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Normal or Not! The Enemy Within Persevere for Peace The Curse of Creativity Dare to Dream

WELCOME.... The LIFE publication is produced quarterly. Our desire is to bring you stories and articles that will encourage, inspire and perhaps even challenge you as you journey through life. Life is a journey with many twists and turns, valleys and mountains, laughter and sorrows. It is not always how we start that matters, rather how we choose to live everyday with the options and choices that are before us. Today, choose to live and love your life!

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Emotions.........................................................................................................2 Normal or Not! ................................................................................................2 Meaning and Morality ..................................................................................... 3 The Spiritual Path ........................................................................................... 5 Servant........................................................................................................... 8 The Enemy Within ..........................................................................................9 Persevere For Peace ...................................................................................... 10 The Curse of Creativity ...................................................................................11


or spiritual, is like being in a constant

Candy Daniels

tug-of-war. The longer we are in a state of pain the more distracted and dis-

Emotions are fuelled by either love and faith or

heartened we get from staying focused

fear and worry. I have come to realise that our

on truth.

emotion can either sap or boost our energy lev-

Spending time in worry – worry is a

els. When it is fuelled by fear and worry it

thief. Worry keeps us guessing. It

steals from our energy bank. When this hap-

opens the vault of peace that we all

pens, we can often become destructive in our

carry and makes space for doubt to

thinking and behaviour. However, when we

creep in uninvited. •

are fuelled by love and faith it boosts our crea-

Consumed by fear – fear makes us susceptible to danger. Fear can consume

tivity and opens up possibilities for us to

us from the inside out and outside in.

dream, learn, love and live.

Fear not only questions truth, but

When we become passionate about anything,

steals our peace and takes away free-

the passion harnesses our energy and boosts

dom. Freedom comes from knowing

our strength. Emotional strength is what ena-

truth and living with peace.

bles us to face the day and its many activities.

When we exercise our faith and love we build

It is also what equips us with mental capacity

emotional strength. We further capitalise on

to face challenges with courage and confi-

peace and truth and become better equipped to


manage pain. Pain is something we will all ex-

The following are some of the challenges we

perience; it is unavoidable. Yet we can choose

face that cause us to make more withdrawals

how we learn to live with it. To overcome

from our energy bank than deposits.

worry and fear we must daily choose to capture

our thoughts and renew our minds. We must

Lacking peace – peace is a state of

learn to harness our emotional energy and gain

mind. The water of a deep flowing

emotional strength.

river is like faith that keeps flowing regardless of how small the gap is, refreshing anything it touches along the path. •

Normal or Not!

Uncertain of the truth – truth is a mat-

Trudy Buchanan

ter of certainty. Truth is like oxygen and love, which keep us breathing with

Often people talk

confidence and assurance, reminding

about what is ‘nor-

us of purpose and giving hope. •

mal’. I wonder if

Distracted by pain – pain is disheartening. Pain is like having a hole in your

people use a lot of

bucket. Pain, be it physical, emotional

energy trying to be ‘normal’ without even

LIFE Edition 09, Issue 34


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knowing what they are trying to attain. What



does ‘normal’ actually look like? How we deo

fine normal is often driven by social norms and -

sidering the whole picture. I prefer to consider


Normal is often a black-and-white construct —


healthy is viewed on a spectrum. This takes our

Have values that direct and motivate behaviours

differences, story, perspectives, personalities


and uniqueness into account.

Resilience and an ability to tolerate and manage stress


What constitutes a healthy adult? My list

Can compromise to meet self and others needs

would be something like this: Meaningful and purposeful aspects of life


Compassionate to self and others


Creative — open to new ideas and ways of being and doing

Managing reality whilst understanding

Many of these ideas are embedded in the idea

and experiencing emotions


Can interact respectfully with others

we are either normal or abnormal—whereas


Values-driven whilst respecting other values

what makes us healthy rather than normal.


Be comfortable with one’s own uniqueness

averages that we compare against without con-


Accept one’s strengths and weak-

of self-differentiation. Self-differentiation sug-

Goal formulation and implementation

gests we can balance our emotional and intel-


Sense of efficacy


Able to make decisions and action

lectual functioning as well as balance our inti-


macy and autonomy in relationships. In this

Equality of relationships with the abil-

healthy space, we can be comfortable with and

ity to:

in our skins and be real about who we are.


Experience emotions

This creates interdependent and real relation-


Tolerate pain, but also find pleasure

ships in which we can communicate who we

in life o

are, but also allow that same freedom for oth-

Tolerate intimacy and be vulnerable

ers— i.e. a healthy sense of us and them. This

and open o

is the freedom I believe God desires and cre-

Receive feedback and criticism to

ated us for. He made us unique; not to be ‘nor-

grow -

Able to be proactive and assertive

mal’ but healthy, functional, relational—the


Openness to ideas and feedback

capacity and ability to be ourselves.


Being empowered. An ability to: o

Take responsibility for own actions, thoughts and behaviours.


Meaning and Morality

Be open to reflecting on motivation

Jodie Chambers

and necessary changes to behaviours and traits. LIFE Edition 09, Issue 34


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Over the past few months I have been doing an

more than on what it is to live a meaningful

online course in Christian Apologetics through


RZIM Academy. I have found it quite interest-

In the area of morality, we need to look at the

ing, though at times confusing and challenging.

reality of suffering and evil. One of the worst

Lectures based in a Christian worldview have

examples of this is the Holocaust; needless

explored other religions, hope, evil and doubt,

death and suffering through an evil we can

and the relationship between science and faith.

barely comprehend. Viktor Frankl, a psycholo-

The course has raised as many questions for

gist and Holocaust survivor, says that it wasn’t

me as it has given answers. I began to realise

suffering that caused suicide and death within

that, if I hadn’t been doing this course, I may

the concentration camps, but the absence of

never have understood my own stance on

hope. Hope in God, the hope in being released

things like morality and meaning. So I invite

and the hope of seeing loved ones again were

you to consider how you would answer ques-

what sustained most survivors. In the face of

tions on the meaning of life and if there is a

evil, Viktor noticed those who had faith saw

common morality. More than that, how have

their faith increased. He saw many die and

you come to understand these concepts?

found that those without hope were more likely

In the course, Ravi Zacharias quotes G.K.

to commit suicide even after being released

Chesterton on the subject of meaning in life.

and discovering their life no longer had mean-

“Meaninglessness does not come from being

ing. Where was God? What is it that keeps

weary of pain. It comes from being weary of

one living in the face of such evil?

pleasure.” I found this quote very interesting

Ravi Zacharias says there is a trilemma of faith

and, in my view, true. Believing in a God who

when looking at suffering and evil:

loves me, is interested in, and is part of, my life

How can evil be evil?

gives my life meaning, as long as the focus of

How can God be all good?

that meaning comes through Him. If I have everything in regard to materialism or security

How can God be all powerful?

outside of God, I begin to believe my meaning

Ravi says the biblical answer is to hold all of

comes from a worldly perspective of attain-

these together as true. “Evil is real, but it never

ment, status or from what I am doing. Os

should have been. What is, is not what was

Guinness says that the modern world has mini-

and what is, is not what will be. God is good

mized pain and magnified destructiveness. He

because no other God has wounds.” (see Isaiah

says that our goal in life is industrialisation to

53 regarding His torture and disfigurement).

eliminate pain. Life can become meaningless

“God is all powerful, and it is rational to trust

when our focus is on comfort and pleasure


LIFE Edition 09, Issue 34


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The answers to evil and suffering are not easy

The Spiritual Path

to hold along with the trilemma that Ravi im-

Donna Hunter

plies we must contend with. Kobayashi Issa

“Grace must find expression in life, otherwise

was a Japanese poet and Buddhist priest. He

it is not grace” Karl Barth

wrote the following poem:

Spiritual practices are formed from within and

“The world of dew,

without, in response to God’s desire to be in re-

is the world of dew.

lationship with humanity. Internally, spirituality

And yet,

is formed out of both conscious and unconscious thoughts, from experiences of the past as

and yet…”

well as the present, knowledge and history of

This poem is from the view of there being no

one’s understanding of self, God, the world, and

answers for pain and suffering, except in the

others, and the imagination and/or reality of ex-

detachment from it to gain enlightenment.

istential hopes and fears (Dueweke, 2004). Ex-

“And yet, and yet…” he looks for answers.

ternally, life is lived in response to the arrange-

What a hopeless view of life and one that is far

ment of the natural world in which one learns to

removed from my Christian worldview, so I

form spiritual rhythms that are complementary

will continue to wrestle with Ravi’s trilemma,

to these greater rhythms of creation (Ward,

knowing the love of Jesus in my life to be my


rock of truth.

I aim to explore four of the spiritual practices

I will leave you with some quotes to ponder.

that facilitate these connections, their expres-

“Before time, God chose us out of the desire to

sions and purposes, underlying theological

love. In time, God loved us enough to suffer

thought, historical practices that have informed

with us. At the end of time, God will see

them, their biblical understandings, and one’s

things right. When suffering comes, when

personal engagement with these practices

death comes, who will bear it with us? Who

within the context of grace. The four practices

will see us through it?” Vince Vitale

explored are silence and contemplation, reading

“Love does not exist in the absence of judge-

and contemplating God’s Word, reflecting on

ment, only in the presence of it. It is only

one’s identity, and re-creating and nurturing na-



when the

There are many ways in which humanity at-

person who

tempts to connect to God in response to God’s

speaks it

endeavour to connect to humanity. Throughout

knows eve-

history this has led people on spiritual journeys,

rything about you.” Michael Ramsden.

seeking identity and purpose through relationship with God by means of many different

LIFE Edition 09, Issue 34


Page 5

meaningful and spiritual practices. The Carthu-

God and love one’s neighbour as oneself (see

sian monks understood the primacy of relation-

Matthew 26:36-40), a union of hearts, minds,

ship with God, and through silence and contem-

and purpose. Augustine’s writings emphasise

plation lived the simple life (Dueweke, 2004).

continuously finding hope in Christ, being con-

Historically, monastic silence, prayer, and con-

stantly inspired by the gospels, and not wasting

templation of the Scriptures has been practiced

time on empty entertainment but building one’s

by religious traditions for centuries in some

life around “charity towards the poor” that gives

shape or form, with the belief that it created el-

greater understanding of the self and the rhythm

evated states of spiritual purity, helped gain

of relationships with others (Stock, 2011). Con-



templating one’s own identity can only be done

knowledge and helped to live more harmoni-

through the contemplation and understanding of

ously in creation (Dueweke, 2004). “Silence is

the Word of God and the self in relationship

not just the absence of sound”, or the “emptiness

with God and others (Majerus & Sandage,

of thoughts or conversation”, but an emptying


of the self, where language can be heard through

It is in silence and contemplation that the shat-

the heart (Keller, 2005). Silence helps focus the

tered and displaced energies of the self are

mind and facilitates contemplation, where one

drawn together, sharpening one’s ability to re-

can observe and consider spiritual matters that

flect, restore, and understand the self, giving

are enlightened through the Word, thus drawing

wisdom to all relationships (Matthews, 2002). It

one closer to God, others and creation (Ward,

is hard to imagine repentance without some sort

2009). David proclaims this internal under-

of personal commitment drawing one closer to

standing of silence and the contemplation of

God’s love and grace, which emphasises rela-

God throughout the Psalms. For example, “For

tionship through the power of listening to the si-

God alone my soul waits in silence; from Him

lence in which God is heard (Matthews, 2002).

comes my salvation” (Psalm 62:1), “Be still be-

Proverbs details how gaining wisdom and un-

fore the Lord; wait for God” (Psalm 37:7), “I

derstanding enables a better life through waiting

have stilled my soul” (Psalm 131:2), and, “Be

on God. Though this may prepare one for a bet-

still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:11).

ter life, ultimately humanity is unable to reach

Augustine (354-430AD) takes the theme of con-

perfection, and this is where grace takes place

templation further, using the term coaptatio

(Warren, 2011). Ecclesiastes reinforces these

translated as “rhythm of relationships” in writ-

same themes from an external position of the

ings themed around harmony between the self,

outworking of the difficult life, highlighting the

others, and God, and expresses the virtue of

virtues and enjoyment of a simple life and pleas-

caritas (love) through these relationships as a

ures, demonstrating that life without God is

way of living (Dueweke, 2004). This is summed






up perfectly by the great commandment to love LIFE Edition 09, Issue 34


Page 6

It is from this position that the humble petition

being mindful about both essential and non-es-

of the repentant sinner moves the hand of God

sential purchases, growing food and exploring

to act where no other method or technique born

my environment. These practices have stemmed

of human industry can compel Him. In a culture

from the belief that we are stewards of the earth

that objects to silence and contemplation, em-

and that connecting within my community,

phasising everything and anything that it has to

wherever I live, has value. Putting this into prac-

offer, one views suffering as not only an internal

tice helps to educate others of the importance of

fracturing of self, but of humanity’s relationship

looking after that which God has given and fa-

to God, each other, and their environment,

cilitates and enhances meaningful relationships.

through the lack of silence, contemplation and

My personal application of these four spiritual

reflection on the Word (Matthews, 2002). It is

practices causes me to spend time each day en-

in this that grace prevails.

hancing and beautifying my garden while in re-

The practice of silence and contemplation is es-

flection of God, myself, others and the world. In

sential to connecting deeply with God through

this place I seek to find words which speak of

the Word and the Spirit, for Scripture declares,

who God is, who I am, and the importance of

“Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm

relationships with others and my environment. I

46:10). It is in the stilling of the busyness of life

find enjoyment in journaling my experiences

and the mind that one can perceive the invisible

through my photography and creativity. I would

spiritual dimensions of the Word, self, and cre-

like to continue moving towards appreciation of

ation. Coming from an active and verbal evan-

these practices in my everyday life in a way that

gelical tradition, silence and contemplation

just becomes part of who I am. I believe that in

have not been explicitly known within my own

doing so, I will be better equipped to hear and

journey, although I am learning of its signifi-

follow that still small voice within when I am

cance for future spiritual growth. The reading of

out in the world.

the Word, however, is something that has been

When there is a commitment to spiritual prac-

a strong part of my journey. I have chosen these

tices, they are embraced as part of the art of liv-

practices because I feel they hold great meaning

ing and following the spiritual path, enabling in-

in regard to spiritual growth, and something to

corporation of biblical teaching and mission

which I am constantly reminded to give more

into one’s life. There are a variety of creative


expressions practiced by humanity in response

I have always aimed to shift from the self-cen-

to the divine call of God; all embraced differ-

tred greed that abuses the abundance of the

ently at different times, by a diversity of people

earth, toward being a good steward of what God

that ultimately shape who they are. This is truly

has put in humanity’s care. I try to take time out

a beautiful thing. In the Western culture of noise

regularly to enjoy and care for creation, through

and busyness there is an escape from the reality

LIFE Edition 09, Issue 34


Page 7

of the existential fear of oneself, others, and God


(Matthews, 2002). God, in all His wisdom,

Devsiri Peiris

knows the history and future of creation and has

Four months of this year has been completed.

ensured that His grace is sufficient (see Corin-

A new year is a time many make resolutions

thians 12:9). It is in modernity that silence and

for the year ahead. What were your resolutions

contemplation are predominantly practiced less

for the year 2019? Have you already forgotten

but needed more, but grace comes before re-

them? Many of us resolve to spend more time

pentance, through contemplation of the sinful

studying the Word of God, more time in

self (Matthews, 2002). Embracing the truth and

prayer, and more time serving God and others.

power of God’s gesture of grace through Christ

Our Lord Jesus became a real man. He left His

is truly possible when people respond by pur-

glory and power behind. He emptied Himself

posefully including the spiritual path as part of

of all His glory and majesty and came into this

their daily lives.

world as a helpless baby born into an extremely poor home. “The Word became flesh, Bibliography

and dwelt among us” (John 1:14a). He came in

Dueweke, R. F., (2004). The Augustinian Theme of Harmony: A Contribution of a Spiritual Tradition to a Better Understanding of the Self and Others. Doctoral Thesis, Saint Paul University, Canada.

powerlessness, and was laid in a borrowed crib, in a borrowed shed. He was crucified on a borrowed cross, that of Barabbas, and buried in a borrowed tomb.

Majerus, B. D., & Sandage, S. J., (2010). Differentiation of Self and Christian Maturity: Social Science and Theological Integration. Journal of Psychology and Theology, 38:1, 41-51.

In the 70’s, a young Anglican clergyman in Sri Lanka was sent to a village where the church had virtually died out. There were only three

Matthews, G., (2002). The Healing Silence: Thomas Merton’s Contemplative Approach to Communication. The Continuum Publishing Group Ltd, N.Y. USA.

Anglicans in that area and they too had com-

Prince, B., (2010). Interrogation, Interpretation and Integration of Spirituality: Insights from Sri Aurobindo for “Care for Creation”. International Review of Mission, World Council of Churches.

tian influence and had lost respect for the

Spirit-Filled Life Bible, New King James Version, (1991). Thomas Nelson, Inc. Tomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville, USA.

hill to the guest house he was working at. This

pletely lapsed for over 30 years and the building was collapsing. The village had no Chrischurch. One day this clergyman who had the spirit of servanthood helped a labourer carry his heavy load of vegetables up the Rumassala man did not recognize the clergyman because he was dressed in trousers and shirt. In the

Stock, B., (2001). Self, Soliloquy, and Spiritual Exercises in Augustine and Some Later Authors.

evening when the man went back to the village, he narrated how this gentleman had helped him. The local gang leader investigated

LIFE Edition 09, Issue 34


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who this gentleman was and recognized that it

and the lives of all in this world. We need Je-

was the newly arrived Anglican clergyman. In

sus! We cannot do without Him! Jesus the

this culture, the clergy do not serve anyone;

Servant Lord can give you a servant heart and

they are served by others. They are not allowed

spirit of service. He will not force Himself on

to stand and travel in a bus; the laity get up and

you, but if you allow Him and invite Him to

give their seats to them. Laity do not sit with

work in you, you will become more and more

clergy for meals. In contrast, Christian minis-

like Jesus. It is the Spirit of the Servant Lord

ters and missionaries are called the Diaconoi,

that inspires and enables us to be servants to

or servants. When this hostile gang heard of

others, and to give diligent service to our soci-

this act of servanthood of the Christian clergy-

ety and nation.

man, they put aside their hostility and became friends, visiting the mission house frequently. The gang leader and his best friend accepted

The Enemy Within

Christ before long. Within two years the

Graeme Cann

church consisted of over 50 new believers,

A politician launches a scare campaign against

worshipping God.

a government bill that he doesn’t like. A racist

You may have been exploited or abused, your

generates angry protest in the community in re-

leadership may have been taken for granted or

lation to the country accepting refugees. A vio-

even rejected. All the good you have done to

lent and controlling man beats and kills his wife

others may seem like water poured on a duck’s

of twenty-five years. A gang of fourteen-year-

back. You may feel like it is better to mind

old boys terrorise a ten-year-old in the school

your own business and say, “I am not going to

ground. Each of these events has its genesis in

help anyone in the future”. Today the focus is

the same emotion. It’s the same emotion that

on all that glitters, on fame and glamour. But

drives panic selling on the share market floor, or

deep down, people admire simplicity, humility

the frenetic buying of food when an imagined

and love. These are the characteristics and na-

disaster threatens. It is what keeps a person

ture of Jesus Christ the Servant Lord. The nine-

awake at night worrying about finances, health

fold fruit of the Holy Spirit are love, joy,

or relationships. It is fear!

peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithful-

We have many words for fear; timidity, anxiety,

ness, gentleness and self-control.

dread, terror, phobias, apprehension, mistrust

Mark 10:45 says “For even the Son of Man did

and suspicion, just to name a few. We describe

not come to be served, but to serve, and to give

situations that inspire fear as alarming, formida-

his life as a ransom for many.” The Lord Jesus

ble, redoubtable, shocking, fearful and ghastly.

Christ can make all the difference in our lives

We explain our feelings of fear as fright, panic, alarm, dread, horror, scared and dismay. We

LIFE Edition 09, Issue 34


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seek medical help for anxiety, we self- medicate

that people experience have their origin in them.

with addictive substances, and we develop

In every aspect of community life and relation-

harmful protective mechanisms against fear,

ships, he claims you can see the presence and

such as controlling behaviours, aggression and

power of fear. Fear has an impact in the life of


the individual and in the community.

Fear lies at the root of civil and international

For further details about the book visit

wars, violence, poverty, racism, sexism, nervous disorders and many other mental health issues. It both motivates us and cripples us. It can

Persevere For Peace

save us from real danger, but it can paralyse us

Larelle Smith

with fear of imagined threats. It can unite communities against a common threat or enemies,

There is no part of my life that I can remember

and it can, in the very same communities, cause

existing without the presence of anxiety. I re-

people to hate each other. Bullies use it to intim-

member having migraines in kindergarten from

idate us, politicians use it to manipulate public

anxiety. By the time I was 14, the anxiety had

perceptions, and dictatorships use it to control

‘hidden’ itself and presented as depression. In

the masses.

high school I made my way from tween to

An awareness of the pervasiveness of fear

adult life living in deep depression. I was sui-

leaves us with many questions. Is it inevitable?

cidal, I was deeply distressed, and I was de-

Is it necessary so that communities can be gov-

pressed right within my core. I lived each day

erned? Is it all related to ignorance and therefore

willing it to be my last. I never once considered

exists mainly in primitive cultures, or is there

that I could be free from these thoughts and

something about our modern societies that


means that destructive fear will continue to in-

Fast forward six years and I am now living as a

crease and become even more destructive?

missionary within the 10/40 Window in south

In many respects the fear I speak about is the

east Asia. I work alongside a Christian mission

“enemy within”. For some it is the fear of not

organization working as a designer and per-

‘measuring up’, for others it is the threat of be-

forming artist. I am astounded daily at the

ing exposed as incompetent or impotent while

grace and freedom Christ has presented me

for others it is the fear of failure, loneliness, or

with. I could never have imagined a life that

of being devalued or rejected by others.

excluded depression, anxiety and numerous other symptom-related disorders. In the midst

In my new book titled When the Tiger Roars, to

of my teen years I couldn’t see myself past 18

be released in May 2019, I invite the reader to

years old. God has grown me into a life I

explore the theory that fear, and shame are pri-

couldn’t have even begun to dream of.

mary emotions. All the other painful emotions LIFE Edition 09, Issue 34


Page 10

The ocean is and always has been my favourite

the guidance of a Father who is eternally per-

place. When I was 21, I had a checklist for

fect and when we trust that we are who God

what I thought life would look like. The big-

created us to be, life will never be the same.

gest dream I could come up with for life was to

God continues daily to expand the possibilities

be a designer living by the beach. Now, five

of who I am. God pushes me; He is actively

years later, God has given me a home overseas

shaping and creating me to do better and better.

in Asia. I am right next to the ocean, right in

I still have days or moments that the anxiety

front of the mountains, five kilometres from

and depression seem much larger than the real-

the city and surrounded by a godly community

ity but there is never a time that I can ask God,

that I work alongside and treasure deeply. I

“Who do you say I am?”, and be left with si-

spend my time working with a team of design-

lence. That’s what recovery and a life with

ers, travelling and performing around Asia, al-

God is all about and it will always be worth it.

leviating poverty, becoming an advocate for those who don’t have a voice, and a girl who can now see a life filled with God’s joy and peace. It is an enormous contrast to the person

The Curse of Creativity

I once believed I was and a huge difference to

Julie Kelly

the person I thought I could be.

The hook of the crochet needle creating an-

It has been a journey filled with pain, fear and

other knot in the patch, the click of the knitting

unbelief but I have been led by a God and lead-

needles creating a purl stitch from a ball of

ers who were filled with faith, encouragement

wool or the silk thread through the eye of the

and perseverance on my own behalf. We un-

needle weaving a tapestry. The fine tip of a

derestimate the communities we plug ourselves

well-placed brushstroke onto the canvas or the

into, but although it is primarily God who I

speck of charcoal dust being rubbed from fin-

owe the honor of a continued life to, it is vi-

gertip to parchment. The capturing of a mo-

tally important to also be connected with peo-

ment in time through the lens of a camera with

ple who also believe in me, mirroring God’s

one precise activation of the shutter. The deli-

creation of me.

cate placement of melodic lines on fine manu-

When you ask God who you are, your life

script creating that song that will reach the

changes. When you say yes to the leading of

heart. The words of the song that set the feet a

God, your life will always get better. When

dancing or the tapping of the typeset keys pro-

you allow your heart to soften towards friends

ducing words of a story that needs to be told.

and family who care for you in your suffering,

Whatever the creative activity, there is curse in

your life will become richer. The people

it. Creation holds a story that, until that mo-

around us are never perfect, but we live under LIFE Edition 09, Issue 34


Page 11

ment, has remained visually and audibly un-

is seeded into the place where nothing grew.

told. There is a risk of exposure, a transparency

It’s the creation of a garden from whatever me-

and a vulnerability that is released with every

dium the heart may choose, that a broken piece

creative production. In that moment there is a

of self is given and the true self is let loose. In

part of the creator that is placed into the mas-

the mixing of these elements, the receiver of

terpiece at hand. From the inside out, the con-

the creation is released from a similar cursive

cept within a hidden part of self is released into

expression as the creative has been set free.

its’ expression. The risk is not fully over when

There is a deep, abundant well buried way

the masterpiece is being given away or sold for

down in every soul. It’s the heart of creativity -

someone else to critique, question and use to

no longer a curse because through expression


of one’s creativity, the Lord heals it and sets it

There is something about this creative curse


that becomes a healing moment and a blessing as it reaches into the heart, mind and soul as it

Dare to Dream

is released then captured in another heart, an-

I encourage you to dare to dream, to step out of the shadow/comfort zone/fear and focus.

other mind, another soul, another home. Perhaps it speaks to you of a Master Creator that designed us to be like Him, or maybe it reveals

Make time to • Discover what you like doing – your passion will drive you forward, reducing fear of failure if you focus on what you can learn rather than how you might fail. • Discover what drives you – your determination to live your dream can keep you going despite the outcomes you face. • Discover what you hope to achieve – your commitment and dedication to the dream will become an attribute of your character. • Discover what success means to you – your ability to have confidence that God dreams with you will determine your anticipation of achievement. • Discover what may cause you to stop – your courage is your ability to face challenges, knowing you are never alone.

the plan of the Master Conductor as He set about creating space and, with each breath, creating life. In the conceiving of ideas, He birthed colours and images into an empty, formless earth. It is in this God-inspired, creative freedom where creatives seamlessly express the heart, mind and soul; images of what heaven on earth is all about. In this, God breathed creativity in which healing can be given. The curse was broken when Jesus was nailed to the tree. In the dying and bleeding He poured out, and from burial to resurrection there came the victory. God created us in His image and within each one of us is creativity. There is art in every heart and expressing it sets it free. The curse is lifted, the ash is removed, and beauty LIFE Edition 09, Issue 34


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LIFE Edition 09, Issue 34


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