  is  due  in   early  January.   and homas T n a Row lle Lee Annabe

On August  21,  Adelaide   Bennett  said  “Hello”  to   her  new  brother,  Robert   Henry  Bennett.  Parents   Andrew  (expected  ’15)   and  Gretchen  Bennett   are  doing  well.  


rt He nr

Congrats to  Kelly   Harris  ‘12,  who   recently  bought  a   home.  


y Be nnet t

Laura Marek  ‘12   and  husband   Mark  are   expecting  a  little   girl  on  October   14.  

Congratulations to  Christine   Webb  ‘12,  who   is  celebrating   her  engagement   this  summer.  

New Heights Andrew Bennett (expected ’15), formerly Account Executive at United Way of Buffalo & Erie County, is now the Executive Director – WNY Chapter at The First Tee, an international youth development nonprofit organization. Julie Berrigan ‘13 joined Katie Danieu ’10 at The Park School of Buffalo as Campaign Coordinator. Melanie DelValle ‘10 joined Blue Ridge Financial earlier this year, where she is Credit Manager. Barb Ernst ‘03 is currently Marketing Director at Dasa Properties, LLC. She is an artist, performing in several one-woman and group shows, and created the piece that celebrated and represented 2012 Garden Walk. Barb is forever interested in collaborating – connect with her at Lauren Hackford Long ’13 is now Channel Account Specialist II at Ingram Micro, and is also an Online Adjunct Instructor with Bryant & Stratton. Erika Henderson Gullo ’10 is now SunTrust Bank’s GVP & Wholesale Operational Risk Program Manager in Atlanta, Georgia. Shaun James ‘10 joined MECLABS in the Jacksonville, Florida area as Research Analyst. Michael Lee ’10 joined Evergreen Association of WNY as Director of Research Projects. Karen Lemischak ‘12, Senior Marketing Associate at Fisher Price, joined fellow alum Julia Maher ’08 on the Global Brands Team, where they develop infant toys. Laura Marek ‘06 is now Director of Annual Giving & Prospect Research at Christiana Care Health System. Andreea Novaceanu ’12 relocated to Romania, where she is General Manager of her own company, A&A Sport Total. Jessica Schlect ’13 was recognized as one of Business First’s Thirty Under 30. Mary Kate Sidoti (expected ’14) recently accepted a position in Talent Acquisition at Delaware North Companies. Congratulations to Susan Anderson Was ’03, who received the HR Professional of the Year 2013 Award from Buffalo Niagara Human Resource Association.


Faculty Presentations    &   Publications  


Hartman, R.  L.  (2012).  To  tenure  and  beyond:  Mentoring  m id-­‐career  faculty  members  to  sustain   Community.    Panel  presentation  at  the  National  Communication  Association’s  annual  conference,  November,   Orlando,  Florida.   Saxby,  A.,  &  Wanzer,  M.  B.  (2013).  The  relationships  among  healthcare  providers’  use  of  humor,  patient   satisfaction  and  compliance.  Paper  presented  at  the  Eastern  Communication  Association  convention,   Pittsburgh,  PA.       Stebbins,  E.  &  Hartman,  R.  (2013).  Charity  Brand  Personality:    Can  Smaller  Charitable   Organizations  Leverage  their  Brand’s  Personality  to  Influence  Giving?  The    International  Journal  of  Nonprofit   Voluntary  Sector  Marketing,  18,  3,  203-­‐215   Stebbins,  E.  &  Hartman,  R.  (2013).  Charity  Brand  Personality:    Can  Smaller  Charitable   Organizations  Leverage  their  Brand’s  Personality  to  Influence  Giving?  Presented  at  the  Eastern   Communication  Associations’s  annual  conference,  April,  Pittsburgh,  PA.     Dr.  Melissa  Wanzer  &  Dr.  Catherine  Foster,  along  with  Canisius  alumni  T.  Servoss  &  S.  LaBelle,  coauthored   “Educating  Males  about  Testicular  Cancer:  Support  for  a  Comprehensive  Cancer  Campaign,”  soon  to  be   published  in  the  Journal  of  Health  Communication.       Dr.  Wanzer  received  a  2013  Research  Fellow  Award  from  the  Eastern  Communication  Association,  and  had   four  papers  accepted  and  presented  at  the  ECA  convention.  All  four  papers  were  coauthored  with   undergraduate  and  graduate  students  in  the  Canisius  Communication  department.  She  was  also  interviewed   for  Prevention  Magazine  (June  2013,  pp.  112  &  114)  and  Oxygen  Magazine  (October  2013).  

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Canisius ComLead Newsletter - Fall '13  
Canisius ComLead Newsletter - Fall '13  

Our 2013 Alumni Newsletter, published by the MS in Communication & Leadership at Canisius College.