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In Residence Issue 4 • April-May • Closing 2014 • UV Edition

What each resident should know about spring closing

Checking out Graduating students and other students who have been approved for an early release need to complete their move-out and check-out through the Village Office by no later than 12:00 p.m. on May 31st.

Residents of buildings 6 and 7

In this issue: Express Checkout Procedures, pg. 2 Penalties and Fines, pg. 2

Remember that if you are still under contract this summer, you will need to relocate prior to May 31st to another apartment in the Village. Please come to the Housing & Residential Life Office (Eaton College, Room 153) to speak with a housing coordinator about your reassignment options and applicable timeline by no later than April 30th.

Summer Living Options, pg. 3 Storage Information, pg. 3 Fall Opening 2014, pg. 3 Important Dates, pg. 4 In Residence Spring 2014 • 1

Penalties and fines You will be billed for any damages in your room and apartment. Damage charges that may be quoted at checkout are estimated and are subject to review by UM-FCS.

$100 Failure to clean room $100 Improper or late check-out fine $50 Missing or damaged smoke detectors $150 Removal of TV wall mount & repair of wall $55 Loss of keys, first lock; $25 for each additional lock

Food Service Meals will be served through dinner Thursday, May 8th.

‘Cane Card Please keep your ‘Cane Card for use next year. Students who require a new card next fall will be charged the replacement card fee.

2 • In Residence Spring 2014

Express Checkout Procedures This process allows you to check out by following these instructions: 1. Pick up the “Express Checkout” envelope at your reception desk or in the UV mailroom. 2. Fill out the information on the envelope, including the forwarding address tear-off section on the back flap of the envelope. 3. Remove forwarding address tear-off section and put it inside the envelope after filling in the information. 4. Put all of your room keys in the envelope and seal it. 5. Return the envelope to the Village Office or place in the express check -out box in the UV mailroom. Your checkout receipt (Facility Control Form-FCF) will be mailed to your forwarding address within two weeks if there are room damages or other charges indicated on the FCF.

Late Night Dining & Study Breaks The traditional Midnight Breakfast before final exams will not be held this spring; however, the Late Night Dining will continue in the Hecht/Stanford Dining Center between April 24-27 as well as May 1-4. In addition, there will be a number of Study Breaks hosted in the Village-check with your RA or the Village Office for specific dates and times.

Summer Village Billing For residents that are continuing through to July 31st with their UV housing agreement, the months of June and July will be billed through your student account by mid-May. Previously, all Village residents were billed for the fall semester (August-December) and spring semester (January-May) only. The amounts are model specific: Ibis Model (1:1) $3,222 Palm Model (2:2) $2,247 Cane Model (4:2) $1,850 Villager Model (4:4) $2,001 Lake Model (4:4) $2,041

Village Office Summer Hours Beginning May 14th, the UV Office will switch-over to a special summer schedule according to the information below: Monday-Friday, l2:00 p.m.- 7:00 p.m. Saturdays,12:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m. Sundays, Closed

Fall Opening 2014 Continuing Village residents will not need to vacate their apartments (EXCEPT FOR BLDG. 6 & 7) if they are transitioning from a 2013-2014 to the 2014-2015 housing agreement and Village addendum. If you are changing apartments, there will be a special “move-over period” scheduled for August 8th-10th to facilitate your move. Finally, the Village will open for new residents at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, August 21st through 5:00 p.m. on Monday, August 25th.

Storage The University does not provide storage space over the summer nor recommends any particular storage company. However, these are some companies in the area:

A+ Mini Storage (305) 662-9546 1 (866) 269-4887 Door-to-Door Storage 1 (888) 366-7222 Jones Moving & Storage (305) 756-7633 Kendall Xtra Storage (305) 251-9872 Mini-Stor-It (305) 667-0926 Self Storage Finders 1 (877) 449-0987 Smartbox 1 (877) 627-8269 The UPS Store (305) 667-2181 U-Haul (305) 661-2182 VaiGard Self Storage (305) 667-4447

In Residence Spring 2014 • 3

Important Dates Apr. 25 Classes end; 24-Hour Quiet Hours begin through May 7 Apr. 26 Reading Days through April 29

Mail You should start now to inform magazine publishers and other correspondents about your new address to ensure continued mail service. Forwarding address information should be provided during check out. Only first and second-class mail and parcel post will be forwarded (to U.S. domestic addresses only). If you do not provide a forwarding address on your express check-out envelope, your mail will be marked “Return to Sender.” Mail is not forwarded for continuing summer Village residents.

Moving Carts

Apr. 30 Final Exams through May 7; Deadline for residents of Buildings 6 & 7 to confirm summer arrangements

Moving carts will be available for check -out in the Village Office to help transport belongings. If the cart is not returned within the allotted time, a $10 charge will be assessed. Students who do not return carts within a 24hour period will be billed $250 each to purchase replacement carts.

Safety and Security

May 8 Honors Day Convocation May 9 COMMENCEMENT CEREMONIES; Housing Closes at 12:00pm for Non-Commencement Participants May 10 Housing Closes at 12:00pm for Commencement Participants May 19 Summer Session I classes begin May 31 Deadline to move out for early release residents

Students are encouraged to take extra precautions with their belongings as more theft and vandalism can occur during the last few weeks of the semester. Remember to lock your bedroom and apartment entrance doors. Do not leave belongings in your car overnight unless you lock them in the trunk. In addition, do not leave suitcases and other possessions unattended.

Trash Bag all trash. Plastic trash bags will be available at the Village Office. Place all bagged trash and other discarded items in the dumpsters or alternatively you can leave all filled trash bags in your bedroom/apartment-housekeeping will remove them after you check out. No trash should be dumped or swept into hallways, stairwells, or landings.

Recycling Containers

Reception Phone Numbers:

You should have received a recycling bin during Health & Safety inspections. If it is missing when you move out, you will be charged for a replacement. Please use this bin by emptying it into the floor/building recycling containers nearby your room. Do not leave it in the hallway or floor lounge/elevator areas. Help us make the University of Miami a more sustainable campus.


(305) 284-4282

Apartment Cleaning


(305) 284-2188


(305) 284-4144


(305) 284-4211


(305) 284-2555


(305) 284-3680

As apartment residents check-out throughout the summer, the shared common space will be cleaned if the apartment is completely vacated. Alternatively, for partially-vacated apartments, the shared common space will be cleaned in early August. To assist with this process, please move all personal property into your occupied bedroom prior to your summer departure or by July 31st if you are residing in the apartment over the summer. Specific cleaning dates (by building) will be announced later in the summer via e-mail.

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In Residence Spring 2014 • 4

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